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  1. Omg! I can’t believe it! I couldn’t tell how I was doing because they didn’t announce a lot of the awards during the broadcast. Wow! Congratulations to all the other winners:)

  2. Has the great David O Russell made history by becoming the first non Brit to win Baftas back to back? Is Jennifer Lawrence back in the Oscar supporting actress race with a bang? It is telling that ‘American Hustle’ won more Baftas than the homegrown ’12 Years A Slave’. Unfortunately ‘Gravity’ won the most.

    Can ’12 Years A Slave’ repeat at Oscar meaning win best picture without winning adapted screenplay, director and supporting actress which is also what happened at the Golden Globe awards or does it HAVE to win at least one of those other three to have shot at BP Oscar?

    It is fantastic that ‘Rush’ won for editing. Abdi’s win is not a shock. At the Oscar nominees lunch he got a big round of applause. But the smart money was on Fassbender as he is Irish.

  3. Mikhail Shurygin

    Funny, I’ve only picked right the best actress of all acting nominations)

  4. I think I had 16/20. Can you check it out?By the way, its the first time that I won something. Thanks!.

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