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June 3, 2014


Jupiter Ascending pushed to February 2015

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Warner Bros. has pushed the release date of the Wachowski’s Jupiter Ascending from July 18th of this year all the way to February 6th, 2015. Word is that the film needs more effects work. Within minutes the internet was throwing up its collective hands and chanting, “Game over, man! Game over!” eager to write it off and proclaim, “Disaster!” Yes, it’s late in the game to notice the special effects…

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Star Wars Cuts Path for Lupita Nyong’o

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It’s exciting that Lupita Nyong’o has been cast in Star Wars as initially promised. When casting news first came out and her name wasn’t it there was the fear that one giant door had bee closed. Why does it matter so much? Well, because usually any Oscar winner who is the “it” girl immediately is flooded with offers. Since opportunities for black actresses are scarce it looked as though this…