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Brand New Inside Llewyn Davis Trailer

Via Slashfilm:

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  1. As a fellow songwriter this looks beautiful.

  2. trailerwise this and The Wind Rise by Miyazaki are the two films I really cannot wait to see!

  3. Absolutely love the pearly whites and coffee browns in the cinematography. Can’t wait to hear Ryan’s views on the film’s look.

  4. julian the emperor

    Looking SOOO much forward to this…

    Oscar Isaac looks sensational. There’s a subtle timing in his acting that comes through even in a trailer format.

  5. Beautiful. Just perfect.

    (But if this wins best cinematography I will feel very sorry for Roger Deakins.)

  6. This has been my best picture pick from the instant it was first described. I just hope my hopes are realized because this looks wonderful and I would hate to have noisier and meaner shove it out of the way.

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