Zero Dark Thirty a Late Arrival as One of 2012′s Best

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Fired up! Jessica Chastain in a clip from Zero Dark Thirty


  1. Aragorn
    November 26, 2012

    Seeing Jennifer Lawrence as the frontrunner with no significant competitions was turning to be boring. I am glad that now at least we have a significant competition, if not a possible winner. Jessica Chastain is a very good actress imho. I liked her performance even better than Olivia Spencer’s in the Help. And she has been consistently good in everything else she did (I didnt see her on Broadway stage, but that’s a different platform, and this is Oscars’ not Tonys).

  2. Aragorn
    November 26, 2012

    Oops, I forgot to add that I wouldnt mind seeing her win Oscar this year, especially if she is as good as many people, including Sasha, already mentioned and she carries the entire movie with her strong character. That’s the kind of female character that I like to see win.

  3. VVS
    November 26, 2012

    Aragorn, some of us with a rational mind knew that Lawrence had little of a chance regardless of what the blogs were saying

  4. SallyinChicago
    November 26, 2012

    Message to Hollywood: There are just too many “good” movies coming out in the next month and the Academy is when — January? So how about you guys do what Arbitrage and Butter did? Offer these movies in the theater AND online. That way we can see them at our leisure. And FF and repeat the movie if we want.

    I can’t stand this bunching of the Academy movies in one month. Who has time to sit through 2-1/2 hours?

  5. Aragorn
    November 26, 2012

    WS: I dont think J.Law had/has a little chance. She seems still strong but now she has a strong competitor as well.

    Sally, I second that. If you ever start an email campaign or petition let me know:)

  6. Munro202
    November 27, 2012

    My god, I am so damn excited for this film.

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