Tributes and Honorary Oscar for Angela Lansbury

Emma Thompson’s tribute:

Geoffrey Rush’s tribute and Angela Lansbury herself, after the cut.

Geoffrey Rush tribute

Angela Lansbury herself


  1. Pierre de Plume 2 years ago

    This is great news – I didn’t know Lansbury was receiving this award. One of the amazing things about her career is that, even though her physical features might seem to limit her range, her talent has led her to a wide range of roles.

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  2. David 2 years ago

    Lansbury is wonderful, I cant think of a more deserving recipient of this award.

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  3. お世話になっているコム・デ・ギャルソンの店員にそんなことを話したとき、すすめられたのがこのコートだった。ぼくの頭のなかにはダッフルコートという選択肢はなかった。それにイギリスの服だから身体に馴染むまでには時間がかかるだろう。

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