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  1. steve50

    Lookin’ good.

  2. Mrs Rochester

    Looks good indeed, but Cruz is definitively the weakest link. Fassbender, Pitt and specially Diaz will probably make me forget she’s even in the film…

  3. Mrs Rochester

    P.S. Nice having Brad Pitt working again with Scott after Thelma & Louise…

  4. therealmike

    Damn this looks good. I don´t even know where to begin. I really hope Diaz nails it and burns us to the ground.

  5. therealmike

    Cruz the weakest link? Well, that´s just impossible.

  6. Mrs Rochester

    @therealmike: Are you being ironic? Cause otherwise you probably haven’t seen any previous “acting work” by Ms. Cruz…

  7. Tye-Grr

    Oh, you mean Academy Award winner and three time nominee Penelope Cruz? He’s likely seen her previous work. Sure, she’s had some clunkers, but in the last 10 years or so especially she has proven herself more than capable.

  8. Bryce Forestieri

    What the fug, as if I could wait any longer!! Indeed looks like a knock-out performance from Cameron Diaz. Brad Pitt is supposed to have a rather small role but he looks on fire too.

  9. rouge en rouge

    Who would have thought: Cameron Diaz stealing the spotlight from Academy Award winners and indie darlings. I’ll probably watch this just for me actually. She looks really good in this.

  10. The Pope

    Well, this trailer certainly is better than the ones before. It gives us a glimpse of the characters, the premise and above all it has an interesting tone. Fingers crossed.

  11. julian the emperor

    Looks much better than the first couple of trailers. We get a much better glimpse of what Diaz’, Pitt’s and Fassbender’s characters are about. I no longer fear a Savages-style fiasco, this could actually be good. But I still doubt it’s an awards contender, still looks too much like genre material.

  12. The Pope

    Not to be confrontational but genre material wins quite a lot and can create some great winning films: Hamlet, Lawrence of Arabia, West Side Story, The Godfather, and Two, Platoon, Unforgiven, Silence of the Lambs, Schindler’s List, Gladiator.

  13. julian the emperor

    Sure, but this kind of genre material? No Country For Old Men is a precedent, possibly, but I get the feeling that this hasn’t got quite the same subdued seriousness about it. This is more flashy and extroverted. The Diaz character is quite the femme fatale, she would have felt absolutely out of place in NCFOM.

    Since this is a Ridley Scott movie and his recent films have been underwhelming, to say the least, that gives me another pause as to consider this Oscar material.

    But, hey, I would love to be wrong, I’m as big a fan of his old work as I think you can find.

  14. Looks fantastic! I HOPE it is great and that it’s an awards contender but not banking on it…but it could sneak in with Diaz and if it’s really great a best pic nom. Not sure it can win best pic.

  15. Bryce Forestieri

    Since this is a Ridley Scott movie and his recent films have been underwhelming, to say the least, that gives me another pause as to consider this Oscar material

    Whether you’re a fan or not of Ridley’s last effort. I certainly am, and I’ll give you that if the standards you hold him to are his early masterpieces, then you’re justified to be underwhelmed. I for one -and think Ryan Adams mentioned these too in different form- would re-watch BLACK HAWK DOWN, KINGDOM OF HEAVEN -THE DIRECTOR’S CUT, AMERICAN GANGSTER and PROMETHEUS over much, much recent “Oscar material”. They have been, at the very least for me, quality exhilarating rides. But I digress! My point is===>

    ==>Underwhelming and “Oscar material” go hand in hand, hell, underwhelming and Best Picture Winner are not that far apart either (e.g. THE ARTIST, OUT OF AFRICA, etc, etc, etc).

  16. julian the emperor

    Yeah, but The Artist and Out of Africa hardly have much to do with a film like The Counselor, I think we can agree on that. An “underwhelming” movie in the vein of The Counselor would be as far from Oscar material as is possible, whereas “underwhelming” is more like the norm for films like the ones you mentioned. So what’s the point of comparing them?

  17. therealmike

    I loved her in “Vanilla Sky”. That´s all I am saying. Oh and “Todo sobre mi madre”. Oh and she was great in “Gothika”, too. And wait what? She has an Oscar? She was nominated three times? Even best actress for a spanish speaking role? She managed to be the only actress to be nominated for “Nine”? So yeah she´s always the weakest link.

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