Eva Green Poster Shows Too Much Boob for MPAA


And so the story goes, but really this is a great publicity stunt to get the word out about Sin City 2, note the date. Nothing is going to get the target demo flooding to the theater faster than this single shot of Eva Green. It goes without saying that our culture is stuck in the dark ages if this poster is deemed offensive by regulators, and/or insane parents.



  1. Kane 1 year ago

    Not that the poster bothers me any, but I get it.

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  2. murtaza 1 year ago

    It’s nothing compared to what Rooney Mara had going on in the first publicity poster of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I mean we all remember her fully exposed pierced nipples.

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  3. Bryce Forestieri 1 year ago

    Memories of her from Bertolucci’s THE DREAMERS and Murro’s 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE.

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  4. Rob Y 1 year ago

    As a gay man I have to say that that is a perfect boob.

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  5. Kane 1 year ago

    It is indeed, Rob. It is indeed.

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  6. Christophe 1 year ago

    French Quality Boobs :-B

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  7. Criag 1 year ago

    I get it too. If this is going up in theatres where underage kids are going to frequent then I understand their reservations.

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  8. Robin Write 1 year ago

    Great poster. Great publicity. Just don’t put the fucking poster on your walls Mr Multiplex.

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  9. thespirithunter 1 year ago

    Sasha, this kind of post is undermining your other arguments about how the media uses women. This type of degradation of women really needs to stop and I would’ve expected you to stand against it, not for it. This is really showing a bipolarity to your entire fallacies.

    Please note to all the fanboys who will reign down fire and brimstone in response to my post, that I am not coming down on the poster itself (although it does make me shake my head in frustration). I’m coming down on the snide little comment about “insane parents.”

    I am one of the parents. I don’t find the poster offensive, but I do find it in poor taste. It simply reinforces the stereotypes that a woman needs to be seen (almost all of her) in order to be empowered. Where are the posters for the male actors in the cast, clad scantily to allow their bulges to be prominently displayed?

    They don’t exist, because they won’t bring in the fanboys.

    Isn’t this what you argue for on a weekly basis? Women being empowered without having to be shown naked?

    And btw, I’m a fan of Sin City, Robert Rodriguez, and Eva Green’s recent work in Casino Royale and Dark Shadows.

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  10. thespirithunter 1 year ago

    Wow, and nobody on here sees any poor taste decision in light of what happened in Santa Barbara to show a semi-naked woman holding a gun?

    No, of course there couldn’t be any kind of connection between art and violence. Absolutely none whatsoever.

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  11. thespirithunter 1 year ago

    I do realize that I will have probably angered 85% of Sasha’s readership with my comments. I’m aware that the fanboys will come out and rage against my two comments above, but for once, I’d welcome smart, tasteful debate on the subject.

    Sasha, I’ve been a regular with your site ever since it was Oscarwatch. I post rather infrequently as opposed to, say, Bryce. I’ve watched you try to bring intelligent debate with your posts and I applauded bringing Ryan on board, because he has a point-of-view and a temperament that balances yours, while bringing valid points to many arguments in the past.

    I’m still a fan of the site.

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  12. Igor Sousa 1 year ago

    The MPAA makes me sick!

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  13. Kane 1 year ago

    Spirithunter, I’ve been a reader since good ol’ Oscarwatch as well. I’ve yet to come across any fanboys on this site. Some commenters make me want to rip out my hair but they are at least fans of cinema. The other commenters, pretty intelligent folk. I’m glad you’re commenting more, it’s always good to have multiple perspectives on things.

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  14. Gustavo H.R. 1 year ago

    A veiled sight of a breast in a movie poster is going to make men kill women (thanks, oh-so-intelligent spirithunter) and children will be forever mentally distorted (thanks MPAA). Ok.

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  15. Al Robinson 1 year ago

    Sometimes I wish America thought more like Europe. They don’t seem to bother about nudity. And this isn’t even that.

    But yeah, I get it too. Although, I wonder how many kids would even notice that poster since their is no glowing / flashy colors or cartoons.?

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  16. steve50 1 year ago

    The only harm that could come from hanging this poster in the multiplex would be some poor gawking loser getting his hardon stuck in the turnstile.

    If the MPAA hadn’t called attention to it I doubt anybody would care. Now if the room where the shot was taken had been a little colder, well, that would be another story.

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  17. Rich 1 year ago

    This would be the perfect time to show the clip from ‘The Aviator’ when Howard Hughes is meeting with the motion picture censorship board about the mammary sizes of actresses of the time compared to Jane Russell’s in ‘The Outlaw’…sadly I couldn’t find that clip on Youtube.

    From that poster though, she completely embodies the film noir type of the femme fetale which goes with the look and feel the film is trying to capture. I don’t see any poor taste in it, perhaps bad timing if anything.

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  18. Koleś 1 year ago

    – What’s that, mommy?
    – That’s a boob, honey. Something very bad for you to see. Now let’s go see that wonderful family movie, “World War Z”.

    (shit, that even rhymes)

    I kinda torn about this. Boobs are sexual and … let’s face it, a very pleasant sight, at least for me. On the other hand, boobs are quite normal and oversexualizing them is kinda weird. Have you ever wondered that if an average ratio of boob per woman is 2:1, and an average ratio od men to women in the world is 1:1, that means there are as many boobs in the world as there are people (same goes for balls by the way:) ). People overreacting over a piece of flesh on screen is really dumb, I believe. You’re making a tabboo out of something that is a common sight, and bloodless off-screen innuendo violence is cool in massive quantities as long as you dim down the red.

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  19. Christophe 1 year ago

    Al Robinson,

    lol, watching French TV right now (1:30pm) and to illustrate Kimye’s wedding, they showed a pic of Kim Kardashian’s playboy shoot for at least 30 seconds: http://i1076.photobucket.com/albums/w449/michaelvj50/NEW%201/PART%203/kim-kardashian-naked-ass.png

    it seems perfectly fine here to show tits and/or ass on TV any time of day, I’m not so sure abt pussies and dicks but it does happen sometimes in a non sexual manner.

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  20. Robin Write 1 year ago

    This poster makes me love women, Eva Green particularly. Love art. Love movies. Tarantino would say it is basic aesthetics. There is no inner hatred and sickness that will surface because of this, from me. But I also see why it might be considered risque. Nothing a bit of Photoshop could not fix though. But that would not do a lot for publicity, would it.

    I made a short movie in 1995 called “Urban Harlots” about two young women exacting revenge on the men who set them up. And I designed posters similar to this. I know my college audience is not the whole of America, but it is pretty standard stuff. Incidentally, Urban Harlots opened with the Jean-Luc Godard quote:

    “All you need for a movie is a gun and a girl.”

    Jus’ sayin’. :-)

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  21. Koleś 1 year ago


    Over 100 years ago Annette Kellerman was arrested for indecensy while revealing as much boob as Eva Green in this poster. I guess old habbits die hard in some institutions.

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  22. Al Robinson 1 year ago


    Wow! Exactly. It’s amazing the difference.

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  23. Al Robinson 1 year ago


    It’s like she was being punished for having a big bust. It’s not her fault. LOL. That’s just what her parents gave her.

    Great comparison. Yeah, that’s amazing.

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  24. Christophe 1 year ago

    Al Robinson,

    I must add though that it’s a different treatment when it comes to public posters: for example, that perfume ad showing two women readying for a kiss was forbidden today in several towns because people were shocked:


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  25. Al Robinson 1 year ago


    Ah, okay. Thanks for the clarification. That’s interesting. I suppose it’s all about how sexual it comes off. Nudity or semi-nudity in itself is not sexual. You can go to any beach in the world, and see people in bathing suits, which in itself is not sexual.

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  26. Christophe 1 year ago

    Well, in that case I suppose the real issue was that the poster shows 2 women (the same woman duplicated actually) but it might be alright with a man and a woman, and the ad would never even have been suggested with two men…

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  27. Bob Burns 1 year ago

    it’s way smaller than a Chris Evans boob.

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