Trailer drops for Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street

(thanks to BBBerlin)


  1. therealmike 2 years ago

    Yes! Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes! Leo and Matthew look incredible in this. I really hope it´s a winner on all levels.

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  2. julian the emperor 2 years ago

    Hmm…very different from what I’d expected. Much more comedy in here for starters. Leo looks like he’s more relaxed in his own skin, which is a good thing. And…Black Skinhead is a helluva soundtrack (before it’s even properly released on Yeezus). Wow, I guess.

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  3. @Pokernatic 2 years ago


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  4. Manuel 2 years ago

    Looks like a lot of fun. And McConaughey!!

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  5. Paddy Mulholland 2 years ago

    I don’t trust Leonardo DiCaprio a jot with this. But Matthew McConaughey? Definitely.

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  6. Sonja 2 years ago

    I like the tone of the trailer with mixed elents of light AND dramatic. Though some were also pretty hilarious. (the last 10 seconds)
    Didn’t expect that.

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  7. steve50 2 years ago

    Interesting, but I miss the Joe Pesci Scorsese.

    This could slip into self-parody pretty easily.

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  8. CB 2 years ago

    When can we stop pretending Leo can act? He’s like that kid who gets the main role in every high school show, and so we see that kid playing the role.

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  9. Evan 2 years ago

    Looks almost like Goodfellas in tone and style. Which means awesome! Plus Matthew McConaughey looks great.

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  10. Bryce Forestieri 2 years ago

    Tends to happen when you’ve made at the very least 4 uncontended undisputed masterpieces. Ask Kurosawa. I like me some casinoesque Scorsese!

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  11. Bryce Forestieri 2 years ago

    Having read the book I’m getting really great vibes from this trailer. DiCaprio seems to be hitting it out of the park. Could it be his year. I have to say the trailer is not as good as it could be if the movie is what I’m anticipating! I see critical acclaim, at least very decent box office, and nominations across the board for this picture! Did you guys notice or in case you’ve read the book there’s another acting nomination, right there. Mark my words.

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  12. Luke 2 years ago

    The light tone here seems to suit Leo. I hate it whenever he’s in a role where he growls and huffs and puffs to show intensity very unconvincingly.

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  13. Bryce Forestieri 2 years ago

    Lol boy this trailer ruined your morning

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  14. CB 2 years ago

    I just can’t get over Revolutionary Road. How was that not career-ending?

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  15. julian the emperor 2 years ago

    Exactly. Never have I seen such a train wreck of a performance. Surely the most stiff acting in ages. The dialogue scenes with Winslet are painfully unconvincing.
    Leo comes close to “bettering” his all-time nadir in both The Aviator and Gangs of New York, though. Boy, he’s bad when he tries hard not to be.

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  16. Haro 2 years ago

    You two are insane. If you want to bash Leo, point to Gangs of New York or something. His performance in Revolutionary Road was a pure masterclass in acting. His eruptions with Winslet/Shannon are unequalled in their emotional intensity.

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  17. Bryce Forestieri 2 years ago

    I celebrate different opinions! :)

    1. Kate Winslet should have won Best Actress for REVOLUTIONARY ROAD and not that other thing.

    2. Leonardo DiCaprio as robbed of a Best Actor nomination for REVOLUTIONARY ROAD.

    3. REVOLUTIONARY ROAD, 2nd best movie by Sam Mendes after ROAD TO PERDITION

    Who the fuck remembers FROST/NIXON? At least RR seems to have angered a lot of people.

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  18. CB 2 years ago

    Every time he started fighting with Kate, I thought they were both going to burst out laughing.

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  19. Claire 2 years ago

    Love this trailer!

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  20. James 2 years ago

    Not what I was expecting. I love it.

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  21. lenka73 2 years ago

    Leo DiCaprio and the Best Actor in Leading Role Frontrunner together!

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  22. Jason Travis 2 years ago

    This looks like a great ride- always expect a little more spice with a Scorsese film; don’t just judge it on the surface.

    As For DiCaprio- he’s a fine actor WHEN given the right roles. But Revolutionary Road was sadly his worst to date. It wasn’t all his fault. The screenplay was sorely lacking any originality or wit past a fourth grade education and it just seemed both him and Winslet were performing Jack & Rose in the 50s.

    Winslet was FAR more mature and refined in The Reader, and deserved to win for that.

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  23. Jpns Viewer 2 years ago

    Given a film by +Scorsese, as well as the trailer itself, it looks promising to me.

    So does DiCaprio — promising as far as the trailer goes. I’m hoping [as someone has already pointed out upon a good part of which I agree] he was not trying “too hard”, let’s say, a la The Aviator. (He was natural more or less in Blood Diamond for instance, thanks in part to the co-stars the talented Jenny Connelly and the equally amazing Djimon Hounsou.)

    (+It pays to have had good Resume; despite the promising version of this trailer, I would have been quite skeptic had it been billed as an average mainstream director’s piece.)

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  24. Antoinette 2 years ago

    Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the best actors of his generation.

    CB, you are hereby banned from watching films. Guards. *waves* Take him away.

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  25. Antoinette 2 years ago

    I was expecting something more serious. That trailer was a hoot. That whole humming thing lololol McConaughey is a trip. This movie should be a lot of fun. Maybe it’ll even have the good Jonah Hill instead of the boring Moneyball one. 😀

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  26. CB 2 years ago

    Actually, he’s almost always terrible. He’s good in the Departed and Django.

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  27. julian the emperor 2 years ago

    Good in Django? Hmm, I wonder. But NEVER ever scary, and I think the role required that to really work.

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  28. moviewatcher 2 years ago

    Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Raging Bull and…?

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  29. SallyinChicago 2 years ago

    Gotta love Scorsesee….about Leonardo – hmm….how many of these “rich boy” roles is he going to be trapped in?

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  30. SallyinChicago 2 years ago

    Yep, I think Leo is playing what he’s played before (Howard Hughes, Gatsby) but McConaughey — wow! maybe it’s time he got that award.

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  31. KT 2 years ago

    Casino is not a masterpiece.

    The only other film that might have a reputation arguably as close to the three mentioned (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas) is The King of Comedy.

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  32. KT 2 years ago

    You know what, WHO CARES IF THIS WINS OSCARS OR NOT?? REALLY! I don’t think Scorsese cares about that anymore now that he’s won. Over the last few years, the Academy has awarded cookie-cutter prestige movies for Best Picture lacking strong authorial voices that will not stand the test of time. Does it really mean anything to win that award anymore, especially now that films no longer have legs at the box office and aren’t getting a huge boost following the ceremony? Though I thought I wouldn’t be too interested in the film’s premise, this looks like a whole lot of fun. Leo actually seems relaxed and not tackling one of his ridiculous accents, which I said here a while back under the Gatsby clips points to his relatively weak voice for an actor. I’m looking forward to the film now and was definitely not expecting something this light and directorially interesting.

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  33. Chris Price 2 years ago


    The King Of Comedy, Mean Streets and Hugo would also qualify for me.

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  34. Kim 2 years ago

    For God’s sake, it’s like listening to two foggy old farts in a nursing home complaining about the invention of the radio. DiCaprio is a legend in the making. Get used to it.

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  35. Chris Price 2 years ago

    After completely writing off the trailer to Hugo as fluff, then seeing it and calling it the best movie of the year, I know not to analyze a Scorsese trailer to heavily. He makes the movie he wants to make, then the studio has to figure out how to sell it. Sometimes they do a better job than others. In this case, they’re doing a better job selling it as a populist film rather than an Oscar film, but I would expect the tone of the film to be slightly less comical when all is said and done. That said, if this is a straight up populist movie, I will not complain one bit, because it looks fun as hell.

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  36. Bryce Forestieri 2 years ago

    Who said Casino is a masterpiece? And nah

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  37. KT 2 years ago

    Ok, think I just misinterpreted your casinoesque Scorsese comment.

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  38. CB 2 years ago

    Not scary at all – and definitely a ‘major movie star playing a totally insidious character’ role, not a real part. But then again, when Leo tries to play a real part (Blood Diamond, RR) he bombs.

    By the way, Kim, I’m 26.

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  39. Bball_Jake 2 years ago

    Holy shit this looks like one of the greatest things Ive ever seen! Give Leo the Oscar already PLEASE!!!

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  40. julian the emperor 2 years ago

    Kim: I AM an old fart, 33 years old, can you imagine? The only thing that makes me feel good about my age is the fact that Leo is even older.

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  41. Alan G. 2 years ago

    What are you talking about? DiCaprio, Winslet, Shannon, Bates, etc. all gave great performances in REVOLUTIONARY ROAD. The film was wildly mis-marketed so most audiences had no clue what they were seeing and it’s a downtrodden film. Not everyone reads the source material. I was blown away by DiCaprio’s performance in Revolutionary Road and, frankly, Shutter Island was brilliant and he was outstanding in it. He consistently delivers time and time again in every movie – people just take him for granted now. And that’s a shame because this guy is truly one of the greats. I think he’ll be more and more appreciated as he ages. I appreciate him now — he’s the only thing that made Gatsby bearable.

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  42. Kim 2 years ago

    Well, act your age then, boys:-)

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  43. Leni 2 years ago

    This looks awesome. Leo looks goofier and more comedic than I remember ever seeing him. I’m glad he’s doing something different. I think he’s great.

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  44. Fielding 2 years ago

    Looks very boring. Yet another story of rich wankers leading lives of obscene excess, made by a director desperately trying to come off as youthful and cutting edge. Yawn.

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  45. RBanz 2 years ago

    Does anyone else get a Wall Street meets American Beauty vibe?

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  46. Jerry Grant 2 years ago

    Leo in Revolutionary Road was masterclass. How he was not recognized with a nomination for either that or The Departed is beyond me.

    Very much looking forward to this one!!

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  47. Lars 2 years ago

    There seems to be a lot of hate for Leo, which I don’t quite understand. I admire how McConaughey turns his career around, working with some of the best directors, but how is he not constantly playing a variation on this slightly eccentric character who hums, whoo-hoos, and charms his ways to things? I’m more looking forward to Dallas Buyers Club, because the role will put his acting to the test.

    Wasn’t thrilled by the trailer, by it’s just a trailer. This looks like Goodfellas (which is my favorite Scorsese’s pic), so it could be very promising.

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  48. TOM 2 years ago

    Ah…do I want to spend 2 hours with these super-rich jerks? Not particularly. Its got the typical high-vottage Scorses jump-cut editing slices (Thelma’s work) that always seem to impress me to watch his work with the sound off. Matthew – I’ve only liked him in Dazed and Confused – nothing really since has really overwhelmed me. Of these three leads – am I the only one who thinks that none of them would be remotely hired by any Wall Street firm? I’d be somewhat more interested in this whole project if that guy from Friday Night Lights who plays the FBI agent – I can picture him as ‘the wolf’ and maybe, Leo as the FBI guy (but his baby face still distracts me from believing him in ‘adult’ roles.) Do love that blonde hottie, though, who plays his girlfriend.

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  49. Elton 2 years ago

    I think it’s kinda of sad hearing Kanye’s brillant song in the trailer of a filme like that, white-guys-money-women-cool.

    “Black Skinhead” it’s so angry, tough and rough, it’s about other things and has such a strong power when you listen to it. I was upset seeing it to be reduced to a fast, dinamic, cool background music.

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  50. Devil's Advocate 2 years ago

    Why are people complaining about the song in the trailer. Who cares? Kanye says,” I know I’m a wolf!” That is why it was used. It has nothing to do with his whack attempt to rhyme.” The movie is called The WOLF of Wall Street! Find somewhere else to fan the flames of racism. If you don’t like the movie, then don’t see it.

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