Lincoln leads BAFTAs with 10 nominations


Seeking to be less predictable, the BAFTAs this year decided to forego the longstanding 2-step nomination process with their famously fascinating long list that always preceded the final short list. Unpredictable means more room for unexpected surprises but it’s also less transparent. The Oscars and BAFTAs are both flying blind this year. You can achieve the same exciting sensation in your car if you fog up the windshield, drain your brake fluid, then take down all the road signs and guardrails on the highway. Who knows what unpredictable accidents might happen! Buckle up! The new ballot procedure throws all our prediction models into disarray as well. Since the voting is so radically different this year, all the trusty historical precedents have been thrown out the window.


  • ARGO Grant Heslov, Ben Affleck, George Clooney
  • LES MISÉRABLES Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Debra Hayward, Cameron Mackintosh
  • LIFE OF PI Gil Netter, Ang Lee, David Womark
  • LINCOLN Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy
  • ZERO DARK THIRTY Mark Boal, Kathryn Bigelow, Megan Ellison


  • ANNA KARENINA Joe Wright, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Paul Webster, Tom Stoppard
  • THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL John Madden, Graham Broadbent, Pete Czernin, Ol Parker
  • LES MISÉRABLES Tom Hooper, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Debra Hayward, Cameron Mackintosh, William Nicholson, Alain Boublil, Claude-Michel Schönberg, Herbert Kretzmer
  • SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS Martin McDonagh, Graham Broadbent, Pete Czernin
  • SKYFALL Sam Mendes, Michael G. Wilson, Barbara Broccoli, Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, John Logan


  • BART LAYTON (Director), DIMITRI DOGANIS (Producer) The Imposter
  • DAVID MORRIS (Director), JACQUI MORRIS (Director/Producer) McCullin
  • DEXTER FLETCHER (Director/Writer), DANNY KING (Writer) Wild Bill
  • JAMES BOBIN (Director) The Muppets
  • TINA GHARAVI (Director/Writer) I Am Nasrine


  • AMOUR Michael Haneke, Margaret Ménégoz
  • HEADHUNTERS Morten Tyldum, Marianne Gray, Asle Vatn
  • THE HUNT Thomas Vinterberg, Sisse Graum Jørgensen, Morten Kaufmann
  • RUST AND BONE Jacques Audiard, Pascal Caucheteux
  • UNTOUCHABLE Eric Toledano, Olivier Nakache, Nicolas Duval Adassovsky, Yann Zenou, Laurent Zeitoun


  • THE IMPOSTER Bart Layton, Dimitri Doganis
  • MARLEY Kevin Macdonald, Steve Bing, Charles Steel
  • McCULLIN David Morris, Jacqui Morris
  • SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN Malik Bendjelloul, Simon Chinn


  • BRAVE Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman
  • PARANORMAN Sam Fell, Chris Butler


  • AMOUR Michael Haneke
  • ARGO Ben Affleck
  • DJANGO UNCHAINED Quentin Tarantino
  • LIFE OF PI Ang Lee
  • ZERO DARK THIRTY Kathryn Bigelow


  • AMOUR Michael Haneke
  • DJANGO UNCHAINED Quentin Tarantino
  • THE MASTER Paul Thomas Anderson
  • MOONRISE KINGDOM Wes Anderson, Roman Coppola


  • ARGO Chris Terrio
  • BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD Lucy Alibar, Benh Zeitlin
  • LIFE OF PI David Magee
  • LINCOLN Tony Kushner


  • BRADLEY COOPER Silver Linings Playbook
  • HUGH JACKMAN Les Misérables


  • HELEN MIRREN Hitchcock
  • JENNIFER LAWRENCE Silver Linings Playbook
  • JESSICA CHASTAIN Zero Dark Thirty
  • MARION COTILLARD Rust and Bone


  • CHRISTOPH WALTZ Django Unchained


  • AMY ADAMS The Master
  • ANNE HATHAWAY Les Misérables
  • HELEN HUNT The Sessions
  • JUDI DENCH Skyfall
  • SALLY FIELD Lincoln


  • ANNA KARENINA Dario Marianelli
  • ARGO Alexandre Desplat
  • LIFE OF PI Mychael Danna
  • LINCOLN John Williams
  • SKYFALL Thomas Newman


  • ANNA KARENINA Seamus McGarvey
  • LES MISÉRABLES Danny Cohen
  • LIFE OF PI Claudio Miranda
  • LINCOLN Janusz Kaminski
  • SKYFALL Roger Deakins


  • ARGO William Goldenberg
  • LIFE OF PI Tim Squyres
  • SKYFALL Stuart Baird
  • ZERO DARK THIRTY Dylan Tichenor, William Goldenberg


  • ANNA KARENINA Sarah Greenwood, Katie Spencer
  • LES MISÉRABLES Eve Stewart, Anna Lynch-Robinson
  • LIFE OF PI David Gropman, Anna Pinnock
  • LINCOLN Rick Carter, Jim Erickson
  • SKYFALL Dennis Gassner, Anna Pinnock


  • ANNA KARENINA Jacqueline Durran
  • GREAT EXPECTATIONS Beatrix Aruna Pasztor
  • LES MISÉRABLES Paco Delgado
  • LINCOLN Joanna Johnston


  • ANNA KARENINA Ivana Primorac
  • HITCHCOCK Julie Hewett, Martin Samuel, Howard Berger
  • THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY Peter Swords King, Richard Taylor, Rick Findlater
  • LES MISÉRABLES Lisa Westcott
  • LINCOLN Lois Burwell, Kay Georgiou


  • DJANGO UNCHAINED Mark Ulano, Michael Minkler, Tony Lamberti, Wylie Stateman
  • THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY Tony Johnson, Christopher Boyes, Michael Hedges, Michael Semanick, Brent Burge, Chris Ward
  • LES MISÉRABLES Simon Hayes, Andy Nelson, Mark Paterson, Jonathan Allen, Lee Walpole, John Warhurst
  • LIFE OF PI Drew Kunin, Eugene Gearty, Philip Stockton, Ron Bartlett, D. M. Hemphill
  • SKYFALL Stuart Wilson, Scott Millan, Greg P. Russell, Per Hallberg, Karen Baker Landers


  • THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Paul Franklin, Chris Corbould, Peter Bebb, Andrew Lockley
  • THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY Joe Letteri, Eric Saindon, David Clayton, R. Christopher White
  • LIFE OF PI Bill Westenhofer, Guillaume Rocheron, Erik-Jan De Boer
  • PROMETHEUS Richard Stammers, Charley Henley, Trevor Wood, Paul Butterworth


  • HERE TO FALL Kris Kelly, Evelyn McGrath
  • I’M FINE THANKS Eamonn O’Neill
  • THE MAKING OF LONGBIRD Will Anderson, Ainslie Henderson


  • THE CURSE Fyzal Boulifa, Gavin Humphries
  • GOOD NIGHT Muriel d’Ansembourg, Eva Sigurdardottir
  • SWIMMER Lynne Ramsay, Peter Carlton, Diarmid Scrimshaw
  • TUMULT Johnny Barrington, Rhianna Andrews
  • THE VOORMAN PROBLEM Mark Gill, Baldwin Li

THE EE RISING STAR AWARD (voted for by the public)




  1. Luis 3 years ago

    I hope they not forget TDKR and Looper…

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  2. Danemychal 3 years ago

    Been reading up on various bloggers predictions. A lot of love for Skyfall and Les Mis seems likely. And Best Exotic. What I’m curious about is what American fare will they embrace? Have seen ZDT not making Best Film prediction lists. Not sure if he was voting for BAFTAs or not, but Simon Pegg asked the question on Twitter recently “Moonrise Kingdom or ZDT?” and most said Moonrise so he went with it. People seem to be predicting Argo and Lincoln to break through.

    Guy Lodge didn’t have Hooper in his BD prediction (maybe since they actually awarded Fincher over him in 2010), but I think that’s going out on a limb. Les Mis and Skyfall should lead the noms here.

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  3. OLIN 3 years ago

    I just got a feeling that there could be some minor Hitchcock love from this group.

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  4. Danemychal 3 years ago

    Maybe in both lead acting categories and makeup, but that’s at most. Mirren should be a lock.

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  5. rufussondheim 3 years ago

    Are films like Les MIz and ZDT even eligible? I don’t think either has opened in Great Britain. Or do they fudge that?

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  6. Richard 3 years ago

    @rufussondheim. BAFTA eligibility is different. It’s eligible if the film opens in the UK before the BAFTA ceremony in Feb.

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  7. Prakshid Meshram 3 years ago

    My BAFTA Awards Nominations Prediction:
    Les Misérables
    Zero Dark Thirty

    Kathryn Bigelow, Zero Dark Thirty
    Michael Haneke, Amour
    Tom Hooper, Les Miserables
    Ang Lee, Life of Pi
    Steven Spielberg, Lincoln

    Daniel Craig, Skyfall
    Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln
    Hugh Jackman, Les Miserables
    Denis Lavant, Holy Motors
    Jean-Louis Trintignant, Amour

    Jessica Chastain, Zero Dark Thirty
    Marion Cotillard, Rust & Bone
    Emannuelle Riva, Amour
    Naomi Watts, The Impossible
    Keira Knightley, Anna Karenina

    Javier Bardem, Skyfall
    Tommy Lee Jones, Lincoln
    Phillip Seymour Hoffman, The Master
    Christoph Waltz, Django Unchained
    Eddie Redmayne, Les Miserables

    Emily Blunt, Looper
    Judi Dench, Skyfall
    Sally Field, Lincoln
    Anne Hathaway, Les Misérables
    Maggie Smith, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

    Anna Karenina
    Berberian Sound Studio
    Les Misérables
    The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

    Anna Karenina
    Les Misérables
    Rust and Bone

    Moonrise Kingdom
    The Master
    Zero Dark Thirty

    The Hunt
    A Royal Affair
    Rust and Bone

    The Imposter
    London: The Modern Babylon
    Nostalgia for the Light
    The Queen of Versailles
    Searching for Sugar Man

    Anna Karenina
    Moonrise Kingdom
    Life of Pi
    Rust and Bone

    Les Miserables
    Zero Dark Thirty

    Anna Karenina
    Life of Pi
    Les Miserables
    Zero Dark Thirty

    Anna Karenina
    The Master
    Les Miserables

    Anna Karenina
    Mirror Mirror
    Les Miserables
    A Royal Affair

    Anna Karenina
    Holy Motors
    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
    Les Miserables

    The Dark Knight Rises
    Les Miserables
    Zero Dark Thirty

    Cloud Atlas
    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
    Life of Pi

    BAFTA Awards nominations announcement will be made at BAFTA London Headquarter at 07:35am GMT/1.05pm IST on Wed, Jan.9 by Alice Eve & Jeremy Irvine.

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  8. Stephen Holt 3 years ago

    Can’t wait! I wonder what time they start EST?

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  9. Robert A. 3 years ago

    7:35 GMT is 2;35 a.m. EST, I think.

    Which basically means I’ll be getting to bed around 3:00 a.m. tonight!

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  10. RIOBALDO 3 years ago

    SKYFALL LES MISERABLES ,AMOUR ,LINCOLN and ZERO DARK THIRTY should be the final 5 from this group,always interesting how lately they almost match at least in the acting categories,saying that Its quite possible alot of love for Skyfall stars Dench and Bardem,specially the spaniar who could ending up among the final 5 from the American Academy..!

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  11. Christophe 3 years ago

    Another hard blow for Les Mis haters, it didn’t make it to the razzies, not even R. Crowe.

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  12. JJ 3 years ago

    Best Actress: Judi Dench
    Best Supporting Actress: Judi Dench
    Best Film: Judi Dench

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  13. daveinprogress 3 years ago

    Tom Wilkinson hopefully for Best Supp Actor for Best Exotic Marigold.

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  14. Zach 3 years ago

    If they want, all 5 Lead Actresses can be British: Maggie Smith (Quartet), Dench, Weisz, Mirren, and Watts. If Lawrence, Chastain, or the Frenchies make it in, all power to them!

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  15. Mattoc 3 years ago

    Is The Hunt eligable?

    BA: Lavant, Mikkelsen, Trintignant and …who cares really.

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  16. Mattoc 3 years ago

    By my calculations ( or the internet) I think we go live in 7 minutes.

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  17. Reno 3 years ago

    11:35 pm PST

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  18. Mattoc 3 years ago

    It’s now 3 minutes. Just time for a quickie and put on the noodles.

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  19. Christophe 3 years ago

    now that was unexpected…

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  20. Koleś 3 years ago

    Ooops, no Spielberg. Somehow this makes me very happy :)

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  21. Rob Y 3 years ago

    No Spielberg? WOW

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  22. JamDenTel 3 years ago

    Affleck for Best Actor? What? I mean…what?

    That said…Seven Psychopaths FOR THE WIN!

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  23. Zach 3 years ago

    Few Brits
    effing HELEN MIRREN!
    Otherwise very Oscary

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  24. Lenny 3 years ago


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  25. Maffew 3 years ago

    Spielberg snubbed like a motherfucker.

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  26. Oliver Hsu 3 years ago

    Life of Pi is doing so well!!! So happy!

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  27. Filipe 3 years ago

    Spielberg snubbed, oh shit! Argo will win Best Picture now, without a doubt!

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  28. Linc4Jess 3 years ago

    WoW. Tarantino over Spielberg and Haneke over Russell and Hooper. At least one surprise.

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  29. Winston 3 years ago

    OMG fuck Helen Mirren. She took Naomi’s slot! She could recite her lines in bed and still would get nominated for anything!!


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  30. Linc4Jess 3 years ago

    WOW. The second big surprises… Ben Affleck for Best Actor . Actually he deserves to be on the list of this category.

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  31. Christophe 3 years ago

    This award season is such a clusterf***! Noms are all over the place.

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  32. d2 3 years ago

    Seven Psychopaths finally gets its due….and Marley for Documentary! Yay!

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  33. Linc4jess 3 years ago

    Darn. I am happy for Tarantino and Waltz. Both deserving.

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  34. Aaron B 3 years ago

    wow…these are strange nominations.

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  35. Zach 3 years ago

    Slap in the face of JOHN HAWKES. Helen Hunt was nominated.

    Slap in the face of Daniel Craig that they wasted a spot on Affleck.

    Slap in the face of Tom Hooper, but then America liked you better last time too.

    Redemption for Tarantino.


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  36. vfd88 3 years ago

    Affleck for Best Actor. Interesting. I always love a surprise!

    Les Mis up for Best Film AND Best British Film. Does that happen often?

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  37. OLIN 3 years ago

    by my count Les Miserables and Life of Pi lead with 9.

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  38. daveinprogress 3 years ago

    Lincoln still tops with 10! Les Miz and Life of Pi close with 9 each

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  39. Koleś 3 years ago

    How often a director not nominated for BAFTA wins the Oscar. I can remember Clint Eastwood not being nominated for BAFTA (MDB, he was nominated for Unforgiven), then probably Kevin Costner.

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  40. Philip 3 years ago

    Lincoln has 10

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  41. A.J 3 years ago

    @vfd88, always happens. 2002 was the last year that not one film crossed over.

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  42. vfd88 3 years ago

    Snow White and the Huntsman up for Best Costumes! Very excited about that, Charlize Theron’s costumes were incredible.

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  43. Zooey 3 years ago

    With the snub of Spielberg – it’s Argo vs. Zero Dark Thirty.
    Lincoln and Les Miserables have more nods, but are snubbed in directing.
    And this Ben Affleck nod shows support!

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  44. Christophe 3 years ago

    nothing for the impossible, not even Watts, that must hurt, hopefully the oscars will make things right…

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  45. Mattoc 3 years ago

    Affleck and Haneke both have 3 nominations. When these guys touch down in Heathrow they’re gonna get a root.

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  46. Aaron 3 years ago

    So Skyfall looks to be The Dark Knight of BAFTA. Kind of surprised it didn’t make best picture.

    Spielberg snub is VERY interesting. Is he not the frontrunner for Oscars anymore? I will admit that the film is very American-centric, so maybe it shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but it is very odd that Quentin Tarantino and Michael Haneke made it over him. But kudos for snubbing Tom Hooper.

    Ben Affleck is deserving of best director accolades, but BEST ACTOR? That’s pushing it in my book.

    Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was SNUBBED big time. Thank god. Hopefully it means its Oscar chances are nil.

    Really weird to see Helen Hunt nominated and not John Hawkes.

    Thank GOD Joaquin Phoenix made it here. Hopefully he will repeat at Oscars.

    I have no idea how these will translate to Oscar. Will Tarantino or Haneke have enough support to overthrow Hooper or Russell? I’d say yes, they probably do. Is Ben Affleck the best actor contender we didn’t see coming that pulls a surprise attack? Oscar seems to like actor-turn-directors who direct themselves in good movies (see Beatty, Costner, and most recently, Eastwood). I really hope he doesn’t make it at the expense of Hawkes or Phoenix, however.

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  47. Judy 3 years ago

    booooo SF not in the best pic!

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  48. Aaron 3 years ago

    Oh, and HELEN MIRREN? Ugh, she’s gonna get an Oscar nomination, guys. Let’s just face up to the fact. I don’t think she’s the Tilda Swinton this year. She is much more beloved in the Academy than her, unfortunately.

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  49. hipster 3 years ago

    sincerely thought there were gonna be more Brits nominated than this. Was prepared to hear the likes of Keira Knightley (who could’ve used the boost), Ewan McGregor, Maggie Smith, Daniel Craig and etc…. guess not.

    ‘Life of Pi’ and ‘Argo’ seem to get that big boost. I’m ready to predict ‘Argo’ to win Best Picture at the Oscars. Spielberg getting snubbed is a bit of a surprise, Hooper (with his bad rep) not so much. Other than Judi Dench, all of the rest of the acting nominees I can see happen… yes, even Affleck if AMPAS loves the film.

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  50. Linc4Jess 3 years ago

    It will still be “Lincoln”, “Argo” and “Zero Dark Thirty” as front runner for the OSCARS. We will just have to wait and see what Directors get Oscar nods before we can start handicapping.

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  51. Reno 3 years ago

    No Spielberg & Hooper? BAFTA hates me.

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  52. Yvette 3 years ago

    Affleck against DDL, Phoenix and no John Hawkes? Ha! And Bardem and Arkin but no Mcconaughey? Yawn….Affleck but no Spielberg? Whatever. Cluster*#%* is right.
    Are the Dames Mirren, Mirren and Smith the only actresses eligible every year?

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  53. Philip 3 years ago


    There have been many films in the past few years nominated in both categories.

    Tinker Tailor Solider Spy – Won British Film
    The Kings Speech – Won Both
    Slumdog Millionaire – Won Best Film
    Atonement – Won Best Film
    The Queen – Won Best Film
    The Last King of Scotland – Won British Film
    The Constant Gardener – Didn’t win either
    Vera Drake – Didn’t win either
    The Hours – Didn’t win either
    Billy Elliot – Won British Film
    East is East – Won British Film

    That’s since 2000

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  54. Koleś 3 years ago

    I’m loving the boost for “Amour”. Mark my words, Haneke’s movie will get the exact same noms at the Oscars.

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  55. Sparks Meridian 3 years ago

    Paul Thomas Anderson snubbed too? Screenplay and three acting noms but no director or picture. The BAFTAs are all over the place.

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  56. The ghost of easter 3 years ago

    I guess lincoln is less of a “garanteed winner” as people thought… Must say that i find the lack of spielberg refreshing… I love the Amour-love…

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  57. Christophe 3 years ago

    funny, it seems every camp has smth to be unhappy about, except maybe argo…

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  58. Ryan Adams 3 years ago

    I hope you guys counted correctly because I’ve just now tweeted those numbers to the 4 corners of planet earth.

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  59. Philip 3 years ago

    Ryan, Lincoln leads with 10 for sure.

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  60. d2 3 years ago

    Yay! Lincoln! *Rolls Eyes* Of course it leads the nominations. My sole consolation is that crusty old white guy Spielberg is not nominated for this film. I miss ’70s/80’s/heck, even early 90’s Spielberg (up until Jurassic Park and Schindler’s List)…

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  61. Robert A. 3 years ago

    I would also like to know how often it happens that the director who wins the Oscar wasn’t even nominated for a Bafta. Does this or doesn’t it show weakness for Spielberg?

    I definitely think this shows how vulnerable Hooper is, though, if he didn’t get a Bafta nod, being Brit and all.

    Ben Affleck in actor won’t translate to Oscar. What Best Actor did suggest is that if you go with Phoenix in actor, which I still may do, you should probably bump Hawkes off the list. I can’t see Oscar denying Denzel, but I may be wrong about that.

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  62. Philip 3 years ago

    8 for Skyfall, 7 for Argo

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  63. LovelyLisa 3 years ago

    & they didnt nominate Daniel Craig but Ben Affleck is in!
    LOL ))) u’re kidding right Bafta? oh yeah not kidding

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  64. Christophe 3 years ago

    this awards season is just all over the place, there’s no way we can accurately predict tomorrow’s noms, let alone the wins, brace yourself people!

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  65. Koleś 3 years ago

    @Robert A.

    I remember Clint Eastwood not being nominated by the Brits for Million Dollar Baby (was is eligible?). Kevin Costner also didn’t get nominated for “Dances with Wolves”. Further back I don’t remember, but I’m pretty sure besides these two the Oscar winning director was always nominated for BAFTA as far as twenty-something years back.

    I hope Phoenix bumps Denzel. One alcoholic in the line-up is enough :)

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  66. Christophe 3 years ago

    looks like the different branches disagree on certain films, but the best film category is certainly an accurate picture of what bafta voters liked best overall.

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  67. SEANYEH 3 years ago

    Life of Pi lead with 10 as Lincoln…is it?

    1.BEST FILM:LIFE OF PI Gil Netter, Ang Lee, David Womark
    6.EDITING:LIFE OF PI Tim Squyres
    7.PRODUCTION DESIGN:LIFE OF PI David Gropman, Anna Pinnock
    8.SOUND:LIFE OF PI Drew Kunin, Eugene Gearty, Philip Stockton, Ron Bartlett, D. M. Hemphill
    9.SPECIAL VISUAL EFFECTS:LIFE OF PI Bill Westenhofer, Guillaume Rocheron, Erik-Jan De Boer

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  68. daveinprogress 3 years ago

    BAFTA’S own site has 9 for Life of Pi – the Rising Star is for a performer, not for a specific film. The nomination only goes to the actor.

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  69. Philip 3 years ago

    You don’t count the rising star award

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  70. The Great Dane 3 years ago

    No surprises here EXCEPT in the BEST DIRECTOR category. Only 3/5 with Best Picture, and no Hooper (they didn’t award him for King’s Speech either, Fincher won) – and NO SPIELBERG!

    So assumed #1 Oscar frontrunner misses Best Director?

    Jesus, ANYTHING can win the Oscar now. All bets really ARE off. Then weakest contenders keep showing strenght and the strongest contenders keep underwhelming. SO EXCITING! :)

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  71. DEWA 3 years ago

    Omg. I love awards season this year. So unpredictable. Kudos.

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  72. Maffew 3 years ago

    The Weinstein Company should’ve just ran Christoph Waltz as Lead with Jamie Foxx.

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  73. Robert A. 3 years ago

    Thanks, Koles.

    I also remember M$B getting almost no Bafta nominations, but that had to do, if I remember correctly, with it being such a late release (or something like that). Whereas Bafta obviously saw Lincoln, since it’s leading in nominations, and yet it doesn’t have a director’s nod. That seems like a bit of an ominous sign for Spielberg and an Oscar win.

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  74. mecid 3 years ago

    Watch Million Dollar Baby repeat this time too.

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  75. PJ 3 years ago

    I’ve officially conceded to Argo. It is too strong to ignore.

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  76. Christophe 3 years ago

    exactly, it seems the different branches have very different opinions, so there’s no way to know how bp will turn out.

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  77. The Great Dane 3 years ago

    Ooops. Overlooked Affleck in Best Actor. Major surprise. Argo wins BAFTA.

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  78. SeattleMoviegoer 3 years ago

    bothers me to see Arkin nominated. his was a small role–one of the things i rememeber the least from ARGO. he’s been better showcased in other films (glengarry glen ross) and he won for LITTLE/SUNSHINE as a career salute. nominating him is a kind of waste considering other terrific supp male performances this year.

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  79. dp 3 years ago

    The Master and Lincoln both have 3 acting nods each (in the same categories), yet fail to garner a director’s nod. Interesting.

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  80. Robert A. 3 years ago

    I agree that Argo is the most likely Bafta winner. When you see a movie get an unexpected nomination like Affleck in actor, you know that indicates strong support.

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  81. daveinprogress 3 years ago

    With such interesting inclusions and exclusions, i wouldn’t rule out a split in Best Film and Best Director. BAFTA have done it numerous times, and in the last decade almost as many times a split as a match up between director/film.

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  82. Christophe 3 years ago

    their best film lineup is the same as the DGA lineup, methinks now we can safely say those 5 movies are locks for best picture noms at the oscars.

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  83. Paddy Mulholland 3 years ago

    The biggest winners:

    – Argo: seven nominations is a strong haul, and a Best Actor nomination (a first for the entire season) is a sign that there’s a lot of love for Argo where it matters
    – Life of Pi: nine nominations (the second most, tied with Les Mis), and one of only three films in both Film and Director
    – Skyfall: duh
    – Amour: four nominations is very impressive, and could be within reach tomorrow

    The biggest losers:

    – Silver Linings Playbook: three nominations + yesterday’s DGA snub = David O. Russell is probably out for Director tomorrow, and Robert De Niro has now missed both Golden Globes and BAFTA
    – Tom Hooper: the DGA brought him up, BAFTA bring him down. They did the same with The King’s Speech, alas, but a nomination here would have put him firmly in that fifth place slot.
    – Mihai Malaimare Jr. – not a big one, but a snub all the same. We’ll see if he’s nominated for the ASC later
    – Naomi Watts – probably can’t win the Oscar now. Looks like it’s between Chastain and Lawrence, unless the BFCA / HFPA / SAG say otherwise

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  84. Mattoc 3 years ago

    Argo will win BP at the oscars. I predicted it 3 days ago as Ebert did 3 months ago. I can’t imagine Bigelow or Spielberg’s efforts being the ‘split’ – maybe Lee or Haneke. Or it may just be Affleck.

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  85. Sammy 3 years ago

    Can we say Lincoln is dead based on the fact Spielberg has no BD nod at BAFTAS? At least it will probably lose the Best Film to Zero Dark Thirty or Argo here – this might have an overall effect.

    Can we also say Amour can now get a BP nod with BAFTA Director and Screenplay nominations?

    It is pretty clear that with no Globes and Bafta nods, Hooper is now out of the Director race. His place will be filled with Haneke, Tarantino or Anderson at the Oscars.

    Denzel Washington will be on the Oscars list. Ben Affleck will be out.

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  86. Koleś 3 years ago

    Django got a serious boost, even without the BP nod. Right now I’m sure it’s going to get nominated for BP. Same with Waltz, he’s in. Not sure about Tarantino for Director, it’s very crowded over there.

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  87. efe 3 years ago

    helen mirren better not be nominated for the oscars tomorrow. it’s a joke she got nominated for this many awards. her performance doesn’t even compare to Riva’s and Riva seems really unlikely to get nominated.

    And I guess Zero Dark Thirty will win Best Picture at BAFTAs which is weird.

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  88. rufussondheim 3 years ago

    I will gladly trade a Hooper nom for a Spielberg nom. I guess BAFTA is filled with douches for deliberately leaving off Spielberg.

    Glad to see Affleck in the Best Actor category where he belongs (He was in my top 5!)

    Hmm, didn’t I, on Tuesday have it…

    1) Zero Dark Thirty
    2) Argo
    3) Lincoln
    4) Les Miz

    Sorry, I guess Life of Pi should have been #3. It might be a threat!

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  89. The Japanese Viewer 3 years ago

    Thanks for the full list posted here, Ryan.

    I am not surprised that Michael Haneke’s got one of the final spots for Director at BAFTA. But, to me, for BAFTA to nominate Tarantino (by the way, one of my favorite directors/writers) over Spielberg – that’s intriguing…. (Not that I really complain though.)

    And good for Ben Affleck to have been nominated for Leading Actor as well. All the best.

    Looks like the showdown between Lincoln and Argo for BP to me.

    [FANBOY ALERT: Alice Eve(?) is so cute…. Love her posh British accent. Totally music to my J ear, not to mention the sounds of her voice – to die for lol…. Indeed, British accent sounds very romantic…. : )…]

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  90. Koleś 3 years ago


    “I guess BAFTA is filled with douches for deliberately leaving off Spielberg.”

    That’s right. They really stuck it to him by giving his movie 10 noms :)

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  91. mecid 3 years ago

    Yes. They BAFTA has problems with Spielberg not his films.

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  92. Free 3 years ago

    Those will be your ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY nominees on Thursday. And I think BAFTA is correct in snubbing Lincoln for FILM EDITING, which Oscars will probably do as well (as they should).

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  93. The Great Dane 3 years ago

    The reason BAFTA has more splits in Director/Picture is because the branches vote for their own category on their final ballot in stead of everyone voting for everything. So unlike Oscars, the makeup artist don’t get to say who did the best Sound Mixing et al.

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  94. phantom 3 years ago

    I’m fairly certain there are a few omissions due to ineligibility (The Impossible, Flight, The Paperboy), still, the lack of British-love doesn’t bode well for so-far-lock contenders Silver Linings Playbook, Steven Spielberg, John Hawkes, Robert de Niro (Django Unchained gets a pass because it made BD even if not BP). Their nominations are probably not in danger (or at least SLP in BP, and Spielberg in BD definitely not), and Silver Linings Playbook hasn’t been considered a viable threat for BP for weeks now, so I guess the only question remains, whether Spielberg can still pull off the Oscar without the Bafta-nod and for the record, I don’t think Million Dollar Baby is a good comparison, because the BAFTA completely ignored that film, and they did LOVE Lincoln enough to shower it with 10 nominations, they just didn’t go for the direction, which IS strange but does seem like a conscious decision (clearly they didn’t discriminate against the film hence the 10 nods).

    And before Lincoln-fans start, that lineup does look rather objective, clearly the anti-America accusations won’t fly (Affleck, Bigelow, Tarantino), they didn’t play favorites with their fellow countrymen (no Hooper, Mendes), either and few could argue that Haneke and Lee aren’t anything less but excellent choices.

    What we know now, that Ang Lee is a very solid top4 player and the fifth slot is still very much a toss-up between Hooper (DGA+BFCA), Tarantino (BAFTA+GG), Haneke (BAFTA), and to a lesser extent Russell (BFCA) and Paul Thomas Anderson (LAFCA). That if we don’t consider any shockers like Nolan, Mendes or Bayona. In my opinion, Hooper might have the edge because he has the DGA-support that might equal Academy-love, and all the others can be nominated in writing, and that’s always an easy way out for the Academy when it comes to BD contenders.

    Also these nominations help The Master A LOT : now I’m confident that after the SAG-snub, both Amy Adams and Joaquin Phoenix will make the cut, I don’t know who they will knock out, though, I would need reliable information about the ineligible films first (Flight, The Paperboy).

    Cotillard and Mirren DO look solid top5 contenders now, but I can’t help but wonder Riva will either knock out one of them, or cancel herself AND Cotillard out due to split votes. I’m still getting a weird ‘We need to talk about Kevin’ vibe from ‘Rust & Bone’…and Swinton also had the usually ironclad quartet (SAG-BAFTA-GG-BFCA) last year.

    The supporting acting categories are finally getting clearer, too : Hunt, Bardem, Arkin are now officially locks, Dench AND Adams could make it if the Academy snubs Kidman because of her horrible film (though brilliant performance), and the 5th slot in supporting actor seems to be down to De Niro (SAG+BFCA) and Waltz (BAFTA+GG), though latter has the disadvantage of inevitable split votes with his co-stars.

    I fully expect that to be the Original Screenplay lineup at the Oscars, too, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Adapted Screenplay turned out to be identical, as well, although I’m holding out hope for The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

    So-far overlooked British contenders who REALLY needed to make the cut here to stay in the conversation (Keira Knightley, Samantha Barks etc.) are now officially in the ‘potential shocker’ territory. I’m still predicting Ewan McGregor, though, although it would be great to know whether he was snubbed of he was simply ineligible.

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  95. BlueFox94 3 years ago

    I almost FLIPPED SH&T when I noticed that “WRECK-IT RALPH” was NOT nominated for Best Animated Film…

    … then I realized that it would come out in the UK until Feb. 8th :)

    GO “ARGO” and “WRECK-IT RALPH”!! To The Oscars and beyond! 😀

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  96. rufussondheim 3 years ago

    I think the biggest snub here is Desplat for his wonderful score for Zero Dark Thirty. I thought that music that played while the helicopters approached the compound was the best scored scene of the year. Oh well.

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  97. Christophe 3 years ago

    the impossible was eligible since it was released on new year’s day that is before Les Mis and Lincoln. to be eligible a movie needs to be released in the uk before the ceremony.

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  98. MIchael Arlidge 3 years ago

    I can’t argue with any of the nominees in the Best Supporting Actor category, but I’m tremendously disappointed that Eddie Redmayne didn’t make the final cut. This is the one award for which I was confident he would be nominated.

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  99. Aaron 3 years ago

    @ Phantom.

    I’m fairly certain that The Impossible and Flight were eligible. The Paperboy was not, hence Kidman not making the cut. And it also needs to be said that The Deep Blue Sea was released in the UK in 2011, hence Rachel Weisz not making the cut.

    I still think Naomi Watts will receive a nomination, although that category still remains very confusing. Lawrence, Chastain, and Cotillard are locks.

    I (unfortunately) think that Helen Mirren may edge in there, too, but then a part of me wonders who in the hell will rank her at #1? She made it in 2009 for The Last Station with ease, but that was a relatively weak year. Emily Blunt was probably #6 for The Young Victoria, but I think the film’s mixed reviews hurt her (and no one was watching Bright Star and Julia, hence the absence of Abbie Cornish and Tilda Swinton). Emmanuelle Riva, Rachel Weisz, and Quvenzhane Wallis have many passionate supporters, and surely one of them will have enough votes to knock out Mirren. Judging by Riva’s BAFTA nod, I’m banking on her.

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  100. Akumax 3 years ago

    Very Happy to see how Life of Pi is doing very good with guilds and now with bafta.

    for a long time now I’m thinking that for Spielberg it will be a “purple” year not a “Schindler” year and it begins to unfold this way… no director no editor noms?! Lincoln will not win bafta… and I think it will not win BP at the Oscars.

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  101. brace 3 years ago

    I think we have the winner of the season. It’s Argo! Ben Affleck for best actor just proves that. but also the fact that recently it’s winning everything!

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  102. phantom 3 years ago


    Thanks for the confirmation, then I think Phoenix will knock out Washington, and REALLY hope that Watts will still make the cut. Strangely enough, even with her perfect track record, I think Cotillard could be more vulnerable tomorrow than Watts, but that’s just a hunch and definitely not wishful thinking, I LOVED Rust & Bone and especially her performance.

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  103. Christophe 3 years ago

    sigh… I could’ve seen Argo winning the Emmys but the Oscars/Baftas are supposed to reward real motion pictures. Why go to the movies to watch thevsame kind of filmmaking we can see every night on cable TV?

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  104. Christophe 3 years ago

    I’m wondering if voters have even seen The Impossible. It was at the bottom of my list for months and I finally got to see it last week with no prior enthusiasm but once you’ve seen it it’s impossible to ignore.

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  105. efe 3 years ago

    People please convince me that Helen Mirren will not be nominated. Especially this year, when we have Lawrence, Riva, Cotillard, Weisz, Chastain, Wallis, Watts give far greater performances. I don’t want any of those ladies to get snubbed for Mirren but with Bafta-SAG-GG, she just might get in.

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  106. Daniel B. 3 years ago

    Pretty good nominees. I am glad that Lincoln wasn’t nominated for Editing too, although it is one of my top movies this year. I would have been glad if ZDT didn’t get nominated for Editing too – nothing special if you ask me, a movie like The Avengers deserved a recognition in this category more. I am ecstatic over the love for Life of Pi, Argo and Amour.
    If you ask me, I think that Argo will be the eventual winner of the season. It just makes sense – it is not depressing, but intriguing; it conveys the feeling of importance and at the same time it is not self-righteous. It is not my favorite movie of the year but I certainly don’t mind winning and I think that can be said by a lot of people.
    After watching all of the performances by actresses this year I think that it is actually a pretty weak category (save Lawrence and Riva) – I don’t understand the hype surrounding the OK ordinary performance by Chastain (and NO – she is not the future Meryl Streep) and the performance of Marion. Helen Mirren was her usual great but not nomination worthy and Naomi Watts did a pretty stellar job in a movie that actually doesn’t focus that much on the individual performance.
    It seems that Arkin will be nominated for an Oscar after all and I have a huge problem with this because Redmayne and McGregor both deserve the nomination more then him.
    Out of the acting categories Best Actor is truly the most interesting this year as each one of the top 6 guys was incredible.

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  107. phantom 3 years ago


    I’ve been considering The Impossible rather seriously for awards (I put down Watts for Best Actress in September), but I’ve only seen it last Thursday, so it had been a blind guess for a long time. I LOVED it, sure manipulative, but damn those were some remarkably raw, completely memorable and outstanding performances, not to mention excellent production values. The visual effects should have been on the shortlist the very least, the score was beautiful and I would consider the cinematography, sound, sound editing much more seriously as most people do, as well. But oh, well, now after the BAFTA-snub I just hope at least Naomi Watts will make the cut and fingers crossed for the utterly brilliant Ewan McGregor. I have nothing against Alan Arkin, he is a great actor, a veteran I respect etc., but damn, will I be pissed when he receives the nomination for a nothing role tomorrow and McGregor gets snubbed once again.

    P.S. The audience LOVED it, too, they clapped…and they NEVER clap here. It has been doing spectacularly on the international circuit, I can only hope it will pick up steam in the US, too.

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  108. phantom 3 years ago

    Pre-Oscar Summary (Critics Awards + Bafta/Guild/GoldenGlobe/BFCA Nomination Chart) :

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  109. Christophe 3 years ago

    I am almost always disappointed by the supporting actor category, it’s a category for which I always have lots of hopes going in but once the nominees are announced I have absolutely no preference for any of the contenders and I believe I would just leave it blank if I were voting.

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  110. Matt Smith 3 years ago

    Hey everyone! Good morning!

    As an American in Britain, I was up early to blog my take on the BAFTA noms and how (considering the amount of BAFTA members who are also AMPAS members) this might affect tomorrow’s announcement.

    Please read and let me know your thoughts! :)

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  111. Mattoc 3 years ago

    The impossible is a ‘nice try’ but not really anything to take seriously. I don’t recall seeing any dead people, just a dog.

    Performances are good. Watts is good enough to win, but so is McGregor. I don’t think either will be nominated.

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  112. Mattoc 3 years ago

    Matt, as The Big Lebowski is your favourite film, I believe everything you say.

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  113. Alexander 3 years ago

    Lincoln would be the biggest box office hit for the Best Picture category since The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, were it to win, but I do have to admit that the Best Director snub against Spielberg at BAFTA is a potentially troubling sign. Though it could certainly be a red herring, too. BAFTA almost always lines up awkwardly with AMPAS.

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  114. Christophe 3 years ago

    I appreciate your careful choice of words. Other commenters might have said “the impossible is a dumb sentimental pos and you’ve got no taste in movies for considering it as one of the year’s best films!” but you didn’t and it really helps forward the discussion when people show a little respect to one another. also, the impossible did show dead people, especially that scene when lucas stares at a truckload of corpses, literally.

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  115. Mattoc 3 years ago

    There was a discussion here months ago about why Ewan McGregor has been overlooked over the years. To me, it was perfectly understandable. He was good but nothing to write home about.
    However, after seeing The Impossible, I will put pen to paper.

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  116. Christophe 3 years ago

    My favorite performance from the impossible is definitely T. Holland but let’s be honest there’s no chance in hell of him getting nominated since he didn’t even make the cut for bafta rising star. so i guess I just have to hope mcgregor could sneak in somehow if there’s a split, though I think Redmayne could also be a likely spoiler, and they would both split votes with costars so not looking good.

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  117. Sato 3 years ago

    Great news for Argo! It got nominated in the BIG categories it was expected to be nominated! Plus Affleck in Lead Actor… Don’t know how the Spielberg snub will affect his chances but with DGA and BAFTA combo, it looks to me like it’s between Affleck-Bigelow-Lee race…

    Supporting Actor race is wide open but I hope Arkin to take it for stealing the scenes he’s in in Argo even with just few screen time…

    Bit upset by Lead Actress category. Isaw the Knightley snub coming but Watts??? Just dissappointing…

    Now I can’t wait on what the Oscars has in store for us!

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  118. Buzz 3 years ago

    Seriously?!!? The BAFTAS snubbed Spielberg in director?!!? WTF?!!?

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  119. Stella 3 years ago

    I did not know until now that the impossible being a Spanish film is ineligible.

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  120. PaulH 3 years ago

    The top 2 financially successful and critically acclaimed films of the year…the #7 and #3 films on the all-time boxoffice ranking…can only muster 2 notices *between them*? In just VFX? Sci-fi genre bias isn’t confined to America, unfortunately. :(

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  121. Christophe 3 years ago

    it’s not bias. 2001 was a great sci-fi film that would have deserved to win every award but was way too ahead of its time. the avengers and tdkr are enjoyable decent superhero movies but not much else… and they’re not really sci-fi.

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  122. Nues20 3 years ago

    As a BAFTA Member I think we did really well with these nominations.
    Very pleased.
    Let’s just hope AMPAS follows suit.

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  123. Christophe 3 years ago

    why no spielberg for bd? why no watts for best actress?

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  124. Alice 3 years ago

    This list confirms one thing:

    Tomorrow anything can happen.. And I mean ANYTHING!

    This season is so exciting! So happy for Life of Pi.. So glad miss Lawrence is going strong in leading. And so surprised for the love for Argo! Not that I mind it :)
    Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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  125. Zooey 3 years ago

    @ Christophe

    You Americans are maybe too carried away with Lincoln. I loved the script. I liked the acting (except for Field whose character had so little to do with the amendment that I didn’t care about her breakdowns), but to me Spielberg simply stayed out of the way and that’s what he did.

    And Watts — the only cast member who deserves a nod is Tom Holland. Watts had no character arc. Too much representational acting there.

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  126. Christophe 3 years ago

    lol! “you Americans”… I’m French but I actually take that as a compliment. I was left cold by Lincoln too (didn’t like Field either), wouldn’t have voted for Spielberg, but it’s a real surprise not to see him nominated so I was just wondering why.

    And I completely agree about T. Holland, he was fantastic, as I’ve said time and time again on this blog, but Watts is the only realistic shot at a nom for The Impossible so the Bafta snub is a real blow.

    We’ll have our answers tomorrow anyway.

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  127. Danemychal 3 years ago

    Argo vs ZDT with Lincoln still showing plenty of signs of life (it did lead the noms here and was not expected to do so). Not enough data to say anything more than that until we find out what REALLY matters: the actual Oscar nominees themselves in 26 hours!

    PS – I love 2 of these movies and will be seeing ZDT Friday night and expect to love it as well. Could be a great awards season after all!

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  128. Adam 3 years ago

    I am a bit disappointed with BAFTA. There are some pretty great choices, Haneke and Tarantino for director my favourite ‘surprise’ nods. But I was hoping for some truly WTF nominations, ala Noomi Rapace and Hailee Steinfeld getting Lead actress noms in 2011, and Barbara Hershey, Miranda Richardson and Lesley Manville all getting Supp. actress nods in the same year. Yeah, Ben Affleck stands out in Best Actor, but overall a bit of a letdown.

    Haneke & Tarantino – Director
    All the screenplay nominees.
    The Hunt – Foreign Language
    Waltz – Supporting Actor
    Riva – Actress
    Judi Dench – Skyfall

    Les Mis getting a Cinematography nod.
    Ben Affleck over Jean Louis Tringent.
    Helen Hunt getting in supporting. was so sure she was going lead here.
    Complete snubbing of CLOUD ATLAS.
    Alan Arkin for Argo.
    Hitchcock getting multiple nominations.
    Beasts only getting a screenplay nomination.

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  129. Zooey 3 years ago

    @ Christophe,

    I should have known – given your name. But silly me!

    Anyway, Watts has what counts the most – the Golden Globe, the SAG and the Critics’ Choice. She is a previous nominee and she’s usually in the snubbed lists. She’s paid her dues. She’s safe. She isn’t winning. And even if she were the ultimate winner, a SAG snub doesn’t hurt. BAFTA is known for snubbing their own. They snubbed Winslet for Titanic.

    I believe it’s safe to assume to top 3 are:
    1. Jessica Chastain
    2. Jennifer Lawrence
    3. Naomi Watts

    Then comes Riva – who should be winning this.

    And for 5. either Mirren or Wallis
    Fingers crossed for Wallis but Mirren probably makes more sense. She got in a few years ago for a bad performance. Now she’ll get in for another bad one. But I usually go with my heart – so Wallis is in.

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  130. Zooey 3 years ago

    I meant a BAFTA snub, not SAG.

    And I hope Arkin is snubbed. John Goodman was much better!

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  131. Koleś 3 years ago

    I fear that “Master” might not make the cut for cinematography. It got one (that’s right) critics’ award, nominated for a couple more, nothing major. I was hoping BAFTA would give it a chance, but it got snubbed again. I fear that the ASC might also pass on it and then the most beautifully shot movie of the year is dead in the water.

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  132. Tero Heikkinen 3 years ago

    Well, McGregor is awfully convincing in that one telephone scene, but other than that he doesn’t have so much to do. Same could be said about Watts who does very little half the movie. Holland, on the other hand, does everything in it (even pronounces Swedish names in a funny way). Can’t wait to see more of him in the future, and he’s only 16. Daldry really found this guy too, right?

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  133. steve50 3 years ago

    It’s refreshing to wake up to nominations all over the map and the BAFTAS always surprise.

    Yes, I don’t get the non-love we keep seeing for Trintignant and Cloud Atlas, but it’s a trend that is not going away since it didn’t happen here. I was hopring for some Holy Motors recognition, too, but….

    So, of the three films with the most nominations (Lincoln – 10, Les Mis – 9, and Life of Pi – 9), only one had a director? Interesting. Maybe the BAFTA group feels that only one was a feat pulled off by the director and the other two were successful because of content.

    Good news for Pi and Lee. I’d love to see Suraj Sharma take the Rising Star Award and I think he may.

    Spielberg is a lock for an Oscar nomination, so this shouldn’t be a worry – 10 nominations without a BD nod is odd, though.

    Argo appears to be solidifying back into the force it was back when it was released and Affleck must be energized by his own double nom.

    Skyfall, as expected, did very well, and all of its nominations are viable.

    Not a fan of Marigold Hotel, so I’m not too surprised by the Maggie Smith omission. She was pretty lightweight compared to most of her past work and I think they recognize this.

    Very glad to see the lack of francophobia in the best actress race – I hope Riva and Cotillard remain strong for another 48 hrs, at least. Mirren’s inclusion doesn’t surprise me here, but I doubt she’ll make it on the AMPAS list.

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  134. Des Brown 3 years ago

    LES MISERABLES has a Best Film nomination, bit none for Director or Screenplay. Tom Hooper is playing the Hokey-Cokey (or the Pokey Cokey as I believe its called in the US and Australia) at this years awards season – in-out, in-out. First he didn’t make Best Director at the Globes, so it looked like he was out, then he was nominated yesterday by the DGA, so he was back in; now he’s not nominated by BAFTA so he’s back out. Has any film won Best Film at the BAFTAs without a direction or screenplay nomination?

    Odd that LINCOLN gets 10 nominations across all the categories but none for Best Director.

    No BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO in the Best British Film category, despite its critical plaudits and BIFA wins. Its slot appears to be taken by SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS, which I’d no idea was a British film (is it?).

    The snubbing of THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY. BAFTA were huge LOTR fans giving their Best Film awards to THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING (2001) and RETURN OF THE KING (2003). THE HOBBIT only gets 3 nominations in the technical categories.

    Pleasant surprises.
    Helen Mirren getting a nomination for Best Actress in HITCHCOCK. With a SAG, Golden Globe and BAFTA nomination, surely she must get an Oscar nomination for the role tomorrow?

    SKYFALL getting 8 nominations, including Best British Film and two acting nods. Hope it converts some of these into wins.

    Will these awards mirror the Oscars? Well, last year HUGO didn’t get a Best Film nomination at BAFTA, yet went on to be the most nominated film at the Oscars. Both Michael Fassbender and Tilda Swinton were BAFTA nominated but failed to make the Oscar nominations. So Thursday’s nominations will still have a few surprises in store.

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  135. Paddy Mulholland 3 years ago

    The Impossible wasn’t ineligible. I still think Naomi Watts can win the Oscar, as long as she wins at least one of the other major precursors. Not likely though.

    Flight also wasn’t ineligible. The Paperboy was, I think. Also ineligible were Compliance and Cloud Atlas.

    Also, Marion Cotillard is not a lock for Oscar.

    Lincoln can still win the Oscar, both for Picture and for Director. BAFTA snubs don’t always mean bad news for a film or a contender, although they never mean good news, of course. Melissa Leo was snubbed for The Fighter here two years ago.

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  136. Jim 3 years ago

    People saying Watts doesn’t do much in The Impossible… Argh. Hers is arguably the year’s best performance, second only to Riva’s.

    I guess that if you don’t chew the scenery claiming Bradley Cooper is harassing you people don’t really notice your work. The subtlety with which she tackled the role, her expressions, the amazingly honest, natural reactions to the environment she was in and to her scene partners and her unparalled emotional honesty makes her a very worthy nominee and winner.

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  137. steve50 3 years ago

    Cloud Atlas hasn’t opened yet in Britain, Paddy?

    Yes, the Watts/McGregor omissions are headscratchers. I was totally expecting them to show up here. I’ll be surprised if Watts isn’t on the BA list tomrrow, though. (and pleased if McGregor is)

    FX category looks damn good – it doesn’t get better than those 5.

    The fact that The Master didn’t nab a cinematography nod makes me think most of the voters saw it on a screener, not in a cinema, which is a shame – they missed something special.

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  138. Sato 3 years ago

    I also thought despite Williams as the music composer, it was used very little in Lincoln and would prefer another composers like Dan Romer, Benh Zeitlin for Beast of the Southern Wild, Danny Elfman for Frankenweenie or Hitchcock and Fernando Velasquez for The Impossible whose scores were fully utilized in those movies…

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  139. Apocalypse Pooh 3 years ago

    “The snubbing of THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY. BAFTA were huge LOTR fans giving their Best Film awards to THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING (2001) and RETURN OF THE KING (2003). THE HOBBIT only gets 3 nominations in the technical categories.”

    Hobbit wasn’t snubbed. It’s nowhere near as good as FELLOWSHIP. Rediculous Goblin King, bloated story, recycled music, twisting pipeweed into marijuana and wizards blowing pot out of their ears…

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  140. steve50 3 years ago

    Sato – I believe that ballots for best score come with John Williams pre-printed on them.

    I agree – Velasquez, Romer/Zeitlan, or a second nom for Desplats would have been preferable this year. Glad to see Danna and Marianelli, though.

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  141. Hannah 3 years ago

    So happy to see Frankenwenie is now the clear front runner in the race for Best Animated Feature. And happy to see Javier Bardem nominated tooo!!! A little sad
    because of Naomi Watts’ snub… but happy for the snub of Tom Hooper and Steven Spielberg in directing (and happy to see Haneke there)!!! But this nominations basicaly confirms Lincoln as the movie of the year in the race.

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  142. Sato 3 years ago

    Exactly steve50… If it wasn’t Williams, I doubt it to be nominated….

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  143. DBibby 3 years ago

    Check out the list of eligible films for the BAFTAs here:,65,BA.html

    So The Impossible and Flight were both eligible, and the snubs are real ones. The Paperboy, Cloud Atlas and Compliance weren’t eligible, as expected.

    I’m disappointed to see no mention of Sightseers or Berberian Sound Studios (not even in sound!).

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  144. Daveylo 3 years ago

    I suppose all BAFTA members are douchebags for not nominating Spielberg?

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  145. Daveylo 3 years ago

    “The reason BAFTA has more splits in Director/Picture is because the branches vote for their own category on their final ballot in stead of everyone voting for everything.”

    Did they change the rules this year? Why does BAFTA hate Tom Hooper so much since he has made films in England and brings attention to their country?

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  146. DBibby 3 years ago

    Oh, and Wreck-it Ralph was eligible too, so that was a legitimate snub.

    To be eligible, “films must be released theatrically in the UK, within the Academy awards year: 1 January to 31 December 2012. Films that open between 1 January and 8 February 2013 inclusive may be ‘qualified’ by Distributors by being screened to Academy Film Voting Members by 20 December 2012.”

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  147. Koleś 3 years ago


    I’m expecting to hear a lot more of the Brits’ douchebaggery over here. Getting my popcorn ready :)

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  148. Paddy Mulholland 3 years ago

    Oh gosh, no Berberian Sound Studio! Yeah, that’s shitty.

    Nope, steve, Cloud Atlas opens here on the 22nd of February, two days before the Oscars and 14 days after BAFTA deadline.

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  149. Tero Heikkinen 3 years ago

    “I believe that ballots for best score come with John Williams pre-printed on them.”

    Hehe. There’s some truth there. Being a huge John Williams fan, I want Life of Pi to win this one. Williams doesn’t seem to be dying just yet so he still has enough time to get his sixth. Pi needs some awards, and Score, VFX and maybe Cinematography could be those.

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  150. andrewM 3 years ago

    Watts is doing A LOT, both emotionally and “physically” acting, and beyond and exceeding any actor, in particular an actress’ standard and she is even totally given all out committed delivering an excellent job there….note that it’s not CGI but the real things. She deserves every award.

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  151. Rod 3 years ago

    I really dont understand why Naomi Watts was not nominated,this is a shame,she gave the best female performace of the year with a wonderful,real tour de force performace in The Impossible.She is really the best actress working in the movie business know a days but also the most underrated too.It is really a pity.

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  152. Freddy Ardanza 3 years ago

    I’m glad Lincoln is snubbed in Directing and Film Editing, Lincoln is good because of the screenplay and the actors.

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  153. Daveylo 3 years ago

    Though Tom Hooper didn’t win the BAFTA for director for The King’s Speech, he did accept the BAFTA for Best British Film for that film. So they hate him, but not a full-blown hate.

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  154. Daveylo 3 years ago

    I want to make it clear that I thought Spielberg should have been nominated. I would have left off Tarentino.

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  155. Paddy Mulholland 3 years ago

    Not that I need to, but I’ma join in with this mass criticism of the Naomi Watts snub. Boo hiss. Bastards.

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  156. Fabinho Flapp 3 years ago

    Affkeck, actor for Argo. Finally!!!!!!!

    But, where’s Tom Holland??????

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  157. Astarisborn 3 years ago

    I’m feeling a win for Ang Lee as Best Director with the BAFTA.

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  158. Vincent Smetana 3 years ago

    No Smith. So weird.

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  159. Adam 3 years ago

    Biggest snub: Glenn Close for Albert Nobbs!! :p

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  160. Prakshid Meshram 3 years ago

    66th British Academy Film Awards Nominations:
    Lincoln – 10
    Life of Pi – 9+1
    Les Miserables – 9
    Skyfall – 8
    Argo – 7
    Anna Karenina – 6
    Django Unchained – 5
    Zero Dark Thirty – 4
    The Master – 4
    Amour – 4
    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – 3
    Silver Linings Playbook – 3
    Hitchcock – 2
    The Imposter – 2

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  161. The Dude 3 years ago

    Affleck for Actor in Argo is the biggest joke nomination in any award in recent years.

    But his nomination confirms my idea that Argo is the favorite.

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  162. Kane 3 years ago

    Ben Affleck for best actor is a nice surprise but nothing more will come of it. It just shows that BAFTA really loved Argo. I’m very surprised that they snubbed The Master in the techs but most of all in music since they liked Greenwood last time. Spielberg’s snub isn’t as bad as Hooper’s though, he needed this from his homeland. I can’t say I’m ecstatic but it’s one of those “1 bad nomination along with 2 little surprises”.

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  163. mecid 3 years ago

    Yes, Freddy Ardanza. BAFTA proved that Lincoln film directed itself, no?

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  164. Koleś 3 years ago

    “BAFTA proved that Lincoln film directed itself, no?”

    That’s the same what the AMPAS said about Jaws.

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  165. rufussondheim 3 years ago

    If Spielberg had chopped off that ending, Lincoln would have led with 12 nominations.

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  166. mecid 3 years ago

    And years after Jaws snub is one of the worst ever.

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  167. Tero Heikkinen 3 years ago

    If I chopped your dick off, I would lead you with 6,5 inches.

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  168. Val 3 years ago

    Sad for naomi watts and leonardo di caprio. I want to see Watts, Leo and Kidman make it tomorrow on oscar nominations… watts and leo can both make an upset win if they both get nominated.

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  169. Christophe 3 years ago

    @rufus & tero
    Now the real question is: if Spielberg had chopped off Lincoln’s dick, how many noms???

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  170. Vince Smetana 3 years ago


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  171. Koleś 3 years ago

    “And years after Jaws snub is one of the worst ever.”

    Well, at least he got a BAFTA nod for that.

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  172. Daveylo 3 years ago

    It puzzles me that the acting branch couldn’t nominated Jude Law and Tom Wilkinson or Ewan McGregor over Alan Arkin. Talk about not appreciating your fellow countrymen.

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  173. Tero Heikkinen 3 years ago

    Christophe, a record-breaking 15, for sure.

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  174. Daveylow 3 years ago

    “The reason BAFTA has more splits in Director/Picture is because the branches vote for their own category on their final ballot in stead of everyone voting for everything. So unlike Oscars, the makeup artist don’t get to say who did the best Sound Mixing et al.”

    Oscars have a similar system.

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  175. Christophe 3 years ago

    They try too hard to predict the Oscars, which is the best way for a voting body to lose its credibility. They should insist on their Britishness and support outsiders like they did last yr with tinker tailor… and gary oldman, otherwise they’ll become completely irrelevant.

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  176. Geremy 3 years ago

    Yeah Skyfall! Hopefully Bardem and Dench can pull through at the Oscars too. That would make my week. With these kind of nominations I’m actually surprised that BAFTA didn’t nominate Skyfall for Best Film as well.
    And what’s Affleck doing in the acting category? His directing nomination is more than deserved, but honestly his performance is what kept Argo a very good movie instead of an extraordinary one.

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  177. Daveylow 3 years ago

    And Tom Holland should have been in the rising star category.

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  178. Claire 3 years ago

    OMG I’m laughing so hard at people desperately trying to convince everybody that Watts is in the third spot after Chastain & Lawrence!
    Cotillard is way ahead of her, you don’t need to be a genius to see that she hit every precursors like Chastain & Lawrence (Critics/sag/gg/bafta) I hope Riva will take her spot, the fifth one.

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  179. Corvo 3 years ago

    It’s pretty clear: only Affleck can beat Bigelow. I hope he will.

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  180. Tero Heikkinen 3 years ago

    “Oscars have a similar system.”

    No, they don’t. He said FINAL ballot. Only a few categories are done this way to the end, but most categories are voted by everyone in the final ballot.

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  181. Janet 3 years ago

    No Hopper. Yes yes yes.

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  182. JP 3 years ago

    There are so so few great british directors alive that I fear they are starting to forget what is a good directing. The Spielberg/Scorsese combo from the last two years sells the deal. Effect of this in BP race? Zero worried about that.

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  183. Jim 3 years ago

    @Claire And I’m going to laugh sooo hard when Marion fails to be nominated and HELEN MIRREN of all people takes her spot!

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  184. mecid 3 years ago

    Saying Lincoln’s direction is unshowy isn’t also answer since Amour’s direction doesn’t has any chance near its.

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  185. Unlikely hood 3 years ago

    Argo has zero chance of winning an Oscar for Best Picture. Perhaps I should say zero – thirty

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  186. Christophe 3 years ago

    What really worries me is when will we get the results for the AD Oscar simulation? Now would be the perfect time, anticipation is building after the DGA and Bafta noms, and we need them to entertain ourselves before the big announcement. It would become pointless to get them after the battle since we’ll all be talking about the actual results…

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  187. Freddy Ardanza 3 years ago

    Let’s get real, Lincoln is not the masterpiece that some people think it is, if fact none of this year contenders is really a great film, well maybe “Amour” is. Argo is winning the Oscar this year, no doubt about it.

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  188. Sugar 3 years ago

    I hope next time DiCaprio sees Weinstein he kicks him in the b$(($&)!

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  189. Nik G 3 years ago

    If Spielberg had chopped off that ending, Lincoln would have led with 12 nominations.

    Yep. The ending will be a thorn in that film, forever.

    Best thing is that Tarantino got in, instead of Hooper. Makes me smile. But no Leonardo DiCaprio love and the most random best actor nomination for Ben Affleck. They do like to mix things up don’t they.

    At least they nominated both Riva and Cotillard and not little Wallis – worried about that for tomorrow.

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  190. Scottish Jellyfish 3 years ago

    “Tomorrow anything can happen.. And I mean ANYTHING!”

    This is an undeniable truth for almost anything in life. Unfortunately, these nominations already confirm what the DGA did. The Best Picture race is a done deal as far as nominations are concerned. You can throw in a couple of surprises due to the new system, but Argo, Les Miserables, Life of Pi, Lincoln, and Zero Dark Thirty are now locked. The rest follows suit with the exception of actors and a couple of tech noms.

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  191. Paddy Mulholland 3 years ago

    OMG I’m laughing so hard at people desperately trying to convince everybody that Watts is in the third spot after Chastain & Lawrence!
    Cotillard is way ahead of her, you don’t need to be a genius to see that she hit every precursors like Chastain & Lawrence (Critics/sag/gg/bafta) I hope Riva will take her spot, the fifth one.

    No, you don’t. However, it takes some amount of intelligence, experience and intuition to see that Naomi Watts has a better shot at winning the Oscar than Marion Cotillard. Naomi has a lot of very vocal support from high-profile actors, is in a stronger film (stronger in its chances, rather than in its quality), has been in the industry for longer than Marion (at least, visibly, from most people’s perspectives) and, crucially, hasn’t won before.

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  192. Nik G 3 years ago

    But neither Watts or Cotillard are winning soo…

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  193. christophe 3 years ago

    Not sure about this… I hear there is a substantial amount of voters who are reluctant to vote for either Lawrence or Chastain. Those voters are looking for a safe 3rd horse to bid on. The key to the result is will those voters be split between the 3 other contenders or will they rally behind one. Methinks they could go for Watts, but if Riva gets in, she’ll steal her thunder and none will get the win.

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  194. Pink Wombat Cinema 3 years ago

    To give “Lincoln” 10 nominations and not nominate Steven Spielberg as Best Director is appalling, and forever destroys the credibility of the BAFTAS for me. As far as I am concerned, they do not exist.

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  195. desmond 3 years ago

    ‘life of pi ‘ is a major threat of ‘argo’ !

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  196. Astarisborn 3 years ago

    AMPS gave Speilberg 11 nominations for The Color Purple but snubbed him for best Director nomination.

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  197. christophe 3 years ago

    the Baftas are now voting by branches so it means directors didn’t feel the need to nominate Spielberg (or they omitted him bc they assumed he was a shoo-in) but the rest of the Academy liked Lincoln, that’s what happens when different branches have different opinions. But again methinks they screwed up and assumed that bc Spielberg was a lock they could lend their votes to an outsider.

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  198. Fabinho Flapp 3 years ago

    I say: Affleck can get a nom for best actor.
    Like Costner, Eastwood (twice), Beatty ( several times).
    Finally Bafta did it.
    I think Academy will do the same.

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  199. rufussondheim 3 years ago

    Or, maybe, and more simply, they didn’t think Spielberg deserved a nomination.

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  200. steve50 3 years ago

    “…forever destroys the credibility of the BAFTAS for me. As far as I am concerned, they do not exist.” (Spielberg snub)

    My guess is that most of the voters ASSUMED he would be nominated and voted for another favorite to get them in the game. I’m sure it’s more of an anomaly than it is a conspiracy. Happens with wild card free hand voting (no prelims or long lists).

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  201. mecid 3 years ago

    You better think about british Hooper, rufus. your 2nd favourite.


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  202. Daveylow 3 years ago

    Is it true that Life of Pi is popular in the UK?

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  203. JP 3 years ago

    RELAX! Wait for the nominations tally tomorrow!

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  204. steve50 3 years ago

    daveylow, Box Office Mojo reported yesterday that Life of Pi “could wind up close to $500 million by the end of its run.” It cost $120M.

    It’s almost at 400 m now and hasn’t opened in Japan, yet. It had the 4th highest opening ever in Russia. I think it’s currently in second place in the UK, where it has only dropped 20% since it opened.

    So, yes, I think it’s quietly well-liked just about everywhere.

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  205. Rod 3 years ago

    I agree Naomi Watts has a better choice of winning than Marion Cotillard.
    I watched Jessica,Jennifer, Marion and Emanuelle Riva but the most strong,moving and natural was Naomi Watts,a real tour de force performance.

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  206. Odee 3 years ago

    Well, Oscar may be come up with some major differences as opposed to the BAFTA and golden globes. Here’s hoping that they do. Too much of this has been based on all of the wrong things anyway. given the actors make up most of the votes, here’s hoping they will vote based on acting, and acting alone, and realize that a great subtle performance is probably more difficult that one that’s completely chewing up the scenery, for example.

    We’ll see. Tomorrow will be here before we know it.

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  207. Karl 3 years ago

    Great for Marion Cotillard, she really deserved this nomination and I hope she get nod of Academy Awards ’cause she gave a wonderful performance on Rust and Bone.

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  208. Paddy Mulholland 3 years ago

    I’d posit that the Spielberg snub isn’t that surprising. I think it’s attributable just to the tastes of BAFTA voters. They often make unusual choices in the Director category. Last year, they snubbed Martin Scorsese, nominated Lynne Ramsay, Tomas Alfredson and Nicolas Winding Refn.

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  209. Karl 3 years ago

    Martin Scorsese was nominated for Hugo the last year on Bafta’s. But not Hugo as best film.

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  210. Daveylow 3 years ago

    Would love to see the BAFTA director members in a room together. Who are these people?

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  211. Paddy Mulholland 3 years ago

    Oops ty Karl. I stated that in a post in another thread as well lol.

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  212. Jules 3 years ago

    @ Odie. You mean an awards group giving awards for acting? What a concept. I long for the old days when there was no BFCA or SAG, and the Oscars didn’t just follow what everyone else did and BAFTAS gave out awards in June.

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  213. Dominik 3 years ago

    Ben Affleck for Best Actor??? :-)

    Is this a joke? He was truly horrible, I counted exactly two impressions on his face, but the beard did cover his acting limits a little bit.

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  214. Christophe 3 years ago

    they should’ve just nominated the bird, same for tommy lee jones, just nominate the wig!

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  215. Christophe 3 years ago

    lol the beard not the bird

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  216. Phil Boroff 3 years ago

    Isn’t it astounding that “Les Miserables” can be nominated for both Best Film and Outstanding British Film, and yet its director goes unnominated. Has this ever happened before?

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  217. superkk 3 years ago

    i absolutely love mirren dont give me wrong but after seeing hitchcok the other day i can definitely SAY OVERRATED. she was cute, maybe worthy of a globe nom but thats it. it was nothing oscar worthy whatsoever. hell i would of nominated wallis instead of her. its just really frustrating. im sooo hoping she doesnt get nominated tomorrow because she doesnt deserve it. and im not being a hater at all. she was just ok. like barely passable. C- if anything lol.

    HOPKINS on the other hand i thought was pretty decent and its a shame he isnt getting more recognition. whatever im so over this year lol.

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  218. Sato 3 years ago

    Actually, it’s more appropriate to title the movie like “Alfred and Alma” instead of just “Hitchcock”… Mirren overshadowed Hopkins which is dissappointing since he’s the title character… But the Lead Actor race is too crowded so it’s difficult for Hopkins to sneak in… Even the BAFTAs didn’t go for him…

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