Captain Phillips’ Barkhad Abdi Talks to Matt Lauer

Sure to be Best Supporting Actor nominee Barkhad Abdi talks acting, Tom Hanks and Somalia:

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  1. david 2 years ago

    Sorry I don’t think he’s a sure bet for a nomination Sasha he’s a serious contender but not a sure bet

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  2. Christophe 2 years ago

    +1! Fassbender, Hanks, maybe Leto are locks but that’s about it, the rest of the field is so open though that Barkhad Abdi could easily sneak in. And let’s remember I haven’t seen any of the aforementioned performances :)

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  3. tr 2 years ago

    Agreed. He’s a contender, but a lock? His unknown-till-now status as well as a crowded field makes me unsure. He’s very good in the film, but the lack of a clear “Oscar clip” might hurt his chances.

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  4. Dean Treadway 2 years ago

    I disagree. He has plenty of Oscar clips (probably the “look at me…look at me…I’m the captain now” will make it in). I think he’s definitely in. Certainly one of the best supporting performances of the year!

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  5. david 2 years ago

    In your opinion does Hanks have a better shot at a supporting nod for”Saving Mr. Banks or a best actor nom for “Capt.Phillips”????

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  6. moviewatcher 2 years ago

    Hanks reviews have (quite stunningly) but him as a big contender in the Lead Actor category. We were thinking he was somewhere between 4 and 10. Now, he’s in everyone’s top 7 at least. We don’t know how Saving Mr Banks will do. Supporting Actor is a weak category this year (as opposed to last year where it was jam packed) so it will be easier for him to get in, but we already KNOW how strong he is in Best Actor.

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  7. moviewatcher 2 years ago

    You shouldn’t say he’s “definitely in”. He’s a definite contender for a nomination, but he has no “name-recognition”. If Captain Phillips does really well, it may get Director (which I am predicting right now) and Supporting Actor (which I am not, at least until I see some precursor traction from him).

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  8. Christophe 2 years ago

    I don’t really know sight unseen… If Banks is a strong as it’s supposed to be, I’d say Hanks has a better shot in supporting, but there’s actually a very real chance he could get nommed in both categories. The Acad. loves him and he hasn’t been in the Oscar race for a long time.

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  9. moviewatcher 2 years ago

    That was a really good interview. Barkhad was much more articulate in it than at the NYFF press conference (and it’s easy to figure out why, since it was the World Premiere of the film, so he probably had a serious case of the heebie-jeebies).

    I cannot wait to see Captain Phillips!!!

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  10. moviewatcher 2 years ago

    Exactly. A double nod for Hanks seems be very possible. It would be the ultimate comeback if it happened. Captain Phillips is already Hanks’ best reviewed film since Saving Private Ryan (yes, even better than Catch Me If You Can), which was 15 years ago.

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  11. caleb roth 2 years ago


    Watch out

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  12. david 2 years ago

    Caleb Roth

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  13. Bryce Forestieri 2 years ago

    fuck, wow

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  14. Kane 2 years ago

    Yes sir! Good one!

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  15. John Oliver 2 years ago

    I see Captain Phillips racking up 10 nominations, that could pull him in. As far as Hanks, he appears to be a lock. So, along with Ejiofor and Redford, that leaves only 2 spot spots open in the Best Actor category.

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  16. w.j. 2 years ago

    Barkhad Abdi will definitely be a nominee for Supporting Actor. Great performance, extremely charismatic in the role.

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  17. wwe films 2 years ago

    Haven’t seen you since the Wyatt Family put you out at Summerslam how’s the filming of “See No Evil 2 coming???? Can’t wait to see you in the wrestling ring again

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  18. Dean Treadway 2 years ago

    Just to let you know, Ngor won the supporting actor award in 84 for THE KILLING FIELDS, and was also a first-time actor. A similarly stupendous performance to Abdi’s (though, actually, a little more stunning).

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  19. SC 2 years ago

    Barkhad Abdi was a standout in CP. Considering what he had to work with in terms of how his character had been written, and especially seeing that he’s a rookie actor, he excelled in this role. His portrayal of Somali pirate Muse had a great deal of nuance, which impressed me because his character did not seem to have been formulated that way in the script. I’m really happy that he’s receiving some Oscar buzz, but … unfortunately, because of the way Hollywood politics work, he might just be shoved off the map by more well-known, reputed, and influential actors in the business by the time nominees are selected.

    On another note, although I did enjoy the film, I didn’t feel that the Somali pirates were shown in a human enough light. There is no doubt that what these men did (and others like them still do) is wrong. But there are deeper reasons why these people resort to piracy. And that topic, although not the main premise of the film, was barely touched upon.

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