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April 30, 2014


Bob Hoskins, 1942-2014

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Wonderful actor and Oscar nominee Bob Hoskins has passed away at 71. He was nominated for, and won, many awards: Los Angeles Film Critics National Society of Film Critics Los Angeles Film Critics Golden Globes Cannes Film Fest Boston Kansas City The Oscar, however, went to long overdue Paul Newman for The Color of Money. That’s a hard one to argue with considering Newman should have won years prior for…


Vocativ Hands out Awards for Film Critics, Uses Faulty System

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Someone was bound to, sooner or later, come down on the critics for one thing or another. So these two writers, Adam K Raymond and Matan Gilat, decided to gather up all of the Metacritic scores and rank the critics from most agreeable to least. I wouldn’t ordinarily mind this particular method of ranking critics if it weren’t based on the premise: who most agrees or disagrees with the fully…