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May 12, 2014


Diane Keaton, Michael Douglas, And So It Goes

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Cannes Jury President, Jane Campion, on the State of (lack of) Women Directors

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Jane Campion thinks there would be more great stories in the world if women were allowed to tell them. She says that the gender demo in film schools all over the world is 50/50 but that somewhere along the line the line gets partitioned off, women go one way and men are ushered through to potential and greatness. Campion also said that she felt the collective embarrassment when the Palme…


Godzilla Shines Amid Wasteland of Tent Poles

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It’s a miracle when a good movie rises from the ashes and from the Twitter buzz so far it looks that Godzilla is poised to do just that. Despite a pan from TIME mag’s Richard Corliss, and a few lackluster reviews, the monster pic has charmed almost everyone else, especially the key demographic that helps to spread the word, so much so that you could be looking at one of…