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May 29, 2014


IndieWatch: Blue Ruin and Joe

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by Jordan Ruimy There is something entirely captivating in watching a film as little and unknown as “Blue Ruin”. Debut director Jeremy Saulnier has crafted something very unique, a film that amasses in impact the more it goes along. It’s not an easy film to review given the style and structure that Saulnier uses to further move his story, but it’s an independent film that truly gives a good name…


Eva Green Poster Shows Too Much Boob for MPAA

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And so the story goes, but really this is a great publicity stunt to get the word out about Sin City 2, note the date. Nothing is going to get the target demo flooding to the theater faster than this single shot of Eva Green. It goes without saying that our culture is stuck in the dark ages if this poster is deemed offensive by regulators, and/or insane parents.