Day: February 8, 2013

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I’m really tired of this puffery regarding Connecticut being “tarnished” because they are shown voting no on the 13th amendment to abolish slavery (the whole “just in time for Oscar” October surprise against Lincoln). Here’s the thing to know about ...

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by Sasha Stone and Ryan Adams The USC Scripter will be held tomorrow night. You can watch the Scripter on the live feed.   It’s rare that I come across writing that turns my head, especially in the Oscar race ...

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I’ve heard twice now, from two separate reporters observing Ben Affleck “on the campaign trail” that  he “really wants to win this.” If Affleck ever decides to run for office, homey could be president.  He’s got it all.   Argo ...

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The rest, after the cut. THE ACADEMY AND GALLERY1988 PRESENT A NEW EXHIBITION “FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION” BEVERLY HILLS, CA – The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and Gallery1988 will present “For Your Consideration,” their first collaborative exhibition featuring ...

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I have been all that good at predicting the BAFTAs. They are like herding cats in many ways, unless they have aligned themselves with Oscar, which happens on occasion, and especially has been recently since Oscar pushed the date back. ...

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As part of the Bond tribute:

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No hottie with a heart of gold allowed!  Only men folk get to talk about the serious stuff.  It reminds me of a scene from House of Cards.

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Mercifully, this long and agonizing season is finally coming a close. If you’d like to print a ballot you can download one here. Final voting for the Oscars will officially open on Friday, February 8th at 8 a.m. PT and ...

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