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  1. Paddy Mulholland 2 years ago

    Just how much acid did Glenn Whipp take before he made his choices…?

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  2. Christophe 2 years ago

    wow! 12 yrs a slave and the butler are higher than I expected but it’s all pretty tight anyway… no love for gatsby :( and methinks they’re underestimating blue jasmine, i’ve read somewhere the academy screening went extremely well and some attendees considered it a lock.

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  3. drake 2 years ago

    i mean how laughable is it that “the butler” is a serious contender and films like “before midnight” and “blue jasmine” are so far down?

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  4. Michael 2 years ago

    All Is Lost getting seriously considered and Before Midnight being completely off the map almost invalidates this whole thing for me.

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  5. Christophe 2 years ago

    he says in the comments, he doesn’t vote for movie he hasn’t seen yet.

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  6. Christophe 2 years ago

    BM got 5 votes which puts it at the edge of the top 20 (#19)

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  7. Bball_Jake 2 years ago

    Just saw Blue Jasmine last night and Cate Blanchett gives one of the best performances of all time. She has to win Best Actress. This movie is a masterpiece, its the real deal! Woody deserves best original screenplay and a nomination for director, and it also deserves a Best Picture nomination, a supp. Actress nom for Sally Hawkins and the Best Actress Win for Blanchett. Even though I havent seen Nebraska, I’m looking forward to its chances of getting nominated for Best Picture and winning Best Actor for Bruce Dern. And why isnt Prisoners on the list but Lone Survivor and All is Lost are?

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  8. Antoinette 2 years ago

    I saw it today. Couldn’t agree more. Blanchett was stupendous. If someone acts better than her this year, man or woman, we will be lucky film fans indeed. I loved the whole film. Of course I was excited to see Dice’s much acclaimed performance and he did not disappoint. No one did. Everyone was top notch. I believe that Louis C.K. is that guy. lol Maybe he is.

    I mean I’ve seen most of Woody Allen’s movies. And this is definitely in the upper eschelon. Someone please take this movie to Quentin Tarantino and convince him to make movies when he’s 77. That retirement talk last year because of a fear of losing his umph has been proven wrong by this film. If Woody can do it, he can do it. Old people, FTW!!!

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  9. Bob Burns 2 years ago

    a lot of the unseen are going to disappoint. I’ll be surprised if one of the early goodies, Fruitville, BM or BJ doesn’t climb up these charts as the faves get knocked off.

    Bet BM and/or end up in the top three of the year-end critics lists

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  10. PJ 2 years ago

    Don’t understand hype for Captain Phillips. Looks like a well made thriller…but Oscar worthy?

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  11. Bryce Forestieri 2 years ago

    I was about say pleasantly surprised by 12 YEARS A SLAVE being at the top, but upon closer inspection of the numbers…these all over the fucking place! They really have no idea of where the jackpot could be. Is that usual for this time of year? pre-TIFF/Telluride/Venice…

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  12. Derek 8-Track 2 years ago

    It may have nothing to do with this, they may have been placed where they are regardless, but I feel like i have to credit Awards Daily and thier constant push/discussions/highlighting/etc to get “black films” (whatever that really means) recognized and in the dialogue for possible contenders. Awards Daily may have nothing to do with it, I assume all these guys read each others sites though, but its nice these films are getting noticed as heavy hitters so early in the game. Hopefully they have lasting power throughout the season. (I haven’t seen any of the films yet so I’m speaking blindly. Perhaps they all suck.)

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  13. Jerry Grant 2 years ago

    So many of these, which we haven’t seen yet, will fall away, and “Blue Jasmine” will rise to the top 10.

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  14. Jerry Grant 2 years ago

    I hope Captain Phillips is more than just a thriller. United 93 was more than just a thriller. Greengrass is doing his own kind of work, and I hope this movie is expanding on his neo-realist non-moralistic intensity.

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  15. Jpns Viewer 2 years ago

    Disappointed for no love so big – big enough for Blue Jasmine from these so-called critics. But I am glad to see American Hustle atop sharing the spots with others. (I’ve heard they’d been toying with the title, American Bullshit [for real!], and somehow finally reached to the end a la Hustle [Thank UFO Gods!].)

    By the way, I am currently taking interest in The Book Thief the film thanks to the serviceable trailer. So, anyone with tips, please let us know here in your comments or via the editors (thanks in advance).

    Thanks for the info, Sasha.

    #Sidenote#: Where has Jackson Traux (sp) been? Enjoyed his interviews with the people working in the industry of cool [Crowe’s words, not mine] during the […] season finale; hoping to see his pieces on AD, again…. (In case he has got some good material, I don’t think we should be waiting until the end of the year.)

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  16. Hans Simmer 2 years ago

    Interesting list but here ist first review The Counselor !!

    [Hulk SMASH bogus link]

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  17. Paddy Mulholland 2 years ago

    The Butler is a serious contender because, now that it has been tested, the gurus know that it has exactly what is required to make it into the race. Before Midnight and Blue Jasmine will likely be tougher sells to the Academy.

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  18. steve50 2 years ago

    Link connects to a porn site. FYI

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  19. Jpns Viewer 2 years ago

    “Link connects to a porn site. FYI”



    For the time being, the link also appears on the OTHER threads.

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  20. Joe Clinton 2 years ago

    The trailer for “August: Osage County” is unbearable, curable only by watching the trailer for “Inside Llewyn Davis”.

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  21. Joe Clinton 2 years ago

    I am reluctant to see “The Butler”. Is it as simplistic and cartoonish as “The Help”?

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  22. Joe Clinton 2 years ago

    I agree wholeheartedy about Blanchett as a best actress shoo-in, and I am equally eager to see Nebraska.

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  23. Mirko 2 years ago

    I like trailer of Saving Mr Banks. I believe Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks in nomination Golden Globe and Oscar.

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  24. Bryce Forestieri 2 years ago

    OT: Lovely and heartbreaking piece by Ana Gunn, my choice to win the Emmy for Best Supporting Actress – Drama

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  25. Asif Khan 2 years ago

    she is my choice to win as well!

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  26. Jamie 2 years ago

    At present my “must see” films of the contenders are 12 Years A Slave, Inside Llewyn Davis, Blue Jasmine and Her. Sight unseen, I’m inclined towards Inside Llewyn Davis or 12 Years a Slave with Jasmine and Her being in the running for the acting awards.

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  27. Brian 2 years ago

    American Hustle has Oscar wrapped up … pretty much a done deal

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  28. Patrick 2 years ago

    I just went and saw Blue Jasmine last night. It was the best acting performance I have seen from a woman since Reese Witherspoon in Walk the Line. Why is this movie not on your chart?! This is the best work both Cate Blanchett and Woody Allen has EVER done!

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  29. Patrick 2 years ago


    I have never been a fan of Woody Allen and in fact I think he has had an EXTREMELY over rated career. Saying that, I came out of seeing Blue Jasmine feeling two things. 1. This performance by Cate Blanchett is the best acting performance I have seen from a woman since Reese Witherspoon in Walk the Line. In my opinion, her performance ranks in my top 3 of all time with Reese and Joanne Woodward from Three Faces of Eve. As someone who has done some acting in the past (and certainly not on a level as Ms. Blanchett by any means) I know that it is very difficult to create a character with basically two sides. I would imagine that it is even harder to get into character when the scenes are shot at different times and not continually. 2. This is the best work Woody Allen has ever done. I don’t think the story is as good as Midnight in Paris but the overall movie is 10xs better. I give major credit to Ms. Blanchett for the character she created on the screen but I feel like in order to get to that level of insanity you must have a good director to push you there and give you the confidence that what you are doing is right. Obviously we haven’t seen all the movies that will be nominated for 2013 but if it’s not nominated in the categories of Best Actress and Best Director then the Academy should be ashamed of themselves. This what the Oscar is all about.

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  30. Renee 2 years ago

    Before Midnight has no shot. :( Damn that sucks. It might be the best reviewed movie of the year, and crap like The Butler has a better shot.Unless the critics lavish awards on it, it’s Oscar chances are dead.

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