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  1. and the winner for best cinematography goes to…

  2. Christopher Lewis

    I get a total Homeland feel from this movie and I think Chastain will get the chance to shine that Claire Danes does every week. This movie is going to be amazing.

  3. therealmike

    Probably the best poster I´ve seen this year. Amazing.

  4. Amazing poster. One of the best i have seen this year. Cinematography is going to be a very competitive category.

  5. “d2 / November 7, 2012
    and the winner for best cinematography goes to…”


  6. Christopher Lewis, if her performance is half of Claire Danes’ in Homeland she’s shoo-in. Claire Danes is killing it in Homeland!!

  7. Looks good. A new 30 sec TV spot for Les Miserables was on MSNBC yesterday. Don’t know if it’s on line yet.

  8. My excitement for this film grows and grows as time goes on. This poster only increases that. I love the look on Chastain’s face in the “E”.

  9. What a great poster! Cannot wait to see this one.

  10. I love the look on Chastain’s face in the “E”

    Seriously, you guys crack me up. Chastain going lead in ZDT is akin to Anne Hathaway going lead in TDKR. It’s a courtesy from the studio that likely will not amount to a nomination.

  11. way way way better than the last poster for the film where all the words were crossed out…

  12. Love that shot of Chastain against the American flag! High hopes for this one.

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