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85th Academy Awards, Backstage

85th Academy Awards, Backstage


Jennifer Lawrence, Best Actress winner, hugs Anne Hathaway, Best Supporting Actress winner after the 85th Oscar ceremony.

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  1. James 3 years ago

    Still surprised Waltz won again so soon. He’s come a long way although his recent work outside of Tarantino’s flicks hasn’t been great. Actually scratch that. He’s been fine in lousy flicks like Green Hornet and Water for Elephants. He did get a change to work with Polanski and was terrific in Carnage. Hoping to see him get more roles.

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  2. Yvette 3 years ago

    ‘Hoping to see him get more roles….’

    He’s got two Oscars in three years for similar roles. I think he’s good for now.

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  3. The Dude 3 years ago

    Again, there’s nothing similar between Landa and Schultz, and it’s very ignorant to say otherwise. The characters are as different as Jules and Stephen, or Marcellus girlfriend and The Bride.

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  4. Yvette 3 years ago

    not dissing the guy, but others have lost for that same reason. I’m just bitter about this whole season, so excuse my snark.

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  5. SallyinChicago 3 years ago

    I hope some Oscar members read this blog and others, people are totally disappointed with the Best Supporting Actor selections. What were those voters thinking???? Were they into their martinis when they checked their boxes? People, next time look at the “out the box” “Not been there before” actors….I would have loved seeing Matthew McConaghey, Dwight Henry, Leo, John Goodman….please members, think OUT THE BOX next time!

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  6. Joao Mattos 3 years ago

    SallyinChicago – Agree 100% with Dwigh Henry. Only Sunday, hours before the Oscars, I saw “Beasts of the Southern Wild” (who, btw, only open in my country last friday). D. Henry was awesome on it, deeply touching. How can the awards season didn’t honor him, somehow? I mean not only the Oscar, but the critics awards, etc. And how can “Beasts” could not also get a nom for best original score?

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  7. Zooey 3 years ago

    Dude, please! The characters are very close. I call Schultz Landa the good guy. The way the character communicates with other characters feels close to Landa.

    But I agree with Sally. The category was boring. Arkin got the buzz and Goodman would have been a more deserving nominee (and imagine the clip being ‘you’ll fit perfectly’ because that would have been it!). Arkin, De Niro, Waltz are all boring nominees. Of the three only Waltz has the performance, but why is he supporting? Well, I know why but he’s lead. He’s a co-lead. For most of the first 90 minutes he’s center stage with Foxx in the background. And is this supporting?! Come on!

    I wonder – can’t the Academy finally stop the Rachel Weisz, Catherina Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Connelly, Marcia Gay Harden, Jennifer Hudson, Christian Bale, Christoph Waltz thing and build a committee that decides the category placements and doesn’t leave that to voters who usually go with the campaigning. Because take a look at supporting actress. Nearly every winner in the past ten years is a co-lead.

    By the way, everybody is criticizing. And I do it as well.
    But here is the great thing about this year’s Oscars – the sets. The stage looked great and the transitions went smoothly!

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  8. Reno 3 years ago

    1st pic, 2nd row caption: Jennifer Lawrence’s camel toe is so humongous it sags all the way down to the floor.

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  9. Reno 3 years ago

    Remember the story of the shrinking lover in Talk to Her? Fele Martinez shrunk small enough to fit inside Paz Vega’s labia majora. That’s what I’m reminded of with that thing in front of Jennifer, lol.

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  10. Reno 3 years ago

    It gets better. Imagine that Oscar as the shrinking lover.

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  11. Bob Burns 3 years ago

    Oscar dresses are just awful…. men should wear tights and codpieces just to be fair

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  12. steve50 3 years ago

    “Nearly every winner in the past ten years is a co-lead.”

    I’m with Zooey on this one. It has become such an obvious maneuver where the actor has a better chance against smaller, truly supporting performances.

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  13. The J Viewer 3 years ago

    Lovely photos galore but of Jennifer Lawrence (especially), [A]rgo I am so happy a person.

    And I love Hathaway’s passionate sentiments (here); she wanted (respected) it, understandably, so much, and it shows in her eyes and smile how proud she could ever be.

    Congratulations to all, Hathaway and Lawrence in particular.

    Caption (the title photo for now):

    JLaw: Anne, I beat Meryl. It came truuue…. : )
    Anne Hathaway: Jenny, Meryl was not nominated for Oscar this year. And you stole my line…. XD

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  14. Steve75 3 years ago

    Congratulation for them. I love These actresses and Christopn Waltz is also great but I think that Daniel Day Lewis’ won is to much. He’s too overrated actor. Hugh Jackmann should have won the oscar in the leading role by actor category. D.D. Lewis played much better in the There will be blood. Lincoln the movie is very booring.

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