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12 Years a Slave wins Best Picture, Gravity wins Best Director at 86th Academy Awards

  • Best Picture: 12 Years a Slave
  • Best Director: Alfonso Cuaron, Gravity
  • Best Actress: Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine
  • Best Actor: Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club
  • Best Supporting Actress: Lupita Nyong’o, 12 Years a Slave
  • Best Supporting Actor: Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club
  • Best Foreign Language Film: The Great Beauty, Paolo Sorrentino
  • Best Animated Feature: Frozen
  • Best Documentary Feature: 20 Feet from Stardom
  • Best Adapted Screenplay: John Ridley, 12 Years a Slave
  • Best Original Screenplay: Spike Jonze, Her
  • Best Cinematography: Gravity, Emmanuel Lubezki
  • Best Film Editing: Gravity, Alfonso Cuaron, Mark Sanger
  • Best Original Score: Gravity, Steven Price
  • Best Production Design: The Great Gatsby, Catherine Martin (Production Design); Beverley Dunn (Set Decoration)
  • Best Costume Design:The Great Gatsby, Catherine Martin
  • Best Sound Editing: Gravity, Glenn Freemantle
  • Best Sound Mixing: Gravity, Skip Lievsay, Niv Adiri, Christopher Benstead and Chris Munro
  • Best Visual Effects: Gravity, Tim Webber, Chris Lawrence, David Shirk and Neil Corbould
  • Best Makeup and Hair: Dallas Buyers Club, Adruitha Lee and Robin Mathews
  • Best Original Song: “Let It Go,” FROZEN, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez
  • Best Documentary Short: The Lady in Number 6
  • Best Animated Short: Mr Hublot
  • Best Live Action Short: Helium

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  1. Just seeing this list with “TBA” next to it gives me cramps.

    You’d think by now I’d know better.

  2. Who better to leave the first comment than Dame Elaine Stritch!
    I worried earlier, Steve, when i saw you had switched or stritched your gravatar. So impacted was I, I googled her to make sure she was still with us!

    Have a happy Oscars everyone. I hope all your favorites prevail, and we all enjoy the longest show on earth!

  3. Hey, I just shivered, so you are not alone.

  4. Why do I have the feeling that American Hustle will shock everyone and come up big tonight? Or am I being too cynical towards the Academy?

  5. Anyone knows what the order in which the categories will be presented?

  6. Hi gang, any legit livestream links?

    Much appreciated 😛

  7. Links indeed would be much appreciated. And I second JP’s call for an order of play.

  8. Yeah – any links available.

    Just had a brief nap and now ready to rock!

  9. Any mobile-friendly streams out there? Tried the Watch ABC app, but I don’t use the cable providers they require.

  10. Ditto the link comments — any that I can use from the UK?

  11. this was last year’s timeline

    5:30 PM: Show starts, Billy Crystal’s opening number.
    5:40 PM: 1st award – Cinematography.
    5:43 PM: Art Direction.
    5:52 PM: Costume Design.
    5:54 PM: Makeup.
    6:03 PM: Foreign Language Film.
    6:07 PM: Supporting Actress.
    6:20 PM: Editing.
    6:23 PM: Sound Editing
    6:26 PM: Sound Mixing.
    6:33 PM: Cirque du Soleil
    6:37 PM: Documentary Feature.
    6:41 PM: Animated Feature.
    6:49 PM: Visual Effects.
    6:53 PM: Supporting Actor.
    7:04 PM: Score.
    7:08 PM: Song (expect a possible Muppet surprise here).
    7:17 PM: Adapted Screenplay.
    7:20 PM: Original Screenplay.
    7:31 PM: Live Action Short.
    7:34 PM: Documentary Short.
    7:37 PM: Animated Short.
    7:44 PM: Direction.
    7:58 PM: In Memoriam.
    8:07 PM: Best Actor.
    8:15 PM: Best Actress.
    8:27 PM: Best Picture.

  12. Alex – I agree – I remember the BBC used to show it but now it’s only on sky?? ridiculous!

  13. The Belfast Telegraph appears to be doing an ‘official’ livestream. Not sure if it’s availably worldwide. Working fine here in Amsterdam anyways…


  14. nervous for Lupita

  15. Hey, back, daveinprogress
    Stritch is just my Oscar garb tonite – thought hers was a good attitude to bring to the pie-eating contest.

    Enjoy, everyone.

  16. Hi. I was here. And I just want to say I’m cool with Gravity or 12YAS winning BP. Both are worthy. A Hustle upset would be the worst train wreck in Oscar history since Crash.

  17. Lupita’s not gonna win, and it will be a painful moment for every 12 Yrs fans. I would love nothing more than to be wrong but we all know the oscars are a popularity contest.

  18. try linkerstv.com
    if the ABC stream goes down, there should be foreign network streams
    anyone who finds something, please let us know, thanks!

    how about oscars.com?

  19. Belfast Telegraph! I’m dying!

  20. Didn’t know this until Dave Karger mentioned it, that Jared Leto at 42 is the veteran of the Supp Actor race! A far cry from the 5 Oscar winners of last year in the same category.

  21. Cate smart to have her dress not long enough to trip on while going up the stage steps.

  22. Okay, here we go. I think Best Supporting Actor is up 9 minutes after the opening, but I’m not sure.

  23. Tero, have you any info on a show schedule?

  24. It’s Monday morning here.

    I’ve put everything else on hold just for the Oscars. Please keep any live streaming alive throughout [fingers crossed].

    Can’t wait for the results one way or another (it is to hoped though that I could watch it live with you guys in US and elsewhere; I don’t think that we have it on free TV here in my host country this year, what’s more, unfortunately my cables don’t have the Oscars broadcast).

    Five minutes away, guys . . . . . . . .

  25. I only know about the categories that Finnish press got (Live Action Short Film etc…)

    I’m sure the full schedule will be leaked by someone any minute now.

  26. Ok, let’s get this bitch show over and done with.

  27. Here we go kids!

  28. Wow, on various forums, people still holding hope to a Bullock or Adams upset, really?

  29. “Possibility #1, 12 Years a Slave wins best picture. Possibility #2, you’re all racists.”

    Thank you, Ellen! There’ll always be name calling.

  30. It could go one of two ways: 12 Years a Slave wins Best Picture OR you’re all racists

    Love it!

  31. Yeah, no shock there but good win.

  32. Jared swept the awards season like a hurricane!

  33. Awww, you can’t hate a guy who brings his mom to the Oscars.

  34. yawn – handed to him on a silver platter, courtesy of a well paid PR campaign and media support.

  35. That was a great Ledo speech.

  36. Yep, Leto just said the acceptance speech bar for the night pretty high.

  37. Simone—-Um, and the fact he was absolutely stunning in the movie?

  38. Ukraine. Venezuela. AIDS victims. And everyone who has ever suffered injustice because of who they are. Ehhhhh, beat that, everyone else…

  39. If the next two awards go as they have, then it will split between Gravity and 12 Years a slave.

  40. This is why the Oscars are so damn long: animation clips.

  41. No time limit on speeches tonight? Beautiful speech from Jared. What poise and great sentiments. Ellen’s joke about Jonah Hill was my favorite from the monologue. The Liza bit didn’t work. Does the room hate Liza that much? I think it’s a miracle she is even there. Don’t know how others feel, but i hate the set. I keep wanting to pop one of the Oscar bubbles or kick them over like bowling pins.

  42. What an speech! Jared Leto you awesometacular man.

  43. Damn…I’m feeling a momentum swing towards “Happy”. Hang on, Ms Manzel.

  44. To put into perspective: Jordan Catalano now has one more Oscar than Peter O’Toole or Richard Burton did.

  45. Wow, did Pharrell wake up the crowd!

  46. I love Lupita more and more

  47. Aww, Ellen didn’t dance? bummer

  48. Lupita is fucking amazing.

  49. excellent show so far.

  50. Does Jared Leto have ANY faults? Didn’t think so.

  51. Ah, Leto delivered such a great speech. It had everything, and it wasn’t even too long.

  52. Loved the Cadilac ad

  53. No time limit on speeches tonight?

    wait till we see a below-the-line winner before we get our hopes up

  54. Sandy Powell not nominated ??????? Great chance for the others.

  55. first big win for Warner

  56. Jared Leto’s speech, too ambiguous. Which side of Ukraine and Venezuela is he supporting? Lol.

    Pharrell did the impossible, to make the audience actually dance and clap. 1st time ever at the Oscars. I really hope he wins, honestly.

    The Great Gatsby takes the second chance of American Hustle and 12 Years a Slave at Costume. Gravity still hasn’t lost any.

    12 Years a Slave could then win just 7, American Hustle 8 and Gravity 10. When technicals spread to Gravity, the sensation of a Gravity sweep will spread, but it’ll likely be a mirage.

  57. Dallas Buyers Club 2 for 2 so far. It’ll likely win 3 (Matthew), but… if Film Editing falls its way… watch out.

  58. An Oscar win on a $250 budget. Fuck you, The Lone Ranger.

  59. Are there any good streams out there? All the ones I’ve found are awful.

  60. Me thinks Team Oscar was rigged

  61. Amazing the race distribution of the winners among whatever the contest was this year. I wonder how the manage to get it right every time!

  62. Um, was it really by chance that those college oscar winner people just so happen to be every color of the rainbow? They literally filled every single ethnic quota. Well, 6 of them.

  63. Great speech by Leto, I confess that I was a little worried. He tends to go on and on without so much focus. This time was really great. Yeah, I think I will finally buy my ticket to his concert this May in Brazil. :)

  64. It’s 1999, you’re watching “Fight Club”.

    With that director (Fincher, to me is overrated, but the guy has a body of work) and that cast (Norton, Pitt, Bonham-Carter), who to hell could predict that in 15 years, the only Oscar winner of the bunch will be Jared Leto? I even could see Meat Loaf winning an Oscar for a song…Norton at this time could easily has already two Oscars, if the development of his career would be as great as a lot of people thought will be (a put myself on that list), and actually, turning out to be a bit of disapointment.

  65. I’m watching prosieben, google up prosieben live

  66. ilive.to is not terrible

  67. Fantastic that Leto got the first award of the evening. I hope he makes alot more movies! So glad when the one you want to win, does win:).

  68. Joao Mattos, Jared Leto was Oscar worthy in “Requiem for a Dream”. It’s funny how the 4 stars of that film actually deserved the nom, only Burstyn was nominated, but with time, it’s only Marlon Wayans the one kept Oscarless. Burstyn won before, Connelly won the year after, Leto now. Wayans was amazing in that film and gave a performance that shows what he can actually do, if given the right role

  69. Kim Fucking Novak??!!!!

  70. Wow, this Novak thing is painful.

  71. Guys any more streams? Please? Is no-one watching online?

  72. Novak is only a couple of years older than Judi Dench, but the tight face just highlights her age, not lessen it.

  73. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Frozen. What a relief.
    There is very little Kim Novak in Novak, I’m afraid :-(
    Only 2 of 47 in the big predictions table got the French animator right.

  74. I’m not watching online, don’t have the stomach for it.

  75. Madonna is not aging well.

  76. I still have no idea why they love Frozen so much. I mean, The Wind Rises, Miyazaki’s last, come on!

  77. How did they manage to not include Gravity in the ceremony 50 minutes on???

  78. Yay, music from Revolutionary Road.

  79. Some very good movies in this dispensable clip. And also Braveheart.

  80. The Announcer is terrible – sounds far too smug

  81. Finally, Gravity honored.

  82. What a coincidence, watching “Norma Rae” now!!!

  83. Bring back Seth McFarlane, please …

  84. Not an undeserved winner so far

  85. that was pretty damn good

  86. try this. goodmorning from greece guys and dolls. enjoy the show


  87. The sono category is particularly strong this year…….
    Any of these songs could easily win in any other year.
    Wish Pharrell or Frozen get it.


  88. Im overwhelmed by the hipsterness emanating from that song.

  89. the song*

  90. All deserved indeed, and also all kind of obvious and easy to predict. Not sure how the ratings will go.

  91. It’s not as if the Academy’s never recognized Miyazaki. He won the Oscar for ”Spirited Away” (and didn’t even attend).

    Congrats to ”Frozen”! Amazingly, this is the first time Disney Animation has won the Oscar for Animated Feature.

  92. Is the over yet? 1-1/2 hrs and they still only have ONE major acting awards….please!

  93. Seeing how McConaughey has risen from crappy rom-coms to esteemed actor gives me hope Kate Hudson can achieve the fine career that seemed set for her when Almost Famous came out.

  94. OMG, I just discovered that it was Kim Novak and not Madonna. Sorry for the confusion.

  95. @MW speaking of Kate Hudson….did you see Goldie on the red carpet? Not aging well.

  96. I thought this was the weakes documentary crop in years. Don’t care who wins. I particularly thought The Square was shallow and obvious.

  97. Awful choice, hate it, not after epic documentaries The Act of Killing & The Square, first tragedy of the night

  98. Ok get off the stage.

  99. The show’s already running long. We don’t need Ellen doing more shtick with the audience.

  100. Ugh first misfire

  101. And there should be our WTF win of the night….

  102. Wikipedia updated that doc in about 20 seconds – creepy

  103. Now I haven’t seen that Doco…but why did that just get a standing ovation?

  104. Is the rest of the night gonna be like this too? 20 feet from stardom and 20 seconds from yet another undeserving winner. Eugh eugh eugh.

  105. Who farted? Oh, it was documentary feature.

    THAT would never have happened in the 60s, 70s or 80s.

  106. ^
    ahahahaha, erg, sad commentary

  107. Not surprised the doc about backup singers won…it’s crowd pleasing…people sang…not like the masterful and chilling “The Act of Killing”(definitely belongs in the top 5 of the year for me)

  108. So I guess it’s true. A bunch of voters couldn’t make it through The Act of Killing. That has to be the reason, right?

  109. 20 feet from stardom, but pretty aligned with The King’s Speech, The Artist, Argo. Not offensive; not provocative, not challenging. AMPAS goes soft. They need some viagra!

  110. So no 12YAS either?

  111. With all respect (and not rating the film’s quality, not the point), one has to very optimistic to imagine that normal/average people will watch more than 15 minutes of The Act of Killing. That was out of the race from the start.

  112. Btw, the members who voted for documentary had to have seen all five nominees – it’s in the rules. So it’s not just that they didn’t bother to watch The Act of Killing or The Square. They genuinely thought 20 Feet from Stardom was the superior film. So yeh, fuck them. Is this rly what we wait all season for? This shit?

  113. [so far]

    The Twenty Feet win helps ruin my predictions a bit : ) But thanks to that lady for relighting the fire of the otherwise relatively lukewarm TV morning [evening].

  114. deepest reaches of space?

  115. Tyler Perry at the Oscars is like seeing Ted Nugent at the NAACP Awards.

  116. A challenging film, by definition, would never get get broad support from voters. That’s why Two and a Half Men wins prizes and House of Cards is on Netflix. The Oscars is a broad-based entertainment. The five best films of the year? I bet my girlfriend hasn’t heard of any of them. If you’re looking for satisfaction, this is not the awards show for you.

  117. Indiferent reaction to the Gravity clip. But the audience is indiferent all through.

  118. My first teary moment this year – Academy Award WInner Angela Lansbury (pretty lukewarm reception from the room) and Academy Award Winner Steve Martin. Fantastic. And now 2 time Academy Award Winner Anjelina Jolie!

  119. Is anyone surprised that ”20 Feet,” about backup singers, won? Last year’s Oscar winner in this category was ”Searching for Sugarman,” another film about a little-known musician (and the highest-grossing nominee in this group). Oscar voters can identify with these subjects, much more than they can with movies about genocide, etc. … I’m sad to hear that one producer of ”20 Feet” passed away, but it rubs me the wrong way that his motivation was that he wanted to win an Oscar.

    I think the documentary category was better off when select Oscar voters actually watched all five nominees.

  120. I liked “The Hands That Built America” better.

  121. It’s been a while since I’ve heard Brad Pitt’s voice. It’s quite weird to actually point a voice to his image. lol

  122. I am waiting for them to break into Sunday Bloody Sunday. Please if there was a god, he or she would end this.

  123. wait a minute

    Angela Lansbury’s still alive!?

  124. I am puzzled that, as much as they liked it, people can’t see others watching and hating The Act of Killing. Trust me, it is possible. You buy the idea…or you don’t.

  125. The live performances are superb tonight.

  126. Well the only results that are likely to make me depressed tonight have come to be: The Act of Killing losing to 20 Feet from Stardom. Who do these joker voters think they are that they can just fail to see and acknowledge such a monumental work? As far as I’m concerned this is worse than any potentially disappointing BP outcome.

  127. Sad for “The Act of Killing”.

    Also, check your email, Bryce!

  128. Oh shoot, U2 could possibly take that original song from frozen.

  129. Could someone explain to me why Tyler Perry was introduced by a theme from the “Dances With Wolves” soundtrack?

    Standing ovation for U2 after their perfomance. Greeaaaat! Hope they win.

    “Great Beauty” is the best choice for Foreign Film in ages.

  130. [so far]

    U2’s done performing their nominated number. (Used to be a fan long long time ago.)

    [quick comment; random and insignificant]

    Amy is so gorgeous. I’ve been lagging so far so I might already miss someone else noteworthy in the Gorgeousness department but as good as it gets, Amy is the bomb in a good sense. Wondering where JLaw is.

  131. The Academy audience isn’t indifferent. They’re giving standing ovations to the musicians: Pharrell Williams, U-2, even Darlene Love.

    Before she spoke, I thought Kim Novak might get a standing O, but I don’t think they gave her a buildup, and I wonder how many in the audience even knew who she is. Sadly, however, her appearance was painful to watch.

  132. They give a standing O for that performance…that song??? Pssh

  133. Fs people just get it right. From the Academy’s own site, regarding the Best Documentary nominations:

    ‘Final voting shall be restricted to active and life members of the Academy who have viewed all of the nominated documentaries.’

  134. There are are now so many pre-Oscar awards ceremonies that come Oscar night it feels like a big anti-climax. And that’s what tonight feels like. All the favourites are winning in each category. Everything seems to moving relentlessly towards 12 Year a Slave winning Best Picture.

  135. Behold the sexiest man alive! Aussies are just so hot! (blush blush)


  137. So, you guys always react like this? The winner of a category is not the one you wanted/expected and you just say it’s not fair? They’re just awards, it’s not a matter of justice. If it were up to you… but it’s not up to you, it’s up to the voters, and thus it’s THEIR opinion, that’s it. Remember: the trick is not minding.

  138. I wonder if Sandra wishes there had been someone else in Gravity besides her and Clooney so they wouldn’t always use her as the go-to reaction audience shot.

  139. Sidious: This is your first time at this blog, isn’t it? Otherwise, you’d know Sasha is STILL outraged at the “travesty of justice” that was King’s Speech winning over Social Network.

  140. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this is the first year that ALL Oscar voters can vote on ALL categories. They received screeners for everything. They no longer need to attend special screenings. The rules can say whatever they say, but it’s all based on the honor system.

    By the way, has anyone else noticed how many of the non-acting winners have been coming from the boxes on the far sides of the theater? Are they moving the nominees in and out of those boxes before their category?

  141. predicted JLaw but hoping for Lupita

  142. If it’s Lawrence, this entire thread is going to explode….

  143. Lupita wont lose. She is great but more importanlty, no competition at all.

  144. there are a few JLaw fans … but in general, yes … nuclear hate bomb if JLaw wins


  146. THANK GOD!!!!!!!

  147. hate bomb averted

  148. She won with 80% of the votes. :-)

  149. Fantastic!

  150. I was rooting for Jennifer Lawrence,but congratulations to LUPITA!!!

  151. I like her earrings

  152. Rodrigo: Think it might have been closer given how many “Oscar insider ballots” were saying they went for Lawrence or Hawkins or even Squibb but yes, glad she pulled it off.

  153. rooting for JLaw … but congratulations to to Lupita … : ) : ) : )

  154. Can we stop the J Law hate now?

  155. Looks like the EW cover of her and Cate wasn’t a jinx after all.

  156. The camera LOVES Lupita

  157. omgggggg Lupita won

    what are these feelings I’m feeling

    is this


  158. I’m with Sidious on all matters. It’s not my club, so ultimately I don’t care.


    (also, I want to marry her)

  160. Very Happy for Lupita! :)

  161. Yeah, nobody has 80% or even 50% for that matter. Hadn’t Lawrence won last year, though, Lupita would be in trouble. “Nomination will be enough for her”, while Lawrence would have had 2 noms (and a great performance this year, too).

  162. I think Angelina Jolie wants to adopt Lupita.

  163. And that Ladies and Gentlemen is why we look to the Academy Awards. Moments of unadulterated joy; spontaneity of the young actress propelled into a stratosphere and then humbly acknowledging what is real and how fortunate she is. Just beautiful.

  164. So, can we agree that 12 Years’ BP hinges entirely on its script?

  165. LUPITA!!! That’s all..

  166. That award was… high pitched. :)

  167. Lupitaaaaaa! Yayyyyy! So ridiculously happy!

  168. and none of you will remember her name in 10 years

  169. TYaS for the sweep

  170. Gravity winning both sound awards is SHIT!!! FUCKING SHIT!!!!!! THE HOBBIT WAS FUCKING ROBBED!!!!!

  171. this is ridiculous

  172. ‘and none of you will remember her name in 10 years’

    Have you met any of us?

  173. @MWeyer: not at all, but that year I was on Erasmus and didn’t pay attention to the Oscars thing TBH hahaha! No big deal, just tried to make my point. Some people (several million people, actually) sure thought that The King’s Speech deserved to win, so… in the end, when somebody says “that one is an unfair winner” is IMPOSING his/her opinion. And that’s just as bad etiquette as unclever. In my opinion, of course.

  174. Lupita and then Pizza. Yes to both.

  175. Damn right, Paddy!

  176. I wonder how the pizza sponsorship costs…Big Mamma’s.

    We might not know indeed who LUpita is in 5 years. Jennifer Hudson, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer. Different ages, but probably hard for all to get roles.

  177. SO happy for Lupita Nyong’O. IMO her win isn’t important just because she gave the best performance, but also because it sends a wonderful message : it pays off to be an educated, classically trained, eloquent actress in Hollywood.

  178. Note: The massive group photo Ellen took has just shut down Twitter.

  179. twitter is down

  180. I love the shots of front row stars with full mouths *chuckle*.

  181. *Excuse me, Viola never won it!

  182. Now I’m hungry…

  183. Thank you, Bill Murray.

  184. Magnificent!

  185. the biggest winner tonight?

    Big Mama’s Pizza

  186. Did he mention Groundhog Day? It was too fast for me.

  187. So glad I didn’t skip the show as I intended to. Thank god my usual watering hole was out of vodka tonight!!

  188. Paddy – but I’m right. Ask a casting agent.

  189. Whoa…upset for Gravity there

  190. 7-Eleven has large pepperoni pizza’s for $5 … be back in 15 minutes

  191. Gravity has yet to lose an award. That will definitely end with Best Actress, and could possibly end before then with Best Production Design, or maybe even Best Original Score. This might be a sign, though none of these awards 12 Years a Slave was expected to win.

  192. yes! yes! yes! yes! yes!

  193. Tonight’s awards hinge on that editing prize, i feel. Not going to Captain Phillips or American Hustle. Does Gravity now have a clear path all the way? If so, please give Actor to Chiwetel.

  194. Not getting Whoopi doing the intro for Wizard of Oz.

  195. The Academy better give that Best Director Oscar to Cuaron after cutting him off.

  196. Gravity will win now.

  197. OK, Gravity is 5/5 and won two of the iffy ones (cinematography and editing). So, it’s going to be 8 or 9, pending if only Bullock loses or it loses also Picture. If it loses Picture it’ll be a repetition of Cabaret vs. The Godfather.


  199. Editing was a major tech award that Gravity wasn’t winning in the precursors.

  200. Just waiting for Dsrlene Love from 20 feet from stardom to crash tackle and finish the song!

  201. ‘Paddy – but I’m right. Ask a casting agent.’

    No you’re not. I happen to determine what I remember, not casting agents.

  202. First time in ages I am seeing Pink right side up 😛

    She has a great voice though.

  203. I wonder if someone will provide us with the number of times “Over the Rainbow” was executed during Oscar ceremonies.

  204. I’ll remember that in 10 years

  205. Paddy – you won’t remember how to spell her name. Spell it now without looking it up.

  206. Score is Gravity to lose. Production Design is iffy but likely, imho. Director is locked. Bullock is a longshot. Picture is probable right now.

    So, 7 Oscars at least (Director and Score to join). 8 quite possible (Picture or Production Design) 9 unlikely. 10 a miracle. But it’s amazing it still can win all of them, after half the chances.

  207. Strange choice for Wizard of Oz, but further iteration on what a powerful singer Pink is. The direction is all over the shop – loose stuff with the audience and messy movement, then formal, stiff mentions of legends and singouts to heroes. At least the prizes themselves are mostly ‘on script’

  208. Not sure why Pink was singing Over the Rainbow from The Wizard of Oz? Was it just random?

  209. We won’t remember Lupita in 10 years? Umm we remember random one off NOMINEES from 30 years ago, why wouldn’t we remember Lupita?

  210. GRAVITY 5 – 12 YEARS A SLAVE 1. Disappointed for CAPTAIN PHILLIPS, an excellent sea-set thriller from Paul Greengrass, the master of the docu-drama. Greengrass’s beloved Crystal Palace are 16th in the Premier League, hovering above relegation. I’d hoped tonight would put a smile on his face.

  211. Oz’s anuversary (75th). Plus a good highlight for news shows.

  212. [so far]

    [BEST EDITING] I predicted Hustle for the win and thought to myself Captain Phil also had a chance to create an upset.

    But with Gravity winning even the Editing, . . . I’m speechless (not saying it’s not worthy or a remarkable winner; just speechless).

    (Though not officially, it seems I’m most likely out from the predictions race myself. Good luck to all of you who might still have the chance.)

    Still, I’m going to have fun watching the show.) : )

  213. I swear I saw Garner wearing that dress in an Alias episode.

  214. Lupita Nyong’o. Bitch plz who the fuck do u think you’re talking to, a 4-year-old?

  215. Is Gravity’s score that great? I always see it as a lock, but can’t remember it…and I am a score fan. Weird.

  216. Should be a whole tribute for 1939. Gone With the Wind, Oz, Wuthering Heights, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Gunga Din, the Women, Goodbye Mr. Chips, Babes in Arms, Ninchotka, the list goes on, so many masterpieces.

  217. So far, my top ten moments

    01. Lupita
    02. Pizza time
    03. Group photo
    04. The Great Beauty win
    05. Brad Pitt kissing Angelina on her forehead
    06. Pharrell dancing with the ladies: Lupita, Meryl and Amy
    07. Sexy time Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans
    08. Karen O performing
    09. Emmanuel winning
    10. All the Alfonso Cuaron praise

    And Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emma Watson should date

  218. Next year will be 75th anniversary of the Awards for the 1939 films.

  219. I’m liking the show a lot actually. It seems faster than some of the past ones.

  220. People are so mad lmao, Gravity and Cuarón FTW :)

  221. It is a deal that both films will arrive at the Best Picture award with reasonable chances. Not that frequent.

  222. how’s everybody doing? can i get you anything?

  223. Warner is on a roll…. Gatsby and Gravity. Seven for Seven,

    Her over AH for O Screenplay?

  224. 2014 Oscars …. yawn

  225. They should be giving a special award to whoever had to put together this montage this year.

  226. The music is Somewhere in Time

  227. I knew Hoffman would be last but dammit it hurts still.

  228. Why is Bette Midler singing Wing Beneath My Wings? Is it a Beaches anniversary?

  229. Apparently the industry will miss Esther Williams more than Alain Resnais. Good job AMPAS. Good job like.

  230. Okay, we got the class turning down applause for names but then follow it with THAT song?

  231. Peter O’Toole and Joan Fontaine. Hard not to cry there.

  232. In fairness – didn’t he die today?

  233. Terrible…and cheesy.

  234. Ryan, you could get me a Best Picture win for 12 Years a Slave if you like…

  235. No, Kjbacon, he died yesterday.

  236. Ryan your such a gracious host.

  237. I watched Mice and Men last night – Chaney is really good in that – better the Malkovich.

  238. Hey they added Sarah Jones at the end there

  239. I still find more shocking Walker’s death than PSH’s. Kind of… un-unexpected, if you know what I mean.

  240. OMG, the pay tribute to Eduardo Coutinho, one of the best documentary filmmakers of the world!

    That excuse the fact that didn’t mention Miklos Jancsó and Alain Resnais – guess in the case of Resnais, they will do next year.

  241. Classy touch: Beneath the tribute to the artists who passed away this past year, they played John Barry’s theme to ”Somewhere in Time,” and one of those artists was Richard Matheson, the film’s screenwriter.

    Meantime, except for Karen O, is every musical performer getting a standing O at the Oscars? Still to come: Idina Menzel.

  242. They went the equality way this year – same style and time for everyone, no highlights, no clips. I expected something more about Peter O’Toole, at least.

  243. In Memoriam – rough this year with so many losses.

    We could have seen so much more in the segment if they continued showing images during the song instead of Bette in front of a blank screen.

  244. Well this corny middle aged homosexsual can die a happy man! I loved the burst effect revealing one remembered face after another; really lovely. Bette; oh Bette. You still have it, not quite as soaring, but still a presence – the crowd liked her@!

  245. Not a joke, they really did crash it.

  246. It was just right for Bette Midler to have performed that song; I could see the connection in the context of the lyrics.

    Looking forward to the Original Screenplay, etc.

  247. Goldie Hawn looks different. Had she had her hair done?

  248. So glad Lupita won, but she needs to get a stylist. She’s turning into Jennifer Lawrence pre-2014.
    She has no boobs, but she wears a V neck dress. She wears a pale blue when she needs color and she needs to show her shape. Lupita – stop using the European designers, use the Asian and American designers!

  249. Goldie Hawn has officially turned into her First Wives Club character.

  250. Two hours and two acting awards?

  251. Yes good point Steve. It did seem a strange choice; just Bette. I was waiting all the while for Philip Seymour Hoffman; he and O’Toole could have been last.

  252. And the roof is about to go off the theater.

  253. You guys should go to abc.com and watch the BACKSTAGE interviews. Much more interesting than the show.

  254. So the real Philomena is there. And the real Capt. Phillips. So did someone forget to invite Jordan Belfort? 😉

  255. I just ran out of beer Ryan!

  256. Did John Travolta mispronounce Idina Menzel’s name? Or what did I hear?

  257. I’m with you Sally, the 4 acting prizes are the most keenly anticipated. Some years they had more separation between the supporting categories, in fact i thought they would schedule supp actress even later as the J’lAW – Lupita was such an anticipated event.

  258. well that sucked

  259. Best Song: every time a nominee comes on, I go to the kitchen. Gone are a large salad, two bags of chips, and half an apple pie. drop this category.

  260. I feel a bit sorry for Steve Coogan. It’s his best work and there’s no chance of that film winning.

  261. I dont know what John Travolta said but it wasnt Idina Menzel

  262. OMG! Romantic Flight from How to Train your Dragon!

  263. GRAVITY!!!!!!!!

  264. WW, I just turned that into a tweet. Thanks for the traffic.

  265. This deserves it, as soon as I saw Gravity, I immediately stopped on the way home to buy the soundtrack, amazing work there.

  266. So gravity wins seven but not BP or eight?

  267. Late to the party…
    Why is this so nerve-wracking?
    Am I going to get to see DDL hand La Blanchett the Oscar?

  268. We have a new EGOT

  269. Best speech of the night so far.

  270. @daveinprogress: I’m not watching the awards, I’m blogging here and watching the backstage interviews at abc.com.
    Come on — they can give out the two acting awards one right after the other! Within at least 1/2 hr.

  271. Robert Lopez thus becomes the youngest EGOT winner to date.

  272. Y-e-a-h. Idina Manzel. That is on the Top 10 Disney songs ever. The princess who tells everyone to fuck off graciously.

  273. somebody nominate 5 more comments here and I’ll tweet them all.

    they need to be brief.

  274. Robert Lopez EGOT!!!!!

    Happy for the great song Let it go, performed by IzmnjossowiejnòoIJ

  275. OK, I hate Frozen, but these people were nice.

  276. Has WOW won anything yet? :)

  277. Cabaret (72) the one to win 8 and lose BP (won Director too).

  278. Yes that speech was novel, or was it poetic? Steve, are you sure you’re not my long lost brother separated at birth and sent to opposing corners of the globe? I do the same, actually i go into the study and send another message to this thread. Song used to be fun, but i lost interest around 1986.

  279. Idina Menzel sounds ehh…shaky…guess great artists do overcome by nerves some time…is it already 3 hours in, and still no screenwriting awards yet??? I really need “Her” to win something…

  280. Can someone really explain me what the fuck did John Travolta said instead of “Idina Menzel??

  281. Films who won’t win anything: Nebraska, Phillips, Philomena, Wolf, Her or Hustle (that’s 5 BP nominees).

  282. [so far]

    LOL with the FROZEN’s nominated songwriters/winners. [possibly rehearsed for 1000 times for that lol]

    HAHAHA . . . . They knew they are going to win . . . XD

    Kudos. You guys deserve it as far as the category’s definition goes (though I’m not impressed with the vocal performance [that’s another story).

    Gravity score artist Stephen [sp] Price’s acceptance speech is to me heartfelt and sincere, virtually without any calculation at all. Kudos to you, Mr. Price.

  283. Yeh Idina was ahead of the beat throughout her performance and it clearly frustrated her. And then that crack on the big note at the end? You could tell, at the end of the song, that she’d kinda had it. What with gettin called Adele Nazim by the biggest closeted gayboy in the country…

  284. Anyone think Ridley kinda snubbed Mqueen? Walked right past him and didn’t mention him in thr speech.

  285. The Academy has made the boring, easy choices so far all night so far. A predictable night, sure, though not entirely disappointing… yet. So I’m still expecting 12 Years a Slave to win Best Picture.

  286. SPIKE JONZE!!!!!

  287. Second happiest win for me of the night (after Lupita)!!!

  288. boo … AH looking like it will be shutout entirely

  289. Yep, on our way to a Hustle shut-out.

  290. Hustle is done.

  291. SPIKE JONZE!!!

  292. i’m on pins & needles

  293. Spike Jonze. Nice.

  294. low point of the evening

  295. YESSSSSS! Her for Screenplay!

  296. yeeeeeeeees Lupita and Jonze won

    The Hustle shoutout continues

  297. Ridley and Jonze in the screenplay categories!

    12 Years a Slave still has a shot at winning Best Picture

  298. @Alexww: With every win I’ve seen Ridley give a speech, he has never ever mentioned Brad or McQueen….in all his interviews, he thanks Solomon and his ancestors. He’s a writer, they don’t have a lot of words to speak…they write.

  299. So that’s Hustle, Phillips, Philomena, Nebraska and Wolf who will zero. And only 6 films splitting 15 open-competition prizes. 7 with Blue Jasmine.

  300. Alexww, exactly my thoughts. Some behind the scene feud we don’t know about?

  301. American Hustle is aiming to 10-0. Ouch.

  302. ‘Anyone think Ridley kinda snubbed Mqueen? Walked right past him and didn’t mention him in thr speech.’

    McQueen seems like he can be a bit frosty and aloof…who knows?

  303. But waaaaaaaaiiiiiiitttttt, I thought American Hustle was the frontrunner for Original Screenplay.

    Oh wait, that was never true.

    Nobody was going to beat Spike Jonze.

  304. Sally, he did mention Brad in this speech though.

  305. Both the winners for best screenplay got a standing ovation… that’s good!

  306. Last year 10 films won the open-competition ones, including 8 of the 9 Best Picture.

  307. John Ridley at the Thank you cam: He thanked his family, his agent, his team, no one connected to the movie….he said he had too many people to thank, and he was emotional and crying.

  308. Adele Nazim?? Really John Travolta?? REALLY??? WTF????

  309. My 2nd shout out “YES” Spike Jonze. And Mr Russell has learned from his talented cast how to smile and clap and be ‘happy’ when you have just lot the Oscar. That was a pretty close call that one; like Supp Actress

  310. To be fair, American hustle is quite overrated.

  311. Is this Oscarcast setting a record for standing ovations? Besides the ones for the singers, there’s Nyong’o. And now both screenwriters?

  312. So far, JONZE, Lupita, Ridley & Price have made the evening.

    Now we get into the down and dirty.

  313. American Hustle isn’t winning anything. That makes me sad. But it has an SAG and 3 Golden Globes, so I guess it’s not a total loss.

  314. is Liza presenting BP

  315. McQueen seems like he can be a bit frosty and aloof…who knows?
    He’s from the Carib islands….if you know those people, they are very “proud” and standoffish. I know Haitians are very proud and stubborn….and McQueen has Caribbean blood (Grenada), I think it’s just their nature. That’s prob. why he won’t (IMO) win Best Director….he’s not warm and fuzzy….but neither is Russell….from what I read.

  316. yeah, tuning out … AH got snubbed … disgraceful

  317. I’m watching the Backstage camera and they have the camera right in the faces of the audiences, it must be annoying….:)

  318. Oh shit, I think Steve McQueen is winning best directing.

  319. wouldn’t Poitier love to handle it to McQueen? The first one too?

  320. Too many standing ovations. At this rate a lot of people won’t be able to drag themselves to the after parties.

  321. American Hustle big fail just means that next David O. Russell – Cooper – Lawrence film is going to SWEEP! Just sayin’. 😀

  322. YES Alfonso!

  323. No standing ovation? Why? Cause he was not the first black director to ever won a directing award?

  324. @Paddy, yes, that was disappointing, probably her too, because she’s such a phenomenal singer…

    Spike Jonze=talented, dreamy, overall good guy…….

    Great speeches from both screenwriters!

  325. Still no clue for BP

  326. I’m thinking Gravity is getting Picture now, so get your rant ready, Sasha.

  327. Another best picture – best director split coming up? Seems like that’s happening more and more these days.

  328. No surprise there.

  329. ¡Viva México, cabrones! 😀

  330. For all the suspense, hasn’t this turned out to be the most predictable Oscars so far? Everyone’s won, according to script.

    (I don’t consider ”Gravity” winning editing a surprise, either.)

  331. Was rooting for Steve McQueen but happy for Cuaron. He deserves it.

  332. I’m so happy for Alfonso.

  333. A really special moment the way Sidney Poitier grasped Alfonso Cuaron’s hand. There is something just magical about Mr Poitier. He may be getting frail and not as vocally robust, but his spirit is just awesome. Long may he shine.

  334. 12 years a slave’s screenplay is the year’s best, her is second, glad they both won!

  335. Oh just save us ten minutes and give it to Cate now.

  336. Is this going on 4 hours? Holy shi**….goodnight.

  337. way to go alfonso!!!

  338. I don’t think 12YaS gonna make it.

  339. Why is this so long?

  340. Am I the only one who thinks Amy Adams is getting Best Actress’? I guess it’s my no-guts-no-glory, then.

  341. Yep the least shocking of the night.

  342. Sorry, Sidious. Blanchett had this in July.

  343. Nothing happened thoughout the evening to change one’s belief from the start – whatever they were.

  344. Yeah I knew it was like 90% for Blanchett but… :-(

  345. What a Goddess.


  347. Just one BP X Director split in the past 7 years. Those are rare in the past 30, as we all know.

  348. Cate agrees, Julia committed category fraud

  349. [so far]

    I’m in the school of the benefits of reasonable doubt for the time being.

    So, Kudos additionally to Ms. Blanchett for appreciating Mr. Allen’s contributions among others’. Good on her.

    Great performance in Blue Jasmine, Cate!

  350. Children of Men was a stone cold masterpiece, so good on Cuaron

  351. If you had told me just four years ago this guy was going to get a Best Actor Oscar his first try…..

  352. Oh , lord. It’s Preacher Matt.

  353. Matthew Mcconaughey, Oscar winner!
    You got to love the weirdness of that.

  354. McConaughey comes to Brazil every year for a few months, as his wife is Brazilian. I’ve never liked him as an actor, but he behaves really well as a celebrity, always. Discreet, polite, humble. Certainly not to be taken for granted. Nice person if nothing else, it seems.

  355. I have a bad feeling 12 Years is not going to make it either. Let’s just hope hope hope there is a miracle.

  356. So much hot air I fear the polar vortex will shift again

  357. BP-director splits are rare but compared to the first 50-60 years of Oscars the trend is that they are happening a bit more frequently now and in other awards shows too.

  358. Hahahahaha @ steve50. :)

  359. That may have been the best thank you I’ve ever heard

  360. dat smugness 😛

  361. Well, this is the weirdest thing happening tonight, Will Smith giving out BP.

  362. Will Smith, freshly off his Razzie triumph.

  363. 12 YEARS! Sasha just collapsed in joy!

  364. It’s a split people!

  365. ‘Will Smith, freshly off his Razzie triumph…’


  366. Yeah, it happened.


  368. Racism in Hollywood is over!!!

  369. Most of us were right, Sasha was wrong. 12 Years won, against all of your constant backlash against the Academy.

  370. And so a thousand “the Academy is racist!” tirades were just cut off.


  372. Sasha will still complain that McQueen didn’t win Director. The Academy is probably still racist.


  374. Zero for American hustle.

  375. Boring Boring Boring

  376. After McConaughey’s speech, I think I finally respect him more…I got even a bit teary when he talked about what his mom taught him…he seems like a true Southern gentleman…

  377. Was the show 3 and 1/2 hours long???!!!! Zzzzzzz

  378. American Hustle, Captain Phillips, The Wolf of Wall Street, PHILOMENA, and Nebraska all best picture nominees went home empty handed. They should have just nominated 5 films then instead of 9. Pointless.



  380. ScottishJellyfish

    Best ceremony since Hurt Locker. Some might say No Country for Old Men, and I also wouldn’t disagree with them.

  381. Yes! 12 Years a Slave won the big prize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  382. Very happy with the show tonight. Disagreed with some of the #1’s but save for Doc Feature, all winners were worthy.

  383. A year as similar as The Godfather-Cabaret Oscar Year!!!

  384. Am I the only one who thinks the shows these days are too short and hurried? I miss the days when they gave out the Thalberg, the Jean Hersholt and other life time achievements awards at the main show.

  385. YES! McQueen is king! And very bouncy, too.

  386. Congrats to 12 Years, not my favorite, but a worthy winner. Certainly better than the last 3 winners combined.

    And I’m extremely happy that Gravity won 7, Her won original screenplay and American Hustle got nothing!

  387. The most predictable Oscar night I can remember. And the best Oscar night I can remember too. The exact opposite of last year, in that I am fucking elated!!

  388. BP: 12 Years.


    AH: zero. Well, that’s life . . . . : (

  389. I tuned in at the end….Sasha, I hope you post videos of the best part of the show…esp. the acceptance speeches.

  390. How is it Will Smith gave the BP award? WTH?

  391. Tob1- No, they aren’t too hurried.

    And there would be time for honorary awards if they didn’t waste time posing for selfies and eating pizza. Seriously!

  392. Where was Ben Afleck?

  393. My prediction for No Guts No Glory was that every single front runner would win. I was right.

    GRAVITY falls short one win to tie CABARET for most wins w/o winning Best Picture.

  394. The Academy tends to have some lapse period of 3-4 years average choice before they really get it right with masterpiece choice

  395. Freedom rings and so does Hollywood.

  396. So predictable ! not even a single surprise in a 3h and more show , including the preordained AH fiasco, and i agree with one of the comments : the next Russell flick will sweep !

  397. Brad Pitt, Steve McQueen, Steve Martin – first time Oscar winners. Cate, Anjelina Double Academy award winners. Spike Jonze, Emmanuel Lubezki Oscar winners. Not a bad night on the job!

  398. To have McQueen, Cuaron, and Jonze each honoured in the same Oscar show is…. well, if you told me it was going to happen a year ago, I would have told you to get some help.

    Now where’d I leave my defibrillator?

  399. I am still stunned that American Hustle got nothing after winning three Bafta Awards, three Golden Globe Awards and three Critics Choice Awards.

  400. By the way, is there something somewhat going on between the 12 Years Screenplay winner and the two of the producers (Brad Pitt and the director Steve McQueen)?

    Or perhaps I was reading too much into it.

  401. VERY predictable. I got 17 out of 21 right (I stopped predicting the shorts long ago) and the 4 I got wrong I went against the “odds”. So I could have theoretically predicted them all, since all the “favorites” won. But I’m overall happy with the results.

  402. Just consider this…for the last year, Sasha has complained about the inner racism within the Academy, and has stated that 12 Years would not win….you were proven incorrect tonight and your obvious pessimism has been nullified.

  403. Academy Award Winner Brad Pitt!!!!

  404. So, where was all the love American Hustle had behind the scenes? I’m actually impressed it got completely shutout because of all the buzz about it. IMHO, a fun movie, but completely overrated.

  405. Sachem Littlefeather

    The losers were those numerous long boring clips on film heroes that took up time and offered nothing magical.

    I missed those Chuck Workman clip packages in old Oscars shows that really showed what film magic was all about.

  406. To those who wonder why Will Smith presented BP, I’ll break it down to you in a few steps:
    1. Will Smith is black.

  407. Happy with the results!

    Nothing to complain.

    Now, bed.

    See you next year,


  408. Thankfully BAFTA rewarded the sublime Mr Ejiofor. Great performances endure forever. Leo’s gonna have to wait for an Honorary.

  409. YASS TO EVERYTHING. I’m very happy with the choices. Have a nice one y’all.

  410. AMERICAN HUSTLE is the second most nominated movie ever to go home empty handed. THE COLOR PURPLE got 11 nominations and 0 wins.

    As a matter of fact, both movies lost in 10 categories. THE COLOR PURPLE had two nominees in the Supporting Actress category (Margaret Avery and Oprah Wimphrey)

  411. To Sally – I know, Will Smith? I was saying? At least Jada could have come up there with him. But that’s the best they could do?

  412. Maybe Poitier had to take a leak and Smith jumped in for him?

  413. When I learned that Sidney Poitier was going to present, I assume that he would present Best Picture.

    Maybe that was the plan, but he might have been to frail to do it alone.

  414. Good night

  415. Indeed, the BAFTAs did the right things: awarded Chiwetel Ejiofor and nominated Daniel Brühl. The Academy failed on both accounts.

  416. Glad for Cuaron, 12 Years and Lupita. Not a terrible choice of the lot this year. Oh, and American Hustle got jack squat!

  417. First time since “Mystic river” that a film wins the two Oscars for actor performances.

  418. manrico1967 you are wrong… it is not the second.. there were more movies got 10 or nominations of getting none oscars.. TRUE GRIT, GANGS OF NEW YORK. I dont remember if there were more

  419. The best cerimony since 2003… I love Ellen, she is so funny… and the show was amazing.

    But… “Gravity” should win Best Picture.

  420. The most predictable thing about tonight: Ellen DeGeneres being her usual bland, unfunny self. I didn’t like the last time she hosted the show and disliked her even more this time. Bring back Chris Rock!

  421. oh well, congrats to the winners!

  422. I was going to say that AMERICAN HUSTLE was the only movie to be nominated in all four acting categories and lose them all.

    But then I remember that MY MAN GODFREY did just that back in 1936 (The first year of supporting acting categories)

  423. agreed with Steve50.

    love to see these very idiosyncratic filmmakers winning Oscars all at once.

  424. 20/24 – satisfactory
    Very cool show – Ellen nailed it tonight.
    Sorry for “Act of killing”, however not that surprised.

  425. Happy for all winners especially Cate Blanchett. Great host Ellen and great show.

  426. Enrique,

    I stand corrected.

  427. Congratulations Academy on picking the bland, boring film for Best Picture for at least the sixth year in a row.

  428. This was a great year for film and I’m glad that the wealth was spread!! Can’t wait for next year’s race. Time to put this one to bed as there was so many negative comments this year. I understand passion, but most of it was racist, degrading and unnecessary! Hell, it is still going on as one poster said no one would know Lupita’s name in 10 years and another said Will Smith was presenting BP because he was black. Case in point!!

  429. A predictable as hell show, but I’m glad 12 Years a Slave came out on top. I was really rooting for Leonardo… the man just can’t catch a break.

    He needs to do a film about an AIDS patient, maybe then he’ll win. Let’s face it, AMPAS apparently loves that plot theme.

  430. Great show and a great night! My food was fab and my friends had a great time:) I have lots of dessert left over for tomorrow.

    I got 19 right, not my best but who cares. I had a couple of passion votes in there I knew would probably lose,

    I loved Ellen, I thought she was hilarious.

    Sad award season is over, but it was a wonderful season:)

  431. Gravity – 7
    12YAS – 3
    DBC – 3
    Frozen – 2
    Gatsby – 2
    Her – 1
    Blue Jasmine – 1
    Great Beauty – 1
    20FFS – 1
    Room 306 – 1
    Mr. Hublot – 1
    Helium – 1

  432. I don’t think there was a single upset. Turns out the closest Oscar race goes down in history as one of the most predictable as well. All the winners were deserving IMO. Gravity and 12YAS obviously dominated the show. At least this site can stop playing the Academy is old white racist men race card forever *crosses fingers*

  433. Best moments:

    Lupita wins.
    Selfie/Group picture
    Pizza break and Bad Pitt handing out paper plates.
    12YAS wins.

  434. Can someone teach Jennifer Lawrence some basic etiquette? To wander on stage to present the penultimate prize and begin by berating someone in the audience: “what are you laughing at?”. Not classy, luv, not classy.

  435. Simone, it’s the ampas patting their backs for being such wonderful, caring people. It’s their get out of jail card, to show how much of a conscience they have when it’s Awards-season but the rest of the year, only caring about gross profits.

  436. Was I the only one who was totally shocked by Poitier’s frailty. And yet, if I had only seen a photo, I would have never guessed it. The man is his late 80’s and still looks great.

  437. *Brad Pitt. Damn proofreading…

  438. Daveinprogress, she was obviously joking with someone she knew.

  439. @daveinprogress: I guess Lawrence was trying to do some funny schtick and falls flat on her face??????

    I’m anxiously waiting Nymphomaniac part 1 and 2 hahaha

  440. “Congratulations Academy on picking the bland, boring film for Best Picture for at least the sixth year in a row.”

    I’m sure you’ll feel differently once you see it.

  441. Pretty boring. Ellen should not be invited. As for the winners not even a surprise there.
    Brad Pitt really deserved an award, petty that it had to come this way with him somewhat in the background.

    12 years a slave is a great movie, but all the black propaganda component in the media took away from what made the movie really great: depiction of slavery.

    White people were slaves too a few centuries ago all across the world, but racism seems to be only a problem in USA. This movie could have had a greater impact and greater box office if they didn’t make this about racism.

  442. Again: congrats to all of the winners.

    A bit disappointed American Hustle went home empty-handed. BUT one can’t really complain given the other strong contenders in the respective categories.

    (Too much lagging on my streaming, I would like to watch the best part of it again if possible . . . . )

    I’ve had a good time doing the Oscar watch on my part as one of the AD regulars.

  443. waiting *for

  444. @Tob1,

    Totally brother, absofuckinglutely. Matthew and Jared’s work, although great work, was the purest form of Oscar bait… the self-congratulatory Oscar bait for voters to vote for.

    And that’s why I now declare that is what Leo has to do. Two great works in 2013, The Great Gatsby and WoWS… and he still has nothing. This was Matt and Jared’s FIRST nominations. It just ain’t right.

  445. JLaw has never had class nor she’ll ever have. It’s her trashy style, one step away from the Kristen Stewart level of being wasted. And I (still) like that.

  446. Lars – You’ve got something to look forward to.
    Part 1 is pure masterclass
    Part 2 is a tougher sit and has various cinematic problems, mostly due to the shift in actors at various stages.

  447. Dicaprio is going to have to do a film about the holocaust ala his bff Kate Winslet in oreer for him to win that Oscar.

  448. @JPNS Viewer: thanks for respecting other nominees even AH went home empty-handed…btw, are you based in Tokyo?

  449. I don’t think that’s fair Simone. Leto and MM killed it in their roles, they’re for sure deserving. (I would’ve given it to Leo as well though). 12YAS was clearly Oscar bait too but no one is taking their achievement away from them.

  450. @enrique and @manrico – The Turning Point (1977) was nominated for 11 Oscars and didn’t win anything

  451. Thanks Toro, I think I only have time for part 1…I’ve also heard part 1 is darkly humorous as well…I’m salivating already…

  452. Good work. Till next year.

  453. @Dave,

    Totally correct.

    I was way off.

  454. Lars you are more generous than I.

    J-Law has been up 3 times, she is no kid anymore. It’s the Oscars; not the MTV Music Awards.

  455. I’m listening to Lupita’s speech, pretty moving.
    Someone mentioned that John Ridley seemed to ignore Steve McQueen….and from all the acceptance speeches I’ve seen, Steve has not mentioned Ridley or given him credit and that could be the coolness. You notice that Ridley is never included in the “group” interviews….I dunno….maybe that’s why?

  456. Some interesting trivia:

    — AMERICAN HUSTLE joins GANGS OF NEW YORK and TRUE GRIT with an 0 for 10 night — the record for Oscar losses is 0/11 by THE TURNING POINT and THE COLOR PURPLE.

    — GRAVITY wins the second most Oscars (7) without winning Best Picture. In 1972, CABARET won 8 Oscars, but lost to THE GODFATHER for Best Picture.

    — Cate Blanchett is the 19th multi-Oscar winning actress (40th overall) and the 12th performer to win a lead and supporting Oscar.

    — DALLAS BUYERS CLUB is the 5th film to win Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor.

    — 12 YEARS A SLAVE is the 22nd Best Picture to not win Best Director. It’s also the first time since 1951-1952 that consecutive Best Pictures didn’t also win Best Director.

    — Alfonso Cuaron is the first Mexican to win Best Director.

  457. “@JPNS Viewer: thanks for respecting other nominees even AH went home empty-handed…btw, are you based in Tokyo?”

    Hi, Lars.

    No, I’m not. I’m living in a SE Asian country now. : )

    (If I was in Japan, I’d probably be doing some Japanese cosplay in Akihabara, Tokyo now lol . . . . )

  458. Those are just off the top of my head. I’m sure I’ll find more once I start digging threw my archives and charts.

  459. @JPNS Viewer: too bad, I’m visiting Tokyo, Kyoto, Fukuoka this May…darn haha

  460. Why do any of you care? It’s all fun and entertaining – but why do you care? It’s a prize for people in an industry that almost NONE OF YOU are involved. It’s stupifying.

  461. 10 for Warner. says something about 12 Years that they held on against Warner to take BP.

    I enjoyed the show. It felt more of one piece than previous ceremonies. Liked the clustering of the BP nominees….. cudda cut Pink. Ellen was bland, but we laughed so, WTF.

    great way for Pitt to get an Oscar

    Glad McConaughey won, but his speech was self-absorbed.

  462. Just saw/heard Matthew McCon — damn he’s good.

  463. There were no surprises this evening but the season was great and fun to follow. Thanks Awards daily!

  464. Thanks Sasha, keep it coming!

  465. Good for you, Lars. : )

    If you’d like, you might want to include Osaka (a prefecture near the ancient capital of Kyoto) as well. Have a good time in Japan.

  466. I think we can all agree that the four acting winners gave eloquent, memorable speeches tonight. That’s something you can’t say every year. And for that I’m happy.

  467. Also, all the main stars of OCEAN’S ELEVEN have won Oscars.

  468. Can someone pull that corncob out of Daveinprogress’s ass, and replace it with a smidgen of humor. Not cool douche bag, not cool.

  469. Why do any of you care? It’s all fun and entertaining but why do you care? It’s a prize for people in an industry that almost NONE OF YOU are involved. It’s stupifying.

    ever watch any sports? ever care who wins?

  470. Yes, I’ve always wanted to visit Osaka properly, but never have the chance, and there’s still so much I want to see in Kyoto!!! haha
    take care!

  471. Z – keep ’em coming. Love Oscar titbits.

    Cate Blanchett becomes the 7th Oscar won for a Woody Allen movie and only the 2nd Lead; 36 years after Diane Keaton.

  472. What an extraordinary night. 12 years rightfully deserved best picture. AH going 0-10 is glorious.

  473. “Can someone pull that corncob out of Daveinprogress’s ass, and replace it with a smidgen of humor. Not cool douche bag, not cool.”

    If anyone’s gonna pull a corncob outta my ass, it’ll be me. And it’s Sir douche bag to you, ‘not enough time’.

  474. Before I sign out (temporarily):

    About the host (Ellen D.), I don’t think her efforts were #that terrible.

    That said, I find it lukewarm mostly on her part; and possibly because — no offense — I hadn’t expected much from her even prior to the broadcast or the announcement of their choice as to who was going to host this year’s Oscar, I’m now OK with the overall show “tonight”. Anyway, to be fair, I’d like to watch it again, properly, without lagging — it might put her into a new light to me (or not).

  475. ScottishJellyfish

    This takes me back to the days of the Hurt Locker win on this website. Man, those were good times. Ryan and Stone can finally feel a little bit of vindication in their predictions this year. It’s been awhile.

  476. That was fun. Thank you guys for the company. See you next year!

    (or maybe before when something interesting happens). :)

  477. Here’s steve50, on October 10, 2012

    I’m just about to the point of pacing the floor, waiting for 12 Years a Slave. The tough subject matter to be tackled by a black director, especially one with McQueen’s insight into the psyche, will be something to behold. He’s working with the same cinematographer and editor as with Shame and Hunger, he’s got Fassbender and Pitt, plus Woodward, Wallis, Henry, Ejiofor, Dano and Cumberbirtch.

    I don’t anybody is aware that there is a freight train of a movie that’s heading our way next year.

  478. Cate Blanchett becomes only the third woman to win a Lead Actress Oscar after first winning Supporting Actress

  479. Happiest for THE GREAT BEAUTY win. Best Film of the Year. Has Sasha seen it YET?

    Sad for THE WIND RISES and THE SQUARE (or Act Of Killing) losing to commercial lite-weights (Frozen & 20 FT From Stardom).

    Breathing easier now that 12 YEARS A SLAVE held off the good but way overrated GRAVITY for Best Picture (it did deserve many of the tech awards).

    Nice to see the WOLF OF WALL STREET shutout.

  480. Setting aside the quality of both “GRAVITY” and “12 YEARS A SLAVE” for a moment, I suppose tonight demonstrated two examples of blind voting. An Academy member, in the end, will most likely vote for the heavier film (even if they don’t vote it enough for other categories) rather than the one sweeping the statuettes across the board.

    In the end, both McQueen and Cuarón have the Oscars they deserved so much.

  481. The surprises were dallas buyers club winning 3. The wild card categories like short films, documentaries, and foreign films. The moments were sidney potier and angelina jolie slowly walking out onto oscars stage, jennifer lawrence is a bitch in real life, in memoriam tribute from glenn close, ellen in the audience not on the stage, booing for the umpteeth remake of the great gatsby, crying that visual effects was a five way horse race in the end. Love of all those nominees for visual effects. There were exciting movies, alfonso cuaron winning director, john ridley’s speech for 12 years a slave. Now i know what the true story was about and those typewriters in the background were pretty cool. Steve mcqueen jumping like he just won a touchdown in the supwr bowl. Thank the lord for mcgoughaney believing in god and himself everyday. Thats keeping it real. Lupita got a bigger applause than halle berry. Pharell williams, an african american just happy to be there. Is jim carrey back. Cant wait for dumb and dumber to. Seeing benedict cumberbatch becsuse i love his voice as smaug, the slave plantation owner, khan, and the fifth estate. Thank god meryl did not win because that august osage county movie looks terrible

  482. Ah, what a night!! Woo hoo for all of the winners. Okay, so Gravity didn’t win Best Picture, but thank goodness the alternative was 12 Years a Slave!! That was an excellent pick. Feel bad for Leonardo DiCaprio. He looked like he was having a bad night all night. :-(

    Oh well, time to start looking forward to next year??

    Here’s some I think might be in the running, and their (currently scheduled) American release dates.

    The Grand Budapest Hotel – 7 March 2014
    Noah – 28 March 2014
    Jersey Boys – 20 June 2014
    Jupiter Ascending – 18 July 2014
    Get on Up – 1 August 2014
    The Giver – 15 August 2014
    Gone Girl – 3 October 2014
    Interstellar – 7 November 2014
    Fury – 14 November 2014
    Inherent Vice – 12 December 2014
    Exodus – 12 December 2014
    Paddington – 12 December 2014
    Unbroken – 25 December 2014
    Into the Woods – 25 December 2014

  483. The Academy is becoming more open but not that fast. There was no way the British-made historical nonfiction Oscar-bait epic was going to lose to a sci fi film. Maybe in 5 to 10 years, but not today. This is the same body that awarded the King’s Speech over everything for god’s sake, it’s crazy Gravity was even able to mount a late charge.

  484. Was I the only one who was totally shocked by Poitier’s frailty. And yet, if I had only seen a photo, I would have never guessed it. The man is his late 80′s and still looks great.
    ^^ No, not I. He’s been making public appearances and he’s about 86. Harry Belafonte is the same age and he seems to have aged better.

  485. Happiest for THE GREAT BEAUTY win. Best Film of the Year. Has Sasha seen it YET?

    I don’t know if Sasha has. I watched it for the 3rd time last night. Enthralling. It’s my 2nd favorite movie of last year. Inside Llewyn David is #1. 12 Years a Slave, #3. Fruitvale Station and Wolf of Wall Street, #4 and #5.

  486. So, who’s gonna win an Oscar first, Amy Adams or Leonardo DiCaprio???

  487. Al, you are forgetting the last Hobbit film. That’s a lock for next year.

  488. To Sasha: go to bed happy tonite!…it’s been a long time since you had a winner.

  489. These were the most boring and predictable Oscars ever!!

    Happy for Brad Pitt and Her.

    Gutted for Leo – sick and tired of this utter bullshit Academy! I guess they’ll never get a clue – would they?!


  490. Javiera, thank you for the reminder. YES. I sure as hell hope so!!

    The Hobbit: There and Back Again – 17 December 2014

  491. Al – Amy i reckon.

  492. I still love bill murray no matter how old he is. Istill love the hobbit even though its losing, lotr will age well. I’m beginning to hate dicaprio as a actor. Bring it on bette midler and pink. Cate blanchett is the next meryl streep. Look for more nominees in the future from her. Jared leto is just good and lets hope he stays that way. Peter otoole will be forever loved and so will roger ebert.

  493. @Al

    What about Selena (JLaw & B. Cooper)? : )

  494. Was hoping Gravity would pull it out in the end, but it looks like it just couldn’t overcome the lack of screenplay and more actor nominations.

    Still, I’m thrilled it won many of the categorical awards – notably Best Director. Gravity was truly one of the finest directorial achievements I have seen in recent years. A well-deserved win for Alfonso Cuaron.

  495. Okay, Here’s a secondary short list of movie that could, but don’t have an American release date yet.

    Knight of Cups

  496. Thank you for the reminder JPNS Viewer. :-)

  497. I have to say that this year’s Oscar ceremony is the most agreeable one I’ve seen in the past several years, with the technically groundbreaking, emotionally compelling “Gravity” and the socially and historically important “12 Years a Slave” both garnering significant recognition.

    I also found the telecast to be thoroughly entertaining, due to both Ellen Degeneres’ humor and the consistently absorbing musical numbers (I thought Idina Menzel sounded to Glee-ish in this rendition of Let it Go; i.e. phenomenal vocals, no emotional connection). I also wish they had axed the second hero bit/Captain America advertisement, and that they had cut commercial breaks during the last six awards to make up for time, but alas the Oscars are never perfect .

    I am a bit sad to see “American Hustle” go 0-10, but the Oscars could never take away how much I love the film; like Paul Verhoeven’s best films, it’s shinily polished trashed, but trash that nevertheless manages to touch upon qualities intrinsic to American culture, particularly the delusional justification of greed and deception as means to acquire wealth and and power.

    Jennifer Lawrence as Nomi Malone. Just imagine that, oh my, oh my.

  498. AND, quite possibly, maybe:

    Annie – 19 December 2014

  499. I’m really happy with how things turned out tonight! I remember months back when Sasha proclaimed “American Hustle” as the Best Picture Winner. Then, of course it was Gravity because “you can’t predict a split.” I always believed 12YAS could do it and I’m so happy it won! Congratulations to Matthew, Lupita, Jared and Cate!
    Congratulations to Alfonso Cuaron for Best Director!
    Spike Jonze and John Ridley deserved their screenplay wins and I’m glad Gatsby was recognized for Costumes and Production Design! I’m still pulling for Leo to win one day at long last but I can’t begrudge Mr. McConaissance! Amen to that and All right, All right, All right!

  500. SeattleMoviegoer

    to Z: what are the other 4 Best Actor/Best Supp Actor movie winners in history? i can only think of GOING MY WAY and BEN-HUR.
    oh…and thrilled that AMERICAN HUSTLE won nada.

  501. No one ever said life, or the Oscars, is fair. It seems unjust that some people can win on their very first Oscar bid (Nyong’o, Leto and McConaughey), while others are still waiting to get a statuette after 5 tries (Adams, DiCaprio). At least Adams’ 5 Oscar nominations have been packed within an 8-year span; DiCaprio’s 5 nominations cover 20 years.

    To answer Al’s query, it’s interesting: Both Adams and DiCaprio are 39. Based on past history, I think the older white Academy voters are far likelier to reward the pretty Adams before they crown Leo.

  502. This should have been Cate’s 3rd Oscar.

  503. “This should have been Cate’s 3rd Oscar.”

    Jeezus, please elaborate. I’m Cate Blanchett stupid.

  504. Wait, are you talking about

    Babel and I’m not There?

  505. Wait, Cate wasn’t nominated for Babel.

  506. Not all winners were my personal choices, but I wasn’t upset with them either. Maybe it was predictable, but for the first time in a long time, all the winners (minus documentary) felt right.

  507. Al – “ELizabeth” or for me “Notes on a scandal”

  508. Blanchett’s performance in Elizabeth was robbed by Paltrow back in the day. I actually thought Blanchett’s performance in the Aviator which she won for was less than stellar.

  509. I was referring to her performance in Elizabeth.

  510. daveinprogress,

    Ah, okay. I need to bone up on Cate Blanchett. I really liked her in The Aviator and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I have never seen Notes on a Scandal. In terms of I’m not There, I thought it was an atrociously horrible movie.

  511. I wonder how long before “Non-Stop” will start advertising “Starring Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore, and Academy Award Winner Lupita Nyong’o”

  512. Jeezus,

    Okay, thanks for letting me know. I don’t remember Elizabeth too well. I’ll have to see it again.

  513. “Ah, okay. I need to bone up on Cate Blanchett. “

    whoa. down, boy.

  514. Rob Y,

    probably just a few more minutes. Ha ha. :-)

  515. I wasn’t a fan of 12 Years a Slave at all, but I’m so fucking glad that a gifted man like Steve McQueen is an Academy Award winner.

    It was a great evening. Not only it was enjoyable but we saw 3 of the most talented filmmakers on earth go home with an Oscar. McQueen, Cuarón and Jonze are now Oscar winners.

    Gravity one 2 more than I actually had on my predictions. As a fan, I’m on the moon that a film like this was close to win Best Picture. One day genre bias will be over.

    Overall, it was fun, internet-driven to make it more enjoyable and they stepped up the game on many aspects of the presentation. Still some things to polish. Be more creative to present some of the categories, but to finish my statement, this were the more enjoyable Oscars since Hugh Jackman’s.

  516. Ryan,

    Yeah, that did sound a bit sexual. Not my intention. Although, she’s quite attractive.

    LOL. :-)

  517. Sorry, I wanted to say “Gravity won 2 more than I actually had on my predictions” instead of “Gravity one 2 more than I actually had on my predictions”

  518. There’s so many great performances by Cate for you to visit Al.
    She and Dench were electric in Notes on a scandal. Her breakthrough film ‘Oscar and Lucinda’ with Ralph Fiennes, ‘Paradise Road’ with Glenn Close; ‘Little Fish’. ‘The Shipping News’.

  519. daveinprogress,

    thanks for the suggestions. I will see about renting them. I wonder which ones are on Netflix?

    I’ve actually never even heard of Paradise Road or Little Fish.

  520. I suppose Matthew McConaughey will celebrate his win by going home and getting naked and playing the bongos all night. Then someone will call the cops on him again.

  521. Just keep on L-I-V-I-N’. Alright Alright. :-)

  522. Cate Blanchett, Elizabeth (1998)

    EDIT: oh oops, never mind. that’s obvious. I see you’ve already been talking about it

  523. It was wonderful of Leto to mention the victims of AIDS in his acceptance speech, so I’m disappointed that McConaughey failed to do the same. He didn’t even make a reference to Ron Woodroof, the guy he played in ”Dallas Buyers.” I wish he’d done that instead of rambling about how he’s always chasing the guy he wants to be in 10 years. I imagine he thought it sounded humble, but it came off so self-congratulatory.

  524. Cate Blanchett, Elizabeth (1998),

    mmmm…. I don’t know. She was fierce in that portrayal, but I still think Gwyneth Paltrow was just a little better.

  525. “EDIT: oh oops, never mind. that’s obvious. I see you’ve already been talking about it”

    Ryan, that’s okay. I still appreciate your response. Thank you. :-)

  526. I finally feel calm. The inside buzzing has stopped. Now I am relaxed, after feeling restless (waiting for the Oscars) all week. Hell, all month.

  527. 12 Years a Slave wins Best Picture!!! FUCK to the YES!!!!! :)

  528. For me, Gravity and The Wolf of Wall Street now join the exclusive club of very good movies to NOT win Best Picture. I have on my list:

    The Wizard of Oz, Jaws, Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, E.T., Goodfellas, Pulp Fiction, Fargo, Saving Private Ryan, Sideways, Brokeback Mountain, Avatar, The Social Network or Inception, Life of Pi or Zero Dark Thirty, and now Gravity or The Wolf of Wall Street.

    The “or” are obviously for being from the same year.

    TIME: 6:00PM ET- SUNDAY, MARCH 2nd, 2014

    Here are my final predictions- I am posting this right before the telecast! Hope this uploads in time- it’s been lagging in speed recently:

    BEST PICTURE: 12 Years a Slave
    BEST DIRECTOR: Alfonso Cuaron, Gravity
    BEST ACTOR: Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club
    BEST ACTRESS: Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine
    BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club
    BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Lupita Nyong’o, 12 Years a Slave
    BEST COSTUME DESIGN: The Great Gatsby
    BEST SOUND: Gravity
    BEST SONG: “Let It Go”, Frozen
    BEST MAKEUP: Dallas Buyers Club
    BEST FOREIGN FILM: The Great Beauty
    BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE: 20 Feet from Stardom
    BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT: The Lady in Number 6

    Hope I did okay- wish me luck! Carol Chambers and me are watching together.

  530. Plus, for many, the case can be made for others as well, like these:

    Citizen Kane, A Clockwork Orange, The Exorcist, Taxi Driver, Apocalypse Now, Raging Bull, The Shawshank Redemption, L.A. Confidential, Crouching Tiger-Hidden Dragon, TLOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Pianist, Mystic River, Letters from Iwo Jima, There Will Be Blood

  531. manrico1967

    Actually ‘The Turning Point also has the biggest loser record 11-0 along with ‘The Color Purple’.

  532. Bryce Forestieri

    I went out and wasn’t expecting to so I left DVR set and the thing only recorded 3 hours. Cut right after Original Screenplay. Just terrible, I’m raving mad. The winners list looks terrific. Great set. Most happy about GRAVITY winning Best Editing for two reasons:

    1) Really happy that Alfonso Cuaron won two Oscars.

    2) Really happy that CAPTAIN PHILLIPS didn’t win.

    I hope you guys had a great night :)

    Onto the cinema of 2014!

  533. Bryce, that’s too bad. I hope you at least had a fun night though. :-)

    DAMN DVR!! :-)

  534. Bryce Forestieri

    Al, it was. thanks!

    I already found the Picture, Director, Actress, and Actor speeches on YouTube so it’s all good.

  535. Nice! They’re already on YouTube, huh. I suppose. If a video is not up within like 5 minutes of the actual event, then that’s practically considered slow.

    Bryce, we’re you a bit disappointed that Gravity didn’t win BP? I was for like 5 minutes. Then I came to my own conclusion that I would be very happy for 12 Years a Slave, and be as gracious as possible.

  536. Reichdome back with Avengeance!

    Well….predictable utterly utterly predictable…incidentally there are far less comments post oscar at this stage in this section then there were last year.

    So, ladies and gents oscar have gone down the same foolish path of correcting a oversight to make amends for a mistake of the past a lie of ommission for their part…about a fil which let face it is above all else about AMERICA’S own historic cultural ideological and unfortunately veyr real struggle.

    So 12 years a Slave wins best picture.

    HOWEVER how many times previously have their been a runner up that has TOTALLY OUTSTRIPPED AND HUMILIATED IN OSCARS EYES THE BEST PICTURE WINNER by quantity AND quality of the film’s work in each category it has won…that GRAVITY THEY fantastic brilliant hugely ambitious groundbreaking game changer of a movie won more than twice the amount of oscars that ‘Slave’ won.

    What does that tell you? it tells you oscar would like to think they ‘got it right’ and therein lies the problem.

    In oscar’s eyes..they have relegated, snorted at and disposed of GRAVITY as anything but best picture material to the less than it deserves place of runner up.

    By doing this oscar show their flavour as it been for far too long of ignoring the TRUE best picture winner- the flm that wins clear majority of oscars in a range of categories and with it best director to boot.

    But 7 vs. 3 wins if it were any less than 3 oscar wins seriously? i declare ‘Slave’ in the way oscar wants to present it as a failure in it ability to accumulate and appeal to even oscatrs own base instinct, null and void.

    Yet it came sooo dangerously close to being part of a humiliating part of past best picture winners to win so mmuch fewer oscars than the runner up.

    That would be a utter embarassment and humiliation for oscar.

    In this obsession becoming very off putting to the movie going public and even critics alike, well at least the more intelligent educated ones such as individual columnists like from this site and from some isolated parts of the american press (this most certainly excludes the critics circles form the ‘intelligent’ equation)

    But fortunately for oscar it simply something they had to do..or be berated by the blacks in the film industry and beyond…it was irrefutable and there was no doubt in my mind.

    With respect Sasha, a lot of people here do not appreciate when you talk up a film which is clear favourite as a sort of disguised underdog. well hate to say as we all did ‘told you so’ but this was always gonna be the end result. In this context this is the ONLY thing that pple are not happy with who write on this site take that as a compliment for everything else your write is smarter and more insightful and with more wisdom than any other film blog site to date…but every site and columnist has their flaws right? this one is your one…but i let it fly after saying it just once cos of the abovbe reasons.

    But fact is Sasha…it was always ALWAYS a given…and it proven again that it fair to say without shadow of a doubt the science themed film is waiting to be embraced with it crowining glory for best picture…this is a tentative step.

    Now that the past has been ‘corrected’ in oscars mind but not done any justice really to the publics preference which clearly was ‘gravity’ but you know?

    snarl at the public tell them they dont matter that what oscar have done too much for my liking in the alst 30 yrs of their history.

    And everytime they snub totally or ‘tease’ us like this year with GRAVITY’S chances FOR BEST picture, they just do it in a last desperat bid for ratings..

    it remains to be seen by us that shape a films success and keep the film industry going…that we get our recognition via the film that BOTH the critics choice and pples choice.

    It not a disastrous result by any means “slave” to me seen on it own is a brilliant film and the best since hurt locker but amazingly NOT better but the politics of oscars machinations and self interest for their own self satisfaction is the story here.

    And mark my words oscar you made the shit truly hit the fan the next time a film better in scienc theme relaity or fiction it a ghost that will long haunt you and you will out of pressure likely embrace a future science themed film less worthy than GRAVITY after all it was the TRUE best picture abnd the quanitry = QUALITY 7 oscars is a par with other highly regarded oscar winners most notably SCHINDLERS list both these films are huge quality and so are several others…different films but both reshape the way film is seen experienced and percieved and recieved by audineces the world over.

    That where the compariosn end obviouslty..

    But in terms of quanity of oscars and quality that number and achievement is there that the TRUE biggest story of the oscars..in context of oscatrs own decisions and flaws fully exposed the list speaks for itself…7 for runner up vs. 3 for the winner.

    And so like that ends another outcome of mediocrity and disappointment this is why this is the only post and i last to write ghere this time…pfffft let see what disappointment oscar will serve next year

  537. Happy for cuaron winning two oscars. Cate blanchetts performances are better than meryl streeps. 20 feet from stardom was a good and interesting documentary. Like when chris evans did the pop culture hero segment and sally field doing the ordinary hero segment. Braveheart lawrence of arabia saving private ryan star wars lotr and to kill a mockingbird are my favorite movies. Add gravity dallas buyers club and 12 years a slave to that list. Ill rent in the heat of the night from the library. Frozen is still in the top ten its week #15 for it. It was a dark movie like the lion king was. Overall great show. Whoopi goldberg should come bsck next year or bette midler. Ellen is way too over friendly. Shes seems like a great person and nice person to have a consveration with. But her opinions are not deep or personal.

  538. The hobbit only needs supporting actor. Love richard armitage as thorin oakenshield slyvester mccoy as radagast the brown or ian mckellen or viggo.

  539. “I am still stunned that American Hustle got nothing after winning three Bafta Awards, three Golden Globe Awards and three Critics Choice Awards.”

    AND tied for the most Oscar nominations, with 10. Very weird, very weird indeed… but good! :) So overrated…

    “Bring back Chris Rock!”

    Seconded, but not because I didn’t like Ellen – I did. I’m just a big Chris Rock fan.

    “Was hoping Gravity would pull it out in the end, but it looks like it just couldn’t overcome the lack of screenplay and more actor nominations.”

    Remember back when all of the Gravity fanboys were trampling on each other to be the first to tell us how these two weren’t relevant in Gravity’s case?
    I love Oscar season! Everybody thinks they can reinvent the wheel when it comes to Best Picture every year, and yet the stats, same as they’ve been for over 15 years, easily prove them wrong, time and time again…

    P.S.: I can’t wait to see how many of those who are saying there were NO surprises AT ALL got 24/24 in AD’s contest! Should be tough for Sasha & co. to deal with having to award all of those co-winners… :)

  540. Star wars 7 needs carrie fisher. Star trek needs leonard nimoy. Avatar needs sigourney weaver. Their the strongest actors in thecfranchise.

  541. There will be no gravity sequel. Its a stand alone film like the movie Moon or apollo 13.

  542. So it turned out I was right. Gravity is this year’s Life of Pi with 3 additional tech wins, best sound, best sound editing, and best editing.
    What a great night. Fuck yeah, 12 Years won the biggie, all this talk about Oscar voters’ not wanting to see the film was obviously all rhetoric and nonsense.

  543. Headline of the night:

    Five BP movies went home empty handed! – TWOWS, American Hustle, Nebraska, Philomena, Captain Phillips.

  544. PGA and DGA are very important but having no screenplay nomination really kills a movie. That’s what happened to Gravity.

  545. So guys, what would be the “IMPORTANT” movie for 2014?? Any predictions??

  546. Sammy,

    I don’t know if there will be a movie as “important” as 12 Years a Slave in 2014, but I have a suspicion that Unbroken will be the easy front-runner. I mean, “A chronicle of the life of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic runner who was taken prisoner by Japanese forces during World War II.” You can’t beat that I don’t think.

  547. But, as of now, the movie I’m most looking forward to, even if it’s already another “space movie” is Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar.

    “A group of explorers make use of a newly discovered wormhole to surpass the limitations on human space travel and conquer the vast distances involved in an interstellar voyage.”

  548. My niece is a budding animator and has already won a couple of local awards here in Australia. I told her to dream big and she too, could be up there at the podium on Oscar night!! She loved Frozen! Im just so proud of Cate Blanchett, she is our best actor hands down!

  549. So very happy about 12 Years, Lupita and Cate. Matthew McM and Jared Leto, while not my faves in their categories, are worthy winners who did great work so it’s a surprisingly satisfying Oscar night.

    Loved Ellen, loved the pizzas and the selfies. She relaxed the stars and it felt a bit more like the Globes than the usually stuffy Oscars, so that’s good.

    But the choice a few years back to remove the honorary awards was a stupid decision. They found time to play not 1 but 2 uninteresting “hero” montages but can’t make time for 88 year old legend Angela Lansbury, whose film career began in 1944, to receive her overdue honorary Oscar during the ceremony?? Instead she’s relegated to less than a minute clip of a taped speech. And Angelina Jolie, who’s an Oscar winner and happens to be the partner of the man who wins best picture, can’t accept her humanitarian award on stage? I’ve been watching the Oscars since 1969, and some of the most memorable moments were honorary awards. In their increasingly useless attempts to get younger people to watch the show (as if those mediocre montages are going to lure them to the TV) they’ve lost sight of what makes the Oscars the Oscars.

    Also, what was the point of flying Liza Minnelli, Lorna Luft and Joey Luft out to LA just to have them sit in the audience while Whoopi Goldberg did the intro to the (totally unnecessary) homage to the Wizard of Oz? Liza may be a mess but she’s an Oscar winner and you’d think she’d be up on stage for the tribute to her mother’s most iconic film.

    After last year’s absurd and unnecessary 10 year (!) anniversary tribute to Chicago (a film they produced of course) I’m hoping the Academy dumps Neil Meron and Craig Zadan as producers.

    But Ellen and all those worthy winners were a nice surprise and made the show enjoyable.

  550. My “Way-to-soon to even bother with” predictions for Best Picture nominees are:

    Exodus – Ridley Scott
    Foxcatcher – Bennett Miller
    Fury – David Ayer
    Gone Girl – David Fincher
    Inherent Vice – Paul Thomas Anderson
    Interstellar – Christopher Nolan
    Unbroken – Angelina Jolie

  551. And when Will Smith walked out to give Best Picture I thought, did some Hollywood legend call in sick at the last minute??

  552. PGA winner = BP winner = 12YAS

    DGA winner = BD winner = Cuaron

    WGA winner = Screenplay winner = Jonze

    SAG acting winners = Acting winners

    Is there any point in watching the Oscar show?

  553. Sasha & Ryan,

    Are you guys planning on doing an Oscar Podcast all about your reactions to the winners and losers, because I would love to hear what the night was like for you guys, what you thought of the results, and what may have surprised you.

  554. Probably we’ll try to record it tomorrow night, Al. Might be Wednesday before it’s online.

  555. Sweet. Thanks Ryan. Looking forward to it. :-)

    I’m going to bed now. Tired. Good night everyone. Happy Oscars!!


  556. So guys, what would be the “IMPORTANT” movie for 2014??

    what’s the gayest movie in 2014? (I think it’s our turn again)

  557. I miss the honorary awards too on the oscar telecast it made the show something to look forward too. There should have a special night and private night for those who have died in the film industry not with a billion people watching.

  558. American Hustle went home empty handed like I predicted!

  559. As for my own predictions – like I said, I focused on getting as many categories right as possible in my other contest, where there are more prizes. @AD I went for the Gravity sweep scenario, in the end, as insurance against 12 Years losing big, so I didn’t really try too hard, as I thought clear 1st place was way too difficult to get anyway. I got 18/24 here, but I got 19/21 in the other one (missed: Original Screenplay and Editing, and there are no short categories there), which will probably be enough to get a prize, but not good enough for 1st place, I imagine, seen as there were very few surprises. Last year 19/21 WAS enough for 1st, if I remember correctly, but there were far more surprises.

    Let’s see… what did I get wrong with my predictions this year, and what did I get right?

    WRONG: American Hustle DID get zero Oscars; my intuition that Lawrence would win again was incorrect, but I did end up betting on Lupita, against my gut feeling, so that probably doesn’t qualify; Gravity DID win more than 6 and still lost BP; Gatsby did win Production Design as well (I predicted this in the other contest, because it was the safer bet, but I thought there’d be an upset); Frozen did win Song as well (again, I played it safe and predicted this, but thought U2 would upset, which is what I had in the contest here).

    RIGHT: 12 Years a Slave WAS the favorite all along, just like I said (even though I do think it was close); the split did happen and WAS predictable; 20 Feet from Stardom OF COURSE won Best Documentary (wish it’d been Dirty Wars, though); the stats held fast everywhere, as expected – BP remains a highly predictable category; no chances for the likes of Wolf, Philomena, Her, Nebraska or Phillips to win BP – I said as much, and the fact that they got 1 award between them proves they never stood any chance (and I would add Dallas to that list, because the stats are very clear for that one as well, even though it got its expected 3 Oscars); I maintain my opinion that these six shouldn’t have been given chances of more than 10% total (if that), no matter what.

    Anyway, I’m happy! :) My favorite movie of the year won BP – how often can one say that these days?! (Hint: almost never!) And all of the stats held up because of it, so I don’t have to reevaluate my BP methods either… Also particularly happy about Lupita, Frozen’s two Oscars, Gatsby’s two Oscars (these were two of my big favorites this year), Gravity’s Best Original Score win (its most deserved win, in my opinion) and, honestly, even American Hustle’s 0/10 score. Just seems right… And I loved the ceremony, very funny (although a lot of presenters stuttered, which was a little weird). I hope they liked it too and they bring Ellen back next year!

  560. all this talk about Oscar voters’ not wanting to see the film was obviously all rhetoric and nonsense.

    Since it was some of the Oscar voters who themselves said they didn’t watch 12 Years a Slave it’s obviously not nonsense.

    Nobody every claimed that NOBODY in the Academy was watching 12 Years a Slave. But we knew it was dozens or possibly hundreds.

    But as I tried to demonstrate in one of my longass boringass comments, it was possible for 500 or more members of the Academy to skip 12 Years a Slave — just as long as those voters who DID watch it placed it high on their ballots.

    We just weren’t sure that there would be enough votes to push it over the 50% line. So the more voters who claimed they were not watching it, the more troubling the situation seemed.


    I’d just like to say a HUGE FUCK YOU to the producer of one of the other BP nominees who started spreading the word that 12 Years was too brutal for sensitive eyes. And then I’d like to say THANKS, ASSHOLE to his smarmy dickhead assistant who’s been bragging about that scheme.

    I hope the assistant gets canned and then I hope the producer continues to make incredibly amazing movies as he’s done for years. And next time I’d like to see him win an Oscar fairly instead of trying to undermine the movies he’s mad about.

  561. gravity had a fantastic screenplay imo. American hustle was an up and down twisted script.

  562. Pierre de Plume

    Gail Withers – your prescience is uncanny! :)

  563. Al, here’s a list of stuff for 2014. Some, but not all of this stuff will be deep in the awards race:

    Potential Awards Bait:
    Inherent Vice (dir. Paul Thomas Anderson)
    Gone Girl (dir. David Fincher)
    Foxcatcher (dir. Bennett Miller)
    Exodus (dir. Ridley Scott)
    Fury (dir. David Ayer)
    Big Eyes (dir. Tim Burton)
    Trash (dir. Stephen Daldry)
    The Immigrant (dir. James Gray)
    Serena (dir. Susanne Bier)
    The Search (dir. Michel Hazanavicius)
    The Imitation Game (dir. Morten Tyldum)

    Specialty/Genre Stuff:
    Snowpiercer (dir. Bong Joon-ho)
    The Raid 2: Berendal (dir. Gareth Evans)
    The Rover (dir. David Michod)
    Midnight Special (dir. Jeff Nichols)
    Jane Got A Gun (dir. Gavin O’Connor)
    They Came Together (dir. David Wain)
    A Walk Among The Tombstones (dir. Scott Frank)

    Interesting Mainstream Fare:
    Interstellar (dir. Chris Nolan)
    The Grand Budapest Hotel (dir. Wes Anderson)
    Noah (dir. Darren Aronofsky)
    The Interview (dir. Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg)
    Transcendence (dir. Wally Pfister)
    Big Hero 6 (dir. Don Hall & Chris Williams)
    Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes (dir. Matt Reeves)
    Captain America: The Winter Soldier (dir. Anthony & Joe Russo)
    X: Men Days Of Future Past (dir. Bryan Singer)
    Godzilla (dir. Gareth Edwards)
    Guardians Of The Galaxy (dir. James Gunn)
    The Hobbit: There And Back Again (dir. Peter Jackson)
    Jupiter Ascending (dir. The Wachowskis)
    22 Jump Street (dir. Phil Lord & Chris Miller)
    Jersey Boys (dir. Clint Eastwood)

    Indies & Outliers:
    Boyhood (dir. Richard Linklater)
    Nymphomaniac 1 + 2 (dir. Lars Von Trier)
    Birdman (dir. Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu)
    Maps To The Stars (dir. David Cronenberg)
    Under The Skin (dir. Jonathan Glazer)
    Calvary (dir. John Michael McDonagh)
    The Drop (dir. Michael R. Roskam)
    Magic In The Moonlight (dir. Woody Allen)
    Zero Theorem (dir. Terry Gilliam)
    Only Lovers Left Alive (dir. Jim Jarmusch)
    The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby: His & Hers (dir. Ned Benson)
    Whiplash (dir. Damien Chazelle)
    Locke (dir. Steven Knight)
    The Cut (dir. Faith Akin)
    Two Days, One Night (dir. The Dardennes)
    The Double (dir. Richard Ayoade)
    Night Moves (dir. Kelly Reichardt)

    Possibly 2015 Releases:
    Queen Of The Desert (dir. Werner Herzog)
    Men Women & Children (dir. Jason Reitman)
    Carol (dir. Todd Haynes)
    Knight Of Cups (dir. Terrence Malick)
    The Creed Of Violence (dir. Todd Field)
    Manglehorn (dir. David Gordon Green)
    The Lobster (dir. Yorgos Lantthimos)
    Unicorn Store (dir. Miguel Arteta)
    Squirrel To The Nuts (dir. Peter Bogdanovich)
    Blackbird (dir. David Mamet)
    Untitled Noah Baumbach/Greta Gerwig film set in a public school

  564. Excellent night, excellent winners (HOORAY for Spike Jonze and Steve McQueen!!), but how could they pick that stupid Frozen-song over Pharrell Williams and Karen O?!? But anyway, great night though.

  565. Bridgie James Rosenthal

    Mabuhay to my Filipino compatriot Robert Lopez, the first Filipino-American to win the Oscar for the popular song “Let It Go”. Being the youngest Emmy-Grammy-Oscar-and Tony Award winner is a record in itself. Congratulations for raising the Filipino spirit today!

  566. Herbert Ross, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Joel & Ethan Coen… it’s not the worst group to join, David O. Russell.

    The Turning Point is – if possible – even worse than American Hustle whereas the other three made solid two-digit losers.

  567. Tero – AH not only got 10 nominations, also had four acting nods in four different categories….! So it is different! A masterpiece treatment..!

  568. This ceremony was probably the best I’ve seen in terms of the quality of live performances. All singers really prepared well and delivered well (live). It was much better than what the majority of live concerts can manage nowadays. I have so many bad memories of live performances at the Oscars in the past, but this time it was amazingly good. I’m going to re-watch some of the gigs just for the pleasure of it.

  569. Two things we learned last night:

    1. The fact that AMPAS chose to honour work by Cuaron, Jonze and McQueen on the same night shows that they aren’t as stodgy as some of those voters who chose to expose themselves early to bloggers and the press would indicate. Were they plants by desperate campaigns from less successful films?

    2. That audiences are more than happy to sit through a 3 1/2 hr telecast about films, shorter in length, that they complained were “too long.”

  570. Good list, Chris Price.

    Maybe they are included and I missed them:
    Two Faces of January (H Amini)
    Mojave (Wm Monahan)
    A Most Violent Year (JC Chandor)
    Macbeth (J Kurzel)

  571. Best speech: Cate
    Worst: Matthew

    Best presenter: Murray
    Worst: Travolta

    Best gag: Pizza
    Worst gag: lottery

    Best Ellen Joke: “Jonah Hill showed something I havent seen in a long time”
    Worst: “Amy Adams, you went to college, right ?

    Best aging: Poitier
    Worst: Novak

    Best performance: Happy
    Worst: that screaming lady from the documentary

  572. Marcus Perriello

    Ellen Degeneress was hysterical. As for the winners…(yawn!) no surprises here. I did like Jared Leto’s dedication to AIDS victims during his acceptance speech. ‘Gravity’ wins an impressive 7 awards, while ’12 Years a Slave’ and ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ take 3 each. Poor ‘American Hustle.’ Such a fun film to watch, so much love and effort put into it, and no Oscar to show for it :(. The same can be said for ‘Nebraska.’ Oh well. It was a hell of a show. I’m already wondering who the Academy will select to host the show, next year. What about Kevin Hart? That would be interesting.

  573. Best speech: blanchett, mccoughaney and 20 feet from stardom
    Worst speech: glenn close and whoopi goldberg and not because they were the worst they were tearjerking, sad, and fading away.

  574. joe calahan March 3, 2014 at 1:17 am

    gravity had a fantastic screenplay imo
    Gravity was a very simple LOST IN SPACE movie, but it had great technicals.

  575. I wonder if Jolie winning an honorary Oscar was the factor that pushed Pitt’s film over the top in what was clearly a close race.

  576. Bryce Forestieri

    Al, not in the least.


    I’m sure POSH is somewhere in there.

    I’d like to ask the Academy to consider GODZILLA for Best Visual Effects sight unseen. Without a doubt the most effective I’ve seen in a trailer all year. It’d be a good step toward repairing that cred, VFX branch, after that PACIFIC RIM snub.

  577. jared leto just stay cool with your mom and you’ll be alright.

  578. Was the first matrix a anticipated movie or surprise hit. Watched it last night and its a scifi masterpiece. Was sandra bullock the first choice to play annie in speed. Was speed the true hit of the summer movie season. I was only 12 and curious to see it but i was not allowed to watch r rated movies.

  579. I have a theory that Will was supposed to present Director and Angelina (Brad’s wife) and Sidney (other reasons) had Best Picture. They rehearsed both ways to see if 12YAS was looking at BP win or not. It didn’t look like a sure thing (needed at least one more trophy earlier to see if people loved it or not) in the end. Sort of makes more sense to have two presenters for BP and not for BD. Or Academy producers actually knew the outcome and changed it because of that.


  580. Skip Lievsay’s (Sound Mixing, Gravity) father is one of my customers at work, and I saw him this morning and he was SO excited about his son winning. It made me really remember how important the Oscars still can be. It’s easy to get jaded and frustrated when someone deserving misses out on a nomination and a win, but I got to see a proud father bragging on his son, the Academy Award winner, and it made me smile. Just thought I’d share!

  581. “I’d just like to say a HUGE FUCK YOU to the producer of one of the other BP nominees who started spreading the word that 12 Years was too brutal for sensitive eyes. And then I’d like to say THANKS, ASSHOLE to his smarmy dickhead assistant who’s been bragging about that scheme.”
    Fuck yeah!LOL

  582. In a night underscored by the historic win of ”12 Years a Slave,” it’s a shame that the producers of the Oscarcast, Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, apparently only see race as literally a black-and-white issue. About their choice of presenters, they said, ”We sought to include a tremendous diversity of stars to represent not only this year’s nominees, but the legacy of the motion picture business as well.” African-Americans were well-represented by the likes of Will Smith, Sidney Poitier, Michael B. Jordan, Gabourey Sidibe, Jamie Foxx, etc.

    But there was only one Latino/Hispanic presenter: Penelope Cruz. Anyone think to invite John Leguizamo, Jennifer Lopez, Andy Garcia or Oscar-winner Benicio del Toro? And not a single Asian or Asian-American. Not even a token? Ziyi Zhang (from the Oscar-nominated ”Grandmaster”)? Or John Cho? Lucy Liu? What about bringing back last year’s Oscar-winning director, Ang Lee, to present this year’s prize? … Is this really the best the Academy can do, in its broadcast to millions around the world?

    So much for ”tremendous diversity”!

  583. Well after all those articles about how voters are most definitely not voting for 12 Years a Slave and how ignorant they are it’ll be refreshing to see Sasha pretend like she knew it was happening all along

  584. Zionist Hoodlum

    Other than a lifetime Oscar, which could be many years away, Leo’s best hope to win is probably as a producer like Brad Pitt just did. Same goes for Tom Cruise.

    The greater adoration you get from females, the less likely you will win Best Actor. That’s just the sad truth.

  585. Sacheen Littlefeather

    Why does this site refer to the documentary short winner as “Room 306″ when it is called “The Lady in Number 6″? Both the prediction chart and a poster above called it “Room 306″. Is it an alternative title?

  586. Really embarrassed for Kim Novak, Goldie Hawn and Liza Minnelli.

    These women looked like a freak show with all the BAD plastic surgery and face lifts. Yuk. That’s what I hate about Hollywood. Phony faces to go with the phony people.

    Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn never had any work done; they aged naturally and remained beautiful.

    Why can’t these women realize that there is beauty to be found at any age? Mostly, it comes from within.

  587. For me, there was only one huge surprise of the evening (in an evening that promised to hold lots of suprises), and that was Spike Jonze winning the original screenplay Oscar for “Her”.

    I didn’t see that one coming at all.

    All the other Oscars . . . well, it’s easy to say now in retrospect . . . but, let’s face it, they were a bit predictable in that they followed the historical course.

  588. Overall, great year for cinema. 12YAS secures itself a place in the Oscar history books. I suspect Gravity will be the Oscar film from this year that will stand the test of time. (a la Apollo 13, Saving Private Ryan, Titanic, Gladiator, Return of the King, etc.) David O. Russell is on the cusp, his next film, if it’s a little more serious I think is going to make big waves, the guy is definitely due. Poor Leo, but he’s so beloved, he’s going to get one eventually. Him and Tom Cruise are due for some Oscar loving.

  589. Keifer, you didn’t see Jonze’s win coming? That was one of the surest bets of the whole night. Sure they could’ve gone for American Hustle but Her won almost every single screenplay award before last night’s events.

  590. Sacheen Littlefeather

    Yep, Spike Jonze was a sure thing. Also, cinematographer Roger Deakins (11-time nominee) not winning was also the surest of things.

    And if your name is Kevin O’Donnell (20-time nominee for sound editing), you can bet you won’t win as well.

  591. “Really embarrassed for Kim Novak, Goldie Hawn and Liza Minnelli.”

    Hate to say it (cause I have much respect for these actresses), but I agree – they looked totally bizarre.

  592. Instead of Hero’s, perhaps the theme of the Oscars last night should have been:


  593. Why do super 8 movies get robbed of visual effects. Poor peter jacksin. Just watched a video on you tube of him working at weta digital and he deserves more respect. He owns a studio for peep sajes. Hope he sweeps saturn awards


  594. Hobbit deserved a nod for best makeup in dwarfism

  595. Goldie hawn look bad.

  596. The Midlife Rider

    The 10 lowest-earning best picture winners (adjusted for inflation) club has a new member. And the bottom 3 are, alarmingly, 3 of the last five years’ best pictures:

    1. The Hurt Locker ($17m)
    2. The Artist ($44.6m)
    3. 12 Years a Slave ($50m)
    4. All the King’s Men (1949) ($60m)
    5. Hamlet (1948) ($61m)
    6. An American in Paris ($65m)
    7. Crash ($67m)
    8. Marty ($70m)
    9. No Country for Old Men ($85m)
    10. It Happened One Night ($86m)

    Just the facts. Enough, though, with the Indie Spirits-esque Oscar lineups. Toss a bone to the critics and fans who *hearted* Catching Fire and Frozen, who belonged in the BP category a hell of a lot more than Philomena and Nebraska did.

  597. Reichdome back with Avengeance!

    Ok everyone i totally over it! for another mediocre year! was it really gonna be that difficult and painful for oscar to acutally declare a draw for best picture for both GRAVITY and 12 years a slave?

    Honeslty, rhat would have been the best just resultset a new precendent and a POSITIVE ONE! that what i really would have loved to see. At least it was a split year but runner up for the longest suffering most neglected film genre in hollywood history just not good enough oscar not a disaster but not that much better than one considering they continue to be sooo far behind the 8 ball in regard to thankfully bout bloody time they correct interpertations through “slave” of their own history.

    Anyway i never forgive myself as one of few Australians to put the focus on always justified and impressive winners that shined above the politics and machincations of oscars internalised unhealthy obsessions, that dear lovely Cate Blanchett has made history eveyone! and deservedly so! not since good ol’ “Rusty” Crowe showed he could be a force to reckon with and look intimidating and awesome at once in ancient roman- european atire too! not since then has there been a actor so celebrated and worthy of winning best actor/actress.

    But guess what? Cate Blanchett has now overtaken Rusty and good ol Geoffrey Rush- but i predict he win another oscar before long and deserves it for his versatility and creativity inhis performances.

    But Cate Blanchett is now the first aussie actor ever in AUSTRALIAN actors in hollywoods entire history to win 2 oscars- i rely on feedback from my parents to validate her worth which is really not hard to believe for her great performance in BLUE JASMINE! how could i see it? soo many things unique at the time to see and experience on the CRUISE! and too many time table clashes too unfortunately i missed ‘Blue Jasmine’
    I personally feel her most memorable performance was the charasmatic and ultra eccentric and legendary Kathryn Hepburn but i not find it hard to believe a actress of her calibre would put any less effort in her role in ‘blue jasmine’.

    And of course let not forget the lovely Catherine Martin- for being the most decorated australian oscar winner ever now wtih 4 statuettes with 100% success she owns totally and deserves to the categories of production design and costume design.

    And frankly both these Aussies are hot to trot too…but just as talented.

    Note to Baz Luhrman: Try to outdo your wife if you can….in the awards stakes in hollywood, and maybe, just maybe the writing and acting will shine on par with the brilliant artistry that your films are known for thanx to Mrs. Martin.

    Cmon Baz you can do it!!! well another year…

    and to the person that declared ‘gravity’ will be remembered for it influence nad game changing long after this oscars compared to the actual best picture winner spot on truth there..unfortunately for oscar

  598. At least now I can read something other than how racist the Academy is. Time for everyone to move forward!!!

  599. A great choice for winners! And I am very happy 12 Years a Slave won Best Picture. Congrats Sasha- I know this was important for you.

    I also will say this- Cate Blanchett is now one of the most deserving Best Actress winners EVER in this category. And her speech is one of the ages- gracious, refined, elegant, funny and heroic! For all the doubters on here (and you know who you are) that tried to say she wouldn’t win because of the stupid Scandal bullshit that had NOTHING to do with her- I hope you ate your humble pie with lot’s of crow on top. Always remember that it’s the PERFORMANCE that matter, and to not jump to conclusions about someone’s worth or merit. Blanchett should never have had any of that put on her shoulders and I am glad she has her Oscar. It’s just something to think about in the future- a few of you were way to quick to judge and make harsh comments. My two cents on that matter.

    Fantastic year over all! Happy with 95% of the winners- and American Hustle deservedly get’s the cold shoulder. Nothing but a marketing machine.

  600. “One day genre bias will be over.”
    Has it ever occurred to you Gravity didn’t win because it was simply not the best picture?

  601. Nearly a year removed, and I am still in disbelief. The masterpiece that is 12YAS, which boasts a predominantly black cast, actually won best picture! Wow!

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