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New poster for Django Unchained

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  1. I like it. Kinda surprised that they’re promoting Kerry so highly. Is it because her role is bigger than previously thought? Or is it because of Scandal? (Or Maher?)

  2. Trailers for this films makes me laugh out loud. Hopefully there are more funny lines in the film than the trailer.

  3. I dunno. Something’s off. I like the Leo and Jamie portion but Christoph seems odd to me. He’s a shorter guy in real life right? Maybe if they put him at his normal height it wouldn’t be bothering me. It’s too symmetrical and too not. Either put him facing the same way or make him shorter. lol I fixed it. 😛

  4. I’m still undecided on this film. Hopefully it’ll be good. best picture nomination chances? or is it just going to be an entertainment flick?

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