Happy 70th Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese is one of those people who has given much more than he has taken.  His contribution to American film is immeasurable. But I have always appreciated his thoughts on film. That’s why they call him The Professor! Happy Birthday, magnificent human.


  1. mecid 3 years ago

    Happy birthday Marty!(as his fellas say)

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  2. drake 3 years ago

    one of the best 5 directors of all-time in my opinion. I’m reading “conversations with scorsese” by richard schickel and its very fascinating. not quite “hitchcock” by truffaut but still very good.

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  3. Houstonrufus 3 years ago

    Happy Birthday to the Great Scorsese! I look forward to many, many years of his work.

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  4. Naruse 3 years ago

    Best director working today, bar none.

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  5. steve50 3 years ago

    Best wishes to him. We should all be thankful he didn’t follow through on becoming a priest, although we may get to see that side of him with Silence in 2014.

    It’s listed as 2013, but I can’t see where they have a cast yet, only rumors: DDL, Benicio Del Toro and Gael Garcia Bernal. I guess you need three names to be in it so take heart, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

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  6. Joao Mattos 3 years ago

    Believe me: few things are more cool than to share the birthday with someone that you admire so much :)

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  7. Reno 3 years ago

    Happy Birthday Marty! (God, I thought he was already 80++)

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  8. Fabinho Flapp 3 years ago

    Happy Birthday, Master Marty.

    Happy Birthday, JM too. :)

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