“F*ck yeah.” Kristen Stewart returns as Snow White


Vulture: Despite earlier reports that any sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman would likely take place without her (thanks to that whole Rupert Sanders thing), the actress obliquely confirmed her involvement in a recent interview.

“Oh, it’s gonna be f*kin’ amazing. No, I’m so excited about it, it’s crazy. I’m not allowed [to talk in detail though]. The other day everyone was like, ‘Whoa, stop talking about it.’ So no, I’m totally not allowed to talk about it. [But] oh my God. F*k yeah [I’m in]. Absolutely. And we’ve got a really amazing… [smiles] So, yeah. It’s all good.”



  1. The Dude 3 years ago

    Surely it’s Christmas, but I hardly think that an actress returning to an unnecessary sequel of an unnecessary movie deserves THAT much celebration.

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  2. MissAnne 3 years ago

    She is not even a good actress. Sasha just likes her for being a whore because it is some feminist accomplishment. I mean, she cannot condemn both of them; she has to spin it into a thing about Kristin totally suffering for all women. So from now on, this bit of politics will be on this website front page, though no one in the forums cares one bit. Thanks for paying for forums that are not even under the control of this site, just a mere extension run by others at Sasha’s expense. But she can afford it with all the random ads she has running. She should share the revenue socially with every person who visits, because that is what caring is about, sharing no matter what as if you were forced, regardless of your connection or approval. The old maid is old. Who defines healthy discussion. Sasha. Because she owns the sites and makes money off it. It is her rules and she can’t take free speech because she thinks being able to arrest someone is what makes it different; she should use that money to take a Con Law class at the local trash law school! That is, not UCLA or USC. Really just resist. No need to delete. Be strong, gurl!

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  3. Sasha Stone 3 years ago

    Dear MissAnne, you are lucky you’re catching me in of my worse moods today so let me take this opportunity to lay into you. You come here using many different names over a period of years simply, and mostly, to trash this website. Presumably, this is what, you hate your mother so you’re taking it out on me? 1. I like her for “being a whore.” What does that even mean? A whore has sex for money. You might as well be one too for all we know. You are also one of the fools who has taken it upon yourself to judge Kristen Stewart because she’s a celebrity and somewhere in the celebrity handbook it says thou shalt never make mistakes and get caught kissing someone other than your boyfriend? It is not MY place to judge them and it is not YOUR place to judge them. Mind your OWN life. This bit of politics will be on the front page? Ryan Adams put this on the front page. I did not. As for the rest of your hate-riddled comment if I can find out who you are on the forums I will happily have you banned from them. No, I don’t control them, yes, they run them entirely on their own. You are an ugly person inside – a hateful jackass who has to hide behind a fake name (many many fake names) and rule from your TINY empire in some dark corner of the world. There is nothing sadder than an anonymous troll with nothing better to do than to criticize people who are actually doing SOMETHING. So, do me a favor, if you hate this so-called feminist political site so much take your ass to another site because it’s true that this is the last of your comments that will ever be posted.

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  4. g 3 years ago

    Woohoo Sasha! You go girl!

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  5. Vince Smetana 3 years ago

    Well, that’s great for Stewart. The cinema … not so much. But, if there is going to be more crap out there, at least, there is some female-driven crap to balance out the rather male landscape.

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  6. Ryan Adams 3 years ago

    I hardly think that an actress returning to an unnecessary sequel of an unnecessary movie deserves THAT much celebration.

    You have funny ideas about the definition of celebration. This was news I thought worth posting because it’s a sharp jab in the eyeballs to Kristan Stewart detractors and a slapdown for those who think the trumped-up dalliance would hurt her career.

    I like Kristen Stewart. I like her a lot. In the spirit of Christmas, I posted this to aggravate the haters.

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  7. Antoinette 3 years ago

    Fantastic quote.

    So what’s up with that FOCUS movie? Is Affleck in or out?

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  8. Ryan Adams 3 years ago

    I liked the quote too. Wouldn’t have been fun enough news without the quote.

    Apparently, Affleck has too much else crowding his schedule to accommodate the April start date for Focus.

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  9. luke 3 years ago

    Yay snow white will breath through her mouth and make awkward facial expressions to another blockbuster summer!

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  10. murtaza 3 years ago

    well i hated Stewart but after watching on the road i had to change my opinion. i think she acts really well in art cinema rather in commercial cinema.

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  11. AnthonyP 3 years ago

    Are you f*kin kidding?

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  12. Pat 3 years ago

    Don’t care about Stewart. Bad actress. Maybe worst working actress today.

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  13. Kane 3 years ago

    “And we’ve got a really amazing…:smiles” lol was she going to say “director”? I yearn for the old Kristen Stewart, she definitely needs to either pick better projects or change her expression. Notice I didn’t add an “s”…

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  14. Bryce Forestieri 3 years ago

    How is my comment offensive compared to MissAnne? Allow me a re-post,


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  15. Mr. Pricklepants 3 years ago

    Too bad Charlize Theron won’t return. Her character was far more interesting than Snow White. Oh, well. At least there’s still Chris Hemsworth and the dwarves to counter Snow White’s blandness.

    And Rupert Sanders is an idiot. He literally screwed himself out of directing the sequel. Well, at least he got to nail Bella Swan. I hope it was worth it.

    And if this whole Rupert Sanders/Kristen Stewart thing was just a publicity stunt, it was one of the dumbest publicity stunts ever.

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  16. Anna 3 years ago

    When I dislike a certain actor (Tom Cruise, for example), I can at least see why they might appeal to others. However, I am honestly dumbfounded as to why people enjoy Kristen Stewart. I don’t get the appeal AT ALL. She’s a bad actress, a really negative personality and only mildly attractive… And I don’t care that she had an affair, it certainly didn’t change my opinion of her.

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  17. Leann 3 years ago

    LOL, bravo Sasha for putting that lameass in her place (seriously, wtf?) and to Ryan, i love how you ‘get’ the ridiculousness of the obsessed and dedicated Kristen Stewart haters. I’ve never come across a group of more pathetic women in my life, and they are women, not girls, which is the saddest part of all! Merry Christmas!

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  18. Leann 3 years ago

    Also, i’m very happy there is going to be a sequel to Snow White. I really liked it and i know a lot of others did too, and they are not all Kristen Stewart fans. Sanders will be OK, Universal are looking after him, the boy’s club is sticking together. I do know that Kristen being out of a sequel was legitimate because the original scriptwriter resigned when Universal pushed him to write a Snow White-less Snow White. He said he thought is was ridiculous in an interview. Cannot recall his name but he is a well known scriptwriter. So, either the hugely negative reaction (even celebrities called Universal out on twitter) to Kristen being ‘sacked’ made them do a U turn or they realised that a Huntsman centred sequel was dumb. Either way, they saved themselves from a shitload of abuse from Twihards lol!

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  19. Leann 3 years ago

    @Anna Your opinion doesn’t really matter, accept that others like her and move on. ‘A really negative personality’ – you don’t even know her, i’m smelling a Rpattz fan! The desperation from them is pungent!

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  20. Mello 3 years ago

    It’s really a fantastic quote! lol

    I also like her a lot! She was amazing in Speak and The Cake Eaters. Her Joan Jett in The Runaways is incredibly good. I saw her in On The Road and wow! She nailed that little part!

    I really cannot with people who come to site to trash actors they don’t like or just to use the word HATE! How the social media changed in the last few years… I used to just see people in the boards across the world trying to help others and sharing experiences, but now a days I just see people using it to spreed the worse of the human aspect.

    I wish a Merry Christmas to everyone!

    That Santa can help these poor souls to find peace and a life of their own! These boards are just for pleasure! For movie goers to exchange experiences and to have high quality discussions.

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  21. Filmboymichael 3 years ago

    Sasha – thank you for sticking it to the people who only comment to generate hate. I have been coming to this site since its inception and still call it ‘oscarwatch’. It’s appointment viewing daily, may, hourly and save for a few posters, you’ve built a community of film buffs and debaters and I wish you continued success! Merry Christmas to you and yours and all the best in 2013!!!

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  22. Filmboymichael 3 years ago

    Damn autocorrect!

    [ha! I’ll fix that. Tell Ben I said hi.]

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  23. Jonny 3 years ago

    Honestly, if a sequel is going to happen, I’m glad that she’s not being unceremoniously dumped from it. That wouldn’t be fair. Good for her (even if I don’t find her compelling as an actress at all, and I still remain unconvinced that anyone could believe her “fairer” than Charlize Theron. Please.)

    However, nothing about Snow White and the Huntsman led me to desire a sequel. It was an alright movie, and Charlize was the highlight, so without her, who wants a second visit to that world?

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  24. storm 3 years ago

    admire ks..but swath #1 was dull for me..wish she avoid #2 ..would really like to see her peyton..lay down in darkness..maybe with the money she gets she invest it in and produce partly

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  25. Jesse Crall 3 years ago

    K-Stew strikes again! Love her.

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  26. MBW 3 years ago

    Kristen is only 22 – people keep forgetting this! She will continue to improve! She was decent in Breaking Dawn 2 and good in Snow White! I don’t care about her personal business! All celebrities are placed under a magnifying glass and expected to live up to our high ideals? What a load of crap! We are humans and make mistakes! I look forward to seeing her continue to grow, and I betcha in 10-20 years she will have made her mark in the acting community! :)

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  27. Ted 3 years ago

    Wow. Fucking MissAnne, who are you? Get your shit together it’s fuckin Christmas you asshole. I’m surprised she got her job back. You’re one of the reasons people suck. Take your hatred elsewhere. Typically I don’t get heated like this but you are out of control.

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  28. Ted 3 years ago

    I felt compelled to comment again after reading that ridiculous post by Miss Anne. Your sad attitude is displayed openly through your choice of name. If you don’t want her opinion, then don’t read her fucking site. It’s as simple as that.

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  29. Ted 3 years ago

    Clearly you missed the moment when Kristen Stewart was, by far, the highest paid actress in Hollywood this past year. Seeing that this is a film site, and she got FIRED, initially, from a sequel to a major motion picture, yeah, a piece like this OBVIOUSLY HAS A PLACE ON THIS SITE.

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  30. Ryan Adams 3 years ago

    When I saw the link it looked like a nice uplifting item to help wrap up a messy situation with a holiday ribbon.

    Sasha made special effort earlier in the year to speak out against the gossip-mongers and to let Kristen Stewart know there was still a movie site or two that wasn’t interested in branding a scarlet letter on her forehead. Those were a rough couple of weeks, and the chatter got incredibly ugly. AwardsDaily was a safe haven from all that.

    So we hope this news ties in neatly with the site’s established attitude. Kristen’s candid playfulness is adorable, the closure feels good to those who felt bad for her, and we’re glad to see she has reason to smile again.

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  31. Mik 3 years ago

    Got to be honest, this site was giving it the whole ‘Typical, so the woman gets all the blame and the whole boy’s club is going to gang together and get her sacked from the role while the director stays on’…so I have a certain measure of amusement over seeing that the opposite happened.

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  32. patricia 3 years ago

    this entire post is lame. this entire conversation is pathetic. who gives a shit about kristen stewart enough to hate her even worse to sit and defend her? ryan adams and sasha stone need to get a life and start posting some interesting information. this is beyond childish.

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  33. Ted 3 years ago

    Yet again, the point is missed. The pathetic thing is you, Patricia, seriously, and if YOU want to be taken seriously, try capitalization and grammar. Also, if it’s beyond childish, why did you bother to comment? Again… YOU are the pathetic one. This is my last comment. I’m done with these nonsensical people.

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  34. Marie 3 years ago

    It is curious that everyone reports what this girl says as if it was an ultimate truth …. Stewart is used to confirm projects that in the end fall into the water: first she said she got the lead role of “Lie Down ….” after everyone has reported it, the studio made ​​a vague and confused statement half denying the thing and we no longer heard about it anymore. Same with Focus, she confirmed, reconfirmed and boom! Affleck left with this excuse of a schedule conflict and no more Focus. Now the”SWATH sequel”surprise card cames out of her sleeve .why she says she is f* excited to return in this film mediocre, tainted by scandal, wherein her performance in the main role was tore down by all the critics?? why? Because she is desperate and sees her career slowly but surely going to the toilet? maybe ..

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  35. DBibby 3 years ago

    I don’t know how you put up with some of the hatred in these comments, Sasha and Ryan. Thanks again for your wonderful site and Merry Xmas

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  36. Lane 3 years ago

    I support her, but because of her ‘real’ characters. She was great in Panic Room, Adventureland, and Into the Wild. But people only seem to want to talk about her bigger movies, where she completely fails to register and the movies are too big of products to be about her acting. File this news under more crap. Excited to see On the Road

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  37. Casey 3 years ago

    Lay into her sasha!!!

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  38. Chris138 3 years ago

    Oh no, not a sequel to that dreadful movie…

    I couldn’t care less about Kristen Stewart’s personal life, she just doesn’t do much for me when she’s acting. Bobby Pattinson doesn’t, either.

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