Trailer for Terry Gilliam’s Zero Theorem

On Thursday lucky Comic-Con audiences in Hall H got to see the opening 10 minutes of Terry Gilliam’s new science fiction film, “The Zero Theorem,” starring Christoph Waltz, Matt Damon and Tilda Swinton.

(Thanks to Elias for this trailer tip).


  1. Mik 2 years ago

    Looks like lunacy. I’m in.

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  2. William Best 2 years ago

    Looks awesome! Really like the weirdness of Monty Python and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen was a childhood favorite and this looks better then Brothers Grimm, so I’m excited!

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  3. Smoothcriminal 2 years ago

    I’m confused, where were Matt Damon and Tilda Swinton?

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  4. SallyinChicago 2 years ago

    Big failure movie based on this trailer.

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  5. lenka73 2 years ago

    Thierry is adorable! <3

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  6. Jules 2 years ago

    Define “failure”. Financial? The film only cost 8,5 million $ and it’s likey to be paid by international sales, Tv sales and home video alone.
    Artistic? Well, if you are accustomed to Michael Bay movies only you could find it lacking.
    I saw the trailer and 12 minues of various scenes, I read the script, I’ve been a fan of Gilliam for 2 decades. Christoph Waltz is my favorite actor. To me this film is no failure, any way it might go, this film to me is a dream come true. I understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I will keep on supporting it 100%. And it seems it is in competition at the Venice Film Festival next month, so it cannot be that bad.

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  7. keifer 2 years ago

    Anything Terry Gilliam directs is well worth your time, effort and money.

    The man is a genius.

    I’ll be seeing this movie on opening day.

    It’s a shame AMPAS has failed to recognize his directorial achievements in the past (nary a nomination).

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