The Butler Poster Debuts


I would have preferred this tagline, “back then there was only one way for a black man to get into the White House.”



  1. Banjoman 2 years ago

    This might be the biggest wild card of the year. It could be SO strong… or, as that stack o’ stars a the top of the poster reminds me, it could easily stretch itself too thin. I’m dying to see it and find out.

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  2. Paddy Mulholland 2 years ago


    That’s funny, Sasha!

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  3. lenka73 2 years ago

    more PRECIOUS or more PAPER BOY?

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  4. Cameron 2 years ago

    This looks terrible. I can’t wait to throw popcorn at all the failed dreams it spawns

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  5. Ryan Adams 2 years ago

    now I have no idea what to expect

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  6. Tye-Grr 2 years ago

    I cannot express in words how completely unexcited I am to see this. I don’t feel that I am too cynical, and I give every film I see a fair chance, but this one is doing nothing for me. That trailer, and now this poster, make me feel like this will be nothing more than artificial cheese with a very large and bizarre cast.

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  7. The Ghost of Easter 2 years ago

    Am I the only person who immediantly associated this poster with the one for The King’s Speech?

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  8. Ryan Adams 2 years ago

    I did too, but they were closer in my memory than anything I could find to match in reality.

    for one thing, this rear view of Forest Whitaker gazing out the reminds me of the rear view of the royal family waving from the balcony in the final shot of The King’s Speech.

    What’s most similar about the two posters is the sanitized style of artwork.

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  9. Kevin Klawitter 2 years ago

    In related news, Forest Whitaker is also in talks to play Martin Luther King, Jr. in Paul Greengrass’s upcoming biopic “Memphis”:

    That’d be kinda funny, playing a movie featuring MLK in a supporting role one year and then playing MLK himself the next. Wonder if Forest is going to ask Nelsan Ellis for pointers…

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  10. Jpns Sleuth Says, The Butler Did It! 2 years ago

    I’m sooo crash-test-dummy here: [humming] mmm mmm mmm mmm (quite a daring move for a big word: “revolution”) mmm mmm mmm. . . .

    Anyway, I love American mainstream music in 80s and 90s in particular so for sentimental reason I am also interested to see how Kravitz’s James Holloway is going to be portrayed in this . . . movie.

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  11. mr. e 2 years ago

    Who does Clarence Williams III play?

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  12. julian the emperor 2 years ago

    Jesus. A Lee Daniels movie? He is probably the worst “credible” director working in America today. There is something terribly antiseptic about that poster, btw. It looks completely devoid of life

    I like Sasha’s suggestion for an alternative tag line, though:)

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  13. steve50 2 years ago

    Someone must’ve found the tagline stitched on granny’s pillow. It suggests the butler in the photo crosses the yard and unlocks the gates…if only.

    This’ll be the what were they thinking movie of the year.

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  14. superkk 2 years ago

    loved precious. hated the paperboy. this could be a hit or miss. rumors are that jane fonda steals the show though.

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  15. Chance 2 years ago

    Rumors are? I’m always interested by that phrase. Is that from people who’ve seen screenings? People on set?

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  16. Kane 2 years ago

    If you’re talking quality, I’d say Precious. But I think this won’t share the same style as either of his films.

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  17. RRA says the Butler did it! 2 years ago

    This movie doesn’t look good. Basically the non-sports 42, giving old white people something to feel good about.

    Also, did you see that trailer? John Cusack=Nixon and Hans Gruber=Reagan are two of the most whacktastic castings I’ve noticed in a long time.

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