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Enter our contest, if you haven’t already.  

Our BIG BAD PREDICTIONS CHART — special thanks to Marshall Flores for helping out with that.  

Must-read: Finding the real Patsey from 12 Years a Slave

Add your predictions for 3 major upsets, if you haven’t already.

Check out Kris Tapley’s annual Ten Best Shots of the year, if you haven’t already. Part one | Part two

Enter Gold Derby‘s prediction contest, maybe win $1000! If you haven’t already.

Read Hollywood-Elsewhere’s fury over Oscar voters, if you haven’t already.

JustJared will always have all of the best photos of the night.  Oh No They Didn’t gives the best links. 

Epicurious has great Oscar menus.  


  1. phantom 2 years ago

    Great to have everything in one place, thanks !

    Now I am back to my True Detective marathon, it is on HBO on Demand but I wanted to binge-watch the first seven episodes and then give some breathing time / anticipation to the big finale. So I saved it for today, I knew I would need something GREAT to kill time while waiting for the Oscar and reading the related piece on AD and a few reviews, I think I’m in for a treat !

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  2. phantom 2 years ago

    + I’m bad at the “one episode per week” thing when it is a serialized murder mystery :)

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  3. Larry 2 years ago

    I can only assume that the photo that goes with this thread is from “Cabaret”, with 1972 echoing this year’s contest where the Best Picture winner (12YAS) will not win the most Oscars (Gravity).

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  4. Bryce Forestieri 2 years ago


    Happy TRUE DTECTIVE Sunday!

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  5. joe calahan 2 years ago

    Ellen degenres is 26,000 feet up in the air right now ready for her daredeviling descent onto hollywood boulevard and the dolby theater.

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  6. Sasha Stone 2 years ago

    Happy TRUE DTECTIVE Sunday!

    The best thing about today.

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  7. Bob Burns 2 years ago
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  8. kaboom 2 years ago

    does anyone have ceremony timetable? what category goes first? supp. actor or supp. actress?

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  9. phantom 2 years ago

    Thanks Bryce, the pilot was amazing and I am very pleased I opted for the ‘binge’ because it would be shitty now to wait a week for my fix.


    Let’s hope the Oscars won’t be a complete disappointment, although I am just as skeptical as you. If Lupita and Jonze (in script) win, I will be a happy man…if American Hustle takes either category I will be an angry one who may even stop watching and return to the True Detective marathon.

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  10. tomscali79 2 years ago

    Does anyone have a link for the UK?

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  11. matt 2 years ago

    Anyone have a livestream link for the ceremony itself?

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  12. Z 2 years ago

    Some great links. Thanks for posting.

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