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May 17, 2014


Philippe Lacôte Run is Magical Realism in a Time of Crisis

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One of the more memorable films here at the Cannes film fest will have to be French/Ivory Coast director Philippe Lacôte’s Run, about a man living on the Ivory Coast who finds himself on the run from many situations and complicated relationships. He runs when things get problematic and his name is also Run. That shouldn’t be too surprising, given the poetic nature of the writing here, which shifts freely…


The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby – the Reappearance of Character

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The romantic comedy genre has been gang raped by small-minded fantasy pushers. There was a time, though, when the best of them could entertain both men and women, drive them into deeper thought about the complexities of human relationships, explore both people equally without the need for a fantasy ending to reinforce the outdated notion that happy endings are the only worthy ones. Some of the best romance films haven’t…


Cannes Diary: All Lost on the Croissette

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“They call me classless, I heard that. I second and third that.” Eminem The thing I love most about Cannes is not the way the sun cascades down the sides of Monet-colored buildings in the afternoon. It isn’t the way the streets smell like wine somehow, or the way old Hollywood glamor has carved its thumbprint over the whole festival. Remnants of classic Hollywood chic have mostly faded (even in…