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Ang Lee on Nightline

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  1. Last night Tony Kushner and then Christoph Waltz were on Charlie Rose. I missed most of Kushner but saw Waltz. Can you post them?

  2. Best living director

  3. (at) 4:15,

    [I need to say this before anyone may secretly begin thinking ill of his father.] His father was not really that mean. Sometimes, […] elderly people didn’t mean what they said, at least it was not meant to be hurtful. It’s an Asian thing. In lame term, you can say he (the father) was just whining. But there was no ill intent for sure.

    [How did you know? Prove it….] Do you love your father? [Yes….] Prove it!

    I just know.

    Thanks for the ups.

    Others’ve been running wild, throwing bricks, almost killing one another in process; Lee was, like, yeah whatever…. xD *signed out*

  4. Thanks for posting this.

    I find it interesting that he approaches his role as director as an actor would – each piece is different and requires a specific approach, which explains the diversity of styles for each of his films.

    Hoping for the best for him next weekend, but regardless of the outcome, he’s tops this year because he’s the only director who exceeded expectations.

  5. I do hope Ang Lee will win one more oscar next weekend , he totally deserves this year .

  6. So refreshing that Ang Lee’s not only a talented director, but a humble and down-to-earth guy as well.

  7. I have so much respect for this man. He’s just amazing.

  8. ” lovely man ” indeed. A breathtaking beautiful journey of a film that captured the hearts and minds of thousands around the globe. ” so ravishingly beautiful ” is an understatement to this incredible man’s passionate vision to tell Pi’s story. Ang Lee says ” he was shooting for a devine moment “. And thank you Mr. Lee for sharing those precious and memberable moments.

  9. Ang Lee is the living director that I love the most.

  10. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, similar to the year that Apollo 13 won the DGA for Ron Howard, that year, it was expected that Ang would be up for Sense and Sensibility and he was snubbed. Mel Gibson and Braveheart fooled everyone and ran with the Oscars.

    As epic as PI is, would it not be even more wonderful if PI came out the big winner? While everyone’s trying to figure it out between Argo and Lincoln, PI comes up with the win?

    Difference here is that Gibson won the globe for director, but in this strange year, who knows?

    Just a thought. Fine film, and very deserving. If it won, I would certainly not be disappointed and we would finally have an Ang Lee Best Picture. Should have two by now.

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