12 Years a Slave, Gravity, American Hustle: Golden Globe Awards spread the wealth!


Best Director

  • Alfonso Cuaron, Gravity

Best Motion Picture – Drama

  • 12 Years a Slave

Best Actress  – Drama

  • Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine

Best Actor   – Drama

  • Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club

Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical

  • American Hustle

Best Actress  – Comedy or Musical

  • Amy Adams, American Hustle

Best Actor  – Comedy or Musical

  • Leonardo DiCaprio, The Wolf of Wall Street

Best Supporting Actress

  • Jennifer Lawrence, American Hustle

Best Supporting Actor

  • Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club

Best Animated Feature Film

  • Frozen, dir. Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee

Best Foreign Language Film

  • The Great Beauty, dir. Paolo Sorrentino

Best  Screenplay

  • Spike Jonze, Her

Best Original Score

  • Alex Ebert, All Is Lost

Best Original  Song

  • Ordinary Love, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom



Best TV Series – Drama

  • Breaking Bad

Best Actress  – Drama

  • Robin Wright, House Of Cards

Best Actor   – Drama

  • Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad

Best TV Series – Comedy

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Best Actress  – Comedy

  • Amy Poehler, Parks & Recreation

Best Actor  – Comedy

  • Andy Samberg, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Best TV Movie or Mini-Series

  • Behind The Candelabra

Best Actress  – Movie or Mini-Series

  • Elisabeth Moss, Top of the Lake

Best Actor  – Movie or Mini-Series

  • Michael Douglas, Behind the Candelabra

Best Supporting Actress

  • Jacqueline Bisset, Dancing on the Edge

Best Supporting Actor

  • Jon Voight, Ray Donovan


  1. Ryan Adams 2 years ago
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  2. SallyinChicago 2 years ago

    Oh hell nah! Not Jlaw.

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  3. brian 2 years ago


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  4. Dragon 2 years ago

    whatever you say… JLaw is a total natural of getting people like her…

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  5. edkargir 2 years ago

    Lipita got robbed.

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  6. Joshua 2 years ago

    Here comes the haters…

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  7. Jorge Clooneigh 2 years ago

    The Globes couldn’t resist one tip of the hat to stardom. Let’s hope it’s the only one tonight..

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  8. Ismael Ibarra 2 years ago

    I wanted Lupita, but J Law totally deserved it! Shut up.

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  9. JM 2 years ago

    It’s expected 12 years a slave is getting nothing tonight :(

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  10. Odee 2 years ago

    What a joke!

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  11. Odee 2 years ago

    JLaw didn’t deserve either of her golden globes.

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  12. SallyinChicago 2 years ago

    The best! Jacq Bissett.

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  13. Jorge Clooneigh 2 years ago

    First drunk speech of the night..

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  14. SallyinChicago 2 years ago

    @JM, the GG judges already tweeted that 12 Yrs was shut out.

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  15. Stefan 2 years ago

    Could someone help me. I. Am libing in the netherlands and want to watch this, but i am on i pad. Please give me a good link

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  16. Ra S. 2 years ago

    WHAT THE FUCK!? forgive my swearing…but Lupita should have won that SHIT!

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  17. superkk 2 years ago

    lmfao awesome speech by bissett!! too funny!!! really shocked jlaw won.

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  18. edkargir 2 years ago

    If 12 years a slave goes home without winning any awards it will prove the foreign press should nor be judging American movies 12 years is by far the best film of 2013.

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  19. Akumax 2 years ago

    J. Lawrence is great and gave a strong performance in a difficult role in American Hustle, she deserves to win and win and win and win and win…. Haters can relax and enjoy the ride

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  20. SallyinChicago 2 years ago

    really shocked jlaw won.
    I’m not. She’s blond, white and tall, a little shapely. Natch that she would win.

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  21. Josh 2 years ago

    Here come the haters. I don’t think either Lawrence or Nupita should have own but people love her and I adore her. How people hate her is beyond me. She’s fantastic.

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  22. superkk 2 years ago

    sally i hear what your saying but i am shocked that people are ready to give her yet another oscar back to back. it wasnt like her performance is a landslide performance and theres zero competition..aka when monique won..no all the nominees imo are equally deserving so idk they could of spread the wealth to another. but its still early in the race so well see…

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  23. therealmike 2 years ago

    Jacqueline Bisset for Oscar Host 2015!

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  24. Joshua 2 years ago

    Sally: are we really making this about race?? Their screen times did not even compare. Lupita was great but Julia, Jennifer, and June were much better!

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  25. JESUS 2 years ago


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  26. Jorge Clooneigh 2 years ago

    Does anyone know if Judi Dench is actually in attendance?

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  27. Akumax 2 years ago

    Yes!!! Jacqueline Bisset for Oscar Host 2015!

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  28. Aragorn 2 years ago

    It seems that whenever 12 Years a Slave loses a major award, it will be about race!!!! Some do not want to see that not everyone is racist!!! J.Law won almost equal number if not more critics awards so far. So this GG is not out of thin air! But some just like to make it about race! In their mind any decent performance coming from a colored actor/actress ( reead it black!) should win. If not it is all about racism!!!! The same thing will happen witht the best actress in drama. If Kerry Washington wins it will be because she is great. If she loses it will be because voters are racists!!!!!! The same story on and on and on

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  29. SallyinChicago 2 years ago

    @ Joshua. Yes, we’re making it about race. But Lupita is a “trained” stage actress, so maybe that factored into it too; you think?

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  30. Joshua 2 years ago

    Amen Aragorn!! Well said…

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  31. Jerry Grant 2 years ago

    Everyone knew JLaw would win this one. No outrage necessary. Oscar is a whole other race, and one probably more likely to reward 12 Years.

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  32. notenoughtime 2 years ago

    Sasha, can we now stop saying that Lupita is the frontrunner. It should have stopped a couple of weeks ago, but it’s your blog and your view point. However, now to continue to declare sweet, wonderful, talented Lupita the frontrunner, well it shows your bias. GO JENNIFER!!!

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  33. SallyinChicago 2 years ago

    @Aragon I don’t expect Kerry to win. I think she “overacts”.

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  34. simone 2 years ago

    If 12YAS is shut out tonight, the Golden Globes will destroy any smidgen of credibility they have left. A win for Lupita would have set the tone for the remainder of the evening, but, I don’t think it looks good for the rest of the cast and film. This will be my last year watching GG.

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  35. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Simone, i am sure HFPA really cares!!!! COME ON people we re talking about 90+ foreign journalists, most of which are Europeans….do not read too much into it…and in Europe especially, people do not feel like they need to award diversity. They do not care about quotas, diversity, political correctness as much as this country

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  36. We All Take This Too Seriously 2 years ago

    Let’s all take a breath, please.

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  37. brian 2 years ago

    Bryan Cranston … I’m assuming 100% agreement across the board that he deserves all the awards he gets … Breaking Bad was better than anything I’ve seen on the big screen of late

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  38. Joshua 2 years ago

    Sally says: “I’m not. She’s blond, white and tall, a little shapely. Natch that she would win…”

    Thank God Margot Robbie (another tall and beautiful blonde) wasn’t nominated or there would have been a tie with her and JL. People are ridiculous especially when this was a competitive year for films. I have seen almost all the films that are predicted to be nominated and 12 Years is not my #1 pick!

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  39. Robin Write 2 years ago

    Two for Breaking Bad – just like that!

    Jacqueline Bisset is the only one I got wrong so far. Shame on me.

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  40. Sanna 2 years ago

    This is just sick and wrong! Jennifer Lawrence wins again… Last year there were Jessica Chastain and Emmanuelle Riva giving the best performances of the year…and this year all supporting awards should go to Lupita Nyong’o.

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  41. CanadianGeologist 2 years ago

    Yeah, bitch! x-)

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  42. simone 2 years ago

    Aragorn, I realize that due to the Anglo-Saxon makeup of HFPA, they don’t give two shits what I think. Hell, they didn’t care about the bad press they got last year regarding not hiring that black journalist who wanted to join, so I know their record on diversity. With that said, the real awards will either confirm or refute the star fucking that the GGs is all about. All will be straightened out.

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  43. Gage Creed 2 years ago

    Simone, don’t be so harsh. GG could very well go ga ga for a movie you love next year…

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  44. SallyinChicago 2 years ago

    If 12YAS is shut out tonight,
    ^^ The judges already tweeted it. But I wouldn’t worry about this GG award, there are others. I’m waiting to see if they bypass Gravity. Now THAT would be a shame.
    I got a feeling it’s going to be AH all the way.

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  45. therealmike 2 years ago

    After seeing the real Philomena, I really think they should´ve cast Maggie Smith.

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  46. brian 2 years ago

    @Gage Creed


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  47. Filmboymichael 2 years ago

    Can we pick a less tired argument then race. Such a bore.

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  48. SallyinChicago 2 years ago

    Okay about the two rappers and Kate….it seems she was put up as a presenter at the last minute; no? Because the other two are in the music biz and she’s not.

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  49. simone 2 years ago

    Nah Gage, I don’t think so son.

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  50. SallyinChicago 2 years ago

    Who is Alex Price?

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  51. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Filmboymichael” agree! But thats an easier argument! Which make some people feel like victims, so they love it!

    On a different note, what is that hair mess on that score guy??? Otherwise a quite handsome guy!

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  52. Rich 2 years ago

    I would have thought Stephen Price would win hands down for ‘Gravity’, I’m surprised.

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  53. Aragorn 2 years ago

    No taylor Swift please

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  54. brian 2 years ago

    Is P.Diddy auditioning?

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  55. JP 2 years ago

    GO U2! Should have won the Oscars for Gangs of New York.

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  56. carl 2 years ago

    Surprised that ‘Let it go’ was not rewarded :-(

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  57. SallyinChicago 2 years ago

    Bono – yes!

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  58. edkargir 2 years ago

    The only people who know the results are the CPA firm who count the votes. The gg are not suppose to know the results. If they do than something is awfully wrong.

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  59. Jorge Clooneigh 2 years ago

    U2 – could they be in love with themselves anymore?

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  60. Aragorn 2 years ago

    The better song won!

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  61. SallyinChicago 2 years ago

    P Diddy, Usher and – Beckinsale? That was an odd grouping; no?

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  62. superkk 2 years ago

    so does judi dench never show up to the award ceremonies?

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  63. Bryce Forestieri 2 years ago

    Oh I was on the wrong thread

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  64. Aragorn 2 years ago

    I dont know any one of these three people on stage!!!!

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  65. JPNS Viewer 2 years ago

    Surprised to have seen another winner than Gravity for the Original Score.
    That said the winner from All Is Lost looks cool and kind of keeps it real — your typical artist (no sarcasm).

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  66. SallyinChicago 2 years ago

    I like Voight, but don’t like Ray Donovan show. Pedestrian show.

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  67. Antoinette 2 years ago

    I missed the very beginning but not much. Just reading the comments, why would they tweet that any movie got shut out? That doesn’t make sense to me.

    U2 – could they be in love with themselves anymore?

    There are a lot worse people to be in love with. Besides, they’re the only band from my kid days who kept it together and never broke up. They’re entitled, imo.

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  68. therealmike 2 years ago

    Speaking of Jon Voigt, weren´t Brad and Angelina not invited?

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  69. brian 2 years ago

    For my money, Olivia Wilde is the hottest woman on the planet

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  70. Kim 2 years ago

    I just knew when they said John Voight as a nominee , that he was going to win because it’s just a kind of HFPA thing to do!

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  71. Aragorn 2 years ago

    If this is all about performance Meryl should win iver Amy but probably Amy will win

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  72. brian 2 years ago

    AH for the sweep

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  73. Akumax 2 years ago

    Amy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YA

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  74. carl 2 years ago

    Amy Adams… no comment!

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  75. Antoinette 2 years ago

    YEAH AMY ADAMS!!!! *runs to the toilet to scream*

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  76. Aragorn 2 years ago

    I really hope that she will not win over Cate Blanchett at the Oscars!!!!!

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  77. JP 2 years ago

    American Hustle is Argoing this year’s awards season.

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  78. JPNS Viewer 2 years ago

    Amy Adams, babaay!

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  79. Jerry Grant 2 years ago

    Hooray Amy Adams!!!!

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  80. SallyinChicago 2 years ago

    I’m sorry but those 5 movies are NOT comedies. they’re drama-comedies….a comedy is THE heat and This is the end.

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  81. Aragorn 2 years ago

    And it is still possible that she may not even get nominated on Thursday, is AMPAS follows SAG!

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  82. Yvette 2 years ago

    I was kind of hoping JLaw wouldn’t win tonight because I knew all the haters would come unglued. Its the Golden Globes for Christ sakes, relax. And JLaw deserves it as much as the others. There is not a clear cut winner in that category this year.

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  83. Ra S. 2 years ago


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  84. superkk 2 years ago

    amy adams was good but after seeing AOC the other day no way she should of beat streep. this win though -should pretty much cement her nomination..which she does deserves but streep deserves to be there as well..if any of that makes sense lol

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  85. JPNS Viewer 2 years ago

    So far so good for American Hustle: JLaw and Amy Adams.

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  86. Gage Creed 2 years ago

    Is Cate losing to Sandra today? Boy I hope not…

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  87. Jorge Clooneigh 2 years ago

    I think this is the very first time I’ve seen Amy Adams give an acceptance speech. Must feel good to win finally!

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  88. Robin Write 2 years ago

    Greta Gerwig should have won that in my eyes, but Adams was great in that musical or comedy American Hustle {eye roll}.

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  89. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Sally, I agree. I laughed in a few scenes at August but that does not make it a comedy….so every cheesy ending of rom-coms make them drama too?????

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  90. Ryan Adams 2 years ago

    I’m sorry but those 5 movies are NOT comedies. they’re drama-comedies….

    In fact they’re mostly tragedies in which a few characters have a grim sense of humor.

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  91. Yvette 2 years ago

    When is Best Supp Actor?
    At dinner, Im going to have to follow it here…

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  92. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Remember these wins have do not have much impact on Oscar nominations…win is a different story

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  93. Filmboymichael 2 years ago

    Ra S. You know that nomination ballots have already been handed in? Just breath and wait till Thursday?

    In other news: who the hell dressed Amy Adams??! Horrible dress, even worse hair.

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  94. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Amy Adams character and performance had nothing to do with comedy!!!

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  95. superkk 2 years ago

    @ aragorn. true but after seeing AH last week i thought it was pretty mind boggling adams wasnt nominated for the sag or other awards. she deserves to have her name called out on thurs and im pretty confident she will.

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  96. brian 2 years ago

    Orphan Black actress should win

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  97. phantom 2 years ago

    The question remains, did the Academy get the memo about Adams in time ? Because this spectacular late surge – Bafta nod, Golden Globe win – seemed to come too late considering voting ended like a day after the Bafta nominations. I think Streep will edge her out in the end.

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  98. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Ohhh Kerry Washington lost. So HFPA must be racists!!!!!

    On a more serious note, Robin Wright is great in House of Cards.

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  99. John Oliver 2 years ago

    Sasha, could I suggest listing the most current comments first, especially for a post like this, with so many comments. You have to drag down through all the comments you’ve previously read to get to the latest. Thanks!

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  100. brian 2 years ago


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  101. Aragorn 2 years ago

    I really hope that Cate Blanchett will not lose Oscar to Amy adams just because Amy didnt win before

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  102. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Yess Jared Leto!

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  103. Robin Write 2 years ago

    You can tell Jim Carrey likes being the Globes, as they like him – and rightly award him. Unlike a certain Academy…

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  104. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Another handsome guy with very messy hair!!!

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  105. SallyinChicago 2 years ago

    Toldja….the judge tweeted that 12 Yrs was a shut out….betcha.

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  106. John Oliver 2 years ago

    I thought Robin should have won the Emmy for House of Cards.

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  107. superkk 2 years ago

    @ phantom great point. you always write insightful posts. i had no idea the voting had already closed. hmm guess well have to see how this plays out. i have no idea why its streep who gets the cut though? she isnt even the weakest imo.

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  108. Ra S. 2 years ago

    JARED LETO!!!!!!

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  109. Yvette 2 years ago

    Jared Leto!!!

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  110. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Because Fassbender has won all the awards until tonight and suddenly shut out tonight??????

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  111. eladola 2 years ago

    Leto rather joke about hair wax than thank his co star and director

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  112. edkargir 2 years ago

    Jaret Leto won the first movie award they have gotten right.

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  113. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Superkk, i think if it was about the weakest i would say it should be Judi Dench that should get cut out as in my opinion she doesnt do anything that she didnt do 100 times before..but probably sentimental vote plus Brit bloc will carry her to nomination…unfortunately Streep looks iffy now

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  114. Akumax 2 years ago

    “Amy Adams character and performance had nothing to do with comedy”

    This is not true in my opinion. Her performance and the movie are full of irony and Amy is masterful in balancing the struggle of her character and the nonsense and the comedy.

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  115. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Emma Thompson is just great in everything she does!

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  116. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Yesssss for Spike Jonze!!!!

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  117. Robin Write 2 years ago

    Bit of trivia: Bruhl and Fassbender both played in Inglorious Basterds with presenter Waltz.

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  118. SallyinChicago 2 years ago

    Is this the Color Purple and Benj. Button 3.0?

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  119. Jerry Grant 2 years ago


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  120. phantom 2 years ago


    Streep was magnificent, she should make the cut. Adams is great but this role / performance doesn’t even come close to Streep’s Violet. She will win the lead for Big Eyes next year anyway. MARK MY WORDS !

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  121. Jerry Grant 2 years ago

    See… these voters are not so dumb. 12 Years has a chance for Picture.

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  122. brian 2 years ago

    diggin’ Emma Thompson

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  123. The Afrofuturist 2 years ago

    @Aragorn You are probably one of those people who believe that the world is colorblind and don’t understand why people would think an outcome is influenced by race. When you study the history of certain institutions in this country it is always a question. Furthermore, when you are constantly experiencing it, it become apart of your worldview. So your snark about race is insulting

    As far as the HFPA goes their motives don’t usually include objectively judging art imo so their picks are their picks. The fact that they don’t reward black people unless their stars or they will probably win an Oscar is par for the course.

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  124. Jerry Grant 2 years ago

    Also: see the win for “All Is Lost.” Redford has a real chance for Actor now.

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  125. Lars 2 years ago

    OMG, Spike Jonze for screenplay, this makes me SOOOOO happy:)

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  126. Bryce Forestieri 2 years ago

    Wow that’s A LOT of cred right there for HFPA.

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  127. Lars 2 years ago

    didn’t see the Samberg win coming!!

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  128. Jorge Clooneigh 2 years ago

    I would rather Samberg win than Jim Parsons or Michael J Sympathy.

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  129. Bryce Forestieri 2 years ago

    Laura Dern was amazing, btw

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  130. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Afro; i am not that naive or clueless. And I dont live in a small Midwestern town or waiting tables in a local diner…but i dont understand why some people claim it is all about race whenever a colored ( mostly a black) person loses something. If someone says a colored (mostly black) person wins something because of race then you call him/her a racist. But it doesnt go the other way, does it!! Anyway i will not spend a minute of my life on this topic…yes it isa ll about latent racism….so feel better.whatever!!!!!

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  131. JPNS Viewer 2 years ago

    Spike Jonze shows class sharing in a sense some kudos to Dave O. Russell.

    I predicted American Hustle to win the Screenplay.
    But good for Jonze to win as well. Been enjoying his efforts in both films and VDO clips for long.

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  132. Bryce Forestieri 2 years ago

    I would rather Samberg win than Jim Parsons or Michael J Sympathy.


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  133. Akumax 2 years ago

    Emma Thompson has me addicted, I mean, she should be illegal because watching at her speaking makes me intoxicated

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  134. Lars 2 years ago

    Yes, Bryce, Laura Dern is amazing indeed, especially in the cancelled “Enlightened”

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  135. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Laura Dern was soo nervous talking about her dad and his movie that it was cute!

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  136. filmboymichael 2 years ago

    “Is this the Color Purple and Benj. Button 3.0?”

    meaning? Whoopi won the best actress globe for it – I’m sure you mean oscars, which it was shut out….

    Benjamin Button didn’t win a globe, but won 3 oscars….

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  137. Bryce Forestieri 2 years ago

    Spike Jonze shows class sharing in a sense some kudos to Dave O. Russell.

    One of the most significant moments of the night

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  138. Aragorn 2 years ago

    The Hunt is in fact a very well made movie

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  139. Akari 2 years ago

    I don’t think Jennifer will win the Oscar. I also believe Amy Adams won’t make in the noms.

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  140. brian 2 years ago

    Tried to watch ‘Her’ but couldn’t stand Trombley … turned the movie off half-way through

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  141. Bob 2 years ago

    is there another feed that works because the one given isnt working very well

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  142. superkk 2 years ago

    melissa mccarthy needs to present the oscars.

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  143. Reno 2 years ago

    Yay for Spike Jonze, beating his Three Kings director David O. Russell. Just saw Her & Wolf of Wall Street back-to-back & I gotta say, Her is a thousand times better. Fantastic idea to fuse L.A. & Shanghai to create a futuristic metropolis, that among many other things great about the film.

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  144. brian 2 years ago

    I second this motion

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  145. brian 2 years ago

    Douglas has stage presence … damn

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  146. James 2 years ago

    Please tell me this might mean Her could beat American Hustle for original screenplay come oscars.

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  147. SallyinChicago 2 years ago

    Now the campaigning begins! 24/7 we’re going to see all these movie winners on the telly with every interview they can grab….god help us.

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  148. Lars 2 years ago

    Yes, Matt Damon is indeed a brave and underrated actor…

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  149. Akari 2 years ago

    I hope Chiwetel Ejiofor wins. His performance is the best of 2013!!!!

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  150. Jerry Grant 2 years ago

    Michael Douglas was extraordinary in Behind the Candelabra. Oscar-worthy were it considered a movie movie

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  151. brian 2 years ago

    Best Animated feature
    Nobody cares

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  152. Roberto 2 years ago

    This is just terrible!

    How can they ignore what Meryl Streep did in August Osage County just because American Hustle is a good movie? Amy Adams only won this thing because of all the attention that AH is getting. I wanna see Amy Adams being nominated in a movie that critics don’t like very much, like what Meryl does all the time.

    And what is this thing with Jennifer Lawrence? I just can’t….

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  153. JP 2 years ago

    “Please tell me this might mean Her could beat American Hustle for original screenplay come oscars.”

    Yes… if Russell wins directing.

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  154. true finn 2 years ago

    breaking bad, Yeaaaaaa biiitch!!

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  155. phantom 2 years ago

    Yep, Tina Fey had the balls to deliver a deserved, elegant FU to Taylor Swift. Special place in hell my ass !

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  156. Notenoughtime 2 years ago

    How the hell is Matt Damon underrated? He’s Freaking Matt Damon. You so silly. Love me some Amy Adams. I was hoping this would be coming. All you Meryl fanatics, please provide specifics why she should have won. Being Meryl is just not enough anymore. I love this woman, but she’s not celestial.

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  157. CanadianGeologist 2 years ago

    Gawd, Ms Keaton, is there a fast-forward button?

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  158. Kane 2 years ago

    Notenoughtime, I think “Matt Damon is underrated” really means people only see the movie star. They don’t see just how really, really good of an actor he can be.

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  159. Antoinette 2 years ago

    She’s singing.

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  160. Cory 2 years ago

    Well played, L’Oréal.

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  161. SallyinChicago 2 years ago

    Why isn’t Diane Keaton working? damn, she’s good!

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  162. Kane 2 years ago

    Spike Jonze winning screenplay makes the most bittersweet moment of the night, even better than Breaking Bad’s wins. I saw Her last night and I’ve been in love since.

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  163. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Diane Keaton looking pretty good!!!!

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  164. Filmboymichael 2 years ago

    Great moment from Keaton!

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  165. Roberto 2 years ago

    Well, I gave a pretty good argument. Meryl Streep’s performance in AUGUST would probably be a winner performance if she has not won for Iron Lady. People are just tired of her winning, so they think is fair to just ignore her or give the award for someone that has a good movie.

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  166. Aragorn 2 years ago

    I am sorry but seeing this scene from Gravity on TV screen loses half of its impact! It was amazing on big screen 3D!

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  167. Yvette 2 years ago

    I thought the same thing about that Matt Damon quote. The ubiquitous Matt Damon, there is no escape. Kudos for his role in Candelabra…. Guy has the right friends, and makes good choices. But he’s hardly underrated.

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  168. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Cueron should win this!

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  169. SallyinChicago 2 years ago

    A complete 12 yrs a slave shut out! Well, that does it.

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  170. Akumax 2 years ago

    Bravo!!!!!!! Cuaron BRAVO!!!!

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  171. Dragon 2 years ago

    amen to @phantom!

    and of course every twitter account with a Taylor Swift icon is hating Tina now lol

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  172. Tony 2 years ago

    “August Osage County” beat “Her” at the box office, despite a much lower screen count. Interesting.

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  173. Reno 2 years ago

    Cuaron is sooooooooo winning the Oscar!!!! Vamos!

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  174. Filmboymichael 2 years ago

    Cuaron deserved it. A huge HUGE achievement in direction!

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  175. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Ugh! I think this Brooklyn 99 win is a major surprise!!!!

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  176. Yvette 2 years ago

    Diane Keaton is just pure joy.

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  177. superkk 2 years ago

    i swear to god if AH gets best pic i will flip… seriously overrated movie.

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  178. Filmboymichael 2 years ago

    Aragon: not really. They often award new shows. This was pretty predictable to me!

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  179. Ken Bacon 2 years ago

    I have never heard of Brooklyn nine nine

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  180. Lars 2 years ago

    Thank you Kane. Damon can play drama, action, comedy and often does it effortlessly. It’s because of his subtlety, he’s often an afterthought in award races.

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  181. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Whats going on with Tina Fey vs. Taylor Swift??? A new celebrity feud. If thats the case, I am on team Tina!

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  182. Kelly 2 years ago

    There were a few years when the Globes gave Best Picture Drama to a film that won nothing else that night – including director.
    I do think it’ll be a shut-out for 12YAS but it could still win and it wouldn’t be unprecedented.

    Also, since when did winning director at the Globes guarantee a win at the Oscars? They haven’t had the best track record in the last few years.

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  183. Aragorn 2 years ago

    I really hope this Cuoron win doesnt translate into Bullock win as well!!!! This should be Cate Blanchett’s win hands down!

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  184. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Please Leo!

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  185. brian 2 years ago

    Either Gravity or American Hustle will win best picture

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  186. Antoinette 2 years ago


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  187. Kelly 2 years ago

    OKAY!!!! Look at Leo picking up some ground at the Globes!

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  188. brian 2 years ago

    Congrats to Leo!!!

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  189. SallyinChicago 2 years ago

    @Kelly, like I wrote before: Benjamin Button and the Color Purple 3.0?

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  190. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Yayyyyy. And a great speech;)

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  191. Ken Bacon 2 years ago

    Oscar in the bag for Leo

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  192. PaulS 2 years ago

    Cuaron is a really funny guy. That herpes/earpiece comment was priceless.

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  193. phantom 2 years ago

    YES, DiCaprio deserved this !

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  194. Reno 2 years ago

    Joaquin should’ve won

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  195. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Again just like Amy’s case this could be too late for Leo’s nomination! Tonight has no effect on nominations but may have some impact for the voting period after thursday

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  196. Antoinette 2 years ago

    See Scorsese could have won if he thought to have Sandra Bullock faking an orgasm for 90 minutes but that would have been too dirty.

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  197. Pete 2 years ago

    The guild awards are going to be fascinating

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  198. Yvette 2 years ago

    Kane and Lars,
    But he’s not underrated. He gets great parts, has been nominated, is respected, he doesn’t have to hustle for roles, gets to make fun of McConnaughey, etc. He’s fine, smart, well-behaved, never makes a bad move, but he’s just so ..Matt Damon. I never get blown away.

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  199. Yvette 2 years ago

    Leo!!! Now Im torn, because if he’s nominated for an Oscar, that would put him in contention with MM. Damn! I love both.

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  200. edkargir 2 years ago

    Leo was the weekest one in that catagory. These people should not be allowed to judge movies. Chiwetel better win .

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  201. Jorge Clooneigh 2 years ago

    It would be sweet to see Leo and Cate win at the Oscars. Aviator 2.0.

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  202. Patrick C 2 years ago

    I just have one question: I had been reading for 2 months how 12 Years Slave was going to win all these awards. Now it can only win 2 at this point with Best Actor and Best Picture for a Drama. Maybe it wasn’t as good as most of you thought huh? Just sayin!

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  203. Bryce Forestieri 2 years ago

    I hope there’s a lot of noise tomorrow in the Latino media about Alfonso’s victory.

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  204. Odee 2 years ago

    A sad excuse for a fashion show and playing up to celebrities. It’s rarely about performance here and how in the heck can you allow a company to choose the category they’re in? American Hustle is not a comedy.It may have comic moments, but it’s not a comedy. But, the more categories you have, the more stars you can nominate. This is the group that gave Pia Isadora a golden globe so they’ve already scraped the bottom of the barrel. Well before Harvey, people have been buying them.

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  205. Kelly 2 years ago

    Yes, my gut feeling is that 12YAS is leaving with nothing tonight and maybe even at the Oscars… it’s like watching a football game and seeing all the momentum shift.

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  206. phantom 2 years ago


    Fey-Poehler made a five second joke last year about Taylor Swift’s romantic life and she said in an interview in reference to this that there is a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women…without a hint of irony. Yes…Team Fey/Poehler for sure !

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  207. Aragorn 2 years ago

    So far tonight, the only major win without any major previous win is Leo’s. But again the real strong contenders are in the Drama category. So best actor race is still wide open! And tonight’s major possible shut out and possibly following racism accusations and much more diverse academy membership may make AMPAS voters to pick 12 Years a Slave for a at least a few categories. So Oscar race is very wide open

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  208. brian 2 years ago

    12 Years a Slave was a great movie, but not any better than American Hustle or Gravity. All three are great movies and any of the three deserve the Best Picture Oscar.

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  209. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Phantom, thanks. I thought there was something new brewing tonight:)))

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  210. brian 2 years ago

    IMHO of course : )

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  211. phantom 2 years ago

    Patrick C

    And the Golden Globes decide what is a GREAT film since when again ?

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  212. Bryce Forestieri 2 years ago

    Jennifer Lawrence kisses Nicholas Hoult in camera <3

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  213. JPNS Viewer 2 years ago

    American Hustle prevails.

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  214. Kelly 2 years ago

    “I just have one question: I had been reading for 2 months how 12 Years Slave was going to win all these awards. Now it can only win 2 at this point with Best Actor and Best Picture for a Drama. Maybe it wasn’t as good as most of you thought huh? Just sayin!”

    @Patrick C

    1. No one really knows anything, and for the past 12 months 12YAS has been in front-runner status, with the exception of JLaw in SuppActress and Cuaron in directing.

    2. Awards don’t measure a film’s greatness. History does.

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  215. Yvette 2 years ago

    How good are MM’s chances? I didn’t think he had a chance, but starting to think maybe he does…

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  216. Aragorn 2 years ago

    More and more 12 Years a Slave is reminding me of Lincoln from last year. Very well made, historically important movie. But may not resonate with the academy members. May be best actor is its best chance for the major awards!

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  217. Antoinette 2 years ago

    I’m going to assume Christian Bale and Jeremy Renner are out fighting villains.

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  218. brian 2 years ago



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  219. SallyinChicago 2 years ago

    This may be taken the wrong way….but awards like the GG are reasons you have the Image Awards and Latin Film Awards shows.

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  220. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Again only 90+ foreign journalists voted for these awards. AMPAS is much much bigger, much more diverse and hopefully much more competent in choosing best movies and performances. One can only hope!

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  221. SallyinChicago 2 years ago

    @Aragon – agreed.

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  222. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Sally, tell us one award that 12 Years has won all year up to tonight non stop and then suddenly lost! Best supporting actress? Check all the critics awards! Best Director! Again check all those other awards so far! Even Best Actor. It has not won everything so far. So do not make this like suddenly it is losing tonight!

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  223. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Golden Globes are important just because we want them to be!

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  224. Antoinette 2 years ago

    My whole TV went black after what Tina said. lol

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  225. Jeremy 2 years ago

    Pls, the AMPAS voted The King’s Speech over The Social Network, don’t get your hopes up. Embrace your JLaw overlords

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  226. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Please Cate the Great!

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  227. Antoinette 2 years ago

    I think I would have liked Philomania WAY better.


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  228. Aragorn 2 years ago

    How come August Osage County is comedy but Saving Mr. Banks is drama????

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  229. Yvette 2 years ago

    Cate Blanchett. Nice.

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  230. Yvette 2 years ago

    If 12 yrs is supposedly shut out, than who for actor?

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  231. brian 2 years ago

    Actually, I think the Academy has been largely incompetent in it’s selection of best movies and performances from 2008 till the present.

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  232. Antoinette 2 years ago

    Oh.. she’s 3 sheets to the wind. XD

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  233. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Ohh Jessica the beautiful!!!!!

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  234. brian 2 years ago

    guy from 12 years a slave should’ve won

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  235. Antoinette 2 years ago


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  236. Pete 2 years ago

    MM rolls to Oscar. What a reinvention.

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  237. John C. 2 years ago

    Woah Best Actor race for Oscar just got lot more interesting.

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  238. Dan 2 years ago

    Nope. This is very close the most disappointing GG award ever.

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  239. Antoinette 2 years ago

    Okay so basically the HFPA doesn’t care about black people.

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  240. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Wawwww. Matthew wins over Robert Redford! Again is this a totally unexpected unprecedented? Noooo. He is quite good

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  241. Yvette 2 years ago

    WHOOOO! Mcconaughey!!!
    Made my year so far…
    Yeah, I know its only the Globes, but still.

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  242. superkk 2 years ago

    wow are you serious right now??? i cannot believe this. i really cant. 12YAS isnt winning ANYTHING. this is shocking.. and MM winning? really?

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  243. brian 2 years ago

    his role in Dazed in Confused is still his best role ever!!!

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  244. Rich 2 years ago

    Okay, so Gravity’s won best picture Drama then?

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  245. JP 2 years ago

    Best Actor is the oddest race to predict right now. Doesn’t seem to be a trend. Best Picture is starting to lean to American Hustle and Supporting Actress to Jennifer Lawrence. Cate Blanchett is a lock and Jared Leto is very likely… in the end I don’t think Dallas Buyers Club is that strong to win two acting awards at the Oscars. I think SAG goes to Bruce Dern and Leo gets in instead of Redford on thursday.

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  246. brian 2 years ago

    Alright, alright, alright!

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  247. SallyinChicago 2 years ago

    If I was a betting person, I would throw 12 Yrs under the bus and move onto something else. For me, that’s Gravity.

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  248. Joshua 2 years ago

    They hate black people?? Really?? They gave awards to Octavia Spencer and Viola Davis for “The Help.” People are completely disgusting with their racist comments. I’m so over people getting mad because “12 Years” didn’t win anything. Some of my favorite movies didn’t win anything but I’m not fresking out.

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  249. Yvette 2 years ago

    Dumb trivia: Blanchett (dad from Texas), McM (Texas), Leto (Louisiana), JLaw (Kentucky) – its a Southern sweep in all the major drama categories.

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  250. brian 2 years ago

    Gravity wins this

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  251. Ken Bacon 2 years ago

    You can all stop your whining now.

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  252. Antoinette 2 years ago

    Okay. Nevermind. lololol

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  253. brian 2 years ago

    wow, very deserving win

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  254. John C. 2 years ago

    Best Picture race is over. 12YAS will win the Oscar now.

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  255. Joshua 2 years ago

    Now you all look like dumbasses for starting calling racism. The 12 Years bandwagon!!

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  256. Omar 2 years ago

    I’ve been reading this all night but haven’t commented…


    I hope all the cries of racism will finally shut – up…

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  257. Filmboymichael 2 years ago

    The lesson is Sally: don’t believe everything you read online!

    Great win.

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  258. Pete 2 years ago

    Again. It now comes down to the guilds. Crazy three way race.

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  259. phantom 2 years ago

    Yesyesyes !!! 12 years a slave !!!!!!!!

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  260. Akumax 2 years ago

    HFPA…They are just so racist…

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  261. JJ 2 years ago

    Wait – I thought Steve McQueen was gay – did he thank “his wife?”

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  262. John C. 2 years ago

    Steve McQueen – “Didn’t expect this.” LOL c’mon, only believable if you don’t own internet, television, or newspapers.

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  263. Antoinette 2 years ago

    @Joshua If you knew anything about me and my comments here, you’d know I was joking. I hate the race thing too. I was riffing on Kanye as well.

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  264. Yvette 2 years ago

    Good wins all around. There isn’t one that Im pissed about.

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  265. Bryce Forestieri 2 years ago

    Steve McQueen really didn’t expect to win

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  266. brian 2 years ago

    So. Nothing’s really changed. AH, TWAS and Gravity still the front runners.

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  267. Kelly 2 years ago

    I told you bitches. LOL

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  268. edkargir 2 years ago

    I”m glad Twelve years a slave won but remember Babel won only best picture a few years ago.it makes no sense that it did not win anything else.

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  269. We All Take This Too Seriously 2 years ago

    Internet commentors be commenting.

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  270. JJ 2 years ago

    oops, i got confused. Thinking about Lee Daniels.

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  271. Anfernee 2 years ago

    My Women’s Studies professor once said, “Never read blogs. Culturally competent people should refrain from reading blogs”

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  272. JP 2 years ago

    Give up… Gravity is not winning Best Picture. Never was going to win.

    It’s 12 YAS x American Hustle… It’s 12 Years a Slave’s nightmare. If it was like 2010, The Hurt Locker x Avatar (Gravity), it would be a piece of cake. But it’s main opponent is not that film but a much stronger Inglorious Basterds…

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  273. AdamA 2 years ago

    You know what’s worse than “the cries” of racism, Omar? [drumroll]

    Complaints about complaints of racism. Seriously. All y’all win the annoying contest. That gold medal podium is so high up I can see yr nosehairs.

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  274. Jerry Grant 2 years ago

    Hahahaha YES KNEW IT

    Don’t count 12 YEARS out, suckers, it’s winning the big one, as deserved!!!

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  275. feistybarg 2 years ago

    Exactly @omar
    Found this feed so hilarious to read.
    So many dumbassdd opinions jumping the gun so you can say what ? ‘i told you so’?
    12YAS deserved it and will hopefully win the Oscar.

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  276. superkk 2 years ago

    well im glad they spread the wealth. i was just shocked 12yas didnt pick up supporting actress/actor but that just goes to show you never assume someone is a frontrunner. still early though!

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  277. Jerry Grant 2 years ago

    Very good award spread. The only one of the 9 major categories I got wrong was Cuaron for director — I had McQueen.

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  278. Joshua 2 years ago

    @Antoinette: that wasn’t directed to you! It was directed to SallyinChicago… Someone needs to give her an award! Fox Searchlight needs to hire her for their Oscar campaign.

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  279. Jerry Grant 2 years ago

    Of the 10 major awards, sorry

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  280. JESUS 2 years ago

    13 predictions right. 11 wrong. I am terrible at predicting TV. I don’t watch those TV series. Dang it.

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  281. Robert A. 2 years ago

    So happy for 12 Years a Slave. Man, I was sweating it there for awhile.

    I’m not sure any movie really pulled ahead tonight. As usual, the guilds will point us in the right direction, especially PGA, which uses the same preferential ballot as the Oscars.

    As for the tweets from members of the HFPA, it was my understanding that a member predicted 12 Years a Slave would go home empty-handed and HFPA would be accused of racism as a result. That’s far different from tweeting definitively that 12 Years would not win anything.

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  282. Cory 2 years ago

    LOL @Anfrenee. They should become Women’s Studies professors instead.

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  283. Sanna 2 years ago

    Most important thing first. Cate Blanchett, the greatest creature ever walked the Earth!

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  284. superkk 2 years ago

    oh and btw i believe sallyinchicago was the ONLY one crying racism in this thread. so you all really need to chill. i was just saying how i shocked i was about a potential frontrunner not winning awards. know the difference.;)

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  285. Alex Brando 2 years ago

    JP, do you even believe yourself?! Inglorious Basterds is so much better as a movie/comedy/anything than American Hustle. True, I love to my bones JLaw and Bradley C. but hell the movie itself is not much worth it. (Other than good cinema entertainment) How can we even think it to be culturally important as 12 Years of Slave?? It’s an insult!!

    Allllll hail Mr. Fricking Mcconnaughey!!! Boo ya!! :)

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  286. Alper 2 years ago

    So happy for Cate Blanchett the Goddess :)

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  287. Bryce Forestieri 2 years ago

    So HFPA just awarded 12 YEARS A SLAVE, AMERICAN HUSTLE, Amy Adams, Cate Blanchett, Matthew McConaughey*, Leonardo DiCaprio, Alfonso Cuaron, and Spike Jonze

    Great night. Probably the best set of winners since I watch awards.

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  288. Anfernee 2 years ago

    @Cory Yes. I decided on social work instead! Boom!

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  289. Steve50 2 years ago

    Well, that was gruelling, for the most part. Glad for Leo and Cate, Jared was cool (MMc, not so much – must have been nerves) and Robin Wright is a goddess.

    The most important lesson of the evening: Give me 5 minutes of Diane Keaton speaking off the cuff over 2 hrs of scripted JLaw any day.

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  290. Reno 2 years ago

    Redford shouldve won

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  291. Bob Burns 2 years ago

    I’m good with all the choices. good year. glad they got spread around and that there were so many we weren’t predicting. the guilds will probably bring us back to boring.

    in particular…. Leonardo DiCaprio winning, his tribute to Scorsese….. Leto thanking the Rayons for inspiration…. very real.

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  292. JP 2 years ago

    @ Alex Brando

    I’m not saying it is a better film than Basterds. Basterds was and will always be my favorite film of that year. For me, it should have won. But… it was not taken that seriously in the awards season that year because there was another more “culturally important” film in their opinion. When I said stronger, I meant it is stronger in terms of popularity among the industry and probability of taking the Oscar for Best Picture, which clearly AH is stronger than Basterds was.

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  293. james 2 years ago

    Aragorn or whatever your name is..IT IS ABOUT RACE..when you break it down blacks have been giving great performances for years now and constantly been overlooked for the simple fact that they’re skin color isn’t light enough or they’re hair isn’t blond enough…you can’t make me believe that if lupita was white she wouldn’t be touted as the next meryl streep and being rolled out on every magazine cover as most white actresses are..SO SIT DOWN PLEASE!!.. blacks STILL haven’t been totally been embraced by film industry and not much has changed since the days of Sidney Poitier and thats PATHETIC.

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  294. g 2 years ago

    What an exciting night, disappointing fashion for me but wonderful winners. My dinner was fabulous and the show was fabulous. I can’t believe I’m doing this again on Thursday night for the critics choice!

    So happy for frozen, Leo, Jared, Jennifer, the great beauty, and Matthew:)

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  295. alan 2 years ago

    not giving up on Gravity though AH is definitely with the momentum and so i will wait until the pga.

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  296. Alex Brando 2 years ago


    If we think of the year Avatar was in the awards circuit, then we can maybe see how at times the Academy tends to even promote boring choices in order to not falter into mainstream/avant-garde movies. So maybe 12 Years could quietly win, as The Hurt Locker did, despite the popularity of AH (which I think is mostly bc David Russell is due but anyway)

    That being said – for me all the awards are super deserving, they were all my choices, except Leo, where I was wooing for Bruce, but Leo is my favorite actor all time so it’s all good. And I like how mixed the awards are. Cause at the end of the day, even with one award, Best Picture still means best picture and 12 Years will be remembered, the count of awards is irrelevant when we put it that way.

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  297. alan of montreal 2 years ago

    “colored people,” Aragorn? Seriously? Did you time travel from 1950?

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  298. james 2 years ago

    thank you alan of montreal..what an ignorant comment Aragorn made lol

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  299. Bryce Forestieri 2 years ago

    Thanks to HFPA I’m once again reminded there’s no Blu-ray of INTERIORS.

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  300. Patrick C 2 years ago

    I think the fact that 12 Years only one award shows it is dying. I do think that Lupita Nyong’o (despite her loss tonight) is the front runner for Best Supporting Actress but I said from the beginning that the editing for this film was HORRIBLE!! I think it ended up hurting it tonight as well. I think American Hustle picked up some major steam tonight and the fact that Cuaron won Best Director keeps Gravity in the running for Best Picture. My surprise pick for the Academy Award nominations…Harrison Ford for best Supporting Actor for 42. I’m really hoping he gets recognized!

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  301. Antoinette 2 years ago
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  302. m1 2 years ago

    American Hustle is ten times the film Inglourious Basterds will ever be.

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  303. Tufinhas 2 years ago

    1 – Please don’t compare Gravity to Avatar or American Hustle to Inglorious Basterds

    2 – Thank God for Spike Jonze’s win and Cuaron’s win

    3 – American Hustle got way too many awards. What a crap fest that movie is. Amy Adams’ win and Picture / Comedy win make it a front runner. Just add the inevitable SAG and voila


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  304. alan of montreal 2 years ago

    Also, Amy Adams–why does everyone keep referring to her as a potential “surprise” nominee? AMPAS obviously loves her (as do I, though i have yet to catch AH). After she managed to squeeze in her first nod with Junebug (one of my favourite screen performances, lead or supporting ever), she’s been getting “surprise” nods ever since–Doubt, then The Fighter, and finally and especialy The Master. Everyone thought she only had an outside chance of getting a nod for all those films, but she always made the final five. Clearly she’s earned the respect of her peers for her talent, versatility, and work ethic. She’s the US version of Kate Winslet, without the whiff of scandal (i.e., multiple marriages). She’ll definitely get a nod. It’s still Cate Blanchett’s to lose (and her hilarious speech tonight can only help her), but I’d prefer a horse race to the end rather than a boringly predictable outcome, which i think supporting actor is going to be (not that it isn’t deserved–i do think it was the best perf, as much as i think Leto is an arrogant prick).

    Just as an aside, i thought the tv category was great (yay for Robin Wright, whom I’ve been a fan of since her Santa Barbara days) except for the Jon Voigt win. That one was a bit hard to digest, given the other nominees. And as much as I love Amy Poehler and Parks & Rec, the cynic in me can’t help but think that she won more for her hosting duties than for her show.

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  305. Dave L 2 years ago

    A few thoughts:

    Philomania – LOLOLOLOL
    Cate – she’s awesome. Very bright.
    McConaughey – he’s not that bright, is he…
    Reese – looked amazing. Best dressed?
    Lupita – she’s awesome. She doesn’t need a prize – she’s the real deal. She’ll win a Tony at some point.
    I think a pic/dir split at the Oscars is looking pretty good right now. 12 Yrs for pic, Cuaron for dir.
    Emma Thompson is fab.
    Thinking of all the amazing women who have been in Woody movies made me tear up a bit. There was a shot where you could see a lot of them. Brilliant. Diane was lovely.
    Ready for SAG awards! Bring it!

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  306. SallyinChicago 2 years ago

    Give me 5 minutes of Diane Keaton speaking off the cuff over 2 hrs of scripted JLaw any day.
    She was spectacular and should be working as much as Streep.

    For me, Tina and Amy were the best. I can see the BP and Best Director shaping up with Alfonso winning Director and Steve winning Best Picture. I can also see Matthew McC winning best actor over Leo.

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  307. Nic V 2 years ago

    All tonight proved was that the only individual who might be able to breath a sigh of relief or feel comfortable is Cate Blanchett. I don’t even think Jared Leto should feel too comfortable right now because after all the buzz about The Wolf Jonah Hill might end up with a nomination and if he does look out Jared.

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  308. Kansiov 2 years ago

    Apart from Jennifer Lawrence and American Hustle… a really decent set of winners. Also a nice fuck you to Taylor Swift at the end.

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  309. Robert A. 2 years ago

    “I think the fact that 12 Years only won one award shows that it is dying.”

    Is that the same way The English Patient was dying when it only one a single major Golden Globe–BP/Drama? (Okay, TEP won score too, but it wasn’t much of a different scenario, win-wise, than 12 Years a Slave.) And The Hurt Locker won zilch from the Globes.

    It’s ironic that 12 Years a Slave won one award (but widely considered the big prize) and you perceive it as “dying,” but Gravity wins one award and you perceive it as “still in the hunt.”

    True that AH won the most awards. But if this is indeed a three-pony BP race between 12 Years, Gravity, and AH, AH had an easier win because it didn’t have any real competition. 12 Years and Gravity had to face off against each other. AH was widely considered to be the winner for screenplay, yet it lost that category, so it’s not like AH had a major sweep. Also, just for funsies, did you happen to notice which film didn’t get an editing nod at BAFTA? Not 12 Years a Slave, but AH!

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  310. Claudiu Dobre 2 years ago

    At least we’ve now established 12 Years a Slave is definitely stronger than Lincoln was last year (because it’s actually winning important Best Picture awards) and that there won’t be any Argo-type sweeps, since nothing won Picture+Director here (and there’s been a split most of the time so far as well). I’m happy with that outcome, for now. It shows we ain’t dead yet by any means. (I mean those of us hoping 12 Years wins the Oscar.)

    But it’s obvious the PGA could bury us with one fell blow, ’cause if we ain’t winning that one, I can’t see how we ever beat Hustle for the SAG or Cuaron for the DGA… If Gravity wins the PGA&DGA vs SAG for Hustle/12 Years, it’s probably the new frontrunner (PGA+DGA is, as we all know, the deadliest combination to have); if Hustle wins the PGA, it’s all but over.

    So it’s most likely all going to be decided on the 19th, just as expected. Could have been almost over tonight for 12 Years, had it been 0 awards, but, thankfully, we get to dream some more!

    P.S.: Now that I think of it, it’s about time we had different winners for the DGA and Oscar Best Picture. It’s been seven years since they last diverged (Crash) and that tends to happen roughly once every 4-5 years on average, so it’s a bit overdue. And this seems like the perfect year for something like that, since Gravity is winning every Director award out there but hardly any Picture awards. Just hope it won’t be Hustle/Cuaron… And I can’t really picture it either, Hustle winning without Russell winning Director as well. Maybe Cuaron only wins the DGA, but not the Oscar – who knows?!

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  311. immature 2 years ago

    @Kansiov Wait, what did Tina and Amy say to Taylor Swift?

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  312. unlikely hood 2 years ago

    “This was the beautiful mess we hoped it would be.”

    Amen. This is what the Golden Globes should be. Didn’t agree with everything, but that hardly mattered…enough was close enough. That’s not a typo.

    My biggest thrill was Spike Jonze’s screenplay win. The script of the year, and he was the sweetheart we know him to be. No one predicted that win…THAT’S a great reason to keep calling myself unlikelyhood.

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  313. Kansiov 2 years ago

    @immature They brought up the whole “special place in hell” thing at the end which was totally LOL.

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  314. Pierre de Plume 2 years ago

    The tribute to Woody Allen made me dizzy at how prolific he has been – and how many memorable movies he has made.

    I’m not saying the director/picture results are a harbinger of things to come, but Cuaron winning director at the Oscars somehow seems more like a possibility even if American Hustle wins best picture.

    Oh – and Cate Blanchett looked fabulous and gave a great speech –

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  315. Yvette 2 years ago

    Dave L,
    Actually, McConaughey is very intelligent, very quirky. What he isn’t is polished for Hollywood. That’s what makes him unique, and authentic.

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  316. Claudiu Dobre 2 years ago

    Anyway, apart from the 12 Years a Slave win, which turned a potentially sour experience into a good one for me, I’m very happy for:

    – Frozen (although it sucks that it didn’t win Song as well)
    – Spike Jonze’s screenplay win (which he thoroughly deserves – he’s my winner as well, even though I don’t love the movie as much as some other people)
    – Leto (my win)
    – Amy Adams (my favorite thing about American Hustle, even though she’s not necessarily the best in show – I’m just a fanbot, I guess)
    – DiCaprio (because it meant Wolf won something)
    – Blanchett (who I’ve been a fan of ever since The Fellowship of the Ring and The Talented Mr. Ripley)
    – Amy Poehler (because I love Parks and Recreation and she’s, of course, the heart of the show)
    – La grande bellezza (because I predicted it intuitively, having only seen Blue, which was very good but not great, by the way; this was probably one of the few predictions I got right in the contest – I didn’t write them down)

    So yeah, overall, it was definitely a good night for me, with the right mix of deserved winners, tension, surprises and nice moments. Glad I watched!

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  317. Robert A. 2 years ago

    BTW, how have I missed over the years that Spike Jonze is so hot and adorable?

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  318. Raphael 2 years ago

    The Great Side: DiCaprio, Adams, Blanchett & McCounaghey winning
    The Bad Side: American Hustle winning and you have the epic The Wolf of Wall Street
    The Awful Side: Jennifer Lawrence winning

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  319. Jay 2 years ago

    So let me get this straight: Meryl Streep had to wait 29 years before she won her third Oscar but apparently Jennifer Lawrence only has to wait 11 months before she wins her second? And she’s only 23? Ain’t right.

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  320. Shalana Anthony 2 years ago

    Im just happy that leto,leo, and wright won!!!! And bryan cranston and breaking bad!!

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  321. brian 2 years ago

    I don’t get the hate for AH and JLaw … oh well … to each her/his own

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  322. Scott 2 years ago

    I’m so happy the men of Dallas Buyers Club won. So deserved and maybe it will push MM to the Oscar gold. I’d rather watch a movie with him in it than most of the working lead actors in Hollywood.

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  323. Jerry Grant 2 years ago

    I feel strongly that, with a surprise finish, this has been a good day for 12 Years a Slave.

    Predictably good day for American Hustle, too, and predictably good day for Gravity (Cuaron).

    But 12 Years winning BP-Drama is a bigger deal. Why? Because if it can win with the Hollywood Foreign Press, then it can definitely win with the Academy. It is now on its way. It has not suffered major hiccups.

    Sasha has prepared us for the worst by predicting American Hustle as the big winner, but I thought that was wrong at the time, and I still think that’s wrong. It’s true that 12 Years didn’t go head-to-head against AH at these awards, but the fact that 12 Years could win BP at all with this bunch is big news indeed.

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  324. Chris Price 2 years ago


    That is all.

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  325. Jerry Grant 2 years ago

    Guessed correctly:
    BP-Drama: 12 Years a Slave
    BP-Comedy: American Hustle
    Best Screenplay: Her
    Best Actor-Drama: Matthew McConaughey
    Best Actress-Drama: Cate Blanchett
    Best Actor-Comedy: Leonardo DiCaprio
    Best Actress-Comedy: Amy Adams
    Best Supporting Actor: Jared Leto
    Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Lawrence

    Guess incorrectly:
    Best Director: Alfonso Cuaron

    (bragging rights)

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  326. Glenn UK 2 years ago

    12 Years a Slave wins Best Pic (Drama) and no other award. How? It never had the best acting, it never had the best director, it never had the best screenplay BUT it WAS the best picture? Go figure. These awards tell us absolutely nothing because they are a tin pot trophy!

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  327. ceeza 2 years ago

    Lupita is a sentimental favorite but lets face it, hate it or love of it Jennifer lawrence was born to be an actress. She’s a ham. Slave was a better movie but looking back I kinda think J Law gave the better performance.. maybe or Julia or June have a beef too but to act like j law didn’t bring it id kinda bogus too..

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  328. SallyinChicago 2 years ago

    so does judi dench never show up to the award ceremonies?
    ^^ I believe she’s suffering from Alzheimer’s; somebody correct me.

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  329. Reno 2 years ago

    gravity, her, redford, phoenix, nyong’o should’ve won

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  330. Kansiov 2 years ago

    I just don’t understand the side of Jennifer Lawrence sympathizers… here you have an actress under 30 potentially getting rewarded for two Oscars, back-to-back for performances that are neither groundbreaking nor best in class. On top of that you have actresses like Naomi Watts and Glenn Close who have shown much greater range and talent throughout their career who have yet to win ONE. Can’t you people see how fucked up that is? I don’t think Lawrence was born more of an actress than Watts or Close is… I would love to see Lawrence do an act on broadway.

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  331. Sammy 2 years ago

    In fact both 12YAS and AH lost steam after tonight’s results. David O. Russell failed to win Directing or Screenplay and 12 YAS failed to win directing or any acting awards.

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  332. Koleś 2 years ago

    Last time Actor Drama and Supp. Actor globes went to the same movie was back in 2003, when Robbins and Penn won for Mystic River. And they also won the Oscars. The fading buzz of McConaughey is restored and he’s back in the game, big time. Out of all the awards this evening, his globe is the most meangful game changer.

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  333. Robert A. 2 years ago

    “Sasha has prepared us for the worst by predicting American Hustle as the big winner, but I thought that was wrong at the time, and I still think that’s wrong. It’s true that 12 Years didn’t go head-to-head against AH at these awards, but the fact that 12 Years could win BP at all with this bunch is big news indeed.”

    I agree, Jerry Grant.

    “Jennifer lawrence was born to be an actress. She’s a ham. Slave was a better movie but looking back I kinda think J Law gave the better performance..”

    You think the ham gave the better performance? She definitely gave the showiest performance. That’s not the same as a better performance.

    “In fact both 12YAS and AH lost steam after tonight’s results. David O. Russell failed to win Directing or Screenplay and 12 YAS failed to win directing or any acting awards.”

    Don’t forget that Gravity lost steam by failing to win one of the best picture prizes. It couldn’t even win BP against a movie that has “lost steam.” So where does that leave us? All three of our BP frontrunners lost steam? One of them is still winning BP at the Oscars.

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  334. Roberto 2 years ago

    Amy Adams, don’t get to excited, they give this award to you just to not give to Meryl, the real winner of this category.

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  335. Reno 2 years ago

    everyone better condition your minds that jennifer lawrence will win back to back oscars, last year i rooted for her coz i thought that was a special performance but this year, uhm, not too keen on it

    i think the supporting winners will repeat at the Oscars, the leads will have a battle royale especially if Amy Adams clinches a nomination

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  336. JJ Jones 2 years ago

    Best moment were the two wins for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Great to see other people besides me enjoy that show.

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  337. Kansiov 2 years ago


    I sincerely hope not. I might just boycott every Jennifer Lawrence film from now if that happens, and probably riot in the process.

    As for lead, the Oscar is still (deservedly) Blanchett’s to lose, I really doubt tonight changes that.

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  338. Zooey 2 years ago

    Lawrence on Broadway would get the Julia Roberts treatment. Critics would love to tear her apart. I don’t get the Lawrence love either. Her performances are uneven, over the top and broad. She won last year for a performance that wouldn’t have been nominated had Harvey not campaigned for it. And now again?! Come on!

    Actor: I still believe Dern or Ejiofor wins in the end. SAG will be telling.

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  339. Sammy 2 years ago

    Robert A. – I mean there is (still) not a consensus pick – you have four different winners in four major categories (BP Drama, BP Comedy, Director and Screenplay)

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  340. K. Bowen 2 years ago

    American Hustle is a comedy?

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  341. Patrick 2 years ago

    Gravity’s gonna win.

    Because AACTA (closest thing to consensus vote so far; 20x more voters than HFPA) picked Gravity,
    Because neither 12YAS nor AH won director/screenplay at GGs,
    Because I’m not predicting a split; I’m less confident about who wins Picture and far more confident that Cuaron wins Director.

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  342. Aragorn 2 years ago

    Enough with this stupid racism accusations and bashing J.Lawrence!

    First of all, before GG she won bunch of critics awards. It did not come from nowhere! One idiot above says that he/she didn’t see American Hustle but believes J.Law did not deserve to win! Really???? I don’t believe she will win the Oscar, but saying she didn’t deserve this GG is too much…That was 90+ foreign journalists’ opinion and deal with it!

    Screaming “Racism” all night because a movie about slavery was losing was acceptable. Because blacks believe that they can easily label anyone racist with no problem….Imagine if someone says a movie/actor/actress wins because he/she is black. Then you would be labeled as racist!

    Two black, 40+ old, not-so-thin and great actresses won Best Supporting Actress Oscars in recent years, so can we say it was all about race???? Viola Davis lost to no other than Meryl Streep, just because of race???? some people see nothing but race wherever they look.
    Some idiots were screaming “racism” last night when 12 Years a Slave lost awards, including Best DIRECTOR. They forgot that the person who won Best Director is Hispanic!. But again for them what matters is only blacks winning or losing. They do not care about other races!

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  343. Simone 2 years ago

    The show was a travesty last night. I deliberately stayed away from here because I didn’t want to add to my frustrations. This is the last time I’ll watch the GGs and invest emotionally into it. It’s all a fraud, and it is definitely fake. I’m moving on now to the real awards, regardless of their outcomes, I have seen the light with the bullshit of the golden globes last night. They are a fraud and BOGUS.


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  344. Armando 2 years ago

    Brian “I don’t get the hate for AH and JLaw … oh well … to each her/his own”

    Is this your first time visiting Awards Daily? Don’t you remember these I-love-it-so-much/I-hate-it-to-death from the past?: The Social Network/The King’s Speech, Viola Davis/Meryl Streep, War Horse/The Artist, Lincoln/Argo, Emmanuelle Riva/Jennifer Lawrence, David Fincher/Tom Hooper.

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  345. Reno 2 years ago

    if not jlaw again at the oscars, who then?

    no one. oprah maybe. lupita? if lupita wins PGA, DGA, SAG, WGA, BAFTA, ADG, CAS, MPSE, CDG, ASC, BFCA, only then will she have a bit of a chance against jlaw!

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  346. A.G. 2 years ago

    Why would anyone be emotionally invested in any award show? (Rhetorical/Sardonic question no need for the crazies to actually reply.)

    It was a good spread and I think it reflects a strong year at the movies. I thought there were a lot of upsets which made the night exciting. Amy and Tina need to host everything! People on this board need to take a step back as breathe. You’d think we we were talking about national security or something that actually mattered by how cray cray people get.

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  347. Rafael 2 years ago

    Jacqueline Bisset NAILED IT, a great ‘haters gonna hate’ from the 70’s generation.

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  348. Koleś 2 years ago

    People tend to forget that this just another critics’ group giving out awards. Sure, there’s a ceremony, free booze and a shitload of stars in their gowns and tucks, but still it’s critics handing out awards, same as LAFCA or NYFCC. I don’t see people freaking out over critics in central ohio giving their best supporting award to Lawrence. So please, cool it. The big awards will come and I don’t think the industry is ready (unlike the critics) to give Lawrence a second one in a row, no matter how popular she is.

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  349. Kansiov 2 years ago

    @ A.G.
    Because award shows- the Oscars in particular are still regarded as the gold medal in the film industry. More often or not, films are still remembered by the number of nominations, Oscars they win. Are the Oscars getting less and less relevant? Yeah sure, but they’re still relevant and AMPAS tend to balance out industry, art and historical significance somewhat more evenly than let’s say- the Grammies.

    Also there is a difference between a disagreement with concrete, factual statements and ‘hate’. I find the word ‘hate’ gets thrown around WAY too easily nowadays.

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  350. filmboymichael 2 years ago

    “^^ I believe she’s suffering from Alzheimer’s; somebody correct me.”

    Sally, really – where do you read these things?? Honestly!

    She’s filming overseas and wasn’t able to attend – she’s filming the Best Exotic Marigold sequel….

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  351. Paul Voorhies 2 years ago

    What I took away from The Globes last night:

    I want Spike Jones on top of me!

    I think Armando is a very smart guy!

    Watching the 12 Years hysteria was really amusing.

    How self-important we all are!!

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  352. Corvo 2 years ago

    Happy for Cuaron, Jonze, Sorrentino, Leto. I hope Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t steal another oscar, it would be a shame.

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  353. filmboymichael 2 years ago

    ….what Paul Voorhies said….all of it.

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  354. joe 2 years ago

    As a casual moviegoer ive seen only three of the winning films: american hustle gravity and wolf of wall street and the series finales of breaking bad. Im shocked woody allen doesnt come to awards show was he there in 78 to accept best director for annie hall. Who ThE heck is jared leto. Jacquline bissett países alot. The composer whowon for original score is he any relation to film critic roger ebert. Frozen was ThE best animated feature of ThE year. Steven sodebergh did ThE movie about liberace. I gotta see that when it comes to dvd. Jim carrey seemed to be excited to be there after a hiatus. Jennifer lawrence was more nervous this time than winning for The silver linings playbook. Amy poehler and tina fe y should host every year. Why do they not hace in memoriam segmento at ThE ggs. Alfonso cuaron has a interesting face AMD his acceptance speech was good. Lupita nyongo had the worst dress. I liked when The president came out and said bathroom break. Robert redford and jon voight are getting older and the show finished on time. And a lot people are right that some móvies with the most nominations like babel and 12 years wins 1 award.

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  355. joe 2 years ago

    Spike jonze was the director of being john maklkovich and ThE underrated movie where The wild things are. jacqueline bissett paused alot.

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  356. joe 2 years ago

    its leo vs Matthew in ThE for best actor oscar. Sandra vs cate for best actress.

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  357. Marcus 2 years ago

    ‘its leo vs Matthew in ThE for best actor oscar.’


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  358. violet hour 2 years ago

    happy for leo , matthew and cate

    want to barf so bad over AH wins

    can’t believe they actually gave something to 12YAS thought it was going to get completely shut out , so depressing a thought

    i’ve seen a few more films now , and i’m mad for WoWS what a ride that film was i was laughing so hard through and through , can’t imagine anyone thinking AH is better than WOLF (and yet there probably are go figure!)
    i love love love august osage county , that too is way better than AH , star-studded cast whose characters are so much more believable
    than those of AH

    heck even saving Mr Banks is better than AH , made me cry !

    needless to say AH bored me , my eyes were drooping , there would be scenes that were interesting followed by boring scenes , and ugh was i ever watching the time wondering when it would finish , sure jlaw is very showy in it, but seems like an extension of her tiffany character from SLP nothing original and certainly nowhere near deserving of a 2nd oscar , sincerely feel the role she should have won an oscar for was WINTER’S BONE….

    going to watch blue jasmine , her and dallas buyer’s club next (thanks screeners)

    even though there was a screener i still opted to see WoWS in the theatre and very happy i did so , now waiting to see if 12YAS gets here sometimes soon or i’ll succomb and go screener way pfff i’d rather see it on the big screen

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  359. Robert A. 2 years ago

    “its leo vs Matthew in ThE for best actor Oscar.”

    If Leo gets nominated, I don’t think he has much of a chance of winning. The Wolf of Wall Street is simply too divisive. Nominations are based on passion, which might help him. Wins are based on consensus, which will hurt him.

    I suspect it’s still between Ejiofor, McConaughey, and maybe even Dern, depending on how SAG and BAFTA swing.

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  360. david 2 years ago

    Where amy Adams won last night beating streep I think it opens the door for Brie Larson to get a best actress nom!!!! This is how I see it come Oscar morning:1.Blanchett 2.Bullock 3.Thompson 4.Adams 5.Larson

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  361. Josh 2 years ago

    ^ O…M…G.

    Just stop

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  362. Pepper 2 years ago

    I think Dern’s award is his nomination. Nebraska should be doing a lot better at the box office. He also has a smaller role than his competitors, and the movie is somewhat downbeat. Granted, 12 Years isn’t cheerful, but unlike Nebraska, it’s an “important” film and a BP frontrunner.

    Ejiofor and McConaughey have the edge here.

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  363. Robert A. 2 years ago

    “Ejiofor and McConaughey have the edge here.”

    I agree.

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  364. Daveylow 2 years ago

    Lawrence may have been born to be an actress but that doesn’t mean she should get two Oscars in a row. Meryl Streep has been nominated how may times and had to wait how many years to get two Oscars? And Lawrence is in no way a good an actress as Streep, nor does she lose herself in all her parts. Her best acting was in Winter’s Bone for which she was not awarded. Go figure.

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  365. Kane 2 years ago

    A friend of mine on Facebook last night said, “Jennifer Lawrence winning over Lupita once again shows the racist side of the Golden Globes.” He also cheered for Jared Leto’s win. I reminded him Leto beat Barkhad Abdi and there was silence. I also reminded him, albeit at the end of the show, that the top two prizes went to a black Englishman and a Mexican, and that if the race card for black people will constantly be pulled than we should also talk about how Asians and Middle Easterners are barely represented and awarded for their work with the exception of Ang Lee’s two Oscars. All I read on the Internet is how women and people of color are underrepresented, but where is the concern for Hispanics and Asians? It’s as if people make a bigger deal out of one over the other.

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  366. david 2 years ago

    If u don’t like what I’m saying then don’t comment that’s my prediction so live with it you fool!!!!

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  367. Corvo 2 years ago


    It’s not about racism, it’s about cinema, it’s about artistic achievement. Jennifer Lawrence didn’t deserve to win over Lupita Nyong’o last night, like she didn’t deserve to win over Emmanuelle Riva last year.

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  368. Josh 2 years ago

    That’s not how this works. Sorry bud. I had no idea that was your prediction! First time I’ve EVER seen you push Short Term 12 all season!

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  369. Josh 2 years ago

    That’s YOUR artistic preference Corvo. Just because YOU think J Law hasn’t deserved to win doesn’t make you the end all be all. Get your panties unbunched.

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  370. John 2 years ago

    Yeah, as to AHs quality vs Saving Mr. Banks …

    AH made me indifferent..
    SMB made me cry.

    Neither are great, but I prefer SMB.

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  371. Ollie D 2 years ago

    Jerry Grant: unless you post your picks BEFORE the winners are announced, nobody cares how many you got right. I could post right now that I got them all correct, but I didn’t, so I won’t.

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  372. Manuel 2 years ago

    Yayyy The Great Cate Blanchett!!!

    Lupita: The African Queen
    Steve McQueen looked so shocked! Well deserved. And it was great to finally see Robin Wright win something :)

    The herpes/ ear piece comment was hilarious!

    I think its gonna be a very close race between McConaughey and Ejiofor because they both were PHENOMENAL this year

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  373. Kyle 2 years ago

    The stupid HFPA goes for money and overrated movies like american hustle and dallas buyers club but they forget the art like 12 Years a Slave. I hope Academy might find the meaning of art and reward 12 Years a Slave.

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  374. Kane 2 years ago

    Corvo, that’s exactly my point. Or if I didn’t make it clear then you just did. I was telling my friend that racism was not involved. I didn’t see Amour yet but I can only assume Lawrence did not deserve last year’s win. I am saying racism exists but people on the Internet, even this website, cherry pick the topics. For every five articles about underrepresented black people or women in the industry and by awards bodies I see zero about other races like Hispanics, middle easterners and Asians. If I’ve missed any articles on this site I’d be happy to read them as this place is my 2nd home. I am all for rewarding artistic achievement whereas there are those out there who would rather see people of color win awards just to “balance out the statistic”, not all, but some. I liked Lawrence in AH because she was good but that is just my opinion, not an absolute but I’ve been championing Lupita not because she is black and the awards can open new doors for her but because her role in 12 Years a Slave, and ONLY her role in 12 Years a Slave, deserves to be rewarded and not because the entire movie is amazing or because it’s amazing this was her debut. Her performance was so raw and it ripped my heart out of my chest. That’s why she deserves the awards in my opinion.

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  375. Kane 2 years ago

    Kyle, Dallas Buyers Club wasn’t rewarded because it is chock full of money. It’s not as if it won best screenplay or best picture. Whatever you think of the movie, the acting was 1st class and that, and only that, was rewarded. In case you missed it, 12 Years a Slave did win the biggest award of the night. Michael Fassbender never stood a chance, the score wasn’t the best out of the category, and Her rightfully won screenplay since the Globes combine adapted and original. Cuaron winning director isn’t the biggest crime in the world. Only Lupita Nyong’o should’ve been the other bonafide winner. Ejiofor was amazing but I can’t complain about McConaughey winning. A lot of other worse performances could’ve been nominated and won.

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  376. Sammy 2 years ago

    Looking at the downward trend of 12YAS, I think MM has a real chance of winning the Best Actor. He is my favorite.

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  377. RobinTMP 2 years ago

    re: Judi Dench–I didn’t know she was currently filming, but I do recall reading that she has a degenerative condition that will eventually result in blindness. :-( I don’t see her winning this year (people have been predicting Cate since this past summer), but from all accounts a genuinely lovely person.

    Armando said: “Is this your first time visiting Awards Daily? Don’t you remember these I-love-it-so-much/I-hate-it-to-death from the past?: The Social Network/The King’s Speech, Viola Davis/Meryl Streep, War Horse/The Artist, Lincoln/Argo, Emmanuelle Riva/Jennifer Lawrence, David Fincher/Tom Hooper.”

    Not only do I remember, but I’ve been reading this site since before the name changed, and virtually every year it’s the same scenario; in terms of Best Picture, there’s always one film set up as the Evil Spoiler that will keep something Much More Deserving from winning the big one, even if they liked the ES when it first came out (*cough*TheArtistanyone?*cough*). Every. Damn. Year. (OK, Crash really does deserve that title, but that year was something of an outlier in terms of people being SO outspoken as to why they weren’t voting for Brokeback Mountain; I don’t recall ever seeing that much blatant bigotry on display before or since.)

    Everybody: pull the undies out of your butt crack, calm down, and sit down–it’s still WAY too early in the season to declare that such-and-such WILL happen (with the possible exception of Cate Blanchett, but there might be some wiggle room even there). My gut instinct, based on guild voting thus far and years of watching awards season drama, is that no one film is going to sweep; it’s going to be a complete patchwork. Maybe some of the patches will be ones we didn’t see being sewn onto the quilt until they suddenly pop up; the Academy does love to toss in at least a couple of “WTF?” nominees every year who are usually very good, but just not what people were expecting. One thing I am quite sure about, and would bet money on were I a betting person, is that Russell is not getting a Best Director win, even if AH takes Best Picture; it’ll be either Cuaron or McQueen. Oh, he might get the Screenplay win, but I just don’t see Director happening for him, no matter what. As for everything else: well, I’m,/i> the fat lady, and I haven’t even picked out my sheet music yet, much less started warming up my throat…

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  378. RobinTMP 2 years ago

    (Gotta remember to close those HTML codes, sorry…)

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  379. Bryce Forestieri 2 years ago

    Linklater’s BOYHOOD premieres on Sunday Sundace. Add THE RAID 2, THE BETTER ANGELS, and A MOST WANTED MAN. What else?

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  380. Bryce Forestieri 2 years ago

    I like all the theorizing, but here’s a brief one: 12 YEARS A SLAVE will win the PGA on Sunday. Sunday as in this weekend. And it’s over. Finito. No mas.

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  381. Kane 2 years ago

    Bryce, I saw the Boyhood news. I’m extremely excited now! That’s news in the making for over a decade :)

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  382. Bryce Forestieri 2 years ago

    Indeed, Kane. If my theory hold awards season is effectively over on Sunday. And the news officially inaugurates 2014 Cinema on the same day.

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  383. Pierre de Plume 2 years ago

    Meryl Streep has been nominated how may times and had to wait how many years to get two Oscars?

    daveylow, the answer is “three” — but I get your point. :)

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  384. superkk 2 years ago

    am i the only one that thinks both leo and adams will make the cut thursday? if so who misses out? if not both at least one will make the cut and knock someone out. 100% certain of it.

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  385. Ryan Adams 2 years ago

    there’s always one film set up as the Evil Spoiler that will keep something Much More Deserving from winning the big one, even if they liked the ES when it first came out (*cough*TheArtistanyone?*cough*).

    When some of us see a movie we like, we talk about liking it. But most normal people don’t feel obligated to marry that first likeable movie and remain stubbornly faithful to that movie if better movies we like even more come along later.

    That said, Sasha liked The Artist the first time she saw it and never stopped liking it.

    It was me who didn’t care much for The Artist the first time I saw it and I never stopped thinking it was a featherlight gimmick.

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  386. Kane 2 years ago

    Pierre, correct. She won 2 Oscars in 3 years and nearly won for The French Lieutenant’s Woman, which was a year before Sophie’s Choice. She also has 8 Golden Globes and numerous critics awards to boot.

    Superkk, you’re not alone. Both DiCaprio and Adams could miss but that’s also because the year is so damn strong for performances. The most assured for best actor are Ejiofor and McConaughey with Dern and Hanks being about 90% sure. Then you have Redford and DiCaprio and the next sure things but that’s also leaving out Bale, Isaac, Phoenix and Jordan. People will get left out this year but there are so many strong performances that there are bound to be “hurtful” snubs.

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  387. SallyinChicago 2 years ago

    Only Lupita Nyong’o should’ve been the other bonafide winner. Ejiofor was amazing but I can’t complain about McConaughey winning.
    IMO. Lupita is “new” and unknown and I don’t think the Globes reward those type at all if any. Plus, she’s a Stage actress, this was her first movie. Not enough history.
    As for Ejiofor, I think he’s third to win the Oscar behind McConaughey and/or Leo. I think Leo is campaigning super hard for this win.

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  388. Ryan Adams 2 years ago

    Lupita is “new” and unknown and I don’t think the Globes reward those type at all if any.

    Marlee Matlin, Children of a Lesser God
    Louise Fletcher, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
    Julie Andrew, Mary Poppins


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  389. Kane 2 years ago

    SallyinChicago, I know what you’re saying and generally the Globes are the “star fuckers” we’ve come to know and love. But I don’t think her new exposure to the industry is what hindered her from winning. 12 Years is a BIG movie and everybody has likely seen it. She was obviously picked by the committee since her name was nominated. As a matter of fact I’m thrilled that newcomers like Lupita and Barkhad, as well as Gabourey Sidibe and (in the case of the Oscars) Quvenshane Wallis, are getting noticed.

    Also, to add to Ryan’s good list, Whoopi and Oprah won Golden Globes for their debuts in The Color Purple.

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  390. Kane 2 years ago

    Sally, one more thing. How is Ejiofor “third in line” behind McConaughey and Leto? Leto is campaigning for supporting, not lead.

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  391. Kelly 2 years ago

    Tom Hanks got two Oscars in a row. Meryl almost did… her first two were separated only by two years (with a nomination thrown in between the wins). I don’t know why everyone is making a fuss over JLaw possibly winning twice in a row. I wonder if there was this kind of disdain for Meryl 35 years ago when she was getting started and turning heads every time she was in a movie. Maybe JLaw is destined for the same thing. It sucks for the competition when that happens, especially when the competition is so good… but seriously, gripe about something other than first world problems.

    Something else to remember is that it’s incredibly easy to be an armchair critic – to sit around and cast judgement when most of the people on this board aren’t doing anything near the level of work like these artists. A lot of you talk as if you’re an expert.

    For the record, I haven’t seen AH yet so I don’t know what all they hype is about re the film and particularly Lawrence’s performance. I have seen 12YAS and it’s going to take a lot for someone to pull out a performance more compelling than Lupita’s.

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  392. Jerry Grant 2 years ago

    I agree Bryce. 12 Years wins PGA and the Best Picture race is finished.

    It has so clearly and consistently won Best Picture awards and has met all the precursors. American Hustle is not The Kings Speech, The Artist, or Argo for all kinds of reasons. It will all look inevitable soon enough. Sasha, god bless her, went a bit astray with her predictions this year, first preparing us that The Butler would be a contender to win BP and recently telling us the writings on the wall for American Hustle. Not so. Her suspicions of Academy ignorance and simple-mindedness have gone a bit too far–but not near the level of disconnect and skepticism projected by the silly Tom O’Neill. The more interesting races will be Director and Actor and Supporting Actress and Original Screenplay.

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  393. Jerry Grant 2 years ago

    There’s been a fundamental miscalculation about American Hustle by many projectors, including most commenters on this site. It is this: American Hustle is not a “safe” movie. It is not that movie everyone just quietly “loves” and will easily cruise to Best Picture because it will be in everyone’s top 3. The King’s Speech, The Artist, and Argo were those movies. American Hustle is different. It is more experimental, far less perfect, funny, weird, and experimental, like SLP. Many people hate it. It will be number 9 or 10 on some ballots. As someone who loves David O. Russell’s movies and understands their appeal, I can tell you the groundswell of support is not because he makes nice feel-good pictures for everybody; they like his weirdness, which lots of other people hate. Just because it’s making money and has big stars doesn’t mean it’s “Titanic” or “A Beautiful Mind”. Is it possible to fathom AH as a BP winner? Yes, but a weird one. Frankly, I think it would have to be a slightly better movie for it make sense. The script would have to be more accomplished and tight for the intellectual aspect of voters to reward it en masse. This is a movie people will want to award (with nominations, and possibly acting and screenplay Oscars), but it’s not that “easy” “lovable” picture that cruises to Best Picture.

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  394. filmboymichael 2 years ago

    “Marlee Matlin, Children of a Lesser God
    Louise Fletcher, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
    Julie Andrew, Mary Poppins


    Barbra Streisand
    Marisa Tomei
    Eva Marie Saint
    Anna Paquin
    Tatum O’Neil

    any others/??

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  395. Armando 2 years ago

    Gracias Paul Voorhies!

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  396. Kane 2 years ago

    Filmboymichael/Ryan, have there been any men who have own awards on debut performances? I can’t think of any…

    Jerry Grant, Sasha isn’t too far off with American Hustle. I’m a fan of Argo, not my 1st choice of last year, and I think Argo winning last year is what’s preparing us all for the possibility that American Hustle can win it all. But Sasha has said in the last that if American Hustle wins it’ll be a better film than the last 3 winners. Her love for The Butler was just love. In another year it would stand a chance at a nomination. Right now though it’s highly unlikely it’ll get any nomination.

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  397. Ryan Adams 2 years ago

    Filmboymichael/Ryan, have there been any men who have own awards on debut performances? I can’t think of any…

    Haing S. Ngor, 1984, The Killing Fields — the only one, I think.
    James Dean won a posthumous Special Achievement Golden Globe in 1956 but none of his 3 specific films were cited.

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  398. Armando 2 years ago

    @Ryan Adams

    From Wikipedia: Harold Russell (The Best Years of Our Lives, 1946)

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  399. Ryan Adams 2 years ago

    Thanks Armando!

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  400. Claudiu Dobre 2 years ago

    “I like all the theorizing, but here’s a brief one: 12 YEARS A SLAVE will win the PGA on Sunday. Sunday as in this weekend. And it’s over. Finito. No mas.”

    Bryce, you’d better be right about that one, ’cause otherwise I’m going to seriously blame you for jinxing it when everything goes horribly wrong and Gravity or AH win… :)
    Anyway, I don’t think it’ll be over even if 12 Years does win the PGA. It’ll be a very, very, very good sign, sure, but the DGA is still huge and Cuaron is obviously the favorite for that one right now. PGA on its own might not be strong enough. All three could get one if AH won the SAG, which is certainly possible, perhaps even likely. Even in that case, I still think 12 Years would be the favorite, though definitely not a huge one. But the PGA win could be even less significant if AH somehow won BOTH of the other two (SAG+DGA). If Russell won the DGA with basically no precursors, that would be an extremely bad sign for everyone else.

    Jerry Grant – you make a very, very good point. I think you’re right, AH is a bit more divisive than the “standard” BP Oscar safe choice of late. And I also have the feeling it’s the kind of movie that wins acting Oscars, maybe screenplay, but not Picture or Director. In fact, all Russell movies have been like that so far. Plus there’s the diversification factor, which I mentioned earlier, in another thread. That too is working against it, because of its similarities with Argo, last year’s winner.
    So I think Gravity is still probably the biggest threat to 12 Years a Slave, which is a good thing, because I’m not as afraid of that one as I am of AH. It has the genre problem, the no ensemble problem, the screenplay problem… If they somehow see it as the new Titanic, it’ll win without those anyway, but I don’t think it’s as much their cup of tea as Titanic was. Even with The Lord of the Rings they needed 3 movies to finally decide to give it the big prize, despite it being such a landmark. I hope Gravity is the new Avatar, not the new Titanic.

    But I do think you’re wrong if you think AH isn’t good enough for them to award it Best Picture. Argo, which is worse, was plenty good for them, as was The Artist (which is only maybe marginally better than AH). No, they’ll award any piece of crap if it’s popular enough within their circle…

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  401. Kane 2 years ago

    Ryan, Ngor that’s right! I’m a dumbass, I’ve been talking about this guy to my wife the last few days and even purchased The Killing Fields the other day. Talk about an inspiring win, one of the smartest in any awards bodies ever.

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  402. Kansiov 2 years ago


    I’m sorry but Lawrence’s performance in American Hustle is no Streep in Sophie’s Choice. This is what is so disgusting about, you have Jennifer Lawrence potentially winning TWO Oscars in a row over two extremely polarizing performances, and in no way a critical or general consensus that proves she deserves an outright win. If Jennifer Lawrence gets her second this year it would be a fucking disgrace, and an insult to acting in general.

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  403. brian 2 years ago


    Tell us how you really feel

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  404. notenoughtime 2 years ago

    Ryan/Sasha, you need to update your contender tracker with the GOLDEN GLOBE wins.

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