David O. Russell and his Ghetto Film School


  1. Paddy Mulholland 3 years ago

    Denver Film Critics Society has announced its nominations:


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  2. PJ 3 years ago

    There literally seems like a new David O Russell feature or interview every other day. Literally.

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  3. Jerry Grant 3 years ago

    They really want him to be nominated for BD, and I admit, I would be very happy for him if it happened. Very deserving. This is his best movie, and is a movie that will last. Though I would also have to feel bad for Ang Lee or Tarantino, whichever would get the shaft.

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  4. The Japanese Viewer 3 years ago

    Thanks for embedding, Sasha.

    The 2:30-[…]appointment joke is priceless, LOL. . . . (I can imagine Tarantino telling the same joke with his over-enthusiastic energy, plus all verbosity in the world — which I, like, totally dig. . . . xD)

    I enjoy Three Kings but think Huckabees is overrated among its own cult. Curious about what he’d been really doing during those six years between Huckabees/Soldiers Pay and The Fighter. (And somehow I think a fun yet meaningful, dual interview with Tarantino and him would be cool.)

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