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Caption This!

And a few more photos from the luncheon.



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  1. “Two Hollywood stars discuss the many talents & virtues of Oscar-winning legend Kate “The GREAT” Winslet (Revolutionary Road, Little Children).”

  2. 4 supporting actress nominees and the ghost of Anne Hattaway walk into a bar…

  3. lmao @ Watermelons

    I hope you get to be #4, bro :)

  4. Oops, I captioned the wrong photo. Never mind.

  5. Wolverine explains that surviving The Hunger Games is a LOT easier if you’ve got adamantium bones.

  6. You may not win, but you’ve certainly got the best dress!

  7. The little girl MUST not win.

  8. Ang Lee to Jessica Chastain: Something about your dress is making me hungry.

  9. Jackman to Lawrence: Now listen Jennifer, as X-men, we’ve got to stick together.

    Jennifer’s thought bubble: Omigod, is he serious?

    Jackman: I’m having the worst time shaking that DC broad. She keeps asking for her daughter. I don’t know. I think she’s delusional.

    Jennifer’s thought bubble: I’ll keep staring at his beard, on his face, so he’ll think I’m taking him seriously.

    Jackman: I told her I thought the kid was in *finger quotes* “Gotham”. LOL Hey if you need to use the Blackbird let me know. I tweet Storm all the time.

    Jennifer’s thought bubble: Help!

  10. Hugh Jackman: No, really Jennifer, it’s much better to sing it live. Cause now I can take beats. “Sweet Jesus, what I have done? Become a thief in the night? Become a dog on the run?”

    Jennifer Lawrence: (thinking to herself) Here we go again.

  11. Top photo:

    “I actually AM that girl who f*cks. Just so you know.”

  12. Jackman: I know you were joking about Harvey killing people but…
    Lawrence: !
    Jackman: Uh-huh

  13. “And that’s how I got the name Jackman…”

    btw Jacki Weaver looks genuinely so happy, excited and humble to be there.

  14. Photo #1: (Jackman to Lawrence) “Heard those rumors, too, eh? Meet me behind the desert table – nobody will suspect anything.”

    Photo #2: (Lee to Chastain) “No need to spend the entire award ceremony in uncomfortable seats – come to the tailgate party some of us are having behind the Kodak. Bigelow’s bringing the wine and we can heckle the red carpet.”

    Photo #3: (Weaver to Hathaway) “You’ve got 2 seconds to remove your hand, Hathaway, or I’ll give you something to sing about. You’re not a fucking puppeteer.”

  15. here’s my number. call me maybe

  16. Okay… The two of you that have award worthy performances stand over here, you other three stand there

  17. hugh: ‘this is the world’s smallest violin, playing just for your fellow nominees.’

    jennifer:`wait… i don’t understand your accent when you’re not singing live.’

  18. (supporting actress photo) The cast for The Go-go’s biopic has been announced!

    (Ang Lee to Jessica Chastain) I heard they’re making a movie about the Go-go’s. You’d be perfect for Josie.

    (Hugh Jackman to Jennifer Lawrence) I’ve got that Go-go’s audition in the bag!

  19. First pic: ” You’re gonna be a fine Oscar winner, Jen. The sky’s the limit.”

  20. Hugh: So, is Bradley Cooper single?

  21. 1. Jackman: can I borrow your nail polish?
    (awkward silence)
    Lawrence: If anyone asks, I’ll say it’s for playing Wolverine…

    2. Chastain: why didn’t you call me back after I auditioned to play the boat?
    Inside Ang Lee’s head: Let’s pretend she’s kidding and smile like the Joker.

    3. Inside Hathaway’s head: Wow! this is nice… I’m going to annul my marriage with that no-name guy and propose to helen on Oscar night!
    Helen Hunt: Anne darling, I sure hope your new lesbian hairdo isn’t giving you any idea!
    Inside Hataway’s head: Blerg

  22. Hugh- No, I’m Telling you! You’re overdressed.

    JLaw- …

  23. Hugh: So we can all agree, Lincoln was awful? Amright?

  24. Jackman: Excelsior!
    Lawrence: Ummm…okaaaay….
    Jackman: Excelsior!
    Lawrence: Ok, I’m gonna go. You’re creeping me out.

    Lee: Yo directa suck! She no nawminated! I nawminated, she nawt! She sawck! Is tha sometheeng een my teeth?!
    Chastain: Help. Somebody, help.
    Lee: Yaw, yoo in Da Helwp. Yoo lost to bwack gool! You sawck! You sawck and you know it! You weel lose awgin to slut fwom seelva whining!

    Last photo: The cast to the upcoming Tarantino movie “Fox Force Five!”

  25. Jon – The first and third ones were funny, but the second one reeks of “yellow face” to me. I don’t think you’d get away with it if Lee was black and you did a minstrel voice. Just sayin’.

  26. Hugh Jackman: Look Mystique we are mutants if we unite we can defect them all then pick up all the swag.
    Sally Field: come on Amy let’s stand over there before Anne-with an E-Hathaway squeezes the life out of us and brings up the Flying Nun again.

  27. Ang Lee to Jessica Chastain: “That dress can do wonders on CGI”.

    (Sorry, that’s all I got).

  28. Jackman to Lawrence: Excuse me, but can I just pinch that booger out of your nose?

  29. Sacheen Littlefeather

    Lee: Would you like to be in a female version of Brokeback Mountain with Anne Hathaway…heehee?

    Chastain: (smiles uncomfortably…)

  30. “Honestly you’re over-hyped, darling!”

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