Tilda points to the tail in Snowpiercer trailer

  1. Tony 2 years ago

    I hadn’t heard of this film before. The set-up, that an effort to stop global warming causes the opposite, is priceless to this conservative!

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  2. Bryce Forestieri 2 years ago

    Boycott Weinstein’s cut !!!

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  3. Bryce Forestieri 2 years ago

    I have so many conservative friends I’m dreading 2016. I myself tend to be more conservative in fiscal/monetary issues and center left in regards to interventionism. I just cannot bring myself to vote for anyone who sees me a second class human being, ever.

    Anyways, never mind my ramblings…I cannot for the life of me see the conservative/liberal dichotomy in the fact of global warming. T illusion of being two opposing views with equal cred has been created by special interests. I’m sure you see that. #longliveIke !!

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  4. Christophe 2 years ago

    It looks all right for a pic that cost “only” $40 mil. to make. In an era of creative bankruptcy and marketing myopia, I applaud any attempt by outsiders (mini or even foreign studios) to compete with Hollywood on its own turf, as long as they don’t try to hard to copy Hollywood and keep a modicum of artistic earnestness.

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  5. Christophe 2 years ago

    Yeah right, I’m sorry for polar bears, rising sea-levels and all sorts of weird climate phenomenons, but I would certainly enjoy being warm all year round. I don’t mind a couple weeks of snow when on vacation, but I hate to suffer through months and months of depressing and cold weather.

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  6. Christophe 2 years ago

    The film already made $60 mil. in South Korea alone. Even if it’s only mildly successful in the rest of the world, it’ll easily gross more than 100$ mil. WW. It’ll play very well in Russia and should reach decent numbers in Japan, France and Germany, the US will be the cherry on the cake.

    Also, even though I’ve already watched the trailer, I can’t help asking: whose tail is Tilda pointing to?

    Sorry, that was way too tempting…

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  7. lenka73 2 years ago

    in Italy it will open in January but I’m afraid in the shorter version

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  8. superkk 2 years ago

    who cuts a 2 hour film by 20 mins? that makes no sense.

    so because of weinsteins little BS this will probably not make it to the US this year *sigh* i was really hoping for it.:/

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