Picture of the Day – The Redheads Meet at the SAG awards



  1. Aragorn 3 years ago

    And there is only one overdue actress in that picture…

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  2. daveinprogress 3 years ago

    Beautiful pic, thanks! Jessica is becoming my favourite actress of this decade; and Julieanne has turned in so many great performances. Both ellicit grace too.

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  3. Ap 3 years ago

    Is it me or it looks like they’re praying?? hahhaha
    Great pic!!

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  4. Zach 3 years ago

    Julianne wants to cut her.

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  5. keifer 3 years ago

    Two of the most beautiful and classy women in Hollywood.

    And neither of them have won Oscars!( yet, I mean)

    I always thought Julianne Moore should have been rewarded the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her performance in “The Hours”. (That skank Catherine Zeta Jones hoofed her way to that one in “Chicago” in one of AMPAS’s more recent glaring acting Oscar mistakes). CZJ cake-walked through that song-and-dance role, whereas JM was absolutely heart-breaking, playing her suicidal mother character at two very different stages of her life.

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  6. Zach 3 years ago

    Julianne Moore probably should have won for Boogie Nights if they weren’t going to give it to Gloria Stuart. I understand the love for L.A. Confidential and Kim Basinger in her second act, but her role wasn’t that complex.

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  7. Paddy Mulholland 3 years ago

    It’s a seance. A very jovial seance.

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  8. Akumax 3 years ago

    a few weeks back when they announced the Oscar nominations I was very happy to see 5 great performances in the female lead category and I thought everyone of the 5 deserves to win, but now, after having been haunted by Chastain’s Maya for weeks I really cannot see anyone but her receiving this great award.

    Bafta and Oscar to jessica please. Her performance in Zero dark Thirty will be remembered for decades.

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  9. Film Fatale 3 years ago

    Aragon, love the unnecessary slam on Chastain right out of the gate. Thanks for taking a perfectly lovely photo and adding a perfectly negative spin.

    And no one said she is overdue.

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  10. Mel 3 years ago

    If Jlaw was there you could have written: “The redheads and the redneck”.

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  11. moviewatcher 3 years ago

    Wow, what a photo.

    Moore should have won for Boogie Nights and Magnolia (shamefully, I have yet to see The Hours and Far from Heaven, never really got around to seeing them).

    Chastain is probably my favorite young actress working right now. I’m really looking forward to see what she does next.

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  12. Watermelons 3 years ago

    Brilliant screen actors in this pic! Anybody know if the Oscar (and SAG award!) winning Kate Winslet (Mildred Pierce, The Reader) attended this event? Perhaps opening up the possibility of a collaboration between Winslet and these photographed stars????

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  13. Aragorn 3 years ago

    Film fatale,

    First of all, it is Aragorn not Aragon. They are different..
    Second, i didnt mean it negative for jessica but more positive for great Julianne Moore.. I said it many times that since Marion Cotillard is not nominated, I am indifferent to who wins best actress. Any one of four ladies but Wallis wold be fine for me…i really liked Jessica in the Help and as i said before i wish she won last year.
    Finally, I think you missed those ” she is overdue, give her an oscar” comments in many other previous postings..
    I think Julianne almost gave up winning an Oscar. She is doing mostly supporting roles in ot so good movies…she should have won for Kids are All Right. Hopefully she will make another movie like that and win an Oscar, even if it is supporting

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  14. cyrus 3 years ago

    Julianne was robbed several times but the most glaring and saddest Academy mistake was not awarding her for FAR FROM HEAVEN. Still shocking how Nicole Kidman won the globe and oscar and that annoying Renee Zellwegger won the sag that year.

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  15. Art 3 years ago

    If anyone is overdue in that picture it’s, Kerry Washington.

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  16. sallyinchicago 3 years ago

    Terrible dress on Julianne….terrible.

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  17. rufussondheim 3 years ago

    Don’t see The Hours, read The Hours. It’s really one of the most amazing books you’ll ever read. And, “the twist” is so perfectly done in the book. It’s jawdroppingly good.

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  18. Aragorn 3 years ago


    I agree. I LOVED the book…Cunningham’s bes book in my opinion.

    Yes she was amazing in Far From Heaven…

    And Kerry Washington is due for what????

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  19. Jerry 3 years ago

    The gingers are taking over. Finally!

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  20. Film Fatale 3 years ago

    Sorry Aragorn, but I happen to live in Chicago close to the famous Aragon Ballroom so that happens to be more on my mind than Lord of the Rings. But didn’t mean to offend your allegiance to that fictitious character (unless indeed your parents actually named you Aragorn, as mine did with Film Fatale).

    Julianne Moore is one of the greats; we are not in disagreement that she is well, well overdue. However, in my view Jessica Chastain is the shining star this awards season and thank god she didn’t play “the girl who fucks” — this, however, will cost her the Oscar.

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  21. Watermelons 3 years ago

    “If anyone is overdue in that picture it’s, Kerry Washington.”

    Agreed 100% on this. Wish Tarantino had kept the Brunhilda scenes in the Django screenplay, because they coulda gotten Washington a slew of supporting actress nominations (not wins in this year’s Fantinescape).

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  22. Film Fatale 3 years ago

    Kerry Washington was beyond brilliant with two “overdue” actresses (Annette Bening, Naomi Watts) in Mother and Child, extraordinarily moving.

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  23. ferdi 3 years ago

    Amazing! This photo has already made my day!

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  24. alan of montreal 3 years ago

    too bad Damian Lewis isn’t in the photo to complete the ginger trifecta

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  25. Andrew 3 years ago

    i cant believe Julianne Moore is still Oscar-less. Deserves to win her first before Chastain

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  26. Eric P. 3 years ago

    I will agree that “The Hours” (book) trumps “The Hours” (film) on many accounts. I still love that film though.

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  27. Kane 3 years ago

    “I dubeth thee the new ginger of this generation. Rise, my ginger padawan…”

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  28. Vince Smetana 3 years ago

    Is Kerry Washington chopped liver?

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  29. Chance 3 years ago

    Kerry gave THREE great speeches tonight. That woman is FIRE.

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