Jessica Chastain’s Three-Legged Dog Makes Surprise Appearance on Stage


On the BAFTA red carpet Jessica Chastain talks about a time when her three-legged doggie was let out backstage and “hopped” towards the sound of her voice. If you haven’t yet fallen in love with Jessica Chastain you soon will.



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  1. Her dog is adorable. Good on her for adopting a pet with a physical disability instead of going for the “perfect” one.

  2. Sparks Meridian

    I’ve got some damage if she wants to adopt me. Well, issues, more than damage.

  3. Who among us hasn’t adopted a 3-legged dog for a night or two?

  4. Read how she handled the situation without breaking character:

  5. Pierre de Plume

    Chastain always seems to be enjoying herself. I love that.

  6. “Been there, done that (and it worked)” — Jean Dujardin

  7. rufussondheim

    What a cute dog (in that yahoo story you see a close up of him/her)

  8. Chastain interviews always make me feel good.

  9. I really want her to win the Oscar but given the so-called Oscar curse maybe it’ll be to her benefit if she doesn’t.

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