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April 20, 2014


Anne Thompson Covers Hateful Eight Live Read

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Read the whole thing over at Thompson on Hollywood but this, I think, is the money shot: “Cut to black!” Tarantino said at the end of four chapters, which are packed with references from “Gone with the Wind” to “Rio Bravo.” “No more co-writing!” he warned actors who were straying from the script. You can imagine what this opened up wide-screen movie could be–complete with time-shifting perspectives, secrets to be…


Oscar Podcast Preview: 2005 – Oscar’s Unforgettable Year, Brokeback Mountain Loses to Crash

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The morning after Brokeback Mountain lost I got an email from a reader, a very young reader in a foreign country, who told me that he would have killed himself that night had he not found Oscarwatch. The reason was mainly that he’d found a place where people were bitching about it – loudly, as is our wont. We knew it meant a lot that Brokeback Mountain, which had won…