Podcasting with Tom O’Neil

In case you aren’t sick of us by now, here is another podcast with Tom O’Neil where we sort sift through the ashes of this crazy year.  Head on over to Gold Derby.
Posted On 16 Feb 2013

Argo and Silver Linings win Ace Eddies, Les Mis and Brave take Cinema Audio Society awards

ACE Eddie Winners: ARGO, Best Edited Feature Drama, William Goldenberg SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, Best Edited Feature Comedy, Jay Cassidy, Crispin Struthers SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN, Best Edited Documentary, Malik Bendjelloul BRAVE, Best Edited Animated Feature, Nicholas C. Smith...
Posted On 16 Feb 2013

Sally Field channeled grief over mother’s death into Lincoln

Sally Field was featured on ABC Evening News tonight in a story that originally aired on Valentine’s Day. Sally Field has been a beloved part of American pop culture for nearly a half-century. At 66, she has as many Best Actress Academy Awards as Meryl Streep. Pretty good...
Posted On 16 Feb 2013

Lincoln, Spielberg and the Seeds of Time

“If you can look into the seeds of time, And say which grain will grow and which will not, Speak then to me.” Twice during Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, a collection of glass plate photographs are featured. Lincoln’s son, 10-year-old Tad, is preoccupied with...
Posted On 16 Feb 2013

Inocente, Buzkashi Boys, Curfew, Adam and Dog, Paperman – My Favorite Shorts

When the Oscar race starts to get me down as it does every year when it’s finalized and put to bed — for most it’s just another day, another contest, another Super Bowl. For me, it’s recorded history that I then sift through the following year to try to...
Posted On 16 Feb 2013

“Stanley Kubrick Never Won an Academy Award for Best Director”

Word. Stanley Kubrick never won an Academy Award for directing, but Meryl Streep never got the final rose on The Bachelor, either. I don’t know if it counts as a travesty if you’re not playing the game to begin with. Kubrick moved from Los Angeles to the English...
Posted On 16 Feb 2013

Documentary Feature: the important v/s the entertaining

By Brian Whisenant It has been a couple of years since I have written about the Documentary Feature category. Last year it was because I didn’t see “Undefeated” until the very morning of the Academy Awards. I can remember quite clearly coming down the escalator...