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  1. g
    November 27, 2013

    Saw frozen today with a 3 year old and a 1 year old! I was so proud of Nico it was his first movie ever. The movie was amazing, and I loved the music so this video was awesome to see. Every kid in the theater was riveted! All different ages and they barely moved a muscle.

  2. Ivan
    November 28, 2013

    I’m getting a weird malware warning when I try to get into the site. I know its probably not your fault but you probably should get that fixed.

    • Profile photo of Ryan Adams
      Ryan Adams
      November 28, 2013

      We believe the problem is already fixed, Ivan. The browser warnings are based on reports of a previous issue but a site scan comes up clean. So we now wait for the Firefox and Chrome to take the yellow crime tape down.

      Thanks for jumping the fence!

  3. phantom
    November 28, 2013

    It looks like Frozen will exceed already high expectations and finish the five day weekend north of 80M (!). With great buzz (strong reviews), WOM (A+ Cinemascore), lucrative Holiday weekends and weekdays, it could get past 250M and – not counting inflation, rerelases and Pixar – that would be indeed the highest gross for a Walt Disney animated film since The Lion King.

    Considering the BO success, the reviews, the Disney marketing machine, the winning narrative (since the Academy started Best Animated Feature, they haven’t given it to a Disney film) and the rather weak competition (The Wind Rises was great, but Miyazaki had already won this category and none of the mainstream animated hits wowed critics this year…until now. Long story short, Frozen is now the frontrunner in Best Animated Feature.

  4. Monica
    November 28, 2013

    OT: Looks like American Hustle goes to Comedy at the Golden Globes.

  5. Clayton
    November 28, 2013

    Great interview. Wonderful to hear such talented artists give insight into their work. Frozen is one of my favorites of the year, and the soudntrack is on an endless loop in my car.

  6. Mikhaill
    November 29, 2013

    Nice music. So Zimmer)

  7. Edward
    November 29, 2013

    Sorry to say but that’s quite a copy and paste from any Zimmer score (eg. Da Vinci, Dark Knight, Inception).

  8. Henrique
    November 30, 2013

    I don’t think this song is on the soundtrack album. Is it even from the actual score? Or just something random picked up for a trailer? A quick iTunes look up shows a random “Epic Score” dated 2011.

  9. Dina
    July 4, 2014

    Great movie with an equally great song! It inspired me to write ‘Let It Grow’ which I asked my daughter to sing and record for our Virtues Project in our school. It became an instant hit among our students so I wish Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lopez could send me their email ad so I can share with them the song.

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