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  1. My cousins have been rambling on and on about Xavier Dolans and his movies to the point that it actually got me looking forward to them too. I better show this clip to them, they’re going to love me for it haha.

  2. daveinprogress

    I loved Laurence Anyways; such an intense and brave movie in many ways. Xavier is a wunderkind to be sure!

  3. Well just so you know, the wunderkind Xavier has announced on French Canadian radio that he is going… back to school and taking a break from movies. And to those who might think (as I did) that it was out of disappointment for not winning the Palme d’or, not the case : seems he is already registered at McGill University, so this was planned a while ago. We will miss him (for a little while anyway, he’ll be back I am sure)

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