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  1. What a wonderful picture :)

  2. Pierre de Plume

    Although I didn’t predict Inocente to win, it was my favorite. It’s really a lovely film; not only is the story quite compelling but the visuals are absolutely stunning.

  3. Several of us teared up during that speech.

    So freaking awesome

  4. Thanks for posting this picture, I loved this movie and seeing Inocente in that lovely dress on the stage I was crying right with her!

  5. Predicted Inocente! Ahhh so good.

    Can’t believe I forgot to enter my predictions here on AD. I got 22/24 with my Oscar pool (Waltz and Lawrence messed me up)

    Anyways, great picture! Love that Daniel Day-Lewis.

  6. Daniel Day-Lewis shoots to the top of the list with this performance & he might win yet another Oscar (which is why Denzel Washington should have won this year.)

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