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  1. Thank goodness for this. I have a 6 hour plane flight tonight

  2. I’m quiet on mic this week. Most of the movies covered in this episode, I haven’t had a chance to see yet. So I played the role of ‘dumb guy asking basic simpleton questions.’ Not a stretch for me.

  3. Highly entertaining podcast. You guys should bring Erik everytime. He adds a different perspective and is really funny.

  4. @Ryan: not true, you weren’t the dumb guy. You had good questions and contributed MUCH to the discussion. It wouldn’t have been the same without you. This was the most entertaining podcast so far this year. Erik is really funny. Emma’s interruption was adorable :D

    I agree with Sasha’s skepticism about Les Mis without seeing anything yet. I think Anne Hathaway will make it even if the film bombs-prostitute, weight loss, hair and teeth loss-but I don’t know about predicting it for BP, BA, BSA, and Samantha Barks. An all singing film is risky, could go either way.

  5. Your podcasts are always entertaining, but I vote against having Erik return, very obnoxious.

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