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April 22, 2014

the drop

Tom Hardy, James Gandolfini in The Drop

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Tom Hardy, James Gandolfini and Noomi Rapace star in The Drop, based on a tale by Dennis Lehane called “Animal Rescue” that appears in the short story collection Boston Noir. A couple of years ago Neil Burger was set to direct but then Michaël R. Roskam took the reins — the Belgian director of Bullhead and Carlo. The trailer lays out the plot pretty clearly so no need for a…


Gillian Flynn Talks Gone Girl Adaptation on Reddit

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One of the coolest things David Fincher did on Gone Girl was keep Gillian Flynn on as screenwriter. Probably the powers that be wanted a dude. I don’t know, just a guess.  Here is what the talented Ms. Flynn had to say about the adaptation process: “I read tons of screenplays and watched a lot of movies. Since my director was David Fincher, I read all the screenplays and rewatched…


Jessica Chastain Close to Playing Marilyn in Andrew Dominik’s ‘Blonde’

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What great news, if true. Chastain is really the perfect actress to embody Marilyn, both physically and otherwise. She exudes the same kind of champagne-like aura. Chastain, like Monroe, draws you in while able to reveal vulnerability at the same time. This versatile actress has really needed just the right role to show us what she can REALLY do and this just might be it. Andrew Dominik is exactly the…


Oscar Archeology: Torch Song (1953)

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The Eternal Female – an unforgettable story of love, music, bullying, and racism, with the star of “Sudden Fear” and for the FIRST TIME you’ll see her in triumphant color by TECHNICOLOR! What else do you need to know?  In case you’re wondering who’s that leggy ebony lady in the preview photo above, “The star of Sudden Fear” is Joan Crawford. This was 8 years after Crawford won her Oscar for…


Freelance concept poster for Inherent Vice

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hey, studio focus group marketing committee — top this. Artist Alex Fellows creates a poster for Inherent Vice. Setting the bar high for whatever the studio comes up with. Full-size after the cut.


Foxcatcher Gets a November 14 Release Date

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Foxcatcher will get a looksee at Cannes in a couple of weeks but then hit Oscar season right in prime time. I’m getting the feeling it will likely make the rounds, perhaps Telluride and Toronto, before being released. It couldn’t be in more prime territory for Best Picture/Best Actor consideration. Sony Pictures Classics announced today that they will release Bennett Miller’s FOXCATCHER in the United States on November 14. The…


Meryl Streep Accepts Monte Cristo Award, Quotes

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Meryl Streep collected another well deserved accolade from the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center.  Streep was praised by playwrites Tracy Letts and Tony Kushner.  Here is what Letts had to say (quote from Hollywood Reporter): “I’m very mistrustful of an actor who shows up knowing all of their lines, because that actor is not trusting the process,” said Letts, explaining that memorization is the easiest part of the job. “She was…