The Final Stretch – 14 Annual No Guts, No Glory

For our final contest, which isn’t really a contest, we leave you for this very bizarre and suspense-filled Oscar year with a challenge. Please pick three very unlikely things that might happen. Really out there, wild things that might take hold.

Here are mine.

1. Benh Zeitlin and Luci Alibar win adapted screenplay for Beasts of the Southern Wild
2. Benh Zeitlin wins Best Director for Beasts of the Southern Wild
3. Beasts of the Southern wins Best Picture

I know, I just went balls out. Go big, or go home.  I am hoping that Lincoln wins, as you all should by now, but I don’t think that dream is coming true.  Still, I’m hoping for some shockers tomorrow night. What think you, AD readers?

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  1. My No Guts, No Glory: Joaquin Phoenix manages to take Best Actor from Daniel Day Lewis.

  2. I agree with you on the Adapted Screenplay prediction. I’m actually predicting it.

  3. Paul Thompson

    1. Silver Linings Playbook wins best picture
    2. Christoph Waltz wins supporting actor
    3. Ang Lee wins director

    Not as out there as yours, but still

  4. Mr-Cinema

    Hot off its big BAFTA win over Argo, Silver Linings Playbook wins the Oscar for Adapted Screenplay. Russell wins for Director, and SLP is the true runner up with 3 major awards, including Lawrence for Actress.

  5. Ang Lee and Jennifer Lawrence winning are not NGNG picks, everyone.

    1. Naomi Watts wins Best Actress
    2. Michael Haneke wins Best Director
    3. Benh Zeitlin & Lucy Alibar win Best Adapted Screenplay

  6. Mr-Cinema

    3rd would be Skyfall winning all 5 of its potential Oscars.

  7. Hardest thing about this season might be limiting oneself to 3 NGNG. Except that defining them as “unlikely” really limits your choices because anything goes tomorrow night. I have a billion alternate predictions in my mind, but 3 most unlikely, balls-to-the-wall, I-hope-they-happen predictions? Here goes nothing:

    (1) Silver Linings Playbook wins nothing (I’m actually predicting that, but I’ll probably change Riva to Lawrence, if I so desire. And Russell will likely win one Oscar.)

    (2) Lincoln wins Art Direction (excuse me, Production Design) because of the accuracy of that watch.

    (3) Naomi Watts wins Best Actress because the others just don’t damn deserve it!

  8. 1. Haneke wins Director.
    2. Skyfall wins three Oscars. (Song, Cinematography and one of the score/sound awards).
    3. Argo only wins Best Picture.

  9. daveinprogress

    Director: Ang Lee (i can’t predict a director i don’t want to win, even in a NGNG!!!!)

    Actress: Jessica Chastain (if 85 and 22 are too hard to decide for AMPAS)

    Supp Actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman (cos he rocks!)

  10. No guts, no glory:

    Best Supporting Actress: Helen Hunt
    Best Picture: Amour

  11. 1. ‘Henry’ wins Best Live Action Short Film
    2. ‘A Roay Affair’ wins Best Foreign Language Film
    3. Jackie Weaver wins Best Supporting Actress

  12. Sean Troutman

    Since everyone is throwing the race Argo’s way, I’m going to say that thinking Lincoln will win Picture is worthy of No Guts/No Glory but I don’t really expect any of these predictions to take shape. They’re here solely to say I somehow thought that would happen

    1. Lincoln wins Best Picture
    2. Day-Lewis loses Best Actor
    3. Quvenzhane Wallis wins Best Actress

  13. 1. Quvenzhané Wallis wins Actress.

    2. Thomas Newman finally wins his long overdue Oscar.

    3. Silver Linings Playbook goes 0 for 8.

  14. 1. The Invisible War wins Best Documentary.

    2. Phillip Seymour Hoffman wins Best Supporting Actor.

    3. Argo wins ONLY Best Picture.

  15. My NG, NG:

    1) Joaquin Phoenix & Phillip Seymour Hoffman & Amy Adams all win
    2) Argo wins 0 Oscars
    3) Something freaky happens during the ceremony, like an earthquake or someone faints, etc.

  16. Zeitlin wins Director
    Skyfall wins score, song, sound & sound editing (not cinematography though)
    Watts wins Actress

  17. Jessica Chastain wins best Actress

    Argo wins both sound categories

    Snow White and the Huntsman wins Best Costume

  18. SAG Actor

    1. Lincoln wins Picture, Director, Actor, S. Actor and Screenplay

    2. Argo wins nothing

    3. Ted wins Best Song

  19. NGNG picks:

    1. Naomi Watts wins Best Actress.
    2. “Life of Pi” wins Best Picture
    3. “How To Survive a Plague” wins Best Documentary Feature.

  20. 1. Amour wins all 5 of its categories
    2. The Aussie duo, Naomi Watts and Hugh Jackman takes the lead acting categories
    3. At least two of the Spielberg/Day-Lewis/Field/De Niro quartet will win third Oscars

  21. Argo wins nothing
    Emmanuelle Riva wins best actress
    Spielberg wins best director

  22. filmboymichael

    amour wins 4 – foreign, actress, screenplay and director

  23. Gustavo Cruz

    Argo wins Score
    Kontiki wins Foreign Film
    The Avengers wins Visual Effects

  24. stéphane

    Amy Adams wining Best Sup. Actress
    Bradley Cooper wining Best actor
    Emmanuelle Riva wining Best Actress (that’s just wishful thinking!)

  25. Sorry about the earlier fuck up.


    1. ‘No’ wins best foreign film.
    2. ‘Django Unchained’ wins best picture, screenplay and supporting actor.
    3. ‘Skyfall’ wins cinematography, but not song.

  26. Bball_Jake

    -Silver Linings Playbook takes Home 6 Awards for BP, BD, Best Actress, Supp. Actor, Screenplay & Editing
    -Argo only wins BP
    -Lincoln takes BP, BD, Actor, Supp. Actor, and some tech awards

  27. José R. Ortega

    1. Kon-Tiki upsets as Best Foreign Film
    2. Moonrise Kingdom wins Original Screenplay
    3. Anna Karenina wins Score
    4. Joaquin Phoenix wins for Best Actor
    5. Head Over Heels gets recognition as Best Animated Short
    6. “Everybody Needs a Best Friend” wins as a shocker for Best Song

    just wishful thinking…

  28. 1) Namoi Watts wins best actress.
    2) Barbra Streisand has a wardrobe malfunction.
    3) So does Bradley Cooper.

  29. Naomi.

  30. 1. Naomi Watts upsets and takes Best Actress
    2. Joaquin Phoenix wins Best Actor
    3. ZDT takes Picture

  31. daveinprogress

    Big shout out to Antoinette (love how your mind works :)) and Phantom (if your ngng comes to fruition National Holidays will need to be declared in France and Austria and Australia! :)

  32. Emmanuelle Riva wins Lead Actress
    Philip Seymour Hoffman win Supporting Actor
    Spielberg wins Director

  33. I already made mine, but just for shits and giggles, someone should guess that Amour wins nothing, even foreign.

  34. Felipe Mejia

    I just watched Beasts again yesterday.. it truly is a masterpiece. I wish it had done better in nominations, but oh well, I should know by know that Oscars does not always equal quality. The girl is just breathtaking.. and although six you can clearly see the intention in the acting.

    There’s a scene of Naomi Watts in The Impossible (Can be found as Thank you so much) so beautiful and powerful that in another less competitive year would give her the Oscar but this year would be very a long shot.

    My no guts would be then:

    Best Actress: Watts or Wallis
    Best Picture: Life of Pi or Beasts of the Southern Wild (For me, the most deserving ones)
    Best Director: Lee (not so guts) or Zeitlin.
    Life of Pi sweeps incl. Best Picture and Director. (Yes, Please!)

  35. 1. Alan Arkin wins Best Supporting Actor
    2. The Gatekeepers wins Best Documentary
    3. Helen Hunt for Best Supporting Actress

  36. Bill in VT

    It might sound like I’m copying others here, but I stated these weeks ago on an earlier post.

    1. Argo wins only one Oscar –> Best Picture
    2. Amour wins three major awards: Director, Actress, and Original Screenplay
    3. The Weinstein Company goes home with nothing. Shocking because of its Oscar success in the past two years, including back-to-back wins for Best Picture.
    Three Weinstein films are represented in the Best Supporting Actor, but I’m
    picking Tommy Lee, just so the WC leaves empty-handed.

  37. Pierre de Plume

    1. Seth McFarlane has a flat tire and is late — Jack Black fills in for him and really kills!

    2. Hitchcock wins best makeup.

    3. Riva and Wallis tie.

  38. NGNG

    1. Phoenix wins best actor
    2. NO wins foreign language film
    3. Ben Affleck is acclaimed the next Pope.

  39. No guts, No Glory:

    1.- Flight wins Best Original Screenplay
    2.- Jacki Weaver wins Best Supporting Actress
    3.- Everybody Needs a Best Friend wins Best Song

  40. Pulp Fact

    Not very out there, but:

    1. Michael Haneke wins director
    2. Christoph Waltz wins supporting actor
    3. Skyfall wins best cinematography

  41. My ngng

    1 Argo gets shut out
    2. Flight win best original screenplay
    3. Amour wins best picture but not best foreign lanaguge film
    4. Tie for best actress between Emmanuelle Riva and Quvenzhane Wallis

  42. NGNG:

    Amour wins BP
    Haneke wins BD
    Riva wins BA

  43. 1. Lincoln wins nothing, with Best Actor going to Hugh Jackman. (Which would be the final nail in the coffin to how this season has turned out …)
    2. Quvenzhane Wallis wins Best Actress.
    3. Benh Zeitlin wins Best Director.

    Here’s to hoping for some Lincoln and Beasts love!

  44. LMAO at steve50’s “Ben Affleck is acclaimed the next Pope”. I needed this laugh today. Thanks. :)

  45. 1. Naomi Watts wins
    2. Haneke wins directing
    3. Anna Karenina wins cinematography

  46. 1. Jessica Chastain wins Best Actress
    2. Argo gets shut out
    3. Zero Dark Thirty wins BP

  47. David Lindsey

    My NGNG
    1. Naomi Watts Best Actress
    2. Helen Hunt Supporting Actress
    3. ARGO Best Score

  48. 1. Avengers wins Visual Effects
    2. PSH wins Supporting Actor
    3. Zeitlin wins Director

  49. unlikely hood

    Life of Pi bats 1.000

  50. 1. Kon-Tiki wins best foreign film
    2. Zeitlin wins director
    3. Skyfall wins cinematography

  51. Daniel Day-Lewis and Bradley Cooper tie for Best Actor. Zero Dark Thirty wins Best Picture. Life of Pi wins Screenplay.

  52. Steve Forest

    I am with Sasha on the “Beasts” love. Beyond that…

    Cinematography: Robert Richardson, Django Unchained

    Production Design: Lincoln

    Animated Feature: Frankenweenie

  53. 1. SLP goes home empty-handed
    2. Life of Pi takes Best Picture.
    3. PSH takes supporting actor.

  54. Phillip Seymour Hoffman wins Best Supporting Actor for THE MASTER
    “Before My Time” from CHASING ICE win Best Song
    ZERO DARK THIRTY wins Best Picture

  55. christiannnw

    1. Alphabet Wallis falls asleep during the ceremony (like me every year).
    2. “5 Broken Cameras” wins Best Documentary and “Argo” loses Best Picture; oh the irony!
    3. Michael Haneke wins goes on stage with his cat dressed up as Naomi Watts in “The Impossible” when he wins Best Director, Foreign Film, and Original Screenplay.

  56. Felipe Mejia

    Riva and Wallis tie would be amazing! not only the best two performances but the oldest and the youngest nominees! Just daydreaming! hahaha

  57. Moses Valenzuela

    Supporting Actor: Robert DeNiro, Silver Linings Playbook
    Director: Ang Lee, Life of Pi
    Cinematography: Roger Deakins, Skyfall
    Actress: Naomi Watts, The Impossible
    Actor: Hugh Jackman, Les Miserables
    Animated Feature Film: Wreck-It Ralph

  58. Castle Wilson

    1. Denzel Washington for Best Actor
    2. Prometheus for Best Visual Effects
    3. War Witch for Best Foreign Language Film


  59. Comment



  61. I only have one NGNG and it’s that Anna Karenina wins nothing while Tolstoi shakes his head on the other side once more at probably the worst of all the Karenina adaptions.

  62. 1. Les Miserables wins Best Picture in addition to Supporting Actress, Makeup, and Sound Mixing.
    2. Lincoln wins five: Picture, Director, Actor, Supporting Actor, Adapted Screenplay.
    3. Argo just takes film editing.

  63. I know I’m being silly, but:

    1. Lincoln wins in every nominated category.
    2. Argo wins nothing.
    3. The acceptance speeches of Oscar winners from non-Lincoln movies all include a protest about Ben Affleck’s dirty Oscar campaign.
    3.a. The Academy’s rules committee takes the stage at the end of the evening to announce that they were wrong to open up the Best Picture category to 10 nominees and the limit will go back to five next year.

  64. NO wins foreign film.
    Hoffman gets supporting actor.
    MacFarlane gets it for song, the first time a host wins an Oscar (Franco had a chance)

  65. My NG,NG picks:

    1. Quvenzhane Wallis wins and gives the most adorable acceptance speech ever.

    2. The preferential ballot system does something wacky and gives Zero Dark Thirty best picture with no other wins.

  66. Not sure if NGNG, but what the hell:
    1. Lincoln wins Picture, Director, 3 acting awards, Screenplay and Production Design
    2. Chastain wins Best Actress
    3. Deakins wins for Skyfall
    4. Amour loses Best Foreign Picture. To Argo, just for kicks.

  67. - Django Unchained wins best picture

    – Bradly Cooper wins best actor

    – whoever wins best director deny’s the award and gives it to Affleck.

  68. NGNG
    SLP for BP
    O. Russell for BD
    Skyfall for best score
    Skyfall for Best cinematography
    Kon Tiki wins Best foreign film
    SLP leads with 5 Oscars, Skyfall 2nd with 4

  69. Benh Zeitlin for Director.
    Moonrise Kingdom for Original Screenplay.

  70. 1. David O. Russell wins Director (hopefully not, but I like to try and predict a few longshots)
    2. Philip Seymour Hoffman wins Supporting Actor
    3. Argo wins Editing and Picture, but nothing else…

  71. SallyinChicago

    I’m with Sasha. BOTSW for the win in all 4. Denzel for actor. It’s time Hollywood made history with it’s first “black” actor film for the win – BOTSW! If Argo wins BP and best screenplay, how BORING!

  72. SallyinChicago

    1. Alphabet Wallis falls asleep during the ceremony (like me every year).
    ^^ Too Funny. I read that interview too, and thought -hmmm…I guess Joaquim Phoenix doesn’t have a funny name?

  73. Michael Haneke wins Best Director AND Original Screenplay
    Silver Linings Playbook wins THREE acting awards.
    Skyfall doesn’t win Original Song.

  74. Ryan Adams

    I know I’m being silly, but:
    … 2. Argo wins nothing

    On the official Big Bad Predictions Chart I have Argo and SLP scheduled to both go home empty handed. Les Mis gets an Oscar for best hairstyles for all its awful hairstyles.

    Every day in every way I like to live life no guts no glory.

  75. Pierre’s NG NG picks are CLASS!!!!!!

    For me: Haneke wins Best Director

  76. Lincoln wins production design

    Amour loses in Foreign Language Film (with the history of the award, this isn’t even UNLIKELY! The category is filled with upsets)

    Chastain pulls off a stunner in Actress

  77. Jacob Burns

    1. Zero Dark Thirty wins Best Picture
    2. Behn Zeitlin wins Best Director
    3. Quvenzhané Wallis wins Best Actress

  78. Amour leaves with nothing, including no Foreign Language Film
    Zero Dark Thirty wins four of its five categories that has Team Argo break into a cold sweat for the whole night
    But Argo wins Picture and ONLY Picture

  79. My NGNG:

    1. Zero Dark Thirty/Silver Linings Playbook take Best Picture

    2. Joaquin Phoenix takes Best Actor

    3. Zero Dark Thirty takes Best Original Screenplay!

  80. Victor Barreto

    Silver Linings takes it all and Harvey taps himself

  81. Samuel Coffey

    1. Life of Pi wins only 1 Oscar
    2. There is a tie in one of the races
    3. Argo goes 7/7

  82. One of my No Guts No Glory before Oscar Nominations got correct, when Marion Cottilard didn’t get nominated. I expect one of the below three to again hit the bulls eye.

    1. Naomi Watts wins Best Actress – Lawrence, Chastain, Riva into a three way split, whereas Watts with her strong peer support manages to sneak through.

    2. Life of Pi wins Best Picture – It’s going to win more than 5 awards on Oscar night and with a widespread support across different categories, it also manages to coupe Picture.

    3. Philip Seymour Hoffman wins Best Supporting Actor – Only place where members might decide to reward The Master.

  83. 1. Naomi Watts wins. (I actually don’t think this is impossible.)
    2. The Master does NOT go home empty-handed. (I can’t decide if that means Hoffman or upsetting two of the only locks for the evening: Day-Lewis and Hathaway.)
    3. Zero Dark Thirty pulls off a sound trophy, leaving only SLP and Beasts with a Picture nomination and no wins.

  84. ZD30 surpasses its “controversy” and wins Best Actress (Jessica Chastain) and Best Original Screenplay (Mark Boal).

  85. Michael Arlidge

    These are both my NGNG picks, and my personal preferences:

    – “Argo” wins nothing, and the camera catches the producers halfway out of their seats before they comprehend that they’ve lost Best Picture, and look like fools trying to sneakily sit back down again without anyone noticing
    – “ParaNorman” wins Best Animated Feature Film
    – “Mirror Mirror” wins Best Costume Design

  86. NGNG (wishful thinking)

    Naomi Watts takes Best Actress.
    Frankenweenie brings the Burton/Bonham Carter family their long overdue Oscar.
    Costumes go to Mirror Mirror.



  89. Not that I believe these will actually happen, but my no guts, no glory guesses are:

    1. Les Miserables surprises by winning most of its nominations, including Best Picture

    2. Hugh Jackman wins Best Actor

    3. Beasts of the Southern Wild, Django Unchained, Silver Linings Playbook and Zero Dark Thirty all shut out and win zero awards.

  90. Shannon Stepanek

    Lincoln wins Best Picture
    Emmanuelle Riva wins Best Actress
    Frankenweenie wins Best Animated Film

  91. Hmmm…

    Avengers takes Visual Effects instead of Life of Pi
    Five Broken Cameras takes Documentary Feature instead of Searching for Sugarman
    Tarantino takes Original Screenplay (because I can’t help but think watching Quentin lose his shit on live TV before a +1 billion audience might be just the palate cleanser needed at that point in the evening…)

  92. Elizabeth

    I wish for Emmanuelle Riva to win Best Actress
    Michael Haneke to win best original screenplay
    Roger Deakins to win best cinematography


  94. 1. Django wins Best Picture
    2. Pirates! Band of Misfits wins Animated Feature
    3. Snow White and the Huntsman wins Visual Effects (although really, anything other than Life of Pi is pretty NGNG)

    That’s about as out there as I dare to get.

  95. christiannnw

    Guys, plausible upsets are not NGNG’s. “Lincoln” winning Best Picture, ZD30 winning Original Screenplay, and Emmanuelle Riva winning Best Actress aren’t far flung notions. This article needs more Denzel winning Best Actor, or Adele singing about a romantic tryst she shared with Tommy Lee Jones at a Tuscan wine tasting tour when she should be singing that thing from 007.

  96. Haneke for Best Director
    Jackman for Best Actor
    No trophies for SLP, Django and ZD30

  97. 1) Joaquin Pheonix – best actor

    2) Amy Adams – best supporting actress

    3) Michael Haneke – best director

    I truly hope one (all) of these happen

  98. Lucas Prata

    1. Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola win original screenplay for Moonrise Kingdom
    2. Hitchcock wins best makeup
    3. Adam and dog wins best animated short

  99. Just watched Flight. Denzel beat the crap out of Daniel

  100. Adele singing about a romantic tryst she shared with Tommy Lee Jones at a Tuscan wine tasting tour

    Well that’s not NG, NG either because it’s going to happen just not Adele. I’ve been reading show spoilers so I won’t give it completely away but someone whose name sounds like Ew Pacman will be singing that song. ;)

  101. Steve Adams

    1. Naomi Watts wins Best Actress
    2. Jackie Weaver wins Best Supporting Actress
    3. Michael Haneke wins Best Director

  102. Graham Leverton

    1. Alan Arkin wins Best Supporting Actor
    2. Skyfall wins Best Score and Cinematography
    3. Anne Hathaway loses Best Supporting Actor

  103. Best Pic – Life Of Pi
    Best Supp Actor – Christoph Waltz
    Best Cinematography – Skyfall

  104. picture-the life of pi
    director-steven spielberg
    actor-daniel day lewis
    actress-jessica chastain
    supporting actor-robert deniro
    supporting actress-anne hathaway
    original screenplay-amour
    adapted screenplay-the life of pi
    film editing-argo
    cinematography-the life of pi
    art direction-lincoln
    costume design-anna karenina
    film editing-argo
    sound mixing-argo
    sound editing-skyfall
    original score-the life of pi
    original song-skyfall
    visual effects-the hobbit
    animated feature-wreck it ralph
    foreign language film-amour
    documentary feature-searching for a sugar man
    animated short film-paperman
    live action short film-henry
    documentary ahort subject-open heart

  105. Flight to washington
    Impossible for watts
    It’s a field day for sally
    It’s 2nd road at Hoffman

    The playbook burns in ash

  106. Question Mark

    * Amour loses Best Foreign Film
    * “Skyfall” loses Best Original Song
    * Life Of Pi wins Best Picture

  107. BEST PICTURE:Zero Dark Thiry
    DIRECTOR: Benh Zeitlin
    BEST ACTOR: Joaquin Phoenix
    VISUAL EFFECTS: Snow White and the Huntsman

  108. Hoffman wins BSA, Haneke wins Director, Zero Dark Thirty wins Picture.
    I don’t think any of these are really that implausible.

  109. Zero Dark Thirty for editing
    Mirror Mirror for costume design
    Skyfall for score

  110. 1. Alan Arkin wins best supporting actor and proceeds to tell audience to “Argo fuck yourselves”
    2. Anne Hathaway doesn’t cry during her acceptance speech.
    3. Seth McFarland makes the ceremony watchable.

  111. Paul H says…
    1. Avengers wins Visual Effects
    2. PSH wins Supporting Actor
    3. Zeitlin wins Director

    It’s a miracle. I feel like a proud parent. Our little boy is growing up.

  112. 1. Quvenzhane Wallis wins best actress. The other nominees go silent and initially forget to applaud.

    2. Alan Arkin stuns by winning best supporting actor despite not having won percusor awards.

    3. William Goldenberg wins the Oscar for editing but it is for ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and not for ‘Argo’.

  113. Carlos Aguilar

    1.Naomi Watts wins Best Actress for “The Impossible”
    2. Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola win Best Original Screenplay for “Moonrise Kingdom”
    3. ‘ParaNorman’wins Best Animated Feature

  114. Bryce Forestieri

    So late to the party:

    Best Cinematography – Janusz Kamiński, LINCOLN
    Best Foreign Language – NO, Chile
    Best Origina Screenplay – Wes Anderson & Roman Coppola, MOONRISE KINGDOM

  115. Ido Kadman

    Best Original Screenplay: Amour
    Best Production Design: Lincoln
    Best Musical Score: Argo

    Who I want to take the most awards: Life of Pi

  116. Free’s NGNG 2012:

    1. BEST DIRECTOR – Michael Haneke

    2. Argo wins nothing

    3. BEST SONG – Ted

  117. SeattleMoviegoer

    LES MISERABLES continues its habit of picking up the most awards for the evening, as it did at the Golden Globes and BAFTA.

  118. 1. War Witch wins Foreign.
    2. O. Russell wins Director.
    3. SLP wins picture.

  119. Brett McNeill

    Joaquin Phoenix over DDL
    Amy Adams over Anne Hathaway
    Life of Pi for Director and Picture
    Silver Linings for Adapted Screenplay

    Thus ifI’m correct The Master will sweep

  120. Zero Dark
    Amy Adams

  121. 1. Flight for original screenplay
    2. DDL not winning Actor
    3. Ted wins for song

  122. Kjartan Atli Óskarsson

    1. Michael Haneke wins best director
    2. Sally Field wins best supporting actress
    3. Skyfall wins all of it’s categories and will be the film that ends up with the most amount of awards, 5.

  123. Watts wins Actress
    Hanneke wins Director
    Argo wins Score

  124. Watermelons

    1. Oscar winner Kate Winslet (Iris, Flushed Away) presents an Award due to another presenter’s sudden illness.

    2. Oscar winner Kate Winslet (Revolutionary Road, Sense & Sensibility) is awarded the Oscar for Best Actress due to after-last-minute secret nomination and wave of support.

    3. Amour does not win any Oscars.

  125. 1) Michael Haneke wins best director

    2) Benh Zeitlin wins adapted screenplay

    3) Tarantino wins original screenplay

  126. Roger the Shrubber

    1. “Amour” sweeps.
    2. “The Pirates! Band of Misfits” wins Animated Feature.
    3. “Ted” wins Best Original Song.

  127. ZDT for picture
    Kon-Tiki for Foreign
    Argo for editing only

  128. Amour wins best picture.
    Phoenix wins best actor.
    Weaver wins supporting actress.

  129. 1. Joaquin Phoenix wins Best Actor (deservedly so)
    2. Ang Lee wins Best Director (deservedly so)
    3. Emmanuelle Riva wins Best Actress (deservedly so)

  130. Breadbaker

    The first face on the necrology is Marvin Hamlisch, and they play one of his songs over the whole thing. And the last face is Ernest Borgnine.

  131. 1. Lead Actor – Hugh Jackman
    2. Best Picture – Django Unchained
    3. Original Screenplay – Moonrise Kingdom

  132. 1. Naomi Watts wins Best Actress
    2. LIFE OF PI wins BOTH Best Picture and Best Director (and close to all of its 11 nominations)
    3. AMOUR doesn’t win Best Foreign Language Film

  133. Daniel Kenealy

    Three NGNG picks:

    1. Hugh Jackman takes best actor, making “Lincoln” the new record holder for biggest shut-out on Oscar night with 12/0.
    2. David O. Russell takes best director (a big shock without a DGA nom) and “SLP” ends up with three big prizes, “Pianist”-style.
    3. “Anna Karenina” pulls off a “Memoirs of a Geisha” style sweep of the design and cinematography categories, so my NGNG is Seamus McGarvey winning.

    I think I technically snuck in four NGNG picks there, sorry!

  134. Joaquin Phoenix defeats Day-Lewis. This would make my day!

    Life of Pi sweeps winning picture, directing, cinematography, editing, music, production design, sound mixing, sound editing, visual effects, which is a total of 9 Oscars. This is the NGNG prediction that could actually happen. Unlikely but still possible.

    ARGO wins 0 Oscars. LINCOLN wins 0 Oscars.

  135. Christien

    1. Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor sang Come What May in a tribute to musicals.
    2. Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta Jones sang Chicago.
    3. The cast of Les Miserables perform together.

  136. alan of montreal

    I almost feel like anything’s possible this year. I will also be upset if there are no upsets. But, having said that:

    1. Amy Adams wins for The Master
    2. Naomi Watts wins Actress
    3. Rebelle wins foreign film

  137. Best Pic: Zero Dark Thirty
    Best Director: Spielberg (Lee, Haneke, and Russell are all faves over Spiels IMO)
    Best Supporting Actress: Sally Field
    Best Supporting Actor: Robert De Niro
    Best Adapted Screenplay: Tony KUSHner

  138. - Waltz and De Niro tie in ‘Supporting Actor’

    – ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ takes ‘Adapted Screenplay’.

    – ‘Skyfall’ sweeps its categories apart from ‘Song’.

  139. This is almost like New Year’s Eve – and Sasha and all, thank you for another amazing year of inspiring, provocative, passionate discourse. It is a privilege to be on this site.
    1. Jacki Weaver – Best Supporting Actress
    2. Naomi Watts – Best Actress
    3. Hugh Jackman – Best Actor
    Can you tell I’m from Down Under!!
    Happy Oscar Day everyone and thank you again.

  140. Sasha, I thank you for this amazing site. This site is definitely an important part of the race for me.

    My NGNG,

    Best Supporting Actor – Philip Seymour Hoffman, with zero buzz and zero campaign the best performance can prevail.

    Best Director – Benh Zeitlin, Beasts of the Southern Wild

    Best Original Song – Pi’s Lullaby, Life of Pi

  141. NG Ng
    1. Q Wallis wins best actress
    2. Zd30 wins best picture
    3. The master takes all three acting categories

  142. The J Viewer

    I am going to submit my predictions soon — for instance six hours from now on : ) – and for the time being, I see SLP win nothing. So, SLP eating eggs at least for now stays outside my NGNG realm – again at least for now.

    “unlikely things that might happen.”


    1) MICHAEL HANEKE wins Best Director (To me, it’s between Ang Lee and Steven Spielberg.)
    2) LIFE OF PI wins in more than five categories (My take, for now, despite time running out, is for Pi to garner five statuettes; the number may go up or down a bit within the next six hours.)
    3) Jessica Chastain wins Best Actress (Either Lawrence or Riva, and I am a happy man; and to be fair to other readers, to pick only one, then in that case I am rooting for Jennifer Lawrence. That said, **I won’t complain if Ms. Chastain wins.)
    4) Naomi Watts wins Best Actress (**)
    5) Quvanzhane Wallis wins Best Actress (**)

    6) Amour does not win in Best Foreign Language Film (This is not a pure NGNG pick in a strict sense to me though.)
    7) Django Unchained go home eating eggs (To me it’s NGNG pick.)

    8) Tie: Lawrence and Riva / Spielberg and Lee
    9) SLP wins Best Picture

  143. NGNG
    1. Amour wins 4 – screenplay, director, Riva and Foreign

    2. Life of Pi wins best picture

    3. Amour loses foreign film

  144. Les Mis wins nothing, the Academy realises that musicals suck and retro-actively takes all of Chicago’s oscars back.

  145. Amour wins best director
    Phoenix best actor
    Riva best actress

  146. dinasztie

    1. If Best Actress is indeed that close: Jennifer and Emmanuelle tie.
    2. Best Director: David O. Russell
    3. Best Supporting Actress: Sally Field

  147. 1. Alan Arkin wins best supporting actor
    2. Jacki Weaver wins best supporting actress

  148. 1. The Skyfall trio (Roger Deakins, Thomas Newman, Greg P. Russell) finally win oscars.
    2. Jennifer Lawrence and Emmanuelle Riva tie for Best Actress.
    3. Zero Dark Thirty wins Best Picture

  149. Dennis Bee

    Jennifer Lawrence and Emmanuelle Riva tie for Best Actress.

    Naomi Watts breaks out from far back in the pack to win, as Maggie Smith did between Jane Fonda and Liza Minnelli in 1969. (The irony is that Watts will probably be crowned next year for her Princess Diana movie.)

    LIFE OF PI for Best Picture.

    Amy Adams for Best Supporting Actress and Phillip Seymour Hoffman for Best Supporting Actor.

    Roger Deakins loses no. 10 (Sorry, that’s not a NGNG, actually.)

  150. Best Actor – Hugh Jackman (Not giving up on that one until the announcement)
    Best Song – Suddenly because it was actually about the story
    Best Original Screenplay – Moonrise Kingdom because it was the one movie I left smiling this year.

  151. 2. Jennifer Lawrence and Emmanuelle Riva tie for Best Actress < + + + + + + !!! :D

  152. Best Director – Michael Haneke
    Best Adapted Screenplay – SLP
    Best original Screenplay – Amour

  153. Best Director – Michael Haneke
    Best Actor – Joaquin Phoenix
    Best Supporting Actress – Jacki Weaver

  154. Watts for actress, Phoenix for actor, Lincoln for editing

  155. Not Her Dog

    NGNG 2013: Lincoln ONLY wins Actor


    Best Picture- Zero Dark Thirty
    Supporting Actress- Amy Adams
    Editing- Anyone but Argo
    Cinematography- DEAKINS!!!
    Big NGNG- Argo goes home with ZERO Oscars

  157. Jerry Grant

    1. Argo wins only one Oscar: Best Picture
    2. Philip Seymour Hoffman wins Best Supporting Actor
    3. Zero Dark Thirty wins at least three Oscars

  158. NGNG:

    1. Zero Dark Thirty Sweep
    2. Michael Haneke
    3. Joaquin Phoenix

  159. Since the Oscars are almost here, i think its the right time to say this… thank you so much both Sasha and Ryan for this amazing site and your passion for movies. Personally, this awards season for me was quite insightful and fun thanks to you. Awards Daily is the only site i visited everyday and i use to have a blast reading all the comments that users use to make specially those fights :D Its been one hell of a year. Love you guys (even though i hate you both for the SLP-bashing) :P Cheers!

  160. Ian Midlane


    – We get a Tie.
    – Life of Pi wins 7 including Picture.
    – Affleck Best Director with a ‘write in vote’ win.

  161. NGNG

    Actor – Joaquin Phoenix
    Actress – Emmanuelle Riva
    Supporting Actress – Helen Hunt
    Director – Haneke

  162. 1. Michael Haneke wins Best Director.
    2. Skyfall wins Best Cinematography over Life of Pi.
    3. Best Supporting Actor goes to Philip Seymour Hoffman.

    HMMM… And it would be awesome if Silver Linings Playbook went home empty handed (including Riva’s win and a priceless Russell’s reaction).

  163. 1. Jessica Chastain wins actress
    2. Helen Hunt wins supporting
    3. Argo and SLP are completely shut out

  164. spielbergle

    1. Best Picture: DJANGO UNCHAINED

    2. Best Actress: Emmanuelle Riva

    3. Best Supportig Actor: Robert De Niro

  165. –SKYFALL sweeps (they are doing a Bond tribute after all…)

    –Jacki Weaver wins Supporting Actress (I’m still confused with the nomination)

    –ZERO DARK THIRTY wins Picture, Actress, Original Screenplay, and Editing (because I’d rather see this make Oscar history instead of ARGO)

  166. 1. Zeitlin wins Best Director
    2. Riva wins Best Actress
    3. Frankenweenie wins Best Animated

  167. NGNG:
    1) Joaquin Phoenix wins Best Actor
    2) B. Zeitlin wins Best director
    3) No (Chile) wins Best Foreign Language Pic.

  168. 1. Philip Seymour Hoffman wins Best Supporting Actor
    2. SLP wins Best Adapted Screenplay
    3. Michael Haneke wins Best Director

  169. Hugh Jackman wins Best Actor
    5 Broken Cameras wins Best Documentary
    Kon-Tiki wins Best Foreign Language Film

  170. I probably won’t get back on here before tomorrow (my partner is sailing over today to join me on the mountain for poutine, red carpet dish and cheers-n-groans) , so I wanted to wish everyone a happy and exciting Oscars.

    Tomorrow, we start afresh.

    Final NGNG – Sasha recovers from the battle and AD continues for some time.

  171. Moonrise Kingdom for Original
    No for Foreign
    Naomi Watts takes it home

  172. Maura T. Fan


    1. Hoffman wins Supporting Actor

    2. Roger Deakins (SKYFALL) wins Cinematography after 9 losses

    3. BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD wins Adapted Screenplay

  173. Adele loses Skyfall
    Amour loses Foreign Picture
    Argo wins Best Picture with only one other award

  174. Liked Ian’s suggestion for a tie somewhere. How unlikely is such a thing in the Director or Supporting Actor category really?

  175. Christina

    My NGNG

    1. Zero Dark Thirty, Django Unchained or Amour win Best Picture.
    2. Michael Haneke wins Best Director.
    3. Hugh Jackman wins Best Actor. (Daniel Day-Lewis’s Lincoln is a masterpiece, but I would love to see Hugh win)
    4. Jessica Chastain wins Best Actress. (I’m still rooting for her)
    5. Zero Dark Thirty wins Best Original Screenplay.
    6. Argo loses Best Editing to Zero Dark Thirty.
    7. NO wins Best Foreing Film. (I have to write this because I’m Chilean)
    8. Life of Pi loses Best Visual Effect to The Avengers.

  176. Watermelons

    just two. in chronological & causal order:

    1. Lincoln sweeps.

    2. Connecticut secedes from the union.

  177. Jorge Padron

    Silver Linings Playbook sets Academy record by sweeping Screenplay, S Actress, S Actor, Actress, Director and Picture.

  178. 1. Moonrise Kingdom wins Original Screenplay

    2. Before My Time wins Original Song

    3. Seth McFarlane is genuinely funny while hosting the Oscars.

    …at least the first 2 could happen.

  179. Jorge Padron

    Oops…meant to say: Silver Linings Playbook sets Academy record by sweeping screen play, supporting actress, supporting actor, actress, actor, director, and picture.

  180. - Amour wins Best Picture, Best Picture in a Foreign Language and Best Director

  181. Jackie Weaver, Haneke for director, and Naomi Watts

  182. 1. ‘Skyfall’ looses best Original Song
    2. Anybody but Daniel Day Lewis wins best actor
    3. Amour wins best picture

  183. 1. Haneke wins Director
    2. Hunt wins Best Supporting Actress
    3. Riva wins Best Actress

  184. Bob Burns

    Haneke – Screenplay

    Deakins – Cinematography

    Desplat – Score

  185. NGNG

    Daniel Day-Lewis loses Best Actor.
    Argo does not win Picture.
    Naomi Watts wins Best Actress.

  186. I put up my predictions on my blog, and I’m predicting the following:

    1. Michael Haneke will win best director. Amour will win all but best picture tonight. (I actually feel fairly confident about actress and screenplay)
    2. Silver Linings Playbook will win nothing.
    3. Beasts of the Southern Wild will win score.

  187. Best Picture: Life Of PI
    Best Director: Ang Lee Life of PI
    Best Actor: Phoenix: The Master

  188. And I just realized how bold my last prediction is….


  189. 1. No single film wins the majority of the awards. In 2005, three awards each were given to Crash, Brokeback Mountain, Memoirs of a Geisha and King Kong.

    2. Lincoln won’t win anything. Daniel Day-Lewis won’t become the first actor in history to win 3 Best Actor statues.

    3. Silver Linings Playbook has 4 acting noms, 1st movie in a generation to accomplish this. Looks very good for Director David O’Russell. *cough, cough*

  190. eclipse22

    ahhh why not?

    joaquin phoenix for best actor

    naomi watts for best actress

    emmanuelle riva for best actress

  191. - Bradley Cooper for Best Actor
    – Amy Adams for Best Supporting Actress
    – Michael Haneke for Best Director

  192. AMOUR walks away with 4 awards: Director, Actress, Original Screenplay and Foreign.

  193. gigilatrottola

    1. In directing category there will be tie. 2. Argo wins everything.



  195. Argo sweeps
    Lincoln wins just 1 (Actor)
    Hanecke wins BD

  196. 1. Naomi Watts wins Best Actress
    2. Michael Haneke wins Best Director
    3. Argo wins Picture and Editing ONLY.

  197. 1. Mirror Mirror wins best costume design.

    2. Skyfall leads in total Oscar wins.

    3. Kon-Tiki wins best foreign film.

  198. LIFE OF PI sweeps, winning 11 Oscars
    LINCOLN wins only Best Actor

  199. NGNG:

    MacFarlane as host is a disaster/boondoggle — at least one post-show apology is made by the Academy for an off-color joke.
    Moonrise Kingdom for Original Screenplay
    Haneke for Director

  200. NGNG:
    1) There will be a tie in one of the categories
    2) Somebody will not be there to accept their Oscar
    3) Argo wins nothing.

  201. NGNG:

    Joaquin Phoenix wins Best Actor
    Naomi Watts wins Best Actress
    Ben Affleck still wins Best Director, even though he’s not nominated :)

  202. Aleksanteri

    1. Beasts of the Southern Wild wins Best Picture
    2. David O. Russell wins Best Director
    3. Rebelle wins Best Foreign Language

  203. 1. Ben Affleck presents Best Director
    2. Argo wins everything except supporting actor and a sound category
    3. A tie somewhere

  204. Brian Rowe has the best no guts: Ben Affleck still wins Best Director, even though he’s not nominated – WHAT A CLASSIC!!! And I’d like to add, he ties with Ron Howard for Apollo 13, even though it didn’t come out this year. Hey, if they are calling Silver Linings an indie film and the real indie film Beast, didn’t win, anything is possible.

  205. 1. Joaquin Phoenix wins Best Actor.
    2. Philip Seymour Hoffman wins Best Supporting Actor.
    3. Django Unchained wins Best Picture.

  206. Skyfall and Amour wins more Oscars than Argo

  207. mileshigh

    Silver Linings Playbook is shut out!

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