14th Annual No Guts, No Glory – Golden Globe Edition



Believe it or not, this is our 14th year (I think) of doing No Guts, No Glory for the Golden Globes! But it has to be a really hard win to call. It can’t be one people expect to see. You have three options.

Here are mine.

1. Kate Winslet wins Best Actress for Labor Day
2. Philomena wins Best Drama
3. All is Lost wins for Best Score


  1. Cocaine 2 years ago

    ” Kate Winslet wins Best Actress for Labor Day”

    Are you on drugs?

    Why not someone possible…like Dench or Bullock?

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  2. Cass 2 years ago

    Julia Louis Dreyfuss in Enough Said for best actress in a movie comedy

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  3. Antoinette 2 years ago

    I would pick Rob Lowe but that’s TV. And it’s nearly impossible to pick NGNG for film because there are a lot of likely winners.

    1. Best Actor Drama – Matthew McConaughey
    2. Best Supporting Actor – Bradley Cooper
    3. Best Actor Comedy – Christian Bale

    I don’t even think those are that weird.

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  4. Antoinette 2 years ago

    Cocaine’s a hell of a drug. lololol

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  5. Sasha Stone 2 years ago

    Cocaine, the whole point of No Guts, No Glory is to predict something that would NEVER happen. Thems the rules of the game.

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  6. Bondisteve 2 years ago


    1. Tom Hanks Best Actor Drama for Captain Phillips
    2. Greta Gerwig Best Actress C/M for Frances Ha
    3. Sally Hawkins Best Supporting Actress for Blue Jasmine.

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  7. Steve50 2 years ago

    I agree with Antoinette – it’s a total crapshoot; anybody can win and not have it be a shocker.

    That said:
    Best Actor/Comedy/Musical: Oscar Isaac
    Best Pic/Comedy/Musical: Inside Llewyn Davis
    Best Supporting Actor: Michael Fassbender

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  8. Cocaine 2 years ago

    “Cocaine, the whole point of No Guts, No Glory is to predict something that would NEVER happen. Thems the rules of the game.”

    Yeah but Winslet would really never ever ever happen.

    Upsets that could happen-

    Daniel Bruhl over Jared Leto, they loved Rush.
    Judi Dench over Cate Blanchett, they loved Philomena
    Robert Redford over MM and Ejiofor, they loved old Hollywood stars

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  9. Bondisteve 2 years ago

    IMO the only true upset would be anyone beating Cate. She has this entire season in the bag.

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  10. m1 2 years ago

    1. Rush wins Best Drama
    2. June Squibb wins Best Supporting Actress
    3. Frozen does not win Best Animated Film

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  11. Joey D 2 years ago


    1. Greta Gerwig wins Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical for Frances Ha. (I hope!)
    2. Spike Jonze wins Best Director in Her.
    3. Philomena wins Best Picture in a Drama.

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  12. Giacinto 2 years ago

    – Joaquin Phoenix – Best Actor Comedy
    – Her – Best Comedy
    – Atlas – Best Song

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  13. Andrej 2 years ago

    My NGNG: Woody Allen actually shows up to get his Cecil B. Demille award.

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  14. Kev 2 years ago

    1. Daniel Brühl wins Best Supporting Actor over Leto
    2. July Delpy wins Best Actress (M/C) over Meryl AND Adams
    3. American Hustle wins NOTHING

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  15. Ben Conquest 2 years ago

    1. Juley Deply wins Best Actress M/C

    2. RUSH wins Best Picture Drama

    3. JD beats Cate for best actress Drama

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  16. Ben Conquest 2 years ago

    Oh, and 4: August: Osage County is put into the best C/M Picture race – How it’s not there is crazy!

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  17. Gautam 2 years ago

    1. Joaquin Phoenix wins Best Actor, Comedy

    2. Philomena wins Best Screenplay

    3. Her wins Best Comedy

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  18. sunshine 2 years ago

    I won’t watch GG because Kate Winslet will not be present. I don’t care of it anymore!

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  19. Dan Conley 2 years ago

    Brooklyn 99 for Best TV Comedy. The Globes love to go for first year shows.

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  20. Sean Troutman 2 years ago

    I’d be surprised with all of these, delighted if Gerwig wins.

    Paul Greengrass wins Best Director
    Daniel Bruhl wins Best Supporting Actor
    Greta Gerwig wins Best Actress

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  21. Mark D'Angelo 2 years ago

    NG, NG:

    Best Picture Musical/Comedy: Inside Llewyn Davis
    Best Supporting Actor: Barkhab Abdi
    Best Screenplay: Her

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  22. pierre 2 years ago

    guys, anyone knows a live webstreaming of the globes? thanks

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  23. James 2 years ago


    -Complete 12 Years A Slave Snub
    -Philomena wins Best Screenplay
    -Ordinary Love wins Best Song

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  24. Cory 2 years ago

    Does predicting what won’t win count? If so, my NGNG pick is 12 Years a Slave winning nothing.

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  25. Richard B 2 years ago

    Best actor musical /comedy: Joseph Gordon-Levitt for Don Jon
    Best supporting actor: Ryan Gosling for A Place Beyond the Pines
    Best actrice in a drama: Sophie Nélisse in The Book Thief

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  26. Alan of Montreal 2 years ago

    1. Idris Elba for Best Actor
    2. Barkhad Abdi for Supporting Actor
    3. The Wind Rises for Foreign Language Film

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  27. Matt 2 years ago

    1. Philomena wins screenplay
    2. 12 Years A Slave gets shut out
    3. All 4 actors from American Hustle win

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  28. Watermelons 2 years ago

    “Yeah but Winslet would really never ever ever happen.”

    Winslet is happening as we type. As you read these words, Kate Winslet exists. Kate Winslet is happening.

    1. Kate ‘The GREAT’ Winslet (Flushed Away, Revolutionary Road) wins BEST ACTRESS IN A DRAMA for Labor Day (2013)
    2. Kate Winslet (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Holiday) wins best supporting actress in a write-in vote for her role in Movie 43 (2013)
    3. wait, actually, re: sunshines message, “I won’t watch GG because Kate Winslet will not be present. I don’t care of it anymore!” – is this true?? If so, my third NGNG will be me paying a lick of attention to the awards show. 😉


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  29. Sato 2 years ago


    Emma Thompson wins Best Actress in Drama
    The Wolf of Wall Street wins Best Comedy or Musical
    Spike Jonze wins Best Director

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  30. Kostik 2 years ago

    No Guts, No Glory:
    1. Best Motion Picture, Drama: Philomena
    2. Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama: Judi Dench (Philomena)
    3. Best Screenplay – Motion Picture: Jeff Pope and Steve Coogan

    Yes, Philomena takes it all!

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  31. Mimi 2 years ago

    Naomi Watts for her dramatic role in DIANA!

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  32. Jorge 2 years ago

    Sandra winning best actress drama

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  33. Bryce Forestieri 2 years ago

    Just saw LEWYN DAVIS and HER back to back, and they’ve done me in. I’m exhausted. For tomorrow maybe GRAVITY *not* winning anything like Picture, Director, and much less Actress. I can’t go through the backlash. Bye.

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  34. John Oliver 2 years ago

    Barkhad Abdil-Best Suppoting Actor

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  35. BT Mac 2 years ago

    NG NG

    1. Best Actor Comedy-Joaquin Phoenix
    2. Best Comedy- Inside Llewlyn Davis
    3. Best Screenplay- Her

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  36. Zach 2 years ago

    Best Comedy/Musical: The Wolf of Wall Street (because in an ordinary year this would be a possibility, but there’s no way it’s beating Hustle without Scorsese and script nominations)

    Best Song: “Sweeter than Fiction,” One Chance (Taylor Swift) (I’m pulling for Frozen but switched my prediction from Llewyn Davis to Mandela)

    Best Screenplay: Nebraska (because they would never. But they sure liked the movie enough.)

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  37. seren 2 years ago

    1) “12 Years A Slave” goes home empty.
    2) “American Hustle” goes home empty.
    3) “Despicable Me 2” wins Best Animated Film

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  38. Mr E 2 years ago

    1. Julia Louis-Dreyfus wins for Enough Said and not Veep
    2. Steve McQueen wins Best Director
    3. Philomena wins Screenplay

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  39. Roger the Shrubber 2 years ago

    Sato, Joey D, you both picked something that really is impossible because Jonze wasn’t nominated for director.

    1. “Wolf” wins Best Musical/Comedy Picture
    2. Elba wins Best Drama Actor
    3. “Philomena” wins Best Screenplay

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  40. Matt Fischer 2 years ago

    Best Picture Drama: RUSH
    Best Actress Comedy: JULIE DELPY
    Best Animated Feature: THE CROODS

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  41. Sam T. 2 years ago

    Best Actor Comedy: Oscar Isaac
    Best Supporting Actor: Bradley Cooper
    Song: Taylor Swift

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  42. Sammy 2 years ago

    My NGNG picks:

    1) 12 Years a Slave will be shafted.
    2) HER wins Best Screenplay.
    3) Sandra Bullock wins Best Actress.

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  43. Q Mark 2 years ago

    No Guts, No Glory!

    * Idris Elba wins best actor/drama
    * Julia Louis-Dreyfus wins best actress/comedy
    * Alexander Payne wins best director

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  44. Robin Write 2 years ago

    1. Greta Gerwig for “Frances Ha” – Best Actress Musical or Comedy.
    2. Sally Hawkins for “Blue Jasmine” – Best Supporting Actress.
    3. The Past – Best Foreign Language Film.

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  45. Kjartan Atli Óskarsson 2 years ago

    1. Philomena wins best screenplay
    2. Daniel Bruhl (Rush) wins best supporting actor
    3. Tom Hanks (Captain Phillips) wins best actor drama.

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  46. Vincent 2 years ago

    1. “12 Years a Slave” shut out.
    2. Blanchett and Bullock tie.
    3. JLD wins for both “Veep” and “Enough Said.”

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  47. Andrew 2 years ago

    1. Julie Delpy wins Best Comedy/Musical Actress
    2. Julia Roberts wins Best Supporting Actress
    3. Leonardo DiCaprio wins Best Comedy/Musical Actor

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  48. Edkargir 2 years ago

    Inside Llewelyn Davis wins best comedy or musical. It should win .

    The hunt best foreign film

    Best actor Oscar Isaac

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  49. Ian Midlane 2 years ago

    NGNG: American Hustle sets new record with six wins.

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  50. joe 2 years ago

    My predix
    Motion picture drama. Gravity
    motion picture musical comedy. American hustle
    director. Alfonso cauron
    Actor drama. chiewtol ejifor
    Actress drama. Sandra bullock
    actor comedy bruce dern
    actress comedy amy adans
    Supporting actor. bradley cooper
    supporting actress lupita nyongo
    Screenplay. Americano hustle
    Foreign film the great beauty
    Animated film frozen
    Original score grsvity
    Original song. mandela: long walk to freedom

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  51. Viviana 2 years ago

    Sandra bullock wins best actress for Gravity. This is the performance of the year due to its physicality and the resiliency of the character, which empowers women. Blanchett was okay in what amounted to a Lifetime movie performance (cheesy and over the top) that sets women back 100 years. Banchlett will predictably win.

    Michael Fassbender for Supporting actor.

    Gravity Best Drama

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  52. Joao Mattos 2 years ago

    I’m predicting five globes to “12 Years”. But this is NG, NG, so:

    – “12 Years” wins all seven.

    – A triple tie (guess last time was on Globes of 89 for Actress Drama of 88) on Best Actress/Comedy: Gerwig, Dreyfuss and Adams

    – Rush and Philomena tie up for Drama.

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  53. Jackson B 2 years ago


    Philomena DRAMA
    Hayden P for Supporting TV Actress from NASHVILLE

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  54. Asif Khan 2 years ago


    1. HER wins screenplay
    2. TWOWS wins Picture C/M
    3. GRAVITY only wins score and director.

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  55. Al Robinson 2 years ago

    Rush – Best Picture Drama
    Oscar Isaac (Inside Llewyn Davis) – Best Actor Musical or Comedy
    Barkhad Abdi (Captain Phillips) – Supporting Actor

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  56. The Dude 2 years ago

    Daniel Bruhl wins for Rush

    12 Years a Slave wins everything it’s nominated for.

    Julie Delpy wins.

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  57. Brian Rowe 2 years ago

    Best Comedy – Her
    Best Actress in a Comedy – Julie Delpy
    American Hustle wins nothing.

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  58. Simon Warrasch 2 years ago

    Daniel Brühl wins Supporting Actor
    Matthew McConaughey wins Best Actor Motion Picture Drama
    Sandra Bullock wins Best Actress Motion Picture Drama

    I have this feeling that Daniel Brühl will win over Jared Leto!

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  59. Jesus Alonso 2 years ago

    1. Idris Elba, Best Actor, Drama

    if there’s an upset coming, this is probably the one that would have most people facepalming themselves for not having considered it.

    2. Bradley Cooper, Best Supporting Actor, American Hustle

    star power. Pure and simple

    3. Julia Roberts, Best Supporting Actress, August.


    and I’d add Best Song to U2, star power and Mandela. Seriously, how can HFPA resist it?

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  60. Daniel Kenealy 2 years ago

    My three NGNG picks would be:

    1. “Philomena” takes Best Drama Film and Best Drama Actress for Judi Dench (I suppose either individually would be a single NGNG pick).

    2. “Nebraska” wins Best Musical or Comedy Film (at this point anything other than “American Hustle” is NGNG in my books).

    3. Daniel Bruhl rides the appreciation for “Rush” to a win.

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  61. Pj 2 years ago

    1. Daniel Bruhl upsets Leto
    2. David O Russell wins director
    3. Brooklyn 99 wins best tv comedy series

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  62. Fabinho Flapp 2 years ago

    Ben Affleck, Best Director, Argo. (again) 😉

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  63. Eric 2 years ago

    1)Julia Louis-Dreyfus wins two awards.
    2)Wolf on Wall Street wins Comedy and Actor
    3)Gravity ends with nothing.

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  64. Cassius 2 years ago

    1) Her wins best screenplay.
    2) “Ordinary love” wins best song.
    3) Kevin Spacey wins best actor in a drama series.

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  65. Zooey 2 years ago

    I actually have Bruehl as my prediction.

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  66. Micheal 2 years ago

    1) Robert Redford for All is Lost
    2) Blue is the Warmest Color doesn’t win foreign film
    3) Sandra Bullock wins best actress

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