Cannes 2014 Closing Ceremony & Prizes


Palme d’or
Winter sleep, directed by Nuri Bilge Ceylan

Best Director
Bennett Miller for Foxcatcher

Grand Prix
Les Merveilles (Le Meraviglie) directed by Alice Rohrwacher

Jury Prize
Xavier Dolan for Mommy
Jean-Luc Godard for Goodbye to Language

Best Actress
Julianne Moore for Maps to the Stars

Best Actor
Timothy Spall for Mr Turner

Prix du scénario
Andrei Zviaguintsev et Oleg Negin for Leviathan

Camera d’or
Party Girl from Marie Amachoukeli, Claire Burger, Samuel Theis


  1. Kevin Landry 1 year ago

    Woah, Timothy Spall! Awesome choice!

    Quite goofy speech, loved it!

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  2. Christophe 1 year ago

    The ceremony should be over by now, but Timothy Spall is still talking… hes worse than the real Mr Turner!

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  3. JPNS Viewer 1 year ago

    (At the time I wrote this comment, Dolan and Godard [Godard is back, baby!] just finished their acceptance speeches. [Actually, Sophia Loren was onstage now])

    I didn’t plan to make a comment (just came here to check the live broadcast) but Xavier Dolan deserves applause for such a heartfelt, beautiful yet unpretentious speech, both in French and in English, the latter dedicated to Jane Campion.

    Dude, beautiful speech! Kudos!

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  4. Bryce Forestieri 1 year ago

    Sure, I guess

    I need a trailer

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  5. Jeremy 1 year ago

    I read Guy Lodge’s review of Winter’s Sleep

    ‘”Winter Sleep” is unabashed essay cinema that makes difficulty its prime artistic objective. Not difficulty of interpretation, you understand: Ceylan has perhaps never presented his ideas quite so forthcomingly, as his actors converse in self-sealed analytical paragraphs that allow little room for idiosyncratic reading or reflection… Ceylan has never been a merchant of merriment, and nor should he be: his best films have achieved a kind of humane grace through their severity that rewards the work they require. Recently, his foray into genre-infused territory — the dense procedural web of “Once Upon a Time in Anatolia,” the florid noir of “Three Monkeys” — gave punch and urgency to his more remote thematic preoccupations. ” Winter Sleep” steps back from that development, returning to the less disciplined, ruminative structures of “Distant” or “Climates,” though with the grandiose formal heft he has since cultivated…. The perils of verbosity is indeed one of the talking points in a film that isn’t devoid of self-awareness: “Sometimes the disguise of lyricism makes it stink of sentimentality,” says Necla (Demet Akbag) witheringly to her brother Aydin (Haluk Biginer) a pompous, embittered actor-turned-hotelier-turned-essayist who has seemingly devoted himself to none of these professions with the commitment of his full-time gasbaggery. She’s having a dig at the rhetoric-heavy advice columns he writes for the local paper in their sleepy Anatolian village.'”

    I’m very glad I never have to see this movie

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  6. Christophe 1 year ago


    I feel like Cannes juries try their best every year to choose the most obscure and difficult films in order to make themselves look smart… and like the host said, after the ceremony, they can go back to watching Godzilla!

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  7. Simon Warrasch 1 year ago

    Julianne Moore! WOW!

    With winning the Palm Award at the Filmfestival in Cannes for “Maps to the Stars”, with winning the Volpi Cup in Venice for “Far from Heaven” and with winning the Silver Bear in Berlin for “The Hours” she is one of a few Actors and Actresses who have won all 3 Acting Prices at all 3 Major Film Festivals!!!! WOW!

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  8. Simon Warrasch 1 year ago

    I know 2 Others!

    Sean Penn
    Berlin – “Dead Man Walking”
    Venice – “21 Grams”
    Cannes – “She’s so lovely”

    Juliette Binoche
    Berlin – “The English Patient”
    Cannes – “Certified Copy”
    Venice – “Trois couleurs: Bleu”

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  9. Ryan Adams 1 year ago

    I always love it when Guy talks about “the perils of verbosity”

    Let’s all listen to nothing except what Guy says and ignore the Cannes jury.

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  10. Simon Warrasch 1 year ago

    Jack Lemmon is another one…

    Cannes – “Missing”
    Cannes – “The China Syndrome”
    Berlin – “Tribute”
    Venice – “Glengarry Glen Ross”
    Venice – “Short Cuts” (Special Volpi Cup for Ensemble”

    Isabelle Huppert also won 3 Festival Prices

    Berlin – “8 Femmes” (Silver Bear not for Best Actress but for Outstanding Artistic Achievement)
    Cannes – “Violette Noziére”
    Cannes – “La Pianiste”
    Venice – “Une Affaire de Femmes”
    Venice – “La Ceremonie”

    I forgot that…

    Julianne Moore also won Venice Volpi Cup for Ensemble for “Short Cuts” and Sean Penn won Venice for “Hurlyburly”!

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  11. Simon Warrasch 1 year ago

    Julianne Moore
    Sean Penn
    Juliette Binoche
    Jack Lemmon

    are the only 2 Actors and 2 Actresses who have won Best Actor or Best Actress at the 3 Major Film Festivals (Cannes, Venice, Berlin).

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  12. Ryan Adams 1 year ago

    JPNS Viewer
    My favorite line from Xavier Dolan’s heartfelt personal tribute to Jane Campion:

    “The Piano made me want to write roles for women – beautiful women with soul and will and strength – not victims or objects.” – Xavier Dolan

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  13. JPNS Viewer 1 year ago

    ‘[JPNS Viewer
    My favorite line from Xavier Dolan’s heartfelt personal tribute to Jane Campion:]

    “The Piano made me want to write roles for women – beautiful women with soul and will and strength – not victims or objects.” – Xavier Dolan’


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  14. phantom 1 year ago

    Simon is very right, Julianne Moore pulled off something unprecedented today : she became the first American actress to win Best Actress at ALL three big European festivals (Cannes, Berlin, Venice). This is priceless press in a year she seems to get also the most exposure of her career (Non-Stop, Mockingjay) and play probably her meatiest lead roles in a decade (Maps to the Stars, Still Alice) … did you catch ALL that, dear Academy ?

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  15. Alper 1 year ago

    I am very happy for Nuri Bilge Ceylan. He’s a magnificent filmmaker.

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  16. Alan of Montreal 1 year ago

    This is the first time I’ve seen the jury spread the love around so much in a while. No film took more than one prize. Also, I think Ceylan makes sense for this jury, especially one led by Campion, whose films tend to be marked by complex relationships, lyrical prose, stilted communication, and cold, stark beauty. Yay for two different Canadian films receiving recognition. I guess it’s pretty evident what Canada will submit for foreign language film for next year’s Oscars

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  17. Alper 1 year ago

    Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s Cannes awards.

    2003 – Grand Prize of the Jury award for “Distant”

    2006 – Fipresci prize for “Climates”

    2008 – Best Director award for “Three Monkeys”

    2011 – Grand Prize of the Jury award for “Once Upon a Time in Anatolia


    2014 – Palme d’Or for Winter Sleep.

    Excellent career. Congratulations Nuri Bilge Ceylan !!!!!

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  18. Christophe 1 year ago

    Alan of Montreal: “No film took more than one prize.”

    That’s actually the rule at Cannes, which is why last year and the year before the jury presidents announced the Palme d’Or would be awarded to the director AND actors of the winning film, in order to recognize their extraordinary achievements yet give the acting prizes to different films.

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  19. Paddy Mulholland 1 year ago

    Let’s also note that, despite several prominent voices proclaiming Two Days, One Night to be the Dardennes’ finest film, it’s their first to screen in Cannes and not win a major award. Since 1999’s Rosetta, all of their films have shown in competition and only one has not been granted an award by the official jury – 2002’s The Son won just the Ecumenical Jury Prize. But Two Days, One Night is their first total failure in that regard.

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  20. Joao Mattos 1 year ago

    Paddy, Olivier Gourmet won Best Actor with “The Son”. “Two Days, One Night” is the first Dardenne brothers film to leave the competition completely empty-handed.

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  21. Mark 1 year ago

    Bryce / Anyone,,,,

    “Sure I guess. I need a trailer.”

    What is this referring to ?

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  22. Kasia 1 year ago

    Juliette Binoche and Julianne Moore being the only two actresses to win all three major festival Best Actress awards – for me that just might be the most perfect thing ever. My admiration for these two ladies is beyond words.

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  23. steve50 1 year ago

    Now I’m counting the days before we get to hear Xavier Dolan’s FLF Oscar speech.

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  24. KBo 1 year ago

    Do I even need to say “irrelevant” about this film?

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  25. KBo 1 year ago

    I mean this selection is practically trolling the festival’s detractors.

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  26. filmboymichael 1 year ago

    “That’s actually the rule at Cannes, which is why last year and the year before the jury presidents announced the Palme d’Or would be awarded to the director AND actors of the winning film, in order to recognize their extraordinary achievements yet give the acting prizes to different films.”

    Is that a newer rule? I can harken back to Dancer in the Dark that won the Palme D’or and Best Actress….

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  27. Corvo 1 year ago

    Marion Cotillard robbed again. Cannes doesn’t love her. Don’t know why. Rust & Bone, The Immigrant, Two days one night… and she never won best actress.

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  28. Simone 1 year ago

    Very pleased with the Timothy Spall and Julianne Moore wins. I hope both of their films are at TIFF in September!

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  29. Charlie 1 year ago

    @Alper: Nuri Bilge Ceylan also won the FIPRESCI award for “Winter Sleep” :)

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  30. Simon Warrasch 1 year ago

    I totally agree with Carvo! Marion Cotillard was also robbed at the Berlin Film Festival in 2007! She lost Best Actress against German Actress Nina Hoss for her Performance in Christian Petzolds “Yella”!

    Personally i would have decided for:

    Best Actor (TIE)

    Steve Carell – “Foxcatcher”
    Channing Tatum – “Foxcatcher”

    Best Actress (TIE)

    Julianne Moore – “Maps to the Stars”
    Marion Cotillard – “Deux jours, une nuit”

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  31. rufussondheim 1 year ago

    I don’t think it’s a rule that they only give one award to each film, it’s more like a tradition or a custom that’s followed unless they feel they have to break it.

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  32. daveinprogress 1 year ago

    Possibly somebody else pointed this out, but i don’t recall too many years when the two main acting awards went to english language performances. But i am not complaining, Julianne is one of my favorite women in film, and Timothy Spall is one heck of a wonderful character actor who has popped up everywhere in the past two and a half decades.
    I’m with Phantom, Julianne’s time for Oscar has arrived.

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