Star Trek Into Darkness, trailer 2

In the future, everything is funny.

Trailer 1 after the cut.

Not so funny in December.


  1. Adam 2 years ago

    /\ first Bling Ring teaser trailer. It’s Sofia Coppola so it deserves attention too! :)

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  2. Johan 2 years ago

    Lens flares! Lens flares everywhere!

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  3. Watermelons 2 years ago

    first Bling Ring teaser trailer. It’s Sofia Coppola so it deserves attention too!

    It’s been posted, and it’s even still on the first page here. And it looks great!:

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  4. Paddy Mulholland 2 years ago

    Count me out of this nerdgasm circle jerk.

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  5. Michael 2 years ago

    I went to see the first Star Trek without any expectations and ended up being really entertained. I’ve never been a fan of the previous series or movies, so I don’t really know what to expect for this one, but I hope I’m going to enjoy it!

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  6. Kane 2 years ago

    Come on, Paddy. Not even for Benedict?

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  7. Bryce Forestieri 2 years ago

    Loved the first one so have some expectations here. The trailers put out has been near faultless. Not one of my most anticipated for Summer 2013, but I’ll be there. C’moonnn! Why do I still have to wait 3 months for MAN OF STEEL?! I need a fucking release date for SNOWPIERCER now!!!

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  8. Paddy Mulholland 2 years ago

    I’ll see it. And I might enjoy it. I enjoyed the first one to an extent. And I do like Benedict Cumberbatch. But I feel like this is this year’s Avengers for me.

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  9. dave 2 years ago

    I might see the new star trek but I’m really looking forward to see the new star wars whenever that comes out.

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  10. Vince Smetana 2 years ago

    “I need a fucking release …”

    LOL. Yes, indeed.

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  11. Bryce Forestieri 2 years ago




    For all ya’ll technologically adequate: How do I insert bold and italic text into the comments?? Thanks, much love!

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  12. Karl 2 years ago


    Please look my blog and film awards

    Please comment!

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  13. Kane 2 years ago

    I think this will be more The Dark Knight rather than Iron Man 2.

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  14. jd2130 2 years ago

    Hey Kane forget chokeslaming paddy Holland can you go to rope of silicon and choke slam brad brevet to hell I hate him

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  15. Vince Smetana 2 years ago

    Bryce, sorry, couldn’t resist.

    You get bold by typing

    your genius words here

    But you don’t use those spaces inside the brackets.

    For italics, sand instructions but the letter “I”

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  16. Vince Smetana 2 years ago

    Okay. That didn’t work.

    Brackets before and after the bold part. Brackets being “”

    And then at the end, same thing but with a “/” before the “b”.

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  17. Vince Smetana 2 years ago

    Just go here:

    They show you how to make a bold tag. You have to make an ending bold tag at the end of the text you want to embolden. Same thing but with a slash leaning to right before the letter.

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  18. Vince 2 years ago

    Why the brevet hate? I think his 2013 best pic predictions are a little off, but nothing to hate on.

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  19. jd2130 2 years ago

    @Vince he’s a jerk they’re all babies over there whenever you bring up a movie you like and they don’t they start calling you names. what needs to happen is put brad brevet and paddy mulholland on the enterprise and ship them both to a planet far far away. cause both of them are overrated [deleted word that doesn’t begin with a C] !!!

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  20. Bryce Forestieri 2 years ago


    Thanks for the help! Earlier I was referred to a tutorial by Ryan and it works like charm!

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  21. Vince Smetana 2 years ago

    @jd2130 I wouldn’t sweat the small stuff. Brevet gave Django Unchained an A+. And Paddy is harmless.

    @Bryce Looks like you learned some extra stuff too. LOL

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  22. Gentle Benj 2 years ago

    The 10-minute preview in front of The Hobbit was the most effective tease I’ve ever seen. I was already going to see it opening weekend, but now I’ll be there at midnight, paying for the obviously-worth-it 3D. I don’t need to see anything else.

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