New Gatsby Posters

Such Moving Pictures just posted these lovely Gatsby portraits. Gatsby seems destined, at the very least, for production design and costume nominations.


For bigger versions of the posters, head on over to their site.

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  1. Bryce Forestieri

    I’ve read this one’s a turkey

  2. Yeahhh the whole thing stinks of turkey. But I’m up for turkey if it’s smothered generously in Baz Luhrmann sauce.

  3. When I read Joel Edgerton was the best part about the movie I was immediately worried. Not that Edgerton is a bad performer, I like that he is finally getting this exposure and a good string of projects (there is a reason Bigelow stuck with finding him a role for ZDT after he was the first person cast in the now defunct Tora Bora movie she intended to do on Osama bin Laden), but Tom Buchanan should not be a character who you think is the best part of anything. It leads me to think the other castings went incredibly awry.

  4. John H. Foote

    But Bruce Dern was the best thing in the 1974 film…he was extraordinary, far better than Redford and Farrow….

  5. That movie was not exactly great shakes either.

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