Producers Guild Nominations!

“Argo” (Warner Bros.)
Producers: Ben Affleck, George Clooney, Grant Heslov

“Beasts of the Southern Wild” (Fox Searchlight Pictures)
Producers: Michael Gottwald, Dan Janvey, Josh Penn

“Django Unchained” (The Weinstein Company)
Producers: Reginald Hudlin, Pilar Savone, Stacey Sher

“Les Misérables” (Universal Pictures)
Producers: Tim Bevan & Eric Fellner, Debra Hayward, Cameron Mackintosh

Life of Pi” (Fox 2000 Pictures)
Producers: Ang Lee, Gil Netter, David Womark

“Lincoln” (Touchstone Pictures)
Producers:  Kathleen Kennedy, Steven Spielberg

“Moonrise Kingdom” (Focus Features)
Producers: Wes Anderson & Scott Rudin, Jeremy Dawson, Steven Rales

“Silver Linings Playbook” (The Weinstein Company)
Producers: Bruce Cohen, Donna Gigliotti, Jonathan Gordon

“Skyfall” (Columbia Pictures)
Producers: Barbara Broccoli, Michael G. Wilson

“Zero Dark Thirty” (Columbia Pictures)
Producers: Kathryn Bigelow, Mark Boal, Megan Ellison


The Award for Outstanding Producer of Animated Theatrical Motion Pictures:

“Brave” (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)
Producer: Katherine Sarafian

“Frankenweenie” (Walt Disney Pictures)
Producers: Allison Abbate, Tim Burton

“ParaNorman” (Focus Features)
Producers: Travis Knight, Arianne Sutner

“Rise of the Guardians” (Paramount Pictures)
Producers: Nancy Bernstein, Christina Steinberg

“Wreck-It Ralph” (Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)
Producer: Clark Spencer

The television nominees are:

The David L. Wolper Award for Outstanding Producer of Long-Form Television:

“American Horror Story” (FX)
Producers: Brad Buecker, Dante Di Loreto, Brad Falchuk, Ryan Murphy, Chip Vucelich, Alexis Martin Woodall

“The Dust Bowl” (PBS)
Producers: Producer Eligibility Pending

“Game Change” (HBO)
Producers: Gary Goetzman, Tom Hanks, Jay Roach, Amy Sayres, Steven Shareshian, Danny Strong

“Hatfields & McCoys” (History)
Producers: Barry Berg, Kevin Costner, Darrell Fetty, Leslie Greif, Herb Nanas

“Sherlock” (PBS)
Producers: Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat, Beryl Vertue, Sue Vertue

The Long-Form Television category encompasses both movies of the week and mini-series.

In November 2012, the Producers Guild of America announced the Documentary Theatrical Motion Picture, Television Series and Non-Fiction Television Nominations; the following list includes complete producer credits.

The Award for Outstanding Producer of Documentary Theatrical Motion Pictures:

“A People Uncounted” (Urbinder Films)
Producers: Marc Swenker, Aaron Yeger

“The Gatekeepers” (Sony Pictures Classics)
Producers: Estelle Fialon, Philippa Kowarsky, Dror Moreh

“The Island President” (Samuel Goldwyn Films)
Producers: Richard Berg, Bonni Cohen

“The Other Dream Team” (The Film Arcade)
Producers: Marius Markevicius, Jon Weinbach

“Searching For Sugar Man” (Sony Pictures Classics)
Producers: Malik Bendjelloul, Simon Chinn

The Norman Felton Award for Outstanding Producer of Episodic Television, Drama:

“Breaking Bad” (AMC)
Producers: Melissa Bernstein, Sam Catlin, Bryan Cranston, Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould, Mark Johnson, Stewart Lyons, Michelle MacLaren, George Mastras, Diane Mercer, Thomas Schnauz, Moira Walley-Beckett

“Downton Abbey” (PBS)
Producers: Julian Fellowes, Gareth Neame, Liz Trubridge

“Game of Thrones” (HBO)
Producers: David Benioff, Bernadette Caulfield, Frank Doelger, Carolyn Strauss, D.B. Weiss

“Homeland” (Showtime)
Producers: Henry Bromell, Alexander Cary, Michael Cuesta, Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon, Chip Johannessen, Michael Klick, Meredith Stiehm

“Mad Men” (AMC)
Producers: Jon Hamm, Scott Hornbacher, Andre Jacquemetton, Maria Jacquemetton, Victor Levin, Blake McCormick, Matthew Weiner

The Danny Thomas Award for Outstanding Producer of Episodic Television, Comedy:

“30 Rock” (NBC)
Producers: Irene Burns, Kay Cannon, Robert Carlock, Vali Chandrasekaran, Luke Del Tredici, Tina Fey, Matt Hubbard, Marci Klein, Jerry Kupfer, Lorne Michaels, David Miner, Dylan Morgan, Jeff Richmond, John Riggi, Josh Siegal, Ron Weiner

“The Big Bang Theory” (CBS)
Producers: Chuck Lorre, Steve Molaro, Faye Oshima Belyeu, Bill Prady

“Curb Your Enthusiasm” (HBO)
Producers: Alec Berg, Larry Charles, Larry David, Jeff Garlin, Tim Gibbons, David Mandel, Erin O’Malley, Jeff Schaffer, Laura Streicher

“Louie” (FX)
Producers: Dave Becky, M. Blair Breard, Louis C.K.

“Modern Family” (ABC)
Producers: Cindy Chupack, Paul Corrigan, Abraham Higginbotham, Ben Karlin, Steven Levitan, Christopher Lloyd, Jeff Morton, Dan O’Shannon, Jeffrey Richman, Chris Smirnoff, Brad Walsh, Bill Wrubel, Danny ZukerThe Award for Outstanding Producer of Non-Fiction Television:

“American Masters” (PBS)
Producers: Prudence Glass, Susan Lacy, Julie Sacks

“Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations” (Travel Channel)
Producers: Anthony Bourdain, Christopher Collins, Lydia Tenaglia, Sandy Zweig

“Deadliest Catch” (Discovery Channel)
Producers: Thom Beers, Jeff Conroy, Sean Dash, John Gray, Sheila McCormack, Bill Pruitt, Decker Watson

“Inside the Actors Studio” (Bravo)
Producers: James Lipton, Shawn Tesser, Jeff Wurtz

“Shark Tank” (ABC)
Producers: Rhett Bachner, Becky Blitz, Mark Burnett, Bill Gaudsmith, Yun Lingner, Brien Meagher, Clay Newbill, Jim Roush, Laura Skowlund, Paul Sutera, Patrick Wood

The Award for Outstanding Producer of Live Entertainment & Talk Television:

“The Colbert Report” (Comedy Central)
Producers: Meredith Bennett, Stephen Colbert, Richard Dahm, Paul Dinello, Barry Julien, Matt Lappin, Emily Lazar, Tanya Michnevich Bracco, Tom Purcell, Jon Stewart

“Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC)
Producers: David Craig, Ken Crosby, Doug DeLuca, Erin Irwin, Jimmy Kimmel, Jill Leiderman, Jason Schrift, Jennifer Sharron

“Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” (NBC)
Producers: Hillary Hunn, Lorne Michaels, Gavin Purcell, Michael Shoemaker

“Real Time with Bill Maher” (HBO)
Producers: Scott Carter, Sheila Griffiths, Marc Gurvitz, Dean Johnsen, Bill Maher, Billy Martin

“Saturday Night Live” (NBC)
Producers: Ken Aymong, Steve Higgins, Erik Kenward, Lorne Michaels, John Mulaney

The Award for Outstanding Producer of Competition Television:

“The Amazing Race” (CBS)
Producers: Jerry Bruckheimer, Elise Doganieri, Jonathan Littman, Bertram van Munster, Mark Vertullo

“Dancing with the Stars” (ABC)
Producers: Ashley Edens Shaffer, Conrad Green, Joe Sungkur

“Project Runway” (Lifetime)
Producers: Jane Cha Cutler, Desiree Gruber, Tim Gunn, Heidi Klum, Jonathan Murray, Sara Rea, Colleen Sands

“Top Chef” (Bravo)
Producers: Daniel Cutforth, Casey Kriley, Jane Lipsitz, Dan Murphy, Nan Strait

“The Voice” (NBC)
Producers: Stijn Bakkers, Mark Burnett, John De Mol, Chad Hines, Lee Metzger, Audrey Morrissey, Jim Roush, Nicolle Yaron, Mike Yurchuk, Amanda Zucker
The following programs were not vetted for producer eligibility this year, but winners in these categories will be announced at the official ceremony on January 26:

The Award for Outstanding Sports Program:

“24/7” (HBO)

“Catching Hell” (ESPN)

“The Fight Game with Jim Lampley” (HBO)

“On Freddie Roach” (HBO)

“Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” (HBO)

The Award for Outstanding Children’s Program:

“Good Luck Charlie” (Disney Channel)

“iCarly” (Nickelodeon)

“Phineas and Ferb” (Disney Channel)

“Sesame Street” (PBS)

“The Weight of the Nation for Kids: The Great Cafeteria Takeover” (HBO)

The Award for Outstanding Digital Series:

“30 Rock: The Webisodes” (

“Bravo’s Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen” (

“Dexter Early Cuts: All in the Family” (

“The Guild” (

“H+ The Digital Series” (

“Red vs. Blue” (


  1. Fabinho Flapp 3 years ago

    Right now? WOW!!!

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  2. Paddy Mulholland 3 years ago

    Perhaps on the hour? 10pm GMT? I hope it’s soon, and definitely today, because I’ll be going to bed in an hour or two.

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  3. Antoinette 3 years ago

    OMG It’s a sneak attack. *puts on tin foil helmet*

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  4. PJ 3 years ago

    Cool! I am ready!

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  5. Danemychal 3 years ago

    Wish it was something that would tell us a lot more about the Oscar races, but good deal nonetheless. It’s been too long since we’ve had real news! I diminish the importance of these nominees because there are a whopping ten of them. All this really lets us know is that we have the eventual BP winner in this list of 10.

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  6. Cameron 3 years ago


    Zero Dark Thirty
    The Dark Knight Rises
    Les Miz
    Life of Pi
    Django Unchained
    Beasts of the Southern Wild
    The Master
    Silver Linings Playbook

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  7. Fabinho Flapp 3 years ago

    This shortly looks very slowly…

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  8. Thomas 3 years ago

    I’m with you on those Cameron, although a have a sneaking suspicion Flight is going to creep in there…

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  9. Sarah 3 years ago

    My predictions:

    Les Misérables
    Zero Dark Thirty
    Silver Linings Playbook
    Life of Pi
    Django Unchained
    Beasts of the Southern Wild
    Moonrise Kingdom
    The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

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  10. Dan 3 years ago

    Skyfall is the only surprise on yet another boring predictable list

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  11. Antoinette 3 years ago

    Shoot. No TDKR. Well, we tried.

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  12. RJ 3 years ago

    Woo Hoo!!! Skyfall and Les Miz!! Kind’ve wish The Dark Knight Rises was on there as well!!!

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  13. Andrew 3 years ago

    A shame for The Master, surprised to see Skyfall there, but it is a great film

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  14. Chris Price 3 years ago


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  15. Jeff 3 years ago

    So, no “The Master.” That’s gotta be the final nail in the coffin, right? Not that I particularly find it unexpected, but is the film “disliked” enough that we’re not going to be looking at noms for the likes of Phoenix, Hoffman, and Adams?

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  16. Dylan Richards 3 years ago

    so glad Les Miz is in there kinda surprised by Skyfall i thought Flight would take that spot

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  17. James 3 years ago

    UGggh Skyfall over The Master and The Dark Knight Rises

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  18. PJ 3 years ago

    Ouch for The Master. Guess I gotta replace it with Beasts now.

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  19. phantom 3 years ago

    The Argo-Lincoln-Playbook-LesMis quartet has the BP nods from the PGA/GG/BFCA and also the crucial SAG Ensemble.

    Close enough is the ZD30-Django-Pi-Moonrise quartet that only missed the SAG Ensemble.

    Then there is Beasts of the Southern Wild that now has PGA/BFCA BP nominations.

    In trouble ? The Master that only received a BP-nod from the BFCA and The Dark Knight Rises that doesn’t seem to have the industry support it most certainly deserves.

    But then again, with the early Academy-deadline, probably no contender is really hurt by an omission here. To me, Moonrise Kingdom is the big surprise, it has been doing spectacularly well.

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  20. Sophie 3 years ago

    THE MASTER can still make it in. THE TREE OF LIFE was snubbed by PGA and DGA last year and found its way into PIC and DIR at OSCARS.

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  21. Chris Price 3 years ago

    I’m not mad at that list at all. Every one of those movies is a B grade or better, which is more than I could say about other lists of nominees from years past. In fact, all of them are A- or better for me except Silver Linings and Les Miserables. Well done, Producers Guild.

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  22. Rg 3 years ago


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  23. Mike 3 years ago

    So close. This was the 10 I predicted except I had The Master instead of Moonrise Kingdom.

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  24. JP 3 years ago

    Moonrise would never miss here. Just look at who is one of the producers: Scott Rudin. It has the reviews and one of the most respected producers behind it.

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  25. Fabinho Flapp 3 years ago

    It’s a shame for PGA!!!!!
    Beast of the Freakland Wild?
    That flop Les Miz?

    Oh, please, don’t waste my time…

    Anyway, The Master will be nominated to Oscars, as PTA too.

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  26. phantom 3 years ago

    I guess it’s safe to say we now have 8 locks in BP :

    Zero Dark Thirty
    Les Misérables
    Silver Linings Playbook
    Django Unchained
    Life of Pi
    Moonrise Kingdom

    Whether that will be it, or someone could take the 9th, maybe even 10th slot is the big question now. Beasts of the Southern Wild and The Master are the most likely to make the cut, although a succesful tentpole (Skyfall, TDKR, Hobbit) or maybe even SAG Ensemble nominee The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel might be able to knock one of those two out. Anyway, is anyone still expecting a REAL surprise, something like Amour, The Sessions, Cloud Atlas, The Impossible, Anna Karenina, The Perks of Being a Wallflower ?

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  27. Paddy Mulholland 3 years ago

    Let’s not all freak out about The Master missing here. It was never likely to. And at least one film gets snubbed by the guilds every year, and often then sneaks in to Oscar’s lineup. Atonement was one. The Tree of Life was another (only one guild nomination, the ASC). The Master could easily be another. It has a SAG nomination for Philip Seymour Hoffman, and it’s eligible for the WGA, and stands a good chance at snagging an ASC nomination.

    Hope is not lost.

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  28. Corvo 3 years ago

    SKYFALL in, THE MASTER out. PGA just lost its reliability.

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  29. PaulH 3 years ago

    Despicable. Skyfall? Are you fucking kidding me? A JAMES BOND MOVIE? Over The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises?

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  30. Paddy Mulholland 3 years ago

    phantom, EIGHT locks for Best Picture? I know there were nine last year, and this year appears much stronger, but with the current system, it’s risky thinking to consider a whole eight films as locks.

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  31. Paddy Mulholland 3 years ago

    Lol at PaulH. Most people are flipping out at Skyfall over The Master. He’s flipping out at Skyfall over The Avengers.

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  32. Paddy Mulholland 3 years ago

    Reliability, Corvo? Not once since the PGA expanded its slate to five nominees a year has it matched the Academy’s choices. They’re reliable up to a point. This could be the first year in which all of the Academy’s Best Picture nominees are on the PGA’s list.

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  33. Antoinette 3 years ago

    If I were Joss Whedon, Peter Jackson, and Christopher Nolan I’d leave the PGA arm in arm in arm ala Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man. lol

    But that’s why I have no money.

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  34. Fabinho Flapp 3 years ago

    The Master and Perks out and people kidding about TDKR and The Avengers…
    Oh please…

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  35. Jack Traven II 3 years ago

    I bet The Hobbit will sneak into Oscars’ lineup (instead of, maybe, Skyfall).

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  36. PaulH 3 years ago

    The Master didn’t even earn back half of its budget ($35-40 million). The Avengers earned back 7x theirs worldwide. Isn’t the PGA award supposed to be partly a semi-honoring of financial success. Guess not, because Beasts of the Southern Wild, another boxoffice nuke job, is on that list.


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  37. phantom 3 years ago


    I know, right ? Still which one of those 8 would you consider NOT a lock ? All have remarkably unblemished BP track records (PGA-GG-BFCA trio) and 4 even pulled off the SAG Ensemble. I know precursors aren’t that important this year because of the early deadline, but all the love these 8 have been receiving definitely indicates VERY strong industry support.

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  38. Robert A. 3 years ago

    I consider a list good and having done its job if it upsets PaulH.

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  39. unlikely hood 3 years ago

    phantom – paddy is right to question you. Moonrise is nowhere near a lock. the omission of either Pi or Django wouldn’t be entirely shocking, though they are still fine bets. the other 5 are locks.

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  40. brendon 3 years ago

    Take out Skyfall and there’s your Best Picture nominee list.

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  41. PJ 3 years ago

    Agreed with your list phantom though I still would hedge bets on Moonrise Kingdom.

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  42. Fabinho Flapp 3 years ago

    “Isn’t the PGA award supposed to be partly a semi-honoring of financial success.”

    No, it’s not.
    It sould’d be!!!!!!!!

    I’m really sick about all this.
    The Master will be IN.
    For a while GO, ARGO, GO!

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  43. Tero Heikkinen 3 years ago

    PaulH, The Master has not opened in many countries yet, but it’s gonna be hard to get its budget back, I agree.

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  44. Paddy Mulholland 3 years ago

    Locks (although I hesitate to call anything a lock in the Oscar race):

    Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty, Argo, Silver Linings Playbook

    Life of Pi, Les Mis, Django very close behind

    Moonrise Kingdom could miss.

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  45. Fabinho Flapp 3 years ago

    *It shouldn’t be!!!

    I’m REALLY sick!

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  46. Yogsss 3 years ago

    Skyfall and Life of Pi. Yep, PGA got it right! 😀

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  47. Jerry Grant 3 years ago

    Agreed with Paddy. BP Oscar noms:

    Django Unchained
    Life of Pi
    Les Miserables
    Silver Linings Playbook
    Zero Dark Thirty

    “Moonrise” could easily miss out, and “Beasts” could easily get in instead, or in addition.

    In any case, it’s a very very strong list IMO!

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  48. Paddy Mulholland 3 years ago

    PaulH, you criticise The Master for not making back its budget, then call Beasts of the Southern Wild a ‘box office nuke job’ despite the fact that it made back its budget almost eightfold internationally?

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  49. Chris138 3 years ago

    If there was any chance for The Dark Knight Rises to get recognition from one of the major guilds, this would have been it. Oh well.

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  50. Logan 3 years ago

    Was AMOUR eligible, anybody know?

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  51. phantom 3 years ago


    Beasts of the Southern Wild cost 1.8M and made 11.2 in the US. It was hardly “another boxoffice nuke job”.

    Also, about the blockbusterThe Avengers and The Hunger Games were well-received for sure, but critics weren’t THAT into them, former has 69, latter 67 on MC…The Dark Knight Rises – that also didn’t make the cut – has a considerably better 78.

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  52. Simone 3 years ago

    I’m very impressed that Skyfall was nominated. It’s the first James Bond to be nominated for a PGA.

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  53. steve50 3 years ago

    Pretty much as expected, but overall a pretty good list. If it translates to the BP nods, well, we’ve seen worse.

    It would appear that five are solid (Lincoln, ZDT, Les Mis, Argo, and SLP). Pi is still alive looking good and should make it, I hope, and I think Moonrise Kingdom is stronger than we think.

    Beasts of the Southern Wild still has to cut a trail through it’s guild issues and will be neck-and-neck with The Master over that slot. I’d love to see The Master make it, but I don’t think it’s loved as much. PTA freaks them out, period. If there are 9 or 10 noms, yes to both, but if not, Beasts has the edge.

    I certainly don’t see Skyfall making it – if they want to bless a crowdpleaser, TDKR is far better and more worthy. If it does, somehow, make it in the BP race, that would be the designated “clunker” of the pack.

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  54. phantom 3 years ago

    I understand why you think Moonrise Kingdom might miss, but then again it is one of only 4 (!) movies that pulled off the PGA-GG-BFCA-SAG Ensemble nominations and when was the last time a movie with that quartet under its belt missed the Oscar BP-nod ?

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  55. Josh 3 years ago

    Interesting question…IF there were only five spots for Best Pic this year…what would they be? I assume everyone would have Lincoln, ZDT, and Argo in there. The final two spots though I would guess may have some debate. I really don’t know if Les Mis would make the cut…a la Dreamgirls.

    My five:

    Zero Dark Thirty
    Silver Linings Playbook
    Django Unchained

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  56. Paddy Mulholland 3 years ago

    But there are your telecast ratings, steve. If Skyfall can ride the wave of success it’s still on and receive major Academy recognition, people will tune in.

    Moonrise Kingdom is looking very strong, sure, it has been since it opened. I just don’t think it’s a lock. Not in such a busy year. It would have been a lock last year, like Midnight in Paris.

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  57. Corvo 3 years ago

    It’s not about financial success, it’s not about artistic achievement, it’s about pleasing the crowd. Consider Beasts: it’s not really a success but it looks soooo cute!

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  58. Paddy Mulholland 3 years ago

    phantom, Moonrise Kingdom is not up for the SAG Ensemble award.

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  59. Phat Tony 3 years ago

    I know it’s crazy, but I’m predicting Django to be totally snubbed in nominations, and for The Impossible and The Sessions to shock (almost) everyone by showing up in Best Picture. I’m probably wrong, but No Guts, No Glory…

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Oscar, show your good taste (i.e. MY taste) by snubbing those staggeringly overrated bits of mediocrity otherwise known as Skyfall and Moonrise Kingdom. You know it makes sense…

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  60. Zach 3 years ago

    Ugh, I predicted Skyfall…and no Dark Knight…but The Hobbit in place of Moonrise Kingdom. 9/10. I should have gone with the obvious (at least as I was smart enough to know TDKR wouldn’t be taking up the sole blockbuster slot).

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  61. SallyinChicago 3 years ago

    So happy to see the Shark Tank – the best show on TV on the list! American Idol & XF overlooked for reality? What a slap!
    As for the movies, glad they nom’d BOTSW, but either Lincoln or zero 30 are going to win.

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  62. Radich 3 years ago

    I don’t care, I love seeing Skyfall on the list. Although I would’ve loved to see TDKR also, one out of two of the blockbusters I was betting on, is still a good deal.

    Other than that, the usual suspects made it through. So to me no surprises there.

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  63. Erik Anderson 3 years ago

    Perfect predictions, woo hoo!

    THANK GOD Beasts got in here, it needed it.

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  64. kasper 3 years ago

    @PaulH: why is a James Bond movie not as worthy as comic-book adaptations? I’m not questioning your love for Avengers or Dark Knight Rises, I’m just curious why you think a James Bond movie shouldn’t crossover to award territory? Too low-brow? Too British?

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  65. phantom 3 years ago


    My bad, and you’re right, without the SAG Ensemble it is probably not a lock, although IMO it still exceeded expectations (PGA-GG-BFCA) and is a rather decent BP-contender.

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  66. Jack Traven II 3 years ago

    I mean I wouldn’t even wonder if Django were shut out – due to recent events.

    Therefore my current predictions for BP look as follows:

    Beasts of the Southern Wild
    The Hobbit
    Les Misérables
    Life of Pi
    Silver Linings Playbook
    Zero Dark Thirty

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  67. PJ 3 years ago

    The Hobbit has less then no chance of getting, sorry to burst your bubble.

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  68. Radich 3 years ago

    Glad too to see Mad Men getting a nomination after being snubbed by the GGs.

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  69. steve50 3 years ago

    Fingers crossed than Moonlight Kingdom is stronger than Skyfall, paddy.

    If anyone bothers to take a closer look at it, Skyfall, for all its success, great cast, etc, just didn’t have the fun the James Bond genre is known for. It could have been any old body as the title character, imo, which puts in it the above-standard action bin with the rest. Entertaining, yes. BP material, no.

    I have to say *puts on own tinfoil helmut* – if I hear that song one more time while driving, I swear I’ll nod out and drive into a fucking tree. Shirley Bassey on quaaludes.

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  70. Jack Traven II 3 years ago

    But why does The Hobbit have no chance? It’s currently reigning the BO. And the Academy loved LOTR.

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  71. Bryce Forestieri 3 years ago

    On the matter of the PGA’s usual lone “populist” pick this was my order of preference:

    The Dark Knight Rises>The Avengers>The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey>The Hunger Games>Skyfall

    Am I the only person who didn’t like SKYFALL(2/5)?

    In a perfect world it would have been Prometheus but it’s far too divisive to even be in the conversation.

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  72. Jim 3 years ago

    9 out of 10. I knew I should have gone with Beasts (which I loved) over Looper (which I also loved). But I correctly guessed that Skyfall (which I didn’t see) would get in over The Master (my fave of the year). It was all the movies I had mediocre feelings about that were more considerable locks! As. Per. Usual.

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  73. PJ 3 years ago

    Zero support from SAG,BFCA, or GG. Divisive reviews.

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  74. Uncle Jay 3 years ago

    You truly can’t rely on SAG this year, as “Django” wasn’t screened. And since it’s screening it’s been picking up steam. Hence why I feel it will get a Best Pic nod…

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  75. Chris 3 years ago

    Because, Jack Traven, The Hobbit has earned zero love (maybe a tech nod at the GG)so far. While audiences love it, critics have not. And it’s a busy year where a lot of other titles are getting the attention and reviews that The Hobbit was expected to.

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  76. JJ 3 years ago

    The Hobbit is The Phantom Menace redux. Take away the hype and it’s a bloated mess with a weak protagonist and a vague sense of impending doom that does not a riveting film make. Unlike the “Rings” films, expect a major dip in the box office of each successive entry.

    As for The Master, it’s now okay to admit that film was awful. Indulgent movie about awful people – and PTA didn’t even scratch the icky surface of the real story of L Ron creepy. What a copout That should have been his movie. Not the freakazoid glu sniffer Story he concocted. Epic fail. But he’ll always have Boogie Nights.

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  77. Antoinette 3 years ago


    If anyone bothers to take a closer look at it,

    they’ll realize that it rips off Home Alone. James Bond pulls a Kevin McAllister and booby traps his house.

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  78. Uncle Jay 3 years ago

    “I mean I wouldn’t even wonder if Django were shut out – due to recent events.”

    What recent events? Positive reviews? Solid box office? Leo gaining steam?

    Sorry pal…”Django” will not be shut out, it’s just about locked at this point (can’t use the SAG bit this time, SAG didn’t see it).

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  79. Paddy Mulholland 3 years ago

    As for The Master, it’s now okay to admit that film was awful.

    Was there an embargo? Surely it was always OK? I don’t agree – I loved The Master – but is there a reason you felt it wasn’t OK prior to these nominations?

    I’d say Moonrise Kingdom met my expectations, phantom. It wasn’t generating a lot of buzz prior to awards season, but of course it wasn’t, having opened in May. I don’t think I was alone in expecting it to hold up in the end, and pick up a fair few major nominations.

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  80. phantom 3 years ago

    Well, then it was probably just me who underestimated it. Anyway, nice to see it doing so well.

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  81. Jason Travis 3 years ago

    Django Unchained should and could be a Best Picture nominee- it’s my favorite film of 2012. As of now I see it getting in for-

    Best Picture
    Best Supporting Actor- Christoph Waltz
    Best Supporting Actor- Leonardo DiCaprio
    Best Original Screenplay
    Best Cinematography
    Best Sound
    Best Sound Editing
    Best Song

    Of course this could be my fanboyism talking- I know Waltz was LEAD and its obscure why he’s being singled out as supporting, but I can see the academy going for him and NOT Leo- even though Leo was the standout. As of now, both are in. Tarantino should be honored somewhere, and despite his controversial script- could ANYONE else have written this as boldly or fresh as he? Director race is crowded, so I say the academy honors him here.

    I think the academy will either love it a lot or completely shut it out.

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  82. Eoin Daly 3 years ago

    Curb Your Entusiasm aired no episodes in 2012 so how did it get a nomination. I’m so happy for Louie getting reconized almost everywhere which looks so good for it getting much more emmy nominations in June.

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  83. JJ 3 years ago

    iPhone thumb. Meant to write: is it now okay? Some people I know didn’t like the movie but some were hesitant to say so – clearly because of the pedigree. And no one wants to slag a bold and experimental film in the comic book movie era. But the experiment failed for some people. Like me. That’s all. I’m glad you liked it. I liked hot mess Prometheus. And Smashed. And some other things that haven’t been loved across the board. But it doesn’t matter what others like at the e/o day. It’s what we like.

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  84. Phat Tony 3 years ago

    @ Uncle Jay

    I believe the ‘recent events’ that Jack Traven II is referring to (which you seem to have either forgotten already or merely disregarded as irrelevant to Django’s Oscar chances, which may well be true at this point in time) is the senseless slaughter of school-children and a teacher by a man armed with a number of deadly guns.

    Come to think of it, TDKR will forever be associated with its own mass shooting…It hasn’t been one of history’s greatest years for the human race, has it, now?

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  85. Antoinette 3 years ago

    I believe the ‘recent events’ that Jack Traven II is referring to (which you seem to have either forgotten already or merely disregarded as irrelevant to Django’s Oscar chances, which may well be true at this point in time) is the senseless slaughter of school-children and a teacher by a man armed with a number of deadly guns.

    The only movie in which I remember seeing a child shot to death was LES MISERABLES.

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  86. PJ 3 years ago

    And what does the tragedy in Newton have anything to do with Django Unchained?

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  87. Tero Heikkinen 3 years ago

    Antoinette, you mean in 2012 or in general? Because there are plenty of films where they shoot children.

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  88. Lenny 3 years ago

    Thought The Dark Knight Rises would get some love here but it looks like they gave their blockbuster slot to Mr. Bond.

    No nod for The Master here either, definitely hurts its Best Picture chances.

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  89. Lenny 3 years ago

    Also curious to see now if Tarantino ends up supplanting an Ang Lee/David O. Russell/Tom Hooper for a DGA nod.

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  90. Phat Tony 3 years ago

    Beats me. I haven’t seen it. Just hazarding a guess that this was what Jack was referring to, based on early press reports which suggested (perhaps completely speciously and unfairly) that Django would be a victim of terrible timing – but I guess the shock and nausea has laregly worn off for those who weren’t actually there, whatever brief aversion to gun-violence-as-entertainment that the American public may have felt is now behind them, and it’s back to bloody business as usual.

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  91. DESMOND 3 years ago

    OT: President Obama’s Three Favorite Movies from 2012 : ‘Beast of the Southern Wild’, Life of Pi, Argo , NO LINCOLN !!!

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  92. Joey 3 years ago

    I think it’s funny that when something gets nominated out of the blue, people automatically make it a nominee. Nicole Kidman! Django! Skyfall! They’re getting in!!! No one knows what’s going to happen. This is a fantastically diverse year. Let’s just be thankful that the race is wide open (wider than normal) instead of trying to beat everyone.

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  93. Antoinette 3 years ago

    @Tero I meant of the movies in contention for Oscar this year since they were talking about Newtown influencing this Oscar race.

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  94. Pete Sanderson 3 years ago
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  95. Bryce Forestieri 3 years ago

    So why ya’ll think they announced early??
    The Academy must have gone all 9-1-1 on their ass calling “please help! these idiots are turning in their ballots with two titles under BP”

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  96. Bridgie James Rosenthal 3 years ago

    PGA Nominations:

    2. Beasts of the Southern Wild
    3. Django Unchained
    4. Les Miserables
    5. Life of Pi
    6. Lincoln – PREDICTED WINNER
    7. Moonrise Kingdom
    8. Silver Linings Playbook
    9. Skyfall
    10. Zero Dark Thirty – SECOND CHOICE

    (Arranged according to number of first place votes)

    1. Lincoln
    2. Zero Dark Thirty
    3. Silver Linings Playbook
    4. Les Miserables
    5. Life of Pi
    6. Argo
    7. Django Unchained
    8. Moonrise Kingdom

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  97. Curtis20 3 years ago

    Django is a s good as locked. 89 on rotten tomatoes, 80 on Metacritic and now becoming a big boxoffice hit. Hell the film will make more then les Mis in the U.S.

    As for the shooting that happend a few weeks ago. There was a kid in Les Mis that got shoot not Django so if anything Les Mis might miss because if that.

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  98. Reno 3 years ago

    Lincoln, Les Miserables, Life of Pi and Argo are on the list, I’m happy. Haven’t seen ZD30 yet.

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  99. Akumax 3 years ago

    5 out of 10 have the director among the producers.

    Life of Pi is not out of the game at all… I feel it will surprise a lot of people how good it will go from now on.

    I don’t think the Oscars will have 10 BP noms. I think Skyfall and Moonrise Kingdom will be left out but the other 8 will be the actual nominees with Amour.

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  100. Jerry 3 years ago

    So the PGA announced a day early? What a strange season this is turning out to be. Maybe they wanted to influence the remaining last minute AMPAS voters. A James Bond film comes one step closer to getting an Oscar nomination.

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  101. Lucas Prata 3 years ago

    Well, well, surprise, surprise.

    Didn’t expect Skyfall nor Moonrise Kingdom at all. I went for The Master (could totally have been) and a long shot at Middle of Nowhere.

    The other 8 were right, though.

    I’m predicting Lincoln to win, let’s just see how it turns out.

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  102. rufussondheim 3 years ago

    I really think it’s funny that people are calling 6, 7, 8 films a lock? Do people realize there is no guarantee that there will be more than 5? This system is far too new to be predicting exactly how many slots will be available.

    With that said.

    If there are only five slots available it’s likely the list will be

    1) Zero Dark Thirty
    2) Lincoln
    3) Les Miserables
    4) Argo
    5) Silver Linings Playbook.

    Of these only SLP is shaky, but I don’t think it’s shaky at all. I think these five are the clear top 5. I think they are so far ahead, each might pull at least 10% of the number one slots, not leaving much room for other films.

    Of the rest, two are standouts that take the 6 and 7 slots. They are

    6) Life of Pi
    7) Django Unchained

    At least one will probably make it, and maybe both. Again these two are clearly heads and tails above the next group.

    8) Moonrise Kingdom
    9) Beasts of the Southern Wild
    10) The Impossible
    11) The Sessions
    12) The Master
    13) The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

    After last year, I don’t think you can rule any of these out. A case could be made for each for being in the 8 slot (or 9 or 10) should the Academy go that far.

    I think Moonrise is the strongest of the bunch, it has a nice box office for a smaller film, it has a well-liked respected cast, and it’s critically successful.

    Beasts of the Southern Wild is well-loved and it could capture the same audience that nommed The Tree of Life. The same could be said for The Master, which was clearly a well-loved film by critics, it has strong acting and it will have been seen by a large segment of the population

    Best Exotic Marigold Hotel got that SAG nomination, it will likely do well with old people and English people, again, the box office was pretty good considering its intended audience.

    And that leaves with The Impossible and The Sessions. Both could easily grab that Extremely Loud spot in that they are emotionally effective. Both have surefire acting nominees at this point, so the Academy has probably seen them. It only takes 5% so if there is some organization within segments of the Academy to push for one, there could be a surprise.

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  103. Scottish Jellyfish 3 years ago

    Big ups to the Skyfall surprise. Well worth it. ZDT, Lincoln, and Argo currently hold the big two thus far. WGA and PGA. DGA is all that’s left. LES MIS IS TOAST.

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  104. Joao Mattos 3 years ago

    R.I.P. The Master.

    Still have the vibe that this gonna be an Oscar year with a split from BP and BD, don’t know why. But I feel that.

    About television: someday, somehow, “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” will be nominated for something. 8th Season was f…… awesome, with at least 5 masterfuls episodes in a just ten episodes season.

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  105. Scottish Jellyfish 3 years ago

    Disregard the Les Mis comment. F_ckin’ edits not working.

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  106. Linc4Jess 3 years ago

    Being a big time movie buff and one who loves movies I am always disappointed that a big tent pole picture as successful and artistic like “The Dark Knight Rises” doesn’t get nominated. Instead we get smaller films like “Moonrise” and “Beasts” nominated for best film. Don’t get me wrong. I liked both of these movies very much but then again maybe it is much harder to finance and bring to the screen a smaller project than a mammoth tent pole flick and then when the success and rewards financially and artistically is so good they just can’t refuse to give these kind of films recognition. So overall I am thinking the list is just about 99% of what my list looks like. Not that it matters…but just saying…

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  107. Linc4Jess 3 years ago

    R.I.P. The Master.

    AMEN. But Phoenix, Hoffman and Adams will get nominated. Pretty much count on it.

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  108. steve50 3 years ago

    Ahh! We’re very nearly identical in our call, rufus. Switch Django and Moonrise, and it’s the same.

    I agree – the big question is, how heavy will the percentages be for 1 through 5? They are sure bets because each has solid diehard supporters that will put them #1 on their ballots. There will be a #6 (Pi has that core as well, but perhaps slightly less so) and probably a #7, (Django?) but it will be lucky to make the list. Will there be room for an eighth?

    I don’t see the lightweight Best Exotic Marigold Hotel making it at all (haven’t met that many old English people who were crazy about it, frankly). The same crowd would likely rate The Impossible higher and surprise us (and might just push Watts and MacGregor into the spotlight at the same time.)

    Right now, I’d guess that Moonrise, Beasts and The Master seem destined to fight it out for that last spot. Really – I mean REALLY – scattered voting would allow for two or three of them to make it in, but the top five juggernaut has this thing by the balls. I’ll be relieved if #6 and #7 don’t get shaken off before it’s over.

    Best case scenario is if there is as much disagreement within AMPAS as there is here. The more the merrier.

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  109. Linc4Jess 3 years ago


    OK WITH ME. One less film “Lincoln” won’t have to compete with, but, heaven forbid, good old Gold Derby Tom O’Neil will be outraged.

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  110. JP 3 years ago

    The 5 presumed frontrunners are locks. Life of Pi and Django are virtual locks. The rest is about the number ones. I think Moonrise is in. It’s Scott Rudin’s only film this year and he has regularly put at least one of his films here in the past couple of years. I think Beasts has a enough fanbase to make it a nominee. Will there be a 10? Only if The Master, Amour or The Impossible achieve the 5%. It’s a matter of passion here. That’s why Marigold/Skyfall and obviously The Sessions won’t become BP nominees.

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  111. g 3 years ago

    Omg! I can’t believe it, a day early….yay Argo, beasts, life of pi, Django, Lincoln, Skyfall, moonrise, gatekeepers, searching 4 sugarman, downton abbey, game change, and Sherlock! Wow!

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  112. Danemychal 3 years ago

    I don’t get what people are thinking when they are surprised by TDKR missing all of the markers. It was VASTLY inferior to TDK. There are rarely any “make-up calls” in the Hollywood awards seasons. TDKR never had a chance.

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  113. InEden 3 years ago

    Damn. I just can’t believe all the buzz Django Unchained is getting. I think all the controversy could hurt it’s Oscar chances in the end, and I’m fine with that. I would honestly rather sit through the overwrought Les Miz for two and a half hours (at least it knows it’s overwrought) or something like The Paperboy (Lee Daniel’s tongue was always firmly in cheek.) Django is another of Tarantino’s excerises in self-important,grandiose shlock…pretentious shallowness that he wants us to take seriously. But that is true of much Oscar bait, i guess.

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  114. Tim H 3 years ago

    This is pretty much the list I was predicting. I’m a big Skyfall fan (best 007 opus since From Russia With Love) yet I don’t see it making the Oscar Top Ten, if AMPAS even goes to ten. If it does, I think The Master, Amour or possibly Marigold will take its place.

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  115. Linc4Jess 3 years ago

    I am glad to see the terrific film “Django Unchained”, a movie with cojones, in the ten best mix. Hopefully it gets into the OSCAR top eight films and why shouldn’t it. It has being described by some 130 plus film critics with adjectives like…..”powerful”, Mesmerizing, “humorous”, dazzling, “jokey”, sophisticated, “insensitive”, daring, “Scathing”, articulate, “gruesome”, gratuitous, “profane”, extravagant, “outrageous”, beautiful, “daffy”, stylish, “bold”, exciting, “bloody”, Grab an adjective. What is there not to like for the majority of us, anyway.

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  116. Chris 3 years ago


    Why are you shocked about all the buzz for Django. It one if the best reviewd films of the year and its about to pass Linciln and les as the highest boxoffice of the best pic nods. As for the shooting lets get real. The shooting did not stop Django from becoming a boxoffice hit and its not going to stop amps from loving because the film had nothing to do with the shooting. Django is getting buzz because it is yet another great film by Tarantino.

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  117. Sato 3 years ago

    Art Directors Guild announced their 2012 nominees…

    Django Unchained, Lincoln, Les Miserables, Skyfall, Argo, Life of Pi, Zero Dark Thirty are the films nominated with PGA nods…

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  118. PaulH 3 years ago

    Phantom: “Beasts of the Southern Wild cost 1.8M and made 11.2 in the US. It was hardly “another boxoffice nuke job”.

    Didn’t know that. At any rate, $623m >> $11.2m. If BOTSW failed at the boxoffice, only the filmmakers and their relatives are bummed about it. If The Avengers became John Carter II and flopped, careers would be ruined and hundreds of heads would roll.

    “Also, about the blockbuster The Avengers and The Hunger Games were well-received for sure, but critics weren’t THAT into them, former has 69, latter 67 on MC…The Dark Knight Rises – that also didn’t make the cut – has a considerably better 78.”

    I don’t recognize Metacritic; too narrow of focus.

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  119. Danemychal 3 years ago

    Art Directors snub Moonrise Kingdom and The Master, to name a couple.

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  120. Reno 3 years ago

    “jokey”, “insensitive”, “gruesome”, gratuitous, “profane”, “daffy”, “bloody”

    Not necessarily terms of approval are they?

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  121. PaulH 3 years ago

    Paddy: “But there are your telecast ratings, steve. If Skyfall can ride the wave of success it’s still on and receive major Academy recognition, people will tune in.”

    Skyfall is 49th all-time domestically; TDKR 7th, Avengers 3rd. At some point, the math has to be recognized, doesn’t it, in terms of how many people will tune in?

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  122. PaulH 3 years ago

    Art Directors Guild nominees:


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  123. JJ 3 years ago

    Sight unseen I thought ZD30 would win best pic and Ben Affleck would get the consolation prize of director to represent ARGO. Now that I’ve seen Zero Dark, which I think is inferior because the acting is too subtle and the writing too minimal (it’s kind of like Full Metal Jacket – but not that smart), I now think maybe Lincoln wins best pic and best actor and Affleck gets director to honor Argo (Spielberg has enough cash and prizes to last ten fucking lifetimes). Les Mis should be out except for the Hathaway consolation prize. SLP is an actor’s showcase but not really cinematic in that awards-y way. I hope it takes actress though – I’d rather see Lawrence win than Jessica “Disney Princess in Iraq” Chastain. (she and those red locks will win for something else another time – that is NOT a Jodie Foster/Clarice Starling level performance – so please stop comparing it to SOTL). Supporting actor may be DiCaprio because everyone is so enamored with the boy/man and it might be the one way to honor DJ. I hope Lincoln gets screenplay adapted. And I guess Django for original – although I found the writing in the Kill Bill films and Ingl. Basterds far superior. Editing to Zero Dark Thirty or Argo.

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  124. unlikely hood 3 years ago

    Ok, rufus and steve50 and I are all on the same page on BP. That’s an AD quorum. Well – hate to admit I’m closer to rufus if steve is really saying Moonrise over Django.

    I’m sure the four acting categories will have 1 or 2 major upsets (overall), but I think the Best Director category is where the action is. After Bigelow and the two beards, you really could make a case for any two men named Lee, Tarantino, Hooper, Russell, Anderson. Heck, even Haneke could sneak in. For my annual bet on nomination day (not on the eventual winners; not with anyone on this site), I’ll be doing what I always do, which is find the average of all the prognosticators. If anyone cares, I’ll post this later.

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  125. MoviePooch 3 years ago


    Django is about to pass Lincoln as the highest grossing of the Best Picture nominees? That’s news. Truth is it still has about $60 million to go (and counting) before that happens. Right now Django has about $67 million in the bank, and Lincoln has $137 million. Not exactly close at this point.

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  126. MoviePooch 3 years ago

    Correction. Django $77 million and Lincoln $137 million. Still a $60 million difference.

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  127. PaulH 3 years ago

    kasper: “@PaulH: why is a James Bond movie not as worthy as comic-book adaptations? I’m not questioning your love for Avengers or Dark Knight Rises, I’m just curious why you think a James Bond movie shouldn’t crossover to award territory? Too low-brow? Too British?”

    Ding ding ding; too low-brow. Too formulaic. It has great opening songs that should be nominated for original song, but never win. There’s a reason why Oscar has ignored Bond for the last 2 generations. And I fear the UK voting bloc in the Academy membership is going to be a bit too powerful this time around. I guess what I resent the most is that TDKR is being treated like the Washington Wizards of this award season.

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  128. Goodvibe61 3 years ago

    A few things I took from the noms:

    I love PTA. But not this time, the film simply doesn’t come completely together. I think it’s done, with the possible exception of an acting nom here or there.

    What does box office have to do with quality? Nothing, that’s what. This talk about The Avengers is pathetic. What’s next, the campaign to get Twilight nominated?

    I get the feeling that Life of Pi is fading. The movie, while visually breath taking, lacked the courage of its convictions to a certain extent, and it feels like support is on the wane.

    Django is picking up steam. It’s not eligible for the WGA, but outside of that the train is starting to roll down the hill, and it’s got it all going on. You just knew that once people started seeing it, the cowardly attempt to tie it to Sandy Hook would get exposed for the poorly conceived mess that really is. Ask anyone who walks out of the film it generated thoughts of the tragedy. What you’ll get is a bunch of puzzled looks and blank stares. It just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. The QT haters will have to go back to the old, “it’s meta, it doesn’t mean anything” lazy film theory to try and stall it out. Good luck with that; it’s going to be in the conversation for sure.

    Lincoln is quietly going about its business. It’s on track. So is Argo. And ZD30. The field is starting to feel set.

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  129. Antoinette 3 years ago

    Despite everything I’ve said about any movie and/or performance previously, the worst possible thing that could happen this year is if the math worked out that only 5 movies got the Best Picture nod. I will definitely cry. I wanted ten nominees for years before it happened. Then was superworried when they changed the formula last year, but 9 was okay. But last year wasn’t that great.

    If only five get nommed in a year when I could pick probably twenty, I’ll have to just lie down in the snow. :(

    @Zach If even Morgan Spurlock is having problems with the voting we could be in for a bumpy nomination morning. *fastens seatbelt*

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  130. Linc4Jess 3 years ago

    @reno….states…..“jokey”, “insensitive”, “gruesome”, gratuitous, “profane”, “daffy”, “bloody”
    Not necessarily terms of approval are they?

    Evidently you haven’t seen the film because if you had you would know those terms are its badge of merit and by the way those terms were taken from positive reviews and used to describe the film in a positive way. He he he….

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  131. Linc4Jess 3 years ago


    Projections are that these two film “Django U” and “Lincoln” will continue doing well past the OSCAR nominations and they are not projecting the final tally although they are saying “Django U” will go past $130m and “Lincoln”……could go on and on ….and…

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  132. Ryan Adams 3 years ago

    “jokey”, “insensitive”, “gruesome”, gratuitous, “profane”, “daffy”, “bloody”
    Not necessarily terms of approval are they?

    Nope, you’re right, Reno. I’ve used almost all those word to explain why I think Django is a mess.

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  133. Linc4Jess 3 years ago

    @Ryan Adams…Nope, you’re right, Reno. I’ve used almost all those word to explain why I think Django is a mess.

    Well, come to think of it I probably could use many of these adjectives to describe “Les Miserables” dopey, bloody, gratuitious, gruesome…jokey…etc… that a mess although an enjoyable mess.

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  134. Antoinette 3 years ago

    I’ve used almost all those word to explain why I think Django is a mess.

    Where? I want to see. And where is your list?

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  135. Linc4Jess 3 years ago

    “, the worst possible thing that could happen this year is if the math worked out that only 5 movies got the Best Picture nod.”

    From what I read is that the Producers Guild votes similar to how the Academy votes so I would think there will be 8-10 pics chosen this year. My list is similar to the PGA except I changed my original list when I saw “Django” and added it to my list. I still have ZDT to see. I really like the film “Bernie” and would choose it over “Silver lining Playbook”.

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  136. Ryan Adams 3 years ago

    – I’ve used almost all those word to explain why I think Django is a mess.
    – Where? I want to see. And where is your list?

    In private emails with friends who are not going pile on and give me hell for weeks.

    I only mention it now because I don’t like see Reno hung out to dry with nobody letting him know that not everybody is in the tank for Django.

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  137. Ryan Adams 3 years ago

    Antoinette, I’ll run my list when Sasha, me, Craig, and Brian all post our Top 10 lists together in a day or two.

    I’m not a Django fan. But there’s no point making a big deal about it. Django is in my Top 25. Just not my Top 10, that’s all. No reason to bash it (I get no kick out of not liking a movie that many other people enjoy). But no reason to pretend I’m wild about it either.

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  138. Bryan 3 years ago

    After a week and half Django is at 78 million. By Friday it should be around 91 million. It’s already starting to out pace Les Mis with it only being 2.5 million behind it and its predicted to make another 20 million this weekend. That will put its total around 110 million in two weeks. My guess is this follows True Grit’s run to make around 150-160 total. I don’t see Lincoln making that much so Django very well could be the highest grosser and that would be outstanding for a 3-hour R-rated Western. Nothing is set in stone but Django’s boxoffice has been nothing short of outstanding. The film has been doing nothing but picking up buzz since reviews started coming out.

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  139. Bryan 3 years ago

    So auto correct messed my last message up but you get what I am saying.

    [wow. autocorrect run rampant, but everything is fixed. — Ryan]

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  140. Antoinette 3 years ago

    I think maybe some people waited to find out if they should go because they’re just familiar with Tarantino’s movies and are a little skittish about the language and violence. So I think the word of mouth is that it’s somewhat appropriate this time.

    And the other thing is that the cast and QT himself are actually really well-liked. You have people like SLJ and Jonah Hill who are universally liked and others like Don Johnson and James Remar who are a tandem with a lot of long term fans from back in the day. (They had a Miami Vice episode where they played BFFs if you don’t remember.) And then there’s the Christoph Waltz factor. Me and my Old Ma ended up seeing it separately. She went on her 78th birthday. When I asked her about the movie I was expecting something about the violence or language but the first words out of her mouth were “That Christoph Waltz is soooooooo cute. You just want to take him home. He’s such a cute little puppy dog.” XD I was not expecting that at all. But yeah. She liked it and kept talking about it for a few days and she’s not a talker. I think this is going to be more popular with normal folks than any of QT’s other movies and it seems to leave a lasting impression.

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  141. Fabinho Flapp 3 years ago

    João Marcelo, The Master IS ALIVE!!!
    Believe in me.

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  142. Bryan 3 years ago


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  143. Sarah 3 years ago

    Am I the only one who is shocked that Django U looks to out gross Les Mis. It’s only 2 million behind it and it gaining on it each day. I did not think people would connect with the film the way they are doing. All the talk was how huge Les Mis was you going to be but Django is just as big.

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  144. JJ bay 3 years ago


    No you are not alone. I thought Django would be this years TGWDT in terms of box-office and Oscars but it looking more so like this years True Grit. I am shocked that this Hard R western is neck and neck with the so called must see musical event of all time.

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  145. MoviePooch 3 years ago

    You don’t see Lincoln making $150 – $160 Million? It’s already at $137 million and it averaged about $2.3 million per day from Christmas through New Years Day. It’s still doing healthy box office without any Globe wins, Academy noms, etc. yet to be announced. That will likely give it a second wind and a renewed, awards-focused marketing push. I see it making that amount fairly easily. Not to mention its currently on over 1000 fewer screens than Django. Look what happened to the recent Twilight sequel… it made a ton of money up front and then fell into oblivion. I see Django performing more like Inglourious Basterds, which ended up around $120 million after racking up $77 million in its first couple of weeks, (and it wasn’t even released during a holiday period).

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  146. Ryan Adams 3 years ago

    In fairness, Django and Lincoln will both benefit from a boost of momentum from Globes and Oscar noms as their visibility continues to be in the spotlight this month.

    Primed to land right in the middle of all this, spreading out into theaters during their hottest spurt of awards honors are ZDT and SLP.

    Distributors have done an impressive job of positioning their ponies this year. Even Beasts and Kingdom have made the most of their slow but steady head starts.

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  147. SeattleMoviegoer 3 years ago

    i’ve been leery of the PGA ever since they voted MOULIN ROUGE their best picture of the year.
    and as far as grosses go in this chat, LES MIZ will probably have longer legs than you all think. a musical attracts a different audience than an R rated blood bath. DJANGO will burn out probably faster than anticipated. on monday 12/31 LES MIZ bested DJANGO and went back to #2. remember, it’s on fewer screens. and HOBBIT rules mainly because it’s on approx 1,200 more screens than either DJANGO or LES MIZ.

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  148. Reno 3 years ago

    @Linc4Jess: I’ve seen Django, I’ve already commented on it (rather negative) several threads ago. I think Pulp Fiction is the best film from the 90s and I also really liked Jackie Brown. As for the rest of Tarantino’s films, Django included, I do find them amusing and thoroughly enjoyable, but, yeah, quite messy.

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  149. Tero Heikkinen 3 years ago

    “My guess is this follows True Grit’s run to make around 150-160 total. I don’t see Lincoln making that much so Django very well could be the highest grosser…”

    Bryan, yes, Box office is so hard to predict. But Lincoln could even PASS True Grit’s 171M.

    Not so long ago people said that Lincoln will definitely make around 120M when all is said and done, then, two weeks later people expected it to make even 130M. Now, it will be at 140M even BEFORE the Oscar nominations (!!!), because it’s still making 1-2M per day after 50 or so days. Then, being the MOST nominated film could add another 10-20M, and more if it wins. We are now looking at a total of something like… at least 160M and up to 200M (who knows how far this will go). That’s crazy for a film like this.

    I mean, this fucker has serious legs.

    Also, who knew that Django Unchained would be the one to rival Lincoln and not Les Mis? First and foremost, because they both kind of still are.

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  150. Tero Heikkinen 3 years ago

    Another example of how hard BO is to predict, even in titles where it should be easy. If someone had asked me last Summer that which one, Skyfall or The Hobbit will win at Worldwide BO, I would’ve said that this is a no-brainer. It was not that obvious. As of today, almost three weeks after its premiere everywhere in the world, The Hobbit STILL has to make 300M to get to Skyfall.

    Reviews do matter.

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  151. Doddi Jonsson 3 years ago

    The Hobbit and The Dark Knight Rises should have made the list. Personally, I am shocked that neither of them got nominated. Really? Production wise, they are top notch. Moonrise Kingdom and Zero Dark Thirty … ? Yikes. I’m losing faith more and more each year in the award seasons. This anti-fantasy theme going on … shame on PGA!

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  152. Zach M. 3 years ago

    Guys, TDKR, while a fine film, is vastly inferior to TDK. If any of Nolan’s Batman films were going to get a PGA nod, it was TDK (which it did, thankfully). And for my money, I enjoyed the fuck out of Skyfall, more than TDKR and The Avengers, and it’s probably my favorite film this year. I’m very happy to see it nominated.

    And to those complaining Skyfall ripped off Home Alone, I’m gonna go ahead and assume you’re not familiar with Peckinpah’s Straw Dogs.

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  153. Tero Heikkinen 3 years ago

    “And to those complaining Skyfall ripped off Home Alone, I’m gonna go ahead and assume you’re not familiar with Peckinpah’s Straw Dogs.”

    Good one :)

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  154. Tonybiigood 3 years ago

    Skyfall in ? I think it’s not serious. But still Happy for Pi.

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  155. JJ bay 3 years ago


    What you forgot to add is that Django beat Les on Tuesday 9.3 to 7.6 and went back to number 2 and is likely to stay that way. You can not say a movie will burn out faster When it’s been holding better then les from day 1

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  156. Curtis86 3 years ago


    You really don’t follow boxoffice much do you. Django on 49% ahead of Bastards at this point. If its follow bastards from this point on that would put it on track to 160 million. Hell the film will be at 110 million by this Sunday. It will zoom past Bastards 120 by this time next week. Twilight is a very poor example because this movie is already holding 10 times better.

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  157. Curtis86 3 years ago

    Django has been following True Grits run to a T. With the outstanding word of mouth it’s getting it should get 160 at least. Outstanding indeed. In 8 days the films has made 78 million with many more to come. With all the great Buzz the film is getting plus boxoffice and great reviews from critics it looks like this will get a shit load Oscar nods.

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  158. Christophe 3 years ago

    ” When it’s been holding better then les from day 1″

    How is Django holding better than Les Mis? They’ve been going at it back and forth for over a week now. We already thought Les Mis was done last weekend when it fell to #3 and then it rose again to #2 on New Year’s Eve, before being taken over yet again by Django.

    To date, Les Mis is still ahead of Django by $3mil in overall cume. The truth is there’s just no way to know yet who’s gonna end up on top at the end of their runs. Most likely, they’ll both end up in a dead heat.

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  159. Hannity must Lie 3 years ago

    I think the thing with Django is nobody knew how it will turn out. Nobody knew that it would get rave reviews and be a boxoffice smash. Nobody knew that the buzz would be this high. People have been predicting Les Mis to win everything since day 1 and when reviews started coming things changed. People that Lincoln would be another War Horse. Boy were they wroung. The Master and SLP did pretty poor at the boxoffice causing them to lose buzz a little faster. Zero Dark Thirty has get to get started. I will say this. Django seems to be the story of Christmas. I mean the film is overperforming not only at the box-office. I don’t remember one person thinking it would make more the Les Mis in the long run let alone zoom past the 120 IB made.

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  160. JJ bay 3 years ago


    If you go to Boxofficemojo and look at the day to day drops and rise of both films you will see the Django is holding a lot better.
    Yes Les beat Django on New Year’s Eve but then Django had a massive 79% jump from 5.1 to 9.3 on Tuesday. Almost twice the percentage of any film in the top 10. As of right now Les is ahead 2.5 million. If Django keeps holding the way it is it will over take the movie by Sunday. At its most Les was ahead of Django by 5 million so for Django to come this close likely to overtake by the weekend you half to say its holding better. Hell the fact that they are neck and neck in the first place is amazing for a close to 3 hour hard R western around Christmas time. Many thought the film would be lucky to the 100 million mark.

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  161. The Great Dane 3 years ago

    The reason Skyfall got in over Dark Knight and Avengers is because of heat. It has the heat right now and all the record-breaking headlines. Dark Knight Rises and Avengers are suffering the same doom that came over Harry Potter 7B and Star Trek. They are old news. If a big popcorn film wants to get into the Best Picture race these days, it HAS to be a late-year-release. It’s a legitimate and the best explanation. It IS a pattern.
    Skyfall also has the entire Brit sector of the Academy behind it. All they have is Marigold, Les Miz and Skyfall. We should not underestimate Skyfall. If Casino Royale could get 9 BAFTA nominations, including Best Actor for Craig, there’s no reason to think Skyfall isn’t a big Best Picture contender for Best Picture. It looks like Bourne Ultimatum all over again (just even bigger), which could have been a serious Best Picture nomination contender, had there not been only 5 slots back then. I know The Brits failed to push Tinker Tailor into Best Picture, but they did get Oldman in, and unlike TTSS, Skyfall seems almost too big to ignore by now. Almost.

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  162. The Great Dane 3 years ago

    “there’s no reason to think Skyfall isn’t a big Best Picture contender for Best Picture”

    I meant: there’s no reason to think Skyfall isn’t a big nomination contender for Best Picture

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  163. The Great Dane 3 years ago

    Skyfall only needs about 200 Brits to put it at number 1 on their ballot – that’s about all it needs to get a Best Picture nomination. Does that really sound so unlikely to happen? The biggest film in the UK EVER, bigger than Avatar (and Skyfall couldn’t even charge 3D prices) – and it’s one of the best reviewed popcorn action flicks since … what, The Dark Knight? I will be surprised if it ISN’T nominated at this point.

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  164. Christophe 3 years ago

    thx for your thought-provoking analysis!
    It’s funny to see how small indies like beasts and moonrise are still in the race 7 mths after being released while avengers, dark knight and hunger games have long been forgotten. It questions the common wisdom that Oscar movies should be released at the end of the year and blockbusters during summer. Methinks things aren’t so clear cut and distributors should be bolder and release both blockbusters and Oscar movies all-year long.

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  165. Daveylo 3 years ago

    “I get the feeling that Life of Pi is fading. The movie, while visually breath taking, lacked the courage of its convictions to a certain extent, and it feels like support is on the wane.”

    No evidence of this whatsover. The film has been nominated by everyone except SAG.

    And it’s done gangbusters overseas and will most likely hit $100 million once the Oscar nominations are announced.

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  166. SallyinChicago 3 years ago

    I know it’s crazy, but I’m predicting Django to be totally snubbed in nominations, and for The Impossible and The Sessions to shock (almost) everyone by showing up in Best Picture. I’m probably wrong, but No Guts, No Glory…
    ^^ I can go along with this.

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  167. Nik 3 years ago

    Skyfall over Dark Knight. The producer’s guild got it right!!! Thankfully. Over time I have a feeling Moonrise Kingdom will be considered the weak link of the nominees, but of the eligible films the field looks quite reasonable. I think The Master deserved to be there, but I totally understand why some dislike it. The fanboy inside me would also have put The Avengers on the list, but I get its absence.
    TDKR is absolutely decent, but nowhere near Nolan’s previous peaks, and nowhere near the 2012 top 10. The Dark Knight was snubbed. Inception deserved its spot. Rises… Well…

    As for Skyfall. Only Spielberg and Bigelow (maybe to som extent Lee and Affleck) made hands down more impressive films last year. And some have a fair case for Les Miz. I’d rate it third overall for ’12, but I could see an argument for it being sixth or seventh. Certainly above any other genre blockbuster, and not just because of timing as some suggest. Simply because it’s vastly superior in craft, content and storytelling.

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  168. John 3 years ago

    I see 8 right now.

    Les Miserables
    Silver linings
    Life of Pi
    Moonrise (with its strong showing in the awads season, reviews, ,box office)
    Django … But …

    Funny enough, Django makes complete sense, and yet, I get a Dragon Tattoo miss vibe. Too violent? Arrived too late?

    Anyone get that vibe too?

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  169. Des Brown 3 years ago

    Nothing for the The Master. I doubt now it will get a Best Picture nomination. So little love this awards season for The Hobbit, especially surprising when you consider all three Lord of the Rings films earned a Best Picture Oscar nomination. Surprised to see Skyfall on the list. Will it make the Oscar list next week? Don’t know. Really hope it does.

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  170. Julia 3 years ago

    I just can’t go with Skyfall. The movie didn’t work for me at all, but that was mainly because of my problems with it as a Bond movie than as a movie itself. Yes, I’d prefer to see The Hobbit or TDKR here, but truth be told, I never got behind any of this year’s huge blockbusters.

    I really wish I understood PGA’s criteria. Does it have to make a lot of money? And if it doesn’t, what makes them vote for a movie, like when THL beat Avatar?

    In another note, have you guys seen the latest GG promos?

    I’d totally pay to see DDL process for an Avatar movie, btw.

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  171. steve50 3 years ago

    “Django seems to be the story of Christmas. ”

    I thought the plot was a bit familiar. That Tarantino guy will borrow anything, it seems.

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  172. steve50 3 years ago

    “Anyone get that vibe too?”

    Yes – I get exactly the same vibe, John. It would be probably the most violent film ever to receive a best pic nom (plus the highest use of the “n” word), and I don’t think this demographic that is the AMPAS voting block will embrace it.

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  173. Phat Tony 3 years ago

    @ SallyinChicago

    I’m glad to know we’re thinking the same way!

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  174. PaulH 3 years ago

    That’s just hilarious, Great Dane, because I thought the Oscar schedule was for all 12 months. Then it’s time for the American lobby to say to the Brits, fuck you, you’re not going to get your way this time.

    More later…

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  175. Pierre de Plume 3 years ago

    The producer’s guild criteria are a unique blend of art and commerce — Skyfall certainly falls well within that category, as do all the others on this list.

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  176. The Great Dane 3 years ago

    Jesus, what’s up with the attitudes in here? You just can’t single peaceful thought without getting mud thrown in your face. What is this, high school?!

    Yes, I know the voters can vote on every single film from January to December, but people who think a good film has enough of an Oscar chance as a January release and as a November release doesn’t understand how the Oscar game is and how voters’ minds and memory work. In my PEACEFUL opinion.

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  177. rufussondheim 3 years ago

    I expect Django Unchained to do well with the young, urban, hipster segment of the Academy.

    Zero Dark Thirty is opening locally tomorrow! At least in one suburban theater. Hooray.

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  178. Rod 3 years ago

    I really dont understand if so many critics don´t like Les Miserables,why this movie appears in the 10 Best List Films list of so many critics.
    Theres is a “connection” between studios and critics?

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  179. Pi 3 years ago

    argh how I want SF to be nominated & kick the haters’ butts! & yay no TDRK!!!

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  180. Ryan Adams 3 years ago

    if so many critics don´t like Les Miserables,why this movie appears in the 10 Best List Films list of so many critics.

    Rod, Check to see where Les Miserables lands on this ranked list of 33 films that have shown up on Top 10 Lists.

    Where’s Waldo.

    (Hint: Skip to the bottom)

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  181. Ryan Adams 3 years ago

    “I really wish I understood PGA’s criteria. Does it have to make a lot of money? And if it doesn’t, what makes them vote for a movie, like when THL beat Avatar?”

    Julia, you’re on the right track. Follow the money.

    But. A PGA nomination is necessarily dependent on making a lot money. However, it scares a producer’s panties off if a movie loses very much money.

    Beasts of the Southern Wild’s gross of $12M might look paltry — but it cost less than $2 to make.

    Likewise we’re always hearing the falsehood that The Hurt Locker was a bomb (heh-heh) but it broke even with its US earning alone — so all the $50M+ it earned and will keep earning after that is just gravy.

    On the other hand, doesn’t matter to the producers whether The Master is a work of genius or not. They have no respect for the incredible gift to cinema culture Megan Ellison helped enable. Because all they see is that it lost money. (never mind that every filmmaker actually involved with actually helping create The Master got richer and richer).

    So, short answer:
    Q: PGA criteria?
    A: Turn a profit.

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  182. David Lindsey 3 years ago

    The most violent film to get a best picture nom, Steve50? Have you seen A CLOCKWORK ORANGE?

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  183. Ryan Adams 3 years ago

    sorry, there’s no way A Clockwork Orange is more violent than Django.

    And do you not see any distinction between a movie that castigates violence and a movie that wallows in violence?

    Do you think A Clockwork Orange celebrated violence in a way that made 1971 audiences laugh hysterically and cheer with a sickening bloodlust glee? Because that’s how the audience around me reacted to the slaughters in Django.

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  184. desmond 3 years ago

    except skyfall 1 billion worldwide boxoffice figure , ‘life of pi ‘ is the highest among them (3 billion) .

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  185. Ryan Adams 3 years ago

    The only movie in which I remember seeing a child shot to death was LES MISERABLES.

    Shoot thousands of bullets into as many people as you want. Just so long as the victims are all over 18, nobody will ever think it looks cool.

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  186. Doddi 3 years ago

    Why not The Hobbit????????

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  187. Jesse Crall 3 years ago

    I saw Django in a huge theatre with about 200 people and FWIW, the only laughs gleaned from violence involved the (plentiful) deaths of racist shitkickers. I saw Clockwork at the Academy Theatre a few years back and I don’t remember when laughs happened but the crowd was pretty rollicking throughout. Clockwork’s the better film, totally, but both Kubrick and Tarantino did a hell of a job finding twisted laughs ie The Bag Scene in Django or Alex caning his fellow droog in the stones.

    Although when DiCaprio does his “WHERE IS MY BEAUTIFULLLL SISTERRRR??!!” bit, I laughed my ass off amidst stone silence. I guess comedy derived from exuberant displays of incest is still ahead of its time :(

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  188. SallyinChicago 3 years ago

    Funny enough, Django makes complete sense, and yet, I get a Dragon Tattoo miss vibe. Too violent? Arrived too late?

    Anyone get that vibe too?

    ^^ I go along with this.

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  189. Goodvibe61 3 years ago

    The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo did $102 Million during its entire North American run. Django is going to reach 100 million in its first 12 days.

    So, not only do I NOT get a Dragon Tattoo vibe for Django; I don’t see the correlation in any way whatsoever. True Grit seems the more likely similarity, huge box office success that confirms Tarantino’s popularity with movie lovers, AND a large number of Oscar Nominations, validating his artistic viability.

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  190. w.j. 3 years ago

    Skyfall deserves to be on that list far more than Les Miserables!!

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  191. Linc4jess 3 years ago

    laugh hysterically and cheer with a sickening bloodlust glee? Because that’s how the audience around me reacted to the slaughters in Django.”

    Oh, for goodness sake. Get a grip. I bet more people walked out of “The Master” with it lurid sordid script of senseless sexual exhibitionism or “Holy Motors” than they did viewing “Django”. I suppose the stroke of genius in “The Master” didn’t work for them but the bloodletting did. LOL. I suppose it is a choice of blatant graphic sex vs violence. Which repels you the most when presented in films. I guess if I had the time I could discuss this issue for hours. By the way, I don’t think there are any bad lists when it comes to people jotting down what films they think are the best. When it comes to film list I don’t demean any list. Its only when people try to put my choices down, with nonsensical thinking because they didn’t like them, when I get a little peed. People list what they think they liked the best. As for the top ten I list the films I think will win the OSCARS but there are a lot of other films I enjoyed personally and almost as much as what I would list as my top ten. “Lincoln” and “Django” I like the best thus far. I also could very easily list “End of Watch”, “The Savages”, “Looper”, and “The Raid:redemption”, oh but heaven forbid, those films were violent too. Darn. And yes I laughed through most of “Django” because there were a lot of scenes that were comical and downright funny. I suppose the standing ovation and gleeful cheering at the end of “Django” is because America is sickening and blood lustful instead of because all those bad guys who did bad things got their dues and the overall film is a work of genius filmmaker of who many say is without equal. I suppose there were no cheering at the end of “The Master” cause there was no one left by the end of this film. I also love “The Wild Bunch”. Now that a bloody good film. BTW, aren’t all the bad guys suppose to end up dead or imprisoned in films according to the MPAA rules. Oh, well, sometimes I don’t even know why I go on these rants.

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  192. Linc4jess 3 years ago

    sorry, there’s no way A Clockwork Orange is more violent than Django.

    NO. but it the film “Clockwork Orange” had more graphic sex that was just as violent.

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  193. Ryan Adams 3 years ago

    Oh, well, sometimes I don’t even know why I go on these rants.

    s’ok. just keeping ranting till you say something on which we can all agree:

    I also love “The Wild Bunch”. Now that a bloody good film.

    Although rating Django on a scale of The Wild Bunch to A Clockwork Orange would be more useful if Django were anywhere near that scale.

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  194. Ryan Adams 3 years ago

    “End of Watch”, “The Savages”, “Looper”, and “The Raid:redemption”, oh but heaven forbid, those films were violent too.

    Add Killing Them Softly and we have fantastic collection of actual grown-up slants on violence.

    Funnily enough, I thought most of those movies were far better than Django and most of them are among my personal Top 20 this year. Because I’m not bothered by violence unless it’s depicted as an absurd comical orgy.

    The Itchy & Scratchy Show has a more mature attitude about violence than the last 45 minutes of Django.

    But go ahead and pretend that you know exactly what’s wrong with me if you need a simplistic way to dismiss my opinion.

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  195. Jesse Crall 3 years ago

    “The Itchy & Scratchy Show has a more mature attitude about violence than the last 45 minutes of Django.”

    I DO agree that the last 45 minutes of Django sucked. The hip-hop scored carnage was as douchey as an Entourage episode and until Foxx and Jackson meet up in the very end I was disappointed. I can’t ignore how great the 1st 3/4ths are, though.

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  196. Greg Y 3 years ago

    Was with you, Ryan, all the way up till the point where you mentioned The Raid as an example of a movie which treated violence with maturity.

    That film sickened me. It was awful. It was…like something out of a video game – the paper-thin plot an excuse to have people fight in as many ways as possible and have blood pour in as many different directions as the budget would allow. Just a silly movie altogether and not sure why it’s received so much acclaim.

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  197. Ryan Adams 3 years ago

    I can’t ignore how great the 1st 3/4ths are, though.

    the hugely entertaining first 1/3 — and Christophe Waltz all the way through — are the reasons why Django still squeaked into my top 25.

    (we differ a little on which fractions we liked, Jesse. Someday I’ll have to see it again and look for things other people are finding to love about Django — but, in my memory, the dinner table scene at Candyland lasted about 90 minutes, right?)

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  198. Ryan Adams 3 years ago

    Greg Y — ok, if I can, let me try to win you back: The Raid isn’t anywhere near my first 4 dozen favorite films of 2012. But at least the over-the-top violence had a grim sense of palpable consequence. When people in The Raid bled it didn’t burst from their bodies like silly water balloons full of goop.

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  199. Jesse Crall 3 years ago

    “but, in my memory, the dinner table scene at Candyland lasted about 90 minutes, right?”

    Damn close but I loved every minute of it. I’m a fan of creepy, unsettling moments in movies, though. SLJ as the rare whip-smart toadie lurking in the background of Leo’s polished lunacy created such a sense of unease that the eventual parade of blood in the conclusion felt like a letdown. The scene was almost as well-writted (and certainly as well-acted) as the basement bar sequence in Basterds, but the result in the earlier film was more satisfying.

    And von Hammersmark was a much better character than von Shaft. If the 3rd act instead shifted focus to Kerry Washington and gave her something to do (or SAY) Django would have been brilliant. Instead, it’s a near-great thrill-ride that chipped my teeth a little in the end.

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  200. Ryan Adams 3 years ago

    I’m a fan of creepy, unsettling moments in movies, though. SLJ as the rare whip-smart toadie lurking in the background of Leo’s polished lunacy created such a sense of unease…

    I relish creepy unsettling moments too, but I was way too weirded out by seeing Samuel L Jackson in shoe-polish blackface.

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  201. Linc4jess 3 years ago


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  202. Linc4jess 3 years ago

    Oops. Actually , I am hopefully optimistic Tarantino winning the original screenplay award and possible could even get the best director award if this country wasn’t so fricking PC. “Django” is just such a marvelous film. Who knows “The Godfather” and “The Departed” won and just look at the accolades ‘Goodfellas” has received over the years. Yes, there is always a chance which exceptional filmmaking is at play.

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  203. Dante 3 years ago

    Looks like Django is was number 1 at the boxoffice yesterday and could be number this weekend with 20+. Should end passing Les Mis by Saturday.

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  204. rufussondheim 3 years ago

    Jesse and Ryan, wondering what you thought of Killer Joe, specifically with regards to the scene where Joe and Dottie have tuna casserole, and the scene at the end with the fried chicken (notice I tried to keep them spoiler free!) and, if you wish, how do you think they compare to Django Unchained?

    I just love those Killer Joe scenes and if that’s what Tracy Letts work feels like when it’s filmed, I have to say August Osage County might be a real treat. They were tense and exciting and perfectly played (although I think the Dottie character lost its way towards the end) and were some of the most tense and exciting scenes of the year. I thought the dialogue was perfect, theatrical yet realistic.

    Comparatively, Django looked poorly done. Sure it has the bigger stars and more opulant sets and costumes, but they lacked the tension, the urgency, in Killer Joe. And as for pure depravity, it doesn’t compare to Killer Joe, which was depraved in a completely sick but believable way.

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  205. Ryan Adams 3 years ago

    The rankings of my favorite films are still sliding around since I saw some of them so recently they haven’t settled in to claim permanent pedestals. But right now I have Killing Them Softly, End of Watch and Killer Joe circling each other in a tense standoff in the low tweens, 13th, 14th, 15th slots.

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  206. rufussondheim 3 years ago

    I really should have seen Killing Them Softly in the theater. But I couldn’t get anyone to go since they all heard it was awful. I need to find some non-troglodyte friends.

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  207. Ryan Adams 3 years ago

    Comparatively, Django looked poorly done. Sure it has the bigger stars and more opulant sets and costumes, but they lacked the tension, the urgency, in Killer Joe.

    The best Tarantino movies of 2012 were Killer Joe and Killing Them Softly. I tweeted that the day after I saw Django.

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  208. Jesse Crall 3 years ago

    @Rufus (and Ryan): In my top 10, I have Killing Them Softly at #3, Django at #6, and Killer Joe at #10, so all made a major impact when I saw them.

    Killer Joe is the most insular of the 3, being adapted from a stage play and maintaining a small cast. The focus isn’t political or historical like Killing Them Softly and Django. Letts and Friedkin took such a ballsy, “to hell with arcs and redemption” approach and produced a nasty little bit of excitement that didn’t make any epic attempts but nailed all the details of its character and their sleazy interaction. I took the movie pretty seriously, too. It was funny but I didn’t look at it as satire but instead a vivid exploration of how some people truly, unfortunately choose to operate.

    I love Django for the cast and bits of dialogue that I think Tarantino writes better than ANYONE. When he’s on (and in Django, he’s on more often than not) his brand of off-center entertainment enthralls me to a high degree. Killer Joe is more consistent all the way through, with a much better ending, though Django reached bigger heights in my mind. During the scene with Don Johnson, the opener in the darkness, and DiCaprio with his bloody hand, Django’s tension matches Killer Joe’s, although such precise filmmaking escaped Tarantino whereas Friedkin knew exactly how to end everything, with the right balance of humor (“I got him, Joe!”) and the fried chicken depravity Rufus mentions. And yeah, Gershon getting socked on the face was the sort of realistic bit of violence Tarantino eschewed, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.

    If Killing Them Softly went a LITTLE bigger with its story it would probably be my #1 this year. I have to give extra credit to Zero Dark 30 because Bigelow’s filmmaking is perfect for a full hour longer than Dominik’s.

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  209. Ryan Adams 3 years ago

    another fine incestuous mess you’ve gotten us into.

    and The Perks of Being a Wallflower is my #10
    is this, like, the cinemaphile equivalent of that thing when football fan buddies hug after a touchdown and then break off awkwardly? [averts eyes]

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  210. Bryce Forestieri 3 years ago

    Why only pussies like LES MIZ?

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  211. rufussondheim 3 years ago

    No incest here, sadly no one in my family is hot enough :(

    Thanks for the responses. I watched Killer Joe on Tuesday and saw Django yesterday, and I couldn’t help but compare the two. They cover a lot of the same territory, but yet are pretty different in style.

    Jesse describes Killer Joe as “a vivid exploration of how some people truly, unfortunately choose to operate.” and that’s what made it so interesting to me. There was nothing cartoonish about it, but yet it was so over the top. But that’s the way some people are. After the Emile Hirsch character lost the thousand bucks at the racetrack I wondered why the fuck he didn’t use that money to forestall the people who were threatening him. And then I realized “oh yeah, that’s why he’s in this mess.” It was interesting to see the world from a different perspective and so few films get that “criminal” perspective wrong. But everything in Killer Joe seemed right.

    A film I just watched now (really getting caught up on 2012) was A Kid With a Bike, and I have to say I just love the Dardennes brothers. This was only the second film of theirs I’ve seen (after The Son) and I love how they make no efforts at exposition, but yet it’s so easy to follow along. It’s extremely well written stuff.

    But what I like most about them is that there’s no foreshadowing either and their movies (at least the two I’ve seen) don’t follow any predictable path, yet everything that happens seems authentic and logical. And I love how they push their characters to their emotional limits.

    I really liked this film.

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  212. Chris138 3 years ago

    “It would be probably the most violent film ever to receive a best pic nom”

    Which would probably make the Academy look immensely hypocritical. At least, some of them. There was a quote from an anonymous Academy member after the screening for The Dark Knight Rises back in July who said that the AMPAS likes to award “movies with positive messages, like Milk or The Kids are All Right” and not the kind of negative, violent stuff that Hollywood churns out. Which is why The Departed and No Country For Old Men both won Best Picture back to back, because they “send positive messages” to audiences. Pass the barf bag. I can’t stand idiotic statements like that.

    Sorry to go on a rant, steve50. I just saw your comment and it brought me back to that quote, haha.

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  213. steve50 3 years ago

    It IS an idiotic quote, Chris138, and, you’re right, totally hypocritical. Weird that it was made at a screening of TDK, too, which ultimately has a pretty positive message.

    They love to project that image of themselves, which is why I made the comment – will they give Tarantino something they denied Peckinpah? Different voters, of course, but same room.

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  214. Andrew 3 years ago

    I loved Beasts, and it is in my top 3 of the year, but I must take exception to their ad which says, “the most awarded film of the year”.

    This is plainly false

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  215. Omar 3 years ago

    Honestly…I still think The Dark Knight Rises might get in at the Oscars.
    Skyfall will be nominated this year for best picture, 50th anniversay for the franchise, there will be a tribute to the 007 James Bond franchise at the Oscars this year. This is the perfect year for a 007 movie to be nominated, and Skyfall was fantastic. But honestly, TDKR was just as good. Something tells me one of the other movies will not make it, like Silver Linings Playbook or Life of Pi. I just have this gut feeling.
    But my money to win the oscar for best picture is Lincoln or Argo.

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  216. Jahanzeb 3 years ago

    Skyfall > Dark Knight Rises??????
    What a shame.

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