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Beasts of the Southern Wild Makes it to Round Two for Gotham Audience Award

Benh Zeitlin’s remarkable Beasts of the Southern Wild was the only non-documentary that went on to the final round for IFP’s Gotham Independent Film Audience Award contest. The other nominees:

Artifcat (Jared Leto doc)
Invisible War (rape in the military)
Burn (about Detroit firefighters)
Once in a Lullaby: The PS 22 Chorus Story (about the group getting to sing at the Oscars)

Tough lineup I’d say. Beasts of the Southern Wild has a way of really winning people over and almost always wins something everywhere it competes. It’s truly astonishing to see a film hang on for that long even when it isn’t making that much money. This one really IS the “little movie that could.”

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  1. Can you check your statement “isn’t making that much money”….from boxomojo, Beast has made over $10mil, and I would say that’s pretty good considering it cost about $2Mil to make.

    I’m torn which movie I think is the best — Beast or Flight. I have a soft spot for Beast because it starred unknowns.

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