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  1. First Le Miz and now this. The marketing for these 2 films started really great and has been rather smart until both of them decided to go for super lame and ineffective FACE posters near the awards season. Really disappointed.

  2. @Yashar, I believe these are just character poster, not the official ones, the ones we’re gonna see in theaters. A lot of movies decide to launch character posters before the release of the official one.

  3. I guess Christmas Day is a limited release cause these posters say 2013.

  4. Cannot wait

  5. It’s like they did everything to fit Kerry Washington’s boobs/cleavage into the poster.

  6. They are all great, except for the Kerry Washington poster, which is terribly sexist. Considering the subject matter of the film, objectifying her seems like such a stupid and inappropriate thing to do.

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