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85th Academy Awards, Portraits

Oscar Night Portraits, Thanks for the Memories

From the Academy’s Facebook page…gallery after the cut.



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  1. I like the Anne Hathaway one.

    And standing next to those guys, Claudio Miranda looks like an old Thor.

  2. I love the one with Meryl Streep and Daniel Day-Lewis. Am I the only one now hoping for a new Macbeth-adaptation with those two in the lead roles ?

  3. Streep/Day-Lewis. So much awesomeness in that photo. I love how Meryl didn’t drag out the name of the the winner…she just said it so seamlessly and quickly – no pause for effect – as if it was a foregone conclusion. Maybe she thought dragging it out would be almost insulting to the other nominees….
    It also had the effect to me of sounding like a statement of fact, like ‘of course it’s Daniel Day Lewis – who else?’.

  4. Weinstein has both ‘Grace of Monaco’ and ‘August Osage County’. If both Streep and Kidman knock it out of the park which is possible who will they push for the Oscar? I am not sure though that Streep can win again so soon. But Naomi Watts has the edge if ‘Diana’ is great as she is due for a win.

    ‘Before Midnight’ needs to be marketed strategically by Sony which had a very good Oscar season with five wins. Has Sony won so much before?

    I totally agree that Alexander Payne is overdue to win. As far as ‘Oldboy’ is concerned Spike Lee’s recent work is not as good as his early films apart from his documentary films.

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