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Picture of the Day – The Academy’s New Movie Museum Mapped Out

Architects: Renzo Piano and Zoltan Pali
Cost: No man can say. Just kidding, $250 million
Will open: 2016
Location: May Company Wilshire building, Wilshire and Fairfax
The beef: “Through immersive exhibitions and galleries, special screening rooms, and an interactive education center with demonstration labs, the museum will draw from the Academy’s extensive collections and archives, which include more than 140,000 films, 10 million photographs, 42,000 original film posters, 10,000 production drawings, costumes, props and movie-making equipment, as well as behind-the-scenes personal accounts from artists and innovators – the Academy’s membership – working in the motion picture industry.”

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  1. The building is so distinctive and it makes me happy that it will play a more prominent role again. It’s the perfect location. Right next to LACMA in an area that may one day be more bustling again.

    Is Johnie’s next? (Interesting to think about if you consider it’s next to the 99 cent store, which has been in the news lately for wanting to move/expand just down the street on Rodeo Drive!)

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