Bill Condon Interviewed for the Fifth Estate

The Fifth Estate is caught in a firestorm a la Zero Dark Thirty – that means, it seems, it’s too hot to touch. Here’s director Bill Condon.
Posted On 16 Oct 2013

David Fincher’s Gone Girl gets a Release Date and Set Pics Emerge

David Fincher is filming Gone Girl as we speak, with a release date now set for October 3, 2014. That only means a whole year to wait. It will zoom by.  Set pictures have surfaced of Fincher and Ben Affleck, the film’s star, along with The Bar (if you read the book, you...
Posted On 16 Oct 2013

New Poster for August: Osage County

I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to see this movie after seeing this poster. #THROWDOWN  
Posted On 16 Oct 2013

High Praise for Robert Redford in All is Lost

New York Magazine’s David Edelstein writes: In his late seventies, Robert Redford has never held the camera as magnificently as he does in the survival-at-sea thriller All Is Lost, and it’s not just because he’s the only person in the movie. It’s because solitude is his...
Posted On 16 Oct 2013

Brad Pitt visits the Today Show to Publicize 12 Years a Slave

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Posted On 16 Oct 2013

New York Film Critics to Vote December 3

The New York Film critics pushed their voting date far back enough so that they would be “first,” ahead of the National Board of Review. The NYFCC will announce a day before the NBR, on December 3, 2013. You will note as we comb through these early awards how one film...
Posted On 16 Oct 2013

London Film Festival: Inside Llewyn Davis

There was a moment, yesterday, as I sat in the back of the taxi, watching the fare rise, imagining the first fifteen minutes of the film I was missing, Borgman, sweating like a priest in a playground, when I thought, “I’ve had enough. I haven’t even lasted two days in London. It...